Thursday, December 29, 2005

oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day

wedding bell blues, 5th dimension

so i finally "brided" out and got my first bride magazines. i got Modern Bride and BRIDES. HM just about freaked out when i told him. he asked why i was starting to act like a "normal" bride. when i recited this back to mamalane, she responded, "oh no honey, a normal bride would have been buying them the day she got the ring!" well, i got my ring in september... so there!

addie also gave me some advice on managing all the information i'm going to be coming into. she gave me a list of things to get:

-binder (holds all information)
-dividers (separates info)
-sheet protectors (for cut outs of hair, dresses, etc)
-paper (jotting notes)
i'll get it today

it's the best thing anyone's told me to do so far. so now i'm ready to be a "bride-to-be". i also looked at the bridal extravaganza website. the bridal extravaganza is only texas' biggest "must attend" event for engaged couples. i think mamalane and i are going to check that one out. get ideas and what not. i'm getting pretty excited.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

hi ho parker boy!

this is a video taken from daddy's cell phone.

the horse is so cool! it actually plays the lone ranger theme and does the horse sounds and everything! it's so cool! click here or click play above.

Monday, December 26, 2005

weekend update/recap

merry christmas everyone!

friday - i thot i'd never get out of work! but i did. made my way to my fiancee', almost having a near wreck. ass-munchers on the road. the streets were filled with tourons! everybody on their damn cell phones!

HM had a christmas eve eve party. lots of fun, i had a few of my friends show up. i would show you pictures but being the dumbass i am today, i forgot my picture card in the video bag at HM's (below is one from the card i did bring home). i'll show more later this week. i got some really cool stuff, tho. candles, candle holders, a picture frame for ringo, a bottle of wine, santa ornament, gift card for target, and a wonder woman cookie jar!

we made our big announcement as well. we're getting married at THE SHACK. yes, THE BEACH SHACK! it was ET's idea. HM said he had thot about it but was too scared to bring it up to me. all i wanted was to have a very casual wedding on a pretty beach. casual, it is. beach, we got. pretty.... we'll see what we can do with it. we gotta see what papatom will let us do with it. we also moved it back to october. no date set yet.

like i said, originally, we thot of getting married on the beaches of mexico. but the more we thot about it and the cost our guests would have to incur and the limited guest list because of it being so far, the shack sounded like a plan. it's where we met, so it's special to us.

saturday - it's christmas eve!! we spent the evening at S1's. wrapping paper, bows, and gifts all over the place. the kids were having a blast!

i got a gift card for foley's (thank god! i need some lipstick), some cash, and scene it - movie edition. my brother got KISS rubber duckies and both S1 & S2 got tv and music trivia games.

i think the highlight of the evening was HM's gift to everyone. from the "key" video, you know S1 never has towels in her guest bath. HM thot it would be funny to give everyone hand towels for christmas. they were tie towels. everyone tied them around their necks or belt buckles. they came in really handy. we ended the evening at 21 w/ringo, megan and smooth.

sunday - it christmas day!!! santa was so good to me! he brought me the one thing i've been wanting forever... a SONICARE! he also brought me the record player hallmark ornament i wanted and some diamond earrings! is he the best fiancee' ever or what???

later, it was christmas dinner at the stratt's. granna, aunt lizbeth(sp?), mamalane, papatom, topher, rob... the whole gang was there. after dinner, the boys sat around telling stories that reminded me of my dad and his siblings telling stories. those boys were bad.

today - christmas is over. i went to see sistah sweet cheeks and received the
Retro Housewife book. a tribute to the 50's housewife. guess she thot i might need some help.

it was a very good christmas! i'm happy with everything! especially the SONICARE! you people just don't know how freaky i am about my teeth. time to get ready for new year's eve. addie's coming in to celebrate with us. she also wants to cook all the traditional new year's day fixin's. it's all her.

to see all the christmas eve photos, click here. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The key is 2 the lock, the lock is on the door

-cindy c, prince


so tonite was fun. NOT! tonite was the last nite i needed to feed nara's cat. AND take out it's kitty litter. ick. since tonite was the last nite, nara asked me to just leave the keys on the bar. no problem. so i leave my place and make sure i have her keys. check.

i feed the cat and clean the litter. i leave her a note telling her i left the tv on so kitty wouldn't be lonely and placed the keys on top of it. done. i walk out, kitty litter in hand, and make my way downstairs to throw it out. i get out of the elevator and as i'm walking down the stairs and hear the 'clunk-clunk' of the elevator door closing, i realize i don't have MY keys with me!!! MY KEYS!

the store (landlord owns store underneath) is closed so i can't get a spare. i walk over to the side of the building. there are NO lights on anywhere in the building! everybody is gone. thank god i had the bat phone. i started making calls. the first one to nara to see exactly when she's coming back into town... seeing as she has my spare key... IN HER APT THAT I JUST LEFT HER KEYS IN! her flight has already been delayed two hours. no dice.

i call more people that live in the building. no luck. i move onto others who may have keys or maybe just a warm place to stay for the nite. calls were being made by everyone, everywhere. pooop gave me some tips on how to get back in. the first tip worked. I WAS IN THE BUILDING! still not in my apartment.

about 40 minutes later, after alot of hemming and hawing and punching and screaming... i got back in my apt. and it's only 9:30... i still have time to blog about it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

headed for the future

-neil diamond

click on the picture or here to catch some candid video after the closing.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i can name that tune in SIX seconds...

OMG!! last nite was so much fun! of course, you all know that i got NAME THAT TUNE - 80's Edition for christmas. so as soon as i call S1 and tell her, immediately she calls S2 and the game is ON!
we met at S1's house at 7:00 and it started full force. of course there were an odd number of us so we made teams. S2 brought a friend and S1 had friends over already. i'm not gonna lie... me and my sisters will kick ass on any 80's music trivia game so we had to split up. we took partners that didn't even know who 38 special is!!! the horror! i gotta say, my partner pulled his weight. except for the AC/DC question. he should have known that. but he saved himself on the Slash question.

there were times when we were in tears. sometimes from laughing so hard and other times from KNOWING the song that just would not form words from your mouth!! S2's partner actually got teary because she KNEW the animotion song! she had JUST listened to it and it was we played!! seriously.

there are also videos that you have to watch. you either have to Name That Group or Name That Song or answer trivia from a video clip. that one is the hardest. then it's on to Bid A Vid where you have to name the tune in however many seconds you said you could. S1 had such an easy one with the Ramones' Rock and Roll High School (we both watched that movie 50+ times) but by the time she got through all her drama from knowing the answer, her time was already up! she didn't get the answer and we got the point! HA!

i'm going to have to find refill cards because i have a feeling this will be played A LOT in the coming months. my sisters and i thank HM for giving us "all" such a great gift!!

p.s. did anyone else notice the before and after change of pants???

Monday, December 19, 2005

weekend update\recap

friday - was happy hour at my place. since everyone is lame and "has christmas stuff to do" alot of people backed out. other people got off work early and didn't want to come back. i don't blame 'em. my true friends showed up. all two of them! HM was there, too. he got off work early to come help me set up. of course, this was for the 10+ people i was expecting to begin with. we had a really good time, tho, with manny & pollie.

afterwards, we went down to 21 with our christmas hats on. how cute are we? don't answer that. anyways, mine is red sequined, HM's is an elf ear hat. too cute. we didn't stay out late because i wanted to get up "earlier" than usual to prepare for his parents coming down the next day.

saturday - why is it that now that i'm making an effort to get up early, the retard i am in love with now tells me, "go back to bed. it's still early". arrgghh! i'm so kicking his @ss. so we get moving around and he tells me he forgot his cufflinks. we search the island looking for "less than $40" cufflinks. no dice. he improvised. he took my favorite pearl mardi gras bead necklace (i couldn't watch) and made cufflinks. how's that for a handyman? when his brother showed up with his cufflinks, later, the pearls actually looked better.

mamalane, papatom, topher and hayley all arrived and the festivities began. we really wanted to send a horse and carriage to get mamalane and papatom but we were too late. they were already walking the seven blocks to get to us. if you ask me, it was too damn cold to be walking. they're braver than i am.

we opened our presents. topher really dug the posters we had made and mamalane wanted pot warmers.... is that what they're called? HM's showing off his sweater, below, from mamalane and papatom.

i got some cool wine toppers and a wine bottle cover thingy, that's all beaded and shiny. i already put it on one of my bottles. here's HM showing off his model GT. it's the same paint scheme as his real mustang. yes, it does exist. i also got "NAME THAT TUNE" 80's edition! YAY! i can't wait to have my sisters over for that!

after presents, we made our way to rudy & paco's for dinner...

after dinner, we went to see the production of A Tuna Christmas at The Grand Opera House. it's a really cute show. i love all the different characters they play. then on to "shake some ass" at 21! mamalane and papatom were gettin' down! they held out later than i thot they would.

sunday - HM got up to get us breakfast and we just kinda hung around the apartment all day. we went for a walk, later, to do some shopping. i don't think we actually bought anything, tho. we just kinda played around in the stores.

it was a fun weekend. a good time had by all, i would have to say. i'm glad HM got to spend time with his brother before he moves and we were all able to share our little family christmas on the island for the last time. last time on the island *sigh*. for all pictures of the weekend, click here.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2005

i'm takin' what they're givin' cuz i'm workin' for a livin'

-huey lewis and the news

today was evaluation day. i was actually kinda worried that the dork might take points off of mine since i give him such a hard time. turns out, he doesn't care so much. or at least, he doesn't let it affect work stuff.

i'm meeting all expectations, occasionally exceeding in a few. go me! he actually put some nice comments and congratulated me on not letting my "torrets" loose when dealing with a customer/client. he says i use time productively... if he only knew... and demonstrate effective use of technical support to expedite work stoppages.

so i say to him that since i'm meeting and exceeding, where's that raise? cuz, uh... we just bought a house yesterday and all. he says my good evaluation makes me "eligible" for one but that doesn't necessarily mean i'll get one. WTH? if it's not in the budget for raises, then we don't get them. and even if we do, it's some crappy ass 1.7% or something idiotic like that. frikkin' state jobs. BUT, it's my choice to work here so i can't be that much of a hard ass.


on another note, the closing went smoothly. we spent about an hour in the house afterwards. we also took more pictures and video so i'll be posting those soon.

on yet another note, shaggy had his christmas program yesterday. poor baby was sick but he still wanted to go. i'll have pictures and video of that, too.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

closing time

-green day

today, we close on our house. YAY! are you excited for us? i'm plenty excited! i think i'm going to do another run-through with the realtor today. YAY!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

rainy days and wednesdays

it's so nasty outside right now. bad thunder. worse lightning.

my poor boss... he has a pretty sad life. he's constantly apologizing to his wife. especially if he's not exactly where she expects him to be at a certain time... "i'll be right down", "well i didn't know you were downstairs", "i was in a meeting" you get it. so today, he takes us out for christmas lunch. you can tell he had a certain amount allotted for this because when our waitress came up to ask if we wanted an appetizer, he interjected, "oh no, i think we're all ready to order". not that we weren't, but still. after lunch, she brought the dessert tray. quickly, he says, "oh, i think we're all too full, right guys? hyuck! hyuck!" as if! at least give us the option. anyways, the check comes and he tells her to put a certain amount on his debit card and the rest cash.

so we get back to the office and his wife calls (as she does every frikkin' half hour). apparently, she asked about lunch and he told her that he had to put some on the debit card. this is where the apologizing comes in. i guess she asked him why and he tried to keep quiet cuz i'm sure he didn't want us to hear. how embarrassing. geesh, woman! he bought us lunch. what did you expect him to spend? it's not like we had appetizers and dessert! can you imagine if we had???

i really wanna feel sorry for him, but he makes it hard. he's a total dork and not very likeable. i'm also guessing he gets no say about anything at home so he overcompensates at work. he really tries to be "the boss", but we're really not up for it. he's new, by the way. only here one year. my guess is he's gonna blow one day and it won't be pretty. another guess would be to say i'm the one that's gonna push it and probably be fired in the interim. i'm sure HM's wishing for the latter.

p.s. it's now flooded outside and i have to walk home in this.

Monday, December 12, 2005

weekend update\recap

overall concensus = good

friday - work "holiday" party. geesh! why can't people just say CHRISTMAS party anymore??? frikkin' hannukwanza! good times, tho. afterwards, we went downtown for a couple of drinks. bad idea. why do people always want to give us shots?!?!?!?

saturday - hungover like a mutha! HM had to drag me out of bed, caveman style, to ride to Houston with him. after sleeping off the hangover and going shopping for a bra (i forgot to pack one since i was drug out of bed and put in the truck in my robe and slippers) i met HM at his store. it was
Lights in the Heights. it's a pretty big deal in that area and he hadn't been the past couple of years. it's pretty neat. they have bands and choirs and random christmas stuff to see in the neighborhood. you just walk around this six-block radius and check everything out.

sunday - woke up and made my man breakfast in bed. we did some shopping and then back to the island. went to fedi's party later. no pictures... haven't quite been in the picture taking mood lately.

so that was it. low-key. thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

you oughta be in pictures

click here or on the picture for parker boy's rendition of what a puppy dog and kitty cat sound like:

Monday, December 05, 2005


below you will see a very deleted blog entry. only it's not deleted on the blog. it's been deleted from my posts which means i cannot see it therefore, unable to edit to try and delete it any further. maybe it's an overnite delete thing happening here.

just so you know, if you click on anything, you will not see the video of parker boy. i tried to fix it but it didn't work. i will try again later. until then, either enjoy the broken links to nothingness or if you're that bored you can read the archives.

update: oh...NOW it wants to update\delete! geesh!

weekend update\recap

i'd really love to go into my weekend and tell you all about it but there wasn't a whole lot going on. how 'bout i just give you the highlights...

- friday, went to mia bella's for dinner and to see ryan b
- saturday, had a holiday open house at HM's store wherein i stood out front and served cookies and wassail
- saturday, i drove the '65 'Stang again! i love that car! i'm gonna get HM to take pictures of me in the 'Stang so you can see how good i look in it. =)
- sunday, HM cooked enourmous meals for me to bring home. yes, food is a highlight.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes

-jimmy buffet

last nite was the infamous k-pooop's going away party. i told you everyone was leaving! he's supposed to be leaving for florida tomorrow nite. it was a pretty melancholy evening. i'm gonna miss my pooop. BUT it's time for him to move on... bigger and better things await.

from l to r: 'nando, don-keeey, k-pooop, anna, me, jessica rabbit, some random guy

for all photos of the party, click here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

parker boy

Monday, November 28, 2005

weekend update\recap

friday - got up and went to sistah sweet cheek's place. she's been sick and wasn't able to make it to her mom's for the holiday. she had been eating off of the ham she was supposed to take. ET was kind enough to let me make a plate for her.

i also had lunch w/HM and went grocery shopping for the weekend. note to HM: do not send me shopping for meat ever again. addie got to HM's soon after. i can't really remember what we did. i'm pretty sure it involved watching the big screen and stuffing our faces. damn... what DID we do friday?

saturday - we were supposed to go to S1's and take some family photos. since it was raining out, she didn't wanna do it. so, addie and i went shopping. well... addie went shopping. i went for shopping support. we hit a few stores then came back for a snack. left again for something else that i don't remember. what the hell is going on with my memory???

that nite, HM grilled us up some good stuff. shrimp enbrochette and talapia with some special sauce and sweet potatoe something or other. good stuff! we were supposed to trim the tree but we were so full it didn't happen.

sunday - addie and i went to see
walk the line (to get out of HM's hair). good flick. i actually thot i might want to buy the dvd when it comes out. kinda long, but still good. amazing how he sounded like johnny cash. not a bad singer, at all.

we had a good time trimming the tree and putting all the CAR ornaments on it. it's so cute hearing HM talk about each ornament... how he got it and what kind of car it is.

that's about it for the weekend. it seems like a lot more happened but something's going on with my memory. then again, i do recall just sitting in front of the big screen for quite a bit of it.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. friday, i also remember taking the mustang to the body shop then stopping at happy hour. after that, i'm drawing a blank.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

over the river and thru the woodlands... mamalane's house we went.

HAPPY- you-stole-our-land-and-killed-our-people-DAY! that's the indian coming out in me. today is thanksgiving and i spent it with HM's family. it was a good one. we got to see his brother and parker-boy, who i don't see very often. he's so cute. and getting so big.

my dressing was well received. mamalane said she loved it and even kept some. i'm pretty sure she did really like it.

the highlight of my day, you ask? that would DEFINITELY have to be driving mamalane's 1965 mustang back to HM's! oooooh, it was so cool! HM says it could use a tune up but i so didn't care. I WAS DRIVING A '65 'STANG!!

we got back and went to ET's for drinks and merriment. i had a good time. we met some random people that live on the rock. i know i've seen them before, perhaps on a walk-thru on the post.

good times on turkey day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.

~William Jennings Bryan

there's no way i would have been able to pull off the dressing if it wasn't for S1. she rawks! she came over last nite to "guide" me thru the process of making dressing. excuse me, CORNBREAD dressing. as i was told last nite, there's a difference between my dressing and "real" dressing. as if! white folks.

anyways, she told me she was just going to sit and watch but as soon as she got there, she dug in. everything was prepped, we just had to put it all together. of course, she chopped up everything more (i think it was just because she wanted to use my big sharp knife that she fell in love with) and started crumbling the cornbread. she even took out the burnt pieces of bread. she's so good.

when we were all finished, i did the taste test and was worried that i might have put too many greens... not enough cornbread... not enough salt. i didn't know. k-pooop to the rescue! he came up to give it a taste. i could tell he thot it was good but it was still missing something. he nailed it! i added the "secret ingredient" and it was poi-fect! well, we'll see when we get to mamalane's.


after the dressing, i baked cookies to take to "the last supper" at commerce. i couldn't make my usual garlic mashed potatoes as i was just a tad busy. this year we didn't do the traditional turkey and dressing. instead it was a big ol' pot of turkey & dumplings. mmmmm, good.

it's the last thanksgiving dinner we'll do at commerce. this is the 4th year for it... my 3rd. everybody's moving out of the building so it was a "goodbye" dinner for most. hopefully, we'll have our house in place and we can do it again, in a different location, next year. it won't be commerce, but it'll still be family.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

weekend update\recap

pretty uneventful. yes, it's tuesday and i couldn't get online, for some reason, last nite.

friday - invited to a martini party. i really didn't feel like going so i stayed in and watched once upon a time in mexico, i think. did some laundry.

saturday - laundry. oh, and i watched thru season 3 of the old mtv series, daria. i didn't have cable when it was on before and only caught an episode here and there. god love the internet.

sunday - more laundry. went to the grocery store to get some dinner fixin's for my man. watched sky high. it was a cute flick. also watched family guy that's always funny, but there was this one part where brian started singing and dancing to "peanut butter jelly time" and i laughed my ass off! HM didn't think it was so funny, but i was cracking up. supposedly, it's a kids' song or something...??? anyways, today i saw the original video version of "peanut butter jelly time". you should check them both out.

i had more on my original post. yes... as uneventful as it was. i think it was more "filler" than anything else. this is the raw version. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

weekend update\recap

i just typed up this long thing... uneventful as it was. i'm not typing it all over again. frikkin' blogger!

aarrggghh!! if i get the urge later, i'll do it again. for now, no way.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

to sir, with love

football hero
all that jazz
if the tiara fits...
hey big spender!
i told you i was a princess

and you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house

- once in a lifetime, talking heads

today was inspection. the inspector went to look at the house and said that he had not seen a house in that good of shape for how old it was. granted it's only 11 or so years old, but still. the realtor said he's usually more talkative only he wasn't talking because he wasn't finding anything wrong.

i took plenty of pictures. we're going to play around with a paint program HM has. we have 'til march, so there's no rush. click here for a few BEFORE pictures.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

punk rock princess

here is the request from the princess:

i can't wait to show her this when she's 17!

Monday, November 14, 2005

wide open spaces

-dixie chicks (as if i ever listen to them)

WE FOUND A HOUSE!! not only did we FIND a house, but we BOUGHT a house! the house has everything we wanted. big open kitchen, master bedroom downstairs, gameroom upstairs, plenty of yard for the boys, and room for his cars.... on the side of the house.

the princess already has her room designed with some crazy color scheme (i think her mom smoked crack while she was pregnant). she has picked out hot pink, lime green and bright orange as her colors of choice for the bedroom she will be taking over. she has a very specific floor plan laid out and drew it all out for HM. it's something straight outta Woodstock!

HM wanted to respond w/a drawing of a crack pipe because obviously this child has been smoking, thinking he's painting all of this.

we really can't hold in our excitement! even mamalane is trying to tone herself down. she's really excited for us! hell... she's so excited, the woman is trying to put me on folic vitamins already!!! yeah, and HM thinks the princess has been smokin'...??? she wants grandbabies STAT!

as far as the weekend update\recap...

friday - HM went to look at the house. loved it. decided to make an offer. went to dinner.

saturday - HM called and said, "we got the house". me... stunned silence. was not thinking it was going to happen that fast. he mistook it for disappointment, but honestly, i was just in shock.

saturday nite - celebration dinner w/friends. we went to
mia bella and got to hang out with sir ryan. he's so good to us. i love ryan. went to a place called muldoon's afterwards and a friend of a friend expressed interest in renting HM's place. awesome!

sunday - went to see S1 and family. she made chicken & dumplings for lunch. yum. this is where i got "designs by princess" for her room. afterwards, i came home and took a nap. it was a long day already and i had to rest for the going away party later.

sunday nite - went to fannypack & sara's going away party. they're moving to florida and i wish them the best. it got a little sad, tho. everyone's moving. lil bit already moved to sugarland, sir ryan's in houston, fanny pack & sara are moving to florida, k-pooop was supposed to be moving to some far away resort place in the middle of nowhere, i'm leaving soon and i think sbw's leaving right after me. i love these people... we had some good times on "the post".

from l to r: sara, k-pooop, sbw, sam, HM, sweet t (me), lil bit, billy & fanny pack.

so that's it for the weekend. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. we move march 1.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

searchin' for so long


so today i looked at seven houses. count 'em, SEVEN. five scheduled, two we just sort of happened upon. out of the seven, i liked two of them. completely different homes. one built in the 60's, the other mid-90's. very different styles.

on one hand, i like the older one because of it's old charm and curb appeal... and i really just love those neighborhoods. the newer one just totally rocked, tho. of course, being newer. very spacey. these people were way into the whole "santa fe" (way overdone) look. and they weren't afraid to use color in any of the rooms. blue bathroom, peach living room, pink bedroom, you get it. i didn't get the same feel for the neighborhood, tho.

i went solo. HM will look at them either tomorrow or monday. if he likes one over the other, i'm fine. if he doesn't like either one, i'm fine with that, too. i don't want us to rush into a house just because we want to live together already. i want us to both like it and know we can live in it for a good long while. i know he wanted us to be in a house before christmas, but i don't think it's gonna happen... even if he does choose one of these. i also don't want him to think it has to be one of these. we will find one. maybe not this week, but it will happen. we'll see what he thinks when he sees them.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

take it to da house

it's been a slow week. i've been looking for houses and found five to look at tomorrow. doesn't that sound like FUN?!?!? HA! i'm going solo tomorrow. HM has to work late. actually, HM just has to work normal hours. ownership's a bitch, ain't it? if we don't find anything in this batch tomorrow, we're throwing the towel in until after the holidays. =\

it's not making us happy. we've broadened our search. first, we liked the "more bang for your buck" lots in friendswood, but then we totally fell in love with the "family friendly" neighborhoods of seabrook (well, i did). we started with one subdivison, moved on to another when we couldn't find anything affordable or do-able. we're on our third subdivision now. i've heard good things about it, tho. i have a co-worker friend that lives there now and one that just moved from there. she just wanted a newer house. they built in another subdivision.

i'm so tired... tired of looking at houses we don't like... looking at houses we like but are "pending"... looking at houses we may like but are SOLD. i'm tired. okay, i'm going to stop now because i'm just going to start rambling. i hope we can find something tomorrow. and i hope it's not too far for HM to drive. that man works long hours and i would hate for the drive to add to the grumpiness after the long day.

Monday, November 07, 2005

weekend update/recap

friday - the princess and honey bunny played each other in a scrimmage game. S2 was convinced that honey bunny's team was going to win. they had a really good chance actually. her team was 5-2-1 for the fall ball season. she's in pixie1. princess is in pixie2, which means and older age group. pixie2 won out, 7-5. amazing game from what i hear. i wouldn't know, i was taking a nap. good nap.

HM and BA got in around 8-ish. i went in to work at 9:00 and let the boys have the nite off.

saturday - the boys were so hungover we kinda stayed in for most of the morning. i bought us all breakfast burritos (with HM's tip money from my jar). when we finally decided to get up and out, it rained. does not make well for saggy painted ta-ta's... eewww.

after coming back in, i had to get ready for rucker's wedding. i gave myself an hour to get there. first of all, of course, it took me a while to get to sadie to begin with. next, i hit an ass load of traffic in clear lake. then, there was a wreck on the freeway. i got on the feeder but i was way late. i even did a few loops around the block it was on, because who the hell gives the address to the BACK of a church?!?!? and who sends an invitation with no address or map?!?!? anyways... there was no sign, no big door, no steeple. i finally took a different turn and pulled up on the side of the church. while i was getting out of sadie and walking up to the church... here comes the bride and groom out of the side doors!! at least i made it. but i was so busted.

for the few wedding pics, click here

afterwards, i came back to the rally and hung out with the boys. very tired. very annoyed by everything. ready for bed, but trying to be a trooper.

for all rally pics, click here

sunday - BA took off early. rally over. looked at some more listings for houses. i'm so tired of looking for houses. i know it'll be all good in the end, but gawd it's tiring. i found four more today. hopefully, i'll get to look at those on friday. assuming they don't sell by then. that's been an issue. wish me luck... AGAIN.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

note to self

do not use BLUE mouthwash the day after you get your teeth cleaned.

does not make for pretty white shiny teeth.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


tonite, was my booger's last football game. the first one i made it to, tho. SOMEONE didn't send me the schedule!! but i got to see some old family friends of S1 and BIL1. one of the family friends is a little girl who used to have a giant crush on booger. he was friends with her brother and more or less treated her like a little sister. the crush soon ended after booger was invited on vacation with them. when they got back, she said she "couldn't stand him". he was mean to her, obnoxious, and farted all the time. right. in. front. of. her. eeewwwww. being as she's all growed up now and a very cute cheerleader, i'd say booger missed his chance.

cute cheerleader and number 43

booger also scored TWO touchdowns in the first half of the game! he rocks! he plays both offense and defense. S1 says that alot of the players do that. i'm guessing it's because they don't have enough players. when i left, at half time, the score was something ridiculous like 42-10. if the other team even had that. i know we had 42.

i had to take off to get provisions for the rally this weekend. i think we're gonna grill some hot dogs on the roof. HM's also making a brisket and BA (one of his buddies from austin) is coming down. i really like BA. he's pretty much the only one i'll trust HM to run off with. i don't know why. he's probably the worst one, he just hides it well. sistah sweet cheeks is supposed to make it down as well. i hope she makes it.

p.s. we're going to check out another house tomorrow. wish us luck as sylvia will be coming with, to meet mamalane and papatom.

trick or treat, smell my feet

tho it rained, it didn't put a damper on the cha-cha slide or the macarena. here are a few pics of the kids gettin' down in S1's garage last nite.

Monday, October 31, 2005

achy breaky heart

this girl kills me. tonite, i put the princess to bed. she wanted me to lay down with her while she fell asleep. as i lay there, we conversed a bit. she asked me what she should call HM now. she said uncle handyman was too long and asked if uncle Duane would be okay. i told her it was up to her. other options were uncle guero (pronounced weddo) or tio bolio (pronouced wulleeoh). i think the tio bolio has a nice ring to it.

we also talked about marriage and kids. she asked me why i waited so long to get married. i told her it was because i wanted to make sure i got it right the first time. she totally understood. she also asked what we were going to name our kids. she came up with several options... none of which we'll use. i don't know where the hell she came up with these names.

she also asked why i was marrying someone "so weird". i told her it was because i was so normal and it kinda balanced out. she didn't buy it. she knows i'm damn weird. she loves that i'm weird. that makes me the cool aunt, that i'm weird. she was worried about us having weird kids, tho. she said that would be okay, cuz at least they would be cute. she is SO looking forward to babysitting.

laying down with her, i was imagining laying down with my own kids. one day. i imagine putting them to bed, talking to them, hearing about their day, and listening to their dreams. i never want the princess to grow up. i want her to stay eight years old forever. she's a little mature for her own good but she doesn't always let on that she knows that. i like it when she lets me be the grown up. sweet dreams, princess.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

weekend update/recap

friday - we went to look at another house. a three bedroom... cuz let's face it, i ain't poppin' out kids TODAY. we really liked it when we saw it. but after the weekend, we're not so sure. the master bedroom is kinda small and the closets are really small. also, the master bath is the main bath for the house. it did have it's good points, tho. there was a built-on game room type room and there were all these little "rooms" inside the closets (very flowers in the attic). one led to above the garage. the other was at the front of the house. either a little kids play room or HM's getaway. it had potential, tho. there's definitely room for improvement and i have to decide if this is the place i want to be for maybe 5-6 years. possibly 10. i guess that all depends on where we are at that point.

after the house, i had another reception to attend. what is it with the friday nite receptions? my friend D-Money got married earlier this summer. as they were congratulating me on my recent engagement, towlie told me to check out ashley's (the wife's) rock. so i did. she's got this huge frikkin' emerald cut (?...whichever cut is square) and she looks at me and says, "eh, he did okay... he did okay." okay? he did okay?? WTF?!?!? i know D$ and D$ isn't made of $$$. she's been a spoiled little shit from day one, tho. it just killed me. i would NEVER say that about my ring. i LOVE my ring. i love the simplicity of it. i love that it's not some ghastly oversized piece of glass surrounded by a thousand other diamonds. isn't that dated anyways? i don't know. i never even looked at rings before HM asked me about them. i wouldn't trade mine for anything. afterwards, i came home thinking HM is SO lucky to have me. =)

saturday - woke up early. good god, man, what was i thinking? it's saturday and i'm showered and dressed before 11:00...??? i decided to go ahead and make my way to HM. stopped by the store and stole him away for lunch. afterwards, we didn't do much of anything. HM made me shrimp etoufee for dinner and i couldn't even eat it. i was really not feeling well. we even missed the haunted house we were supposed to go to. we didn't do much except play with the boys and watch some movies.

side note: OMG! what the hell was VH1 thinking when they created this new show, "
but can they sing?" good lord! i'm watching bai ling make an absolute fool of herself, singing "like a virgin". i gotta give her props for even doing it... knowing damn well she couldn't pull it off with her not speaking english very well and all. what actors will do for exposure.... sad.

sunday - felt much better. just kinda hung out and watched movies. we watched 'the fog'. it was a pretty good flick but HM said it wasn't as suspenseful as the first one. i don't remember seeing it when i was a kid. imagine that.

second side note: kim alexis should have stuck to modeling. i can't even decipher what this song is... she sounds like she's trying to yodel something. please stop it now. thank god they don't get to sing a whole song.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. i can't wait to see the kids in their costumes tomorrow!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens

okay, so i'm more of a dog person and raindrops on roses have really been overdone in the photo dept, but here are a few of my favorite things about cool weather:

- i can get away with not shaving (not one word from you, HM)

- turtlenecks (tho i've been told, by one person, that i probably shouldn't wear them)

- sweatshirts! (i could live in sweatshirts, jeans and flops year round)

- sleeping with the windows open

- tons of blankets on top of me when i go to bed (because, duh, the windows are open)

- great hair


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

disney lockdown

after the past THREE days i've spent looking for songs for the princess, i'm DONE with disney! she is soooo gonna nanny for free! i've decided my kids are not going to be allowed to watch disney. not only because of it's brainwashing effects on pre-teens but also because i don't want to spend time in the car listening to all these sucky songs! good god, man! i listened to them all... waded thru them just to make sure there were no skips and the songs were complete. ugh! did "walking on sunshine" REALLY need to be remade by disney greats aly & aj? i think not. and the remake of "the tide is high" is just blasphemous. you don't remake BLONDIE! there's no lizzie mcguire in BLONDIE! which by the way, is the movie soundtrack i found the song on.

we will have cable lockdown and the disney channel will be blocked. oh, they can watch all the porn they want, but NO DISNEY! *hi mamalane* =)

Monday, October 24, 2005

weekend update/recap

it was a fun weekend. a lazy weekend. and a busy weekend all rolled into one.

friday - sistah sweet cheeks came down. late. she was supposed to call me when she left her place around 3:00. i called her at 4:00 and she was N A P P I N G. not good. the wedding started at 6:00, she got to my place at 6:05 and can you believe, i still didn't have enough time to do my hair like i wanted. even with the cool fronts coming thru there was still ample humidity for my hair to frizz out.

we got to the wedding while the bridesmaids were going down the aisle. we also saw the bride prepping for her walk. yeah, we were late. it was a very nice ceremony. i didn't even know the couple and i cried. well, that's not entirely true. i know the groom but not so much that i would cry at his wedding. we had a good time chatting with everyone and catching up. i made mental notes of what will not be allowed at my wedding. no bryan adams. no screaming kids. no bryan adams. no whole long song father/bride-mother/groom dance. if this happens at all, the songs will fade at an appropriate moment. the couples first dance will be to, "i wanna sex you up". JUST KIDDING MAMALANE. ;o)

afterwards, sweet cheeks and i went to the martini bar. thirty minutes later, HM showed up w/Pooop. i missed him. i love him. we left there and went to whiskey bar. we had a really good time, the three of us. sweet cheeks had such a good time with us, she's coming down for the rally, too. YAY!

saturday - HM got up at 7:45 to help P1 move some stuff. ugh. sweet cheeks and i stayed asleep until he returned at 11:30-ish. with breakfast! he brought us barbacoa and burritos and homemade tortillas. shortly after, we went right back to sleep. we didn't wake up again until HM made us get up at 3:00. which then just moved us to the living room sofas to sleep. we were laazzzzy.

saturday nite we watched the game and went out for a bit. we haven't been out out for a really long time. so it was nice to see everyone this weekend. made the usual rounds and tried out a new place which i will never go back to cuz the owner is a giant "richard". i can't believe he wanted to see my ID. like he doesn't frikkin know me and we haven't had conversations with each other for the last three frikking years!!! ass.

came home and had fajita tacos with the crew.

sunday - lazy. HM had an unusually lazy day. he hurt his back while he was helping P1 move so he was on muscle relaxers. he slept ALOT on sunday. i was totally okay with it. all we did was sleep and eat on sunday. again, totally okay with that.

we met megan and smooth out, later, to watch the game. i don't think we quite made it to the 4th inning. HM was tired and his back hurt. he was a trooper just for going in the first place. we finished watching the game at home. actually, i fell asleep. i knew we weren't going to win. we're waiting for our thunder at home.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Friday, October 21, 2005

you're an obsession

why is it that when we are having company, we are so obsessed with our kitchens being cleaned? do we think they're going to walk in and say, "oh my god, she eats"! that's the one thing i don't get. people know i eat. and well, i might add. why wouldn't there be dishes in my sink? i cook. i eat off real plates. i do this on a daily basis. why can't there be dishes in my sink?

it's almost like it's okay for the rest of the house to look like holy hell but THE KITCHEN MUST BE CLEAN! i have to admit, when the kitchen is all messed up, the rest of the apartment pretty much follows suit. i guess it's the clutter that gets me. i don't like clutter (this is the part where you look at my dining room table, roll your eyes and say r i i i i i i i ght).

so all of this obsession started because sistah sweet cheeks is on her way down right now. there's a wedding in town and she's using me for a place to stay. =) it's okay, tho. she invited me to the wedding and there's an open bar. DONE!

for an invite to an open bar, i'll clean the damn kitchen to make it look more presentable.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

the nanny

so the princess had a soccer game the other day. her team lost, 6-2. she immediately came up to me after the game to explain to me that she doesn't usually suck. okay, those weren't her words but i knew what she meant. she told me, "i'm usually really good. it was an 'off' nite". the things that come from this girls mouth.... literally... amaze me.

afterwards, we (me, S1, and princess) went to taco cabana for dinner. she then goes on to tell me i needed to have children. she also told me that i didn't need to worry about picking them up from daycare, because at that time she will be at school half day and working half day. she told me she would work for three hours after school... "maybe until 3:30". after that, she would pick the kids up in her convertible, her mustang convertible that her daddy will buy her when she's 16. in her words, "i'll pick your kids up from northside cuz i'm not taking my convertible all the way to webster to get them". apparently, location is crucial, or so i thot. she had a solution. my kids would just live with her during the week. she'd bring them to me on the weekends. DONE! at this point, S1's eyes just about popped out of her head. S1 and i asked who would feed the kids. she said she would. i guess she's planning on making her millions at her 3hr\day job.

power to the princess!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

houston, we have a pennant!

we did it! we FINALLY did it!! i can't BEE-lieve we pulled it off! i gotta say, tonite's game wasn't as exciting as monday nite's game. we weren't on the edge of our seats like we were the other nite. and j-smooth sure as hell didn't order any victory shots before the game was over. we all jumped on his ass about that one.

we were pretty excited about the sox last year, too. we have a friend from boston. lovingly known as Boston. he is a MAJOR patriots/sox fan. i liked the patriots before i met him. not so much the sox. but his energy and his intensity while watching the game just made you get into it. my buddy, Megan, is also from boston. we all hung out together and had a blast watching the games... both patriots football and sox baseball. sox went all the way last year and we're carrying Boston's spirit over this year.

good luck to the ASTROS!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

weekend update/recap

sooooo...this weekend was a long one. it started on thursday. we went to meet the partners (P1 and P2) and caught our plane to indy. it's a wonder we even made it to the airport with their obvious lack of navigation skills. good god, man!! it was actually pretty funny just listening to them. and it's not like they've never been to the airport before...

so thursday nite HM and i go to this irish pub and have a beer. next, we check out the canterbury hotel. HM remembered DON, the bartender, from his last visit. DON told us there was a film festival going on. the only star sightings so far were
Dakota Fanning and Judge Reinhold. not really worth gettin' star-eyed about. none the less, we promised to visit on friday.

friday - i was allowed to sleep late while HM and the P's went to seminars on how to make more money and sell more hardware. i took the shuttle downtown and had lunch at einstein's... started wandering around... took some pictures. i was kinda on a steeple/bell tower kick. i ended up, unknowingly, at the convention center. thereby, missing the shuttle back to the hotel with HM and the P's. apparently, HM saw me while they were driving off. they were nice enough to come back and get me.

back at the hotel, we got dressed to go BACK to the convention center and grab some dinner. there was this sort of early bird blue light special for the members. members being store owners and what-not. before we got in there, they marked off what they wanted in a little circular flyer thingy. P1 and P2 got half. HM got the other half. while "literally" almost running around to place the early bird orders at every essential booth, it was kinda reminiscent of Trading Places. the part where Winthorp and Billy Ray were in the pit of the New York Commodities Exchange where they're reaching over each other, trying to get the tickets from the sellers... or the buyers, whatever. that's exactly what it was like during the blue light special.

afterwards, it was dinner at P.F.Chang's. after dinner, HM and i ditched the P's and went back to see DON as promised. DON informs us that the new star sightings were Patricia Heaton and Bill Paxton. still, kinda nobody star-worthy (actually, seeing Billl Paxton mighta been kinda cool), but OH, it was a fun nite. we met some pretty cool people and had ALOT of drinks. i remember, there was a birthday and some singing and ALOT of drinks. i don't remember much of the rest. when downloading my pictures today, i had more than i expected. turns out, when i'm drunk, i take a whole lotta pictures... and HM becomes my favorite subject. i'm guessing i took all of them on the walk home. neither one of us really remembers the walk home.

saturday - good god, man! what a hangover!!! i was hurting so bad. i had to get up for a luncheon that P1 signed me up for. "how to market to women". good lunch, tho. afterwards, i was trying to get out and get back to the hotel bed. but nooooooo... .HM was not allowing it. he pulled this, "i want you to be near me" and "i thot we could hang out today". he so didn't care. i know he didn't care. he just didn't want me to sleep while he was out placing his orders at the trade show all day. i told him that if he wanted to spend time with me, he had to hold my hand. at first let go, i'm outta there. he never let go. =)

that nite, we went to get some down home fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes and corn. again, with the navigators from hell. "what does veer right mean?" "what street is this coming up?" "how far down is it?" just get there already! geesh! not even an hour later, leaving the restaurant, it was "well if we took a right getting here then we have to take a left getting back" and "no, we have to take a right to get back" and "oh, which street did we turn on again?" it was three.frikkin'.turns. people!! AND it was less than an hour ago!

we opted not to go out on saturday. even tho we were invited to a party by the nice people we met at the hotel bar the nite before. i don't think either one of us could handle it.

sunday - back to the trade show. wrapping up odds and ends and buying stuff from the aisles he didn't walk the day before. headed for the airport around 2-ish, i guess..? "which way do we go?" "is this a one way?" "we can't go down this street. it's a on way." "is it left or right?" just look for the damn airport sign already.

at the airport, we watched the astros and the patriots. yeah, i watched the patriots get their butts smashed in. so sad. they're having a pretty rough year. astros won! YAY! we found that out on the plane. back in the big city....aaahhhhhhh. "which road is this?" "is this our turn?" GET.ME.HOME.

home again. don't even get me started about the game last nite. frikkin' astros. we still got a chance. i'm going to watch the game with friends tomorrow. i'll let you know what happens.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

thank god it's friday!

i'd also like to take a moment to thank god for stretch denim. silence.

thank you.

tonite, while looking for a pair of jeans (that fit) i got a little depressed. i'm pretty damn big right now. not like moo-cow big but big enough not to look really cute in really cute stuff. i moved over to skirts and even those are now starting to show the hips. as previously discussed, i am taking measures to get down to normal weight again. i don't actually think i was ever at a normal weight. at least in my mind. summer of '95 i was 142 and wore a size 9. i thot i was fat. in my mind, i was fat. that's what i get for hangin' out with skinny bitches. of course, they never made me feel that way but they were all able to share clothes and i had to buy all my own stuff. *wink*

i know i didn't put all this weight on overnite and i don't expect it to come off that quickly. i can safely say that i've gained at least 30+lbs in the last year and a half. that's gotta go, plus about 30 more. i'm looking forward to it. i'm excited about getting into shape.

back to today being friday. i'm off for the rest of the week to join HM and his partners at a trade show in indianapolis. i'm not sure whether i'm excited about that or not. it's a trade show. i think they go and look at all the stuff that vendors have to offer. i'm pretty sure this is when they pick up all of their christmas stuff. he says it's pretty boring. i figure, why not. i'll check it out and if i find it boring, i have girl weekend for future trade show outings.

but just in case, i'd like to go to the one in the spring. when indy 500 is going on. i think that would be cool! i went to a race once. nascar. it was pretty neat. i got to listen to the drivers talking to the pit and everything!

anyways... signing off for the week. have a great weekend! see ya on monday.

age of aquarius

5 more things you may or may not know about me...

1. i like walking barefoot but my floors aren't generally clean enough to do this... goes back to that good cleaning thing from my first "5 things"

2. i'm kind of a movie whore. i'll watch anything... chick flicks, action/adventure, dramas, sci-fi (tho they're not my favorite), foreign films (subtitles do not scare me), comedies, romantic comedies, suspense, horror, documentaries and every B-movie you can think of. yet, i do not claim to be a movie aficionado as some people may think

3. i have a VERY LOW pain tolerance

4. according to the FAB FOUR, i missed my calling as a navigator

5. i like to learn but i don't like school, if that makes any sense

Monday, October 10, 2005

weekend update/recap

it was a fun one...

friday - i went to the movies with S1 and S2. we went to see roll bounce. it's one of those movies that you don't really expect much from but then when you see it, it's got some amusing parts and a really great soundtrack... if you grew up in the 70's that is. the only thing bad about that was that S1 and S2 would NOT.SHUT.UP. they sang EVERY SONG in the movie. even ones they didn't know! we had a good time, tho. it was fun to be out with them even if S2 doesn't know the official rules to shotgun. yes... we had the shotgun showdown after the movie. it was really a location thing (you had to be there) but just picture S2 with her head at the feet of the passenger side and her feet locked in to the head of the seat, in a nose dive position. i would have taken a picture but she was blocking my camera with her boobs! my camera was on the floor of the passenger side because, yes, i am the queen of shotgun. she cheated. we laughed so hard and so long i think we all needed to change panties when we got home. eewww. hey, you know i have bladder issues.

saturday - went walking in the morning. yay me! HM and i went to a car show on the pier. it was pretty weak. it was a pontiac sponsored show so we thot it would be mainly pontiac cars. no. it was alot of different everything. there were about a handful of really nice cars there. all tanks! i don't know how people drove those.

afterwards, we went to get HM some new jeans and me some new walking shoes. mine are shot. i got them when i was training for the honolulu marathon back in '99. the heels were starting to give. actually, the heels gave a while back probably... i just wasn't using them to notice.

took a nap then went to LBP and Dawlett's place. it was their one year anniversary. YAY! we hung out and had a few beers with some team peeps. found our way back home and passed out. well... i passed out.

sunday - gorgeous day. we took the motorcycle to look at a couple of houses. one backed up to a swamp. the other was on a golf course. i'm not clear on how the fence rules work when you're backed up to a golf course. it didn't look like you could have a tall one, tho. we also made our way into an open house. great layout inside. even had the laundry room upstairs. pretty big pool. no yard.

rounded out the nite grilling on the rooftop. salmon, chicken, steak and shrimp en brochette. my man can grill! i was inside making sauce, a side and salad. we had a balsamic vinaigrette sauce (for the salmon) and spinach stuffed mushrooms. HM also made a sour cream lemony based sauce but it was too much for me. it was a recipe i found but i couldn't handle all the sour cream. i can only take it in small doses.

today - came home only to find an apartment with NO FRIKKING POWER!! WTF!?!? yes, i know my payment was late because i used that money for the evacuation. i paid it, however, last week. IN FULL! i had my confirmation at work and telling the operator this, she says, "well, a confirmation won't do you any good if we don't have the payment". WTF IS A CONFIRMATION NUMBER FOR, THEN!?!?? HUH?!?!? TELL ME! thank god i have wonderful friends like nara in my building that will allow me to crash at their place until my SECOND FRIKKIN' payment goes thru. i am so pissed off!

so that's it. basically just like every other weekend you've read about, except for the whole power-going-off-thing. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

thank you sir may i have another

-chip (kevin bacon's character), animal house

today we went to look at two more houses in the same family friendly neighborhood. i'm pretty much sold on that neighborhood but i'll be damned if there are NO houses for sale there! HM says it's because people don't regularly move during the school year. MOVE people!

so one was a foreclosure. good god, man! i don't know how those people even lived there. ick! big lot but not exactly the best layout. the second was a mediterranean style home. really nice but no yard. actually, all the yard was in the front. why ya want a big ass front yard and no back yard???

we're gonna do a drive by on another one saturday. just kinda check out the neighborhood. his friend, the realtor, has got the Sweet T\HM eye down, now. she knows exactly what we're looking for. she knows how small is too small and that a yard is very important. so until we find THE ONE, she'll keep sending them our way.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

gonna dress you up in my love

ringo dog getting ready for halloween. below is the costume mamalane picked out for him.
she said we didn't have to tell him it was actually a "girls" costume.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

baby i'm yours

so i'm at the nail salon, waiting for my pedi. on the coffee table, tons of magazines. cosmo, vogue, people, etc. what do i pick up? parents magazine. parents! WTF?!?!? is my maternal clock clicking? is there such a thing? is it the biological clock or the maternal clock? see! i don't even know! that's how much this subject has just passed my life on by without me ever missing it.

now, it's different. true, i had thot about having children at a very young age. when i was younger, i used to think i wanted a child but no husband. the independent spirit coming out of me already. as i got older, i wanted a husband but no child. even later, i didn't want either. it's not that i didn't want them. i just got used to my life without them.

HM wants kids. he's never made that a secret. up until this point, in my adult life, i've never thot of having them. wait... that's not true. my last serious boyfriend was indecisive about having children, but wanted the option. i thot about it. in the end, i couldn't even give that to him. i don't feel bad about it. it was a different time and i was in a different place. no regrets.

now... i want to give HM the children he so desires. i'm even desiring them myself. i almost can't wait to have kids. i keep imagining them at the park, playing in the swings, playing with the dogs, swimming in the pool. i imagine what they'll look like. i picture two little pudgy redneck boys running around in their overalls, with sweet ass mullets! kidding! boys run in his family, girls in mine. we've got a 50/50 chance. if we have girls, i imagine one would probably look a little bit like princess. strangers think she's my child. they've called her my mini-me. maybe they'll get HM's cute nose. i hope they get his nose. mine's been broken, but even before that, it wasn't anything to be desired.

so here i am. waiting. waiting to get in shape for now. seriously, i don't wanna be a big ass cow when i'm preggers. i've started walking again and i'm making healthier food choices these days. i wanna be able to play with my kids and at the rate i'm going, it won't happen unless i whip my ass into shape. after i feel i'm healthy and of course, after the wedding, we'll start thinking more seriously about kids. until then, i'll just read all about it. this parents magazine thing has happened before.

how weird is it that you would ever hear this coming from me?
tick tock. tick tock. tick tock.