Wednesday, May 31, 2006

weekend update/recap

addie, thanks for coming to visit. FINALLY! i had a really good time with you and i hope i can come see you next month. with the way the schedule is looking so far, not likely. the only open weekend to come see you is the weekend i will probably drag S1 to Beauty Queens-R-Us so she can gawk at the amazement that is moi, in a wedding dress. the weekend after that is just crazy-busy with family stuff and the CHICAGO\HUEY LEWIS show!! YAY!!
love ya,

this weekend started off slowly enough with me and HM, of course, not doing any of the house cleaning we had set out to do in the first place. when i got home, he was moving stuff around in the game room and i immediately jumped on the laptop to setup the wireless router.... much to my dismay. as HM was hooking up the tv, and the projector, and the stereo, and the vcr, and the dvd player and the turntable (yes, not only do we still have a turntable, but we have TWO!) he had to listen to a series of four-letter words and mis-directed frustration towards my Lappy and the router. you see, it was only last week that a family member of HM's came to stay with us one nite. and on that fateful nite, said member was bored so he downloaded some games to MY LAPPY! games like internet backgammon and poker and what-not. innocently so. innocent or not, it started a series of internet pop-ups and retarded-ass links that lead to (the devil!). it took THREE days and addie's help to clean it and i STILL don't think it's all cleared up. OH, and did i mention i had to go into the REGISTRY??? i HATE doing that!, you can see how the house didn't get cleaned up at all on friday.

saturday - we started out by meeting addie at HM's store. from there, we went for a late breakfast then headed towards THE GALLERIA (can you see the heavens open up and hear the angels singing?). side note: if you know me, you know i'm not one much for shopping. i was always the kid who wanted to stay home and didn't care if i got a "present" if i went. i hated the mall! S1 LOVED the mall. she was one of those kids that every time she went to the mall she got something new to wear and, of course, threw it in my face when she got home. "i got a new shirt", "i got some new jeans", etc. that being said, i was not all too excited to be spending a day trying things on over and over and over and over again. i was more looking forward to making addie try on every tacky bridesmaid dress i could find. i think she had the same thing in mind, only geared towards me.

we found ONE, count it...ONE wedding shop in the whole frikkin' GALLERIA! and that would be Beauty Queens-R-Us (or as addie put it: Loud Dresses Are Kool, or Pageants-To-Go). they had everything from lime green to bright orange to hot fuschia pink to elek-tric blue! almost reminiscent of what the princess wants her room to look like. i was hesitant, but addie insisted. they actually did have some okay things in there. i'll have to drag S1 back to check it out with me.

saturday nite - after dragging around the galleria all day, we went home to chill. pollie and manny dropped by and eli came over to hang out. we all went to the red lantern to get our fill of greasy-cheezy and dollar-fitty beers. called it a nite shortly after.

sunday - S1 and BIL1 brought the brood & company over for some grillin'. thie kids finally got use of the motorbike billy made. it's something like a lawnmower motor on a bike. it's actually pretty damn cool! booger, BIL1, his brother, and HM all took a ride on it. video to come soon.

sunday nite - DANCE OFF! the princess, jazzy j, and the child who eats nothing we cook all had little routines they made up for the big recital. of the THREE songs they play on the 50 record jukebox, they made up routines for us to watch at the end of the nite. it was very cute. also, video to come soon.

monday - DAMN LAZY. DID NUTTIN'. oh, except some laundry. i did that.

tuesday - addie and i went back to some more dress shops (tho, not before the hour and a half long search for the megaphone). ;0) we found another dress that we both liked. still nothing for her. if i wasn't so damn radioactive in white we could have probably found something for her on the first day. but because i have to wear an off white or ivory or whatever, then everybody else has to wear it, too!

after that, i took my baby boy to his new vet. he was very good only he pee-pee'd in the vet's office! GASP! he NEVER does that! anywhere! he has held his pee-pee in all the way from my house to conroe (hour and a half) and didn't go pee-pee in the car, but he had no qualms whatsoever about opening fire in the vet's office just 10 minutes away! anyways, weighing in at 21.2 lbs and $305.00 later, my baby's okay. he's in good health, in his teen years and just has some filling out to do. he'll only gain about two or three more pounds.

all in all, it was a very good weekend. after addie left, the house seemed kinda empty. i'm glad she came in and we got to visit over a long weekend. i'm also glad she got to see S1 and see how much booger has grown.

until next time. i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. as a result of the popups while i was setting up the wireless router, while closing out popup windows, the network key window was closed out as well. i now DO NOT have the network key TO USE MY OWN DAMN WIRELESS CONNECTION!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

SPD holiday visitor

this is a picture of me and my BFF, addie. gay is that? being my BFF for way many years now, she has now warranted the position as my MOH (Maid Of Honor). she's coming down this weekend so we can go shopping for dresses, both hers and mine. wish us luck. i think we're gonna need it.

of course, this is not a recent picture. this was a taken about three or four years ago when she came down for a visit. it was also after a nite of shakin' some serious ass! hence, the sweatiness.

p.s. to HM... note the earrings. =)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

my brush with fame

so i didn't actually brush up against her and we didn't have a conversation or anything. i said, "hi". she said, "hi" back. but she didn't smile.

this is how i imagine the conversation would have gone had i pushed it further:

me: ohmigod... you look just like jada pinkett! or do you prefer jada pinkett-smith?

jp: really? yeah... i get that alot (pretending all not to be her).

me: yeah, only without the makeup... ew.

jp: uh...thanks?

me: no, i mean you do look like her.

jp: yeah. well i am HER jackass so bug off!

only she used the F word instead of "bug" and was pissed after i said she looked like crap without her makeup. i mean, who wouldn't be, right?

as it is, i only stared and then said hi and walked downstairs. apparently, she was in town for a show last nite. her band was playing at a local bar in the area.

by the way, here's what she looks like with makeup. MUCH better than what she looked like in the gym.

p.s. i gotta give the girl props for not trying to look "pretty" in the gym.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

today was a good day

booger took me for a test drive this weekend. i gotta say, he's not a bad driver. not bad at all. he was scaring me a little cuz i wasn't sure how far we were supposed to go or how many of his buddies' houses we were supposed to drive by. surely, it was more this time than on his test runs with BIL1.

Monday, May 22, 2006

weekend update/recap

first off, i have to say that i did pretty good all by my lonesome, this weekend. HM was off "working" in indianapolis so it was just me and the boys.

friday - i had the girls come over for a sleepover. the girls being, frisky, sweet cheeks, and nat. my plan was to have videos and games and whatever, but as soon as they got there, we migrated to the kitchen, put a frozen pizza in the oven and laughed our asses off for hours. it was a good time.

saturday - got up for the gym. i'm such a good girl. i'm so upset that i didn't have my camera with me. the catholics... they never disappoint. the gym is right across from a cinemark. all the catholics were out there with signs and banners protesting the DaVinci Code. when are these people going to realize the difference between fact and fiction??? the book is fiction people! what is there to protest? geesh!

afterwards, i went to booger's basketball tournament. they had already lost one and won one. they won the third so it was a good day. afterwards, i gave him a ride home and he took me for a ride in his new truck. a 1984 chevy stepside. they don't make those anymore. he looks so grown up in it. addie, do you remember the little 4-year old who used to want the same boots as us cuz he thot they were cool? that's not him anymore. he's 14 now and won't have a license for another two years, but BIL1 got the truck now so they could fix up whatever needed to be fixed for him to drive later.

sunday - not a whole lot of anything. i played on the laptop most of the day and waited for my honey to get home. he called a few times because he was in a few antique stores and browsing thru records. he got me a few of them, including KISS-I was made for Lovin' You. yay!


i have to tell you about this morning also. this morning, i walk out of my suburban house in my suburban neighborhood in the middle of suburban BFE and there's SOMEONE SLEEPING IN MY CAR!!!! now... of course i screamed and ran back in the house, woke HM up and he ran outside (wrapped in a towel). seeing that my CEO lives right across the street there was no need to have him subjected to the naked HM. anyways, HM tells him to get out of my car. he didn't look more than 17 years old to me and you could tell he was hammered. mexican kid sweating out all his alcohol from the nite before. eewww, my jeep reeked.

he gave HM his name and said he lived in the next subdivision. he told us he thot he was at our house last nite, partying, and was coming back to trade jeep's with his aunt...??? i dunno. we let him go but i was still shaken up a bit. HM told me to call the police just to file a report so i did. we described him as best we could and the cops said they'd keep an eye out. you would think that with all my picture-taking i would have thot just to snap a picture of him, no? no. i was a tad bit shaken.

in all the years of living on the island, where you would expect that to happen, it never did. especially being parked downtown with all the crackheads wandering the streets. HM said they probably stayed in the jeep without me knowing. maybe they did, but even the crackheads had the smarts to get out of it before i went to work!!

have a good day. i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, May 19, 2006

SPD in the ghetto

this is the princess after she stole my hat. only it looked more gangsta-style on her than it did on me.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

let's get physical

looks like PB wants to start working out, too!

let's get physical on Vimeo

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

i don't know why you say goodbye i say hello

a couple of weeks ago i had the opportunity to catch up with some old buddies of mine. the team. i rarely get to see them anymore because i don't ride as much as i used to... or at all. since i've moved i'm closer to them now so i'm hoping to see them more and maybe start riding again. maybe.

the reason for this outing was because jeff (shop owner) is leaving his bike shop in the village to open one up on the island. it was actually pretty shocking news. nobody would have ever expected it. at least, i wouldn't have. i guess a woman does crazy things to your mind sometimes.

i think it's kinda cool that there will even be a bike shop on the east end of the island. every time i needed anything, i had to drive 20+ blocks to get it. and they didn't have any cool socks like jeff does. for the last couple of weeks at the shop, the team got 50% off everything! too bad i wasn't really in the market for anything new. i did get a really cute pair of martini socks, tho.

Monday, May 15, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - so you already know i was going to meet nara out for a walk. i got over there and my prize was a HAMMOCK!! i love hammocks! not only is it a hammock, but it's an all-weather hammock from costa rica! i'm so excited about it! HM said he would cement some posts in the back yard so we can put it up.

when i got home, we went into super clean mode. the moms' were comin' on sunday, ya know.

saturday - went to the gym and afterwards, took my JA fiesta earrings to get cleaned and polished... not even thinking about all the people that would be in there for mother's day. i was thinking, "it's a random saturday. it won't be crowded". HA! it actually didn't take long for my number to be called and when i got up to the counter, the woman looked at me like i was a freak. one, because she probably thot, "why the hell isn't she shopping for her mother?" two, because she looked at the earrings and wondered, "how the hell did she let them get like this?" seriously folks, the earrings were bad! they got to a point that no matter how much i cleaned and polished, they weren't going to look any better. or worse, for that matter.

saturday afternoon, i took some time out to go watch booger play. poor guy had an off day. i don't know what he did before i got there, but i saw him go 0 for 3 at bat and a couple of errors at third. what was funny was that we saw a guy that S1 and i went to high school with. he was amazed that somebody our age already had a kid that age! i guess we're all late bloomers from our generation. S1 just got an early start. it's a good thing, tho. cuz by the time i have kids, they'll be my babysitters.

saturday nite, we went to see the spazmatics. they're an 80's cover band, out of austin, i think. i was pretty excited about going to see them, knowing they might play some of my favorite 80's tunes and take me back to the days of high school and beyond. not so excited when HM asked me where his parachute pants were...? anyways, they totally rocked the house! i hear they're at this bar once a month, so i'm sure we'll be going back to see them. i think it's funny, tho, how there were so many younger people that only know this music by listening to the now "oldies" station on the radio. i was there when it happened, younguns! i knew these songs the FIRST time they came out! it was a fun nite out with woz and HM. i tried to invite my buddy, "travis", but he was out with his son all day. i know he would have totally dug it.

sunday - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all. i took my mom and grandma to the hotel galvez for brunch. oh, and my popo larry, too. it was awesome! full spread of everything you want for brunch. the only thing we missed was the waffle bar and the omelet bar. we thot they just didn't set that up this year. we were wrong. it was off in another room where they had the desserts set up last year! my mom was all upset cuz she didn't get her bacon until after dessert. she wanted that bacon, bad.

in the meantime, HM was at home preparing a late lunch for mamalane and his granna. he made all sorts of good stuff... pork loin, green beans, some kind of potato and the only the best. salad. ever!

we even got to see PB, my newest nephew (to-be). he's so damn cute! he was all 'dora the explorer' at the house - checking everything out, looking around, playing with my super bouncy balls. but, he was actually more amazed by the rain outside than anything else. i kept him occupied while the ladies and papatom enjoyed their meal. i had so much fun with him. it reminded me of how small my booger used to be and how silly i could be with him. these days, the boy barely remembers who i am. unless he's grounded, of course, then it's all good.

good nite. i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, May 12, 2006

SPD guest appearance

guest appearance by nara. my neighbor of buildings past. nara just got back from costa rica this week. she's been gone for SIX WEEKS. what a life, huh? she's a great artist and was down there painting a mural for a hotel that a friend of ours opened up... the only hotel in costa rica with A/C! how 'bout that? if we honeymoon in costa rica, that's where we're staying!

anyways, she's back and she brought me a prize, so i'm going to hang out with her after work. she misses her sweet t. =)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

happy bloggiversary!

today is the anniversary of my very first blog entry. actually, it was yesterday but i blogged about another anniversary.

happy birthday, blog!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

happy anniversary baby, got'choo on my m i i i i i i n d

~ little river band
so monday made TWO years. two whole years since that fateful day at the shack.
the day we met. May 8th, 2004.
WOW! that seems like such a long time ago! for our anniversary, HM took me to dinner at Pappa's Bros Steakhouse. YUM! i also got two really cool gifts! he has promised me CHICAGO tickets and a wireless router!! YAY!! i honestly can't say which one i'm more excited about.
i missed CHICAGO last time they were in town, with Earth Wind and Fire. i will NOT miss them this time! plus, they're coming with Huey Lewis and the News... that just adds a whole new cheese factor to it and i am SO there! i can't wait for the show!!
the wireless router is pretty exciting, too. i can finally get online downstairs. i won't be confined just to the game room if i just want to look something up real quick. and there won't be cords all over the place trying to connect me to everything. THAT will be SO cool!
it was a very good anniversary. we got a special hookup at pappa's with drinks, champagne, appetizers, wine, dinner, AND dessert! diet? what? diet was out the window monday nite. i didn't go overboard, but it was enough to want to spend extra time in the gym this week. yeah... that's why i didn't go yesterday. i had a good reason.
anyways, i got HM a shirt that he wanted. he totally loved it. he digs the understated buttons on it. i love watching him open gifts. he's like a little kid. it's so sweet. he seriously turns into a little boy when he gets any kind of prize. watching him, you can imagine what he was like as a child, at christmas.

signs in the ladies' room at pappa's

Friday, May 05, 2006

jumpin' on the bandwagon

i've noticed a trend in the blogger world of SPD. that's Self Portrait Day for all you acronym-challenged out there, usually falling on a thursday. i'll change it to friday... just to suit myself. i figure it doesn't really have to be a self portrait of myself so much as just a self portrait. anyone can take a self portrait... especially anyone with as freakishly long arms as mine.

there are other "special" days out in the blogger world, like HNT-Half Naked Thursday. i don't think i'll go there. of course, the ones i've seen aren't always all bad. they show their arms or feet or knee or whatever.

so i'm starting with a pic of myself. i'll do myself that honor. i'll put other self portraits that other people have taken, later, in the fridays to come.

p.s. most of my self-portraits have other people in them, with me. so you'll get a guest appearance every now and then.


Thursday, May 04, 2006

i can't drive 55!

so i've been off the island for almost two months now... and driving the bermuda "right" triangle. i guess it's been too long since i've really driven anywhere on a daily basis.

when i would go see HM on the weekends, i was never in a really big rush and rather enjoyed the long slow drive to get there. i noticed cars passing me all the time but i was content going 55-60mph. it gave me time to listen to whatever i put on the sandisk or even full cd's if i wanted.

now, when i get on the freeway after work, i feel SWARMED. cars whizzing by me. fast! i guess people drive faster during the week than on the weekends? i feel like i have to drive 80mph just to stay out of their way. i'm serious! it's pretty scary just getting to the gym.

i'm scared that i'm "getting there" with them, tho. i was taking my friend home the other day and saw him do the "death grip" and he sat way back as if i had just hit warp speed. i asked him what the problem was and he was silent. apparently, scared to speak for fear he'd let up his tension and pee his pants. i didn't think my driving was that bad. and in my defense, i was only trying to keep up with traffic.

how's the traffic in austin, ladies? is it the same? are they driving like maniacs? are you a maniacal driver? and how long before i'm not scared to drive after work???

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

the politics of dancing

i left work yesterday (YES, this mescan went to work) and on my way off the island i saw a crowd of mexicans standing on the corner of the post office, protesting. all holding up the american flag or signs of "we're not criminals" and "let us work". there was some en espanol that i didn't understand, too.

now, i don't claim to know anything about politics or right wing vs left wing (is there a left wing?) but i do know that immigration has been a huge issue lately. they say it helps our economy, but how does that happen if we're giving them FREE health care??? there's also a mention of cheap labor, but does that mean that americans are just too lazy for that kind of labor? i can tell you, HM has picked up a couple of mexicans on the corner (for yard labor) and they weren't cheap!

driving by, i was wishing i had a camera. well, i did have one, but i was wishing i had it out and was two lanes over. i felt kind of a sense of pride. these are my peeps. they tried to make an impact with mexican labor day. sure, it wasn't the impact that they'd hoped for, but it was something.

where was all this "legalization" when Ellis Island was open to every Fredo, Montana, and Corleone? the mexicans want that same freedom! i'm torn. i'm back and forth on this issue. i think, why punish the ones that are already here? the hardworking mexicans? the school attending mexicans? the idea of criminalizing all illegals is just retarded and how is that supposed to work???? but then i think, how 'bout we just deport them? can they not work in mexico? can they not attend school in mexico? can anyone really, honestly tell me what illegals are doing for our economy? i'm serious. i honestly don't know.

i think if the greedy politicians in mexico would just give their people some INSURANCE, it'd all be okay. then again, i'm naive and not knowing.

Monday, May 01, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - since i've been sick, HM thot it might be a good idea to sit in the sauna so it could "open me up" a bit. i went to the gym and sat in the sauna for 20-25 minutes. that shit burnt my nose hairs!! not doing that again. or at least, not anytime soon.

the sauna made me very tired, too. i was pretty lazy when i got home and HM had a friend coming over. he wanted me to "sit up" and be nice. i got the be nice part down but sitting up just wasn't happening. it's not like i had to impress this guy or anything. okay, so i got halfway up, but not all the way. besides, i was watching the godfather. don't bug me while i'm watching scarface or THE GODFATHER. at least parts 1 and 2. the third installment of that movie really bites. it's a classic and i will watch it every time it's on. although, last nite, scarface was on and we opted to watch the sunday nite lineup on fox, instead. i love all the classic movie lines that come from those two movies. one of my favorites being, "leave the gun. take the canoli's".

saturday - i was able to make it to my kwando class. yay me! afterwards, it was the usual at home... laundry, vacuuming, etc.

it was also 'date nite' on saturday. HM is so not picky about date nite. he's a pretty cheap date, too. we went to the hole in the wall place down the road and proceeded to order a few beers and every greasy, batter-fried, covered in chili thing on the menu. not feeling good after... imagine that. date nite didn't last as we both passed out as soon as we got home. well, i did. i don't think he was up for much longer, tho.

sunday - almost finished painting the princess' room. that damn pastel pink and yellow was harder to cover than we expected. i think we still need a third coat on the walls and something to break up the white on top. we'll see.

HM also worked alot in the garage. he got alot accomplished! i think this weekend, we'll finally be able to put the mustang back in. my poor baby also hurt his back. he says he now knows how i felt last weekend. and since i know what that feels like, i haven't been as ass to him once.

hope everybody else had a good weekend! have a good nite, i'm sweet t and you're not.