Monday, May 22, 2006

weekend update/recap

first off, i have to say that i did pretty good all by my lonesome, this weekend. HM was off "working" in indianapolis so it was just me and the boys.

friday - i had the girls come over for a sleepover. the girls being, frisky, sweet cheeks, and nat. my plan was to have videos and games and whatever, but as soon as they got there, we migrated to the kitchen, put a frozen pizza in the oven and laughed our asses off for hours. it was a good time.

saturday - got up for the gym. i'm such a good girl. i'm so upset that i didn't have my camera with me. the catholics... they never disappoint. the gym is right across from a cinemark. all the catholics were out there with signs and banners protesting the DaVinci Code. when are these people going to realize the difference between fact and fiction??? the book is fiction people! what is there to protest? geesh!

afterwards, i went to booger's basketball tournament. they had already lost one and won one. they won the third so it was a good day. afterwards, i gave him a ride home and he took me for a ride in his new truck. a 1984 chevy stepside. they don't make those anymore. he looks so grown up in it. addie, do you remember the little 4-year old who used to want the same boots as us cuz he thot they were cool? that's not him anymore. he's 14 now and won't have a license for another two years, but BIL1 got the truck now so they could fix up whatever needed to be fixed for him to drive later.

sunday - not a whole lot of anything. i played on the laptop most of the day and waited for my honey to get home. he called a few times because he was in a few antique stores and browsing thru records. he got me a few of them, including KISS-I was made for Lovin' You. yay!


i have to tell you about this morning also. this morning, i walk out of my suburban house in my suburban neighborhood in the middle of suburban BFE and there's SOMEONE SLEEPING IN MY CAR!!!! now... of course i screamed and ran back in the house, woke HM up and he ran outside (wrapped in a towel). seeing that my CEO lives right across the street there was no need to have him subjected to the naked HM. anyways, HM tells him to get out of my car. he didn't look more than 17 years old to me and you could tell he was hammered. mexican kid sweating out all his alcohol from the nite before. eewww, my jeep reeked.

he gave HM his name and said he lived in the next subdivision. he told us he thot he was at our house last nite, partying, and was coming back to trade jeep's with his aunt...??? i dunno. we let him go but i was still shaken up a bit. HM told me to call the police just to file a report so i did. we described him as best we could and the cops said they'd keep an eye out. you would think that with all my picture-taking i would have thot just to snap a picture of him, no? no. i was a tad bit shaken.

in all the years of living on the island, where you would expect that to happen, it never did. especially being parked downtown with all the crackheads wandering the streets. HM said they probably stayed in the jeep without me knowing. maybe they did, but even the crackheads had the smarts to get out of it before i went to work!!

have a good day. i'm sweet t and you're not.

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