Friday, May 05, 2006

jumpin' on the bandwagon

i've noticed a trend in the blogger world of SPD. that's Self Portrait Day for all you acronym-challenged out there, usually falling on a thursday. i'll change it to friday... just to suit myself. i figure it doesn't really have to be a self portrait of myself so much as just a self portrait. anyone can take a self portrait... especially anyone with as freakishly long arms as mine.

there are other "special" days out in the blogger world, like HNT-Half Naked Thursday. i don't think i'll go there. of course, the ones i've seen aren't always all bad. they show their arms or feet or knee or whatever.

so i'm starting with a pic of myself. i'll do myself that honor. i'll put other self portraits that other people have taken, later, in the fridays to come.

p.s. most of my self-portraits have other people in them, with me. so you'll get a guest appearance every now and then.

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

You weren't born with freakishly long arms. You grew them due to those self taken shots! Too numerous to count how many even I've been in with you!