Thursday, August 31, 2006

...and we all wept

today is a sad day. a sad day, indeed.

on the way in to work this morning, i saw the sun coming up over the bay. it was too gorgeous. of course, i was excited enough about it to want to take a picture. knowing me, like you all do, you know i had my camera with me. i pulled my camera out of my bag and turned it on. the card said 'memory full' and it turned off. that's okay, cuz knowing me, like you all do, you know i had another card. it hadn't registered to me that my camera turned off by itself.

i tried another card and my camera would not turn back on. i thot it might be the battery. i switched it. camera came on. YAY! then turned back off. BOO! i can not express in words how sad and mad i am right now. sad because... DAMN, that's my camera! mad because DAMMIT, that guy never called back to tell me if i still had a warranty on this damn thing!! of course, this was back in december. but still!

when i went to the camera store to buy a bag, i thot my warranty might be coming up so i wanted to check. the guy was pretty busy so he said he'd check when things slowed down and he'd call me later. trusting fool that i am. i left and waited for his call. it never came and i forgot about it. if it did run out, then it ran out in february. a while back. and i'm stuck with a rock that doesn't take pictures. if it didn't run out, then YAY! let's hope for the latter boys and girls.

wish me luck. =(

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

if i could turn back time

sing it with me! don't act like you don't know the words!

yesterday, i asked my mom for some old photos of myself. she has photos of the four kids, stacked away in envelopes (envelopes that she won't give us yet or do anything with them herself, but to keep them in an envelope). there's an envelope for me, one for S1, one for S2 and one for psycho brother. at one time, i wanted to scan all of them so she let me take them. solely for the fact that i would have all of the pictures on my pc and could blackmail anyone one of them, at any given time, if i chose to. (note: i have since returned them because i didn't have time to scan them all at that time and she asked for them back. why, you ask? so she could put them back in their enveloped place.)

looking through the pictures last nite, i was cracking up! can you say "ugly duckling phase"??? yeah, that was me. i was cute in my early years, say until about 4. then something happened where my teeth took over my face and i think i started getting home hair cuts. i did not blossom again until my sophomore year in high school. how i EVER managed to have a boyfriend in that time frame is beyond me. but i did. i have proof in pictures!

S1, however, was a very pretty child and she kept it up through school. she didn't have "the teeth" or the chili bowl haircut. she was always pretty stylish, except for that one time when my dad let us dress ourselves for school and she left the house with a polka dot shirt and striped pants! (GASP! what would the neighbors think???)

here's one of the pictures i pulled out, of many. i thot it was so damn cute. not of me, of course, but of S1. check out those chubby chipmunk cheeks of hers! pay no mind to the home haircut of my own that makes me look like a boy!

S1, my daddy and me

Monday, August 28, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - LONGEST FRIKKIN' DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!! addie, starting now, you are NOT allowed EVER to come into town before noon! good god, man!

so i call my MOH on friday, on my way to the gym. she says she's in Brenham. i'm thinking i have enough time to work out. no biggie. so i go to the gym and call her when i'm leaving. we're both equal driving distances away from my house! egads! actually, i caught every red light known to man so she got there before i did.

after my shower and her rest, we made our way to lunch and then to pick up her dress. YAY! she even tried it on for me. i also looked for a veil. can you say OUTRAGEOUS PRICES for veils??? after the dress we made our way around town to pick up various items needed for the "stuffing and addressing" party; envelopes, pens, stamps (which i got shorted two, for the RSVP envelopes), and records.
okay, so we didn't really NEED the records, but i needed some release. and they were only a quarter each. i had to.

i also picked up some records for S1. i had to. she just got her new jukebox and i accidentally gave her one of HM's records... Asia - Heat of The Moment. who knew two people, i actually know in person, would both really like that song that there might be blood drawn? KIDDING! no blood drawn, but i had to get it back. in order to get it back, i needed bargaining power. hence, the records i got her. i got her some stevie (wonder and nicks), a little bit genesis and some old school 70's. everyone leaves happy.

we ended the evening with midnite grocery shopping. tired much?

saturday - waking up early, addie and i had to pull double duty on the cd's for Princess' party favors. after finding clean versions of songs, removing some and adding some old school of our own, we had burning copies going on Lappy and on HM's pc! we finished the cd's at 2:25. the party started at 3:00! we got our skate on afterwards.

getting back to the house, we were able to rest for about 20 minutes. if that. people started showing up to help stuffing. it was a good turnout. everybody had something to do. i was so scatter-brained, i was glad there were other people there, thinking for me.

another late nite.

sunday - worked on the "ceremony" invite. it looks really nice, only it'll have to be mailed separately since we sealed everything already. we forgot. duh! that's okay. i just have to get a few more envelopes and get S1 over there to address them. i have HORRIBLE handwriting!

for the rest of the day, we watched You, Me, and Dupree, HM downloaded some movies for me and i kinda worked on our wedding website. there's a lot more i could add to it, i'm just taking my time. i guess i should probably get it all done before the invites go out, huh? oh well.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

who are the people in your neighborhood?

it's funny the people you meet, sometimes. random people. people that you've probably seen before but didn't converse with. people that lived in the same neighborhood as you, but you never noticed. i met one of those people yesterday.

it turns out, the woman i met is actually the woman who started THE FIRE ON THE ISLAND during hurricane katrina. now, i had never heard of said woman. i thot the fire was started by lightning hitting power lines and crashing to the house and it went from there.

she was more than happy to share her story. not that we asked for it, but so be it. oh, and she said she'd invite us all back when she owned the land after her lawsuit. this woman was burned so i'm not making fun. what she went through was tragic. but to think you're going to own this land because there was no fire extinguisher when you knowingly left the gas stove on, while boiling eggs, and then walking away... it just doesn't make sense to me. but you know what, i'm not a lawyer so what do i know?

anika, you work with lawyer-types, what do you think?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

we're gonna zoomah zoomah zoomah zoom!

let's all thank steph for getting this damn theme song stuck in my head. thaaanks steph!

two things about this video... i especially like the latino style music they play while introducing luiz. also, that they played whimsical music while bernadette was doing her "weird arm thing", like it was something magical. well, when i was 7, it was. i remember wishing i had something that could rewind the tv so i could see it again and do it just as good. that thar folks is called DVR to you and me, nowadays. not that i would know... i still have just a VCR. =( but i've heard tale of it.

enjoy the video. and may you have endless zoomah zoom zoom's stuck in your head today.

Monday, August 21, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - we met the caterer at the reception site. she was a bit odd. no matter how odd, she still didn't talk as much as the guy we're renting the place from. geesh, if i had to hear another story about him and his wife and their travels. it's all good the first THREE times, but gaaawwwwwd!

afterwards, we invited weird caterer girl out for a drink and talked more about decor for the tables and buffet setup for the reception. i think she's going to do a really good job. this obviously, ain't her first rodeo.

we tried to stay on the island cuz i had some high school buddies playing at a bar down the street. my HM was so good. i know he was tired but i really wanted to see them. i haven't seen them play in years! he deserves a prize for staying out with me. his birthday is coming up... maybe he'll get something really good.

saturday -
i headed into town for sweet cheeks' birthday. i took her out for lunch and then we went to pick up the invites and kinda hung out. she got me something really cool for my birthday, too, that she gave me saturday. a nostalgic stereo cd music system. it's pretty damn cool! so now i have something else to play records on. =)

saturday evening - lil bit and jessica, my cake people, came over for some practice. my cake is SO gonna rock!!

sunday - just like any other sunday in our house. HM got up early to do some stuff outside. yard stuff. i stayed in to finish the design for Princess' party cd. all 28 cd's and printed labels later, they're no good. thank god i burned one for myself to listen to this morning. apparently, S1 had not proofed these songs herself. nope... instead she left it to an 11 and 8-year old to proof. big mistake!

S1 said they proofed the songs they knew would have a clean and dirty version. they were supposed to get the clean versions. a few of the songs slipped thru the cracks, all full of shit, damn, and mutha fukkin'. so now, cleaner versions have to be found and new cd's need to be made. we'll get it done. we always do. plus, if you know me, you know I ROCK under pressure!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, August 18, 2006

spd morning coffee

no, i'm not cross-eyed and no, you can not have my sweet ass Wonder Woman mug! my hair is definitely something a bit resembling gossamer (from the bugs bunny cartoons), but that's what kinda hair you have when you drive a jeep with no A/C and you've straightened it and put it in a clip so it doesn't get all funky in the humidity-drenched ride to work. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 17, 2006

i wish

i wish i were more creative

i wish i knew graphic and web design

i wish i could make a living doing that

i wish i won the lotto

i wish our mortgage was paid off

i wish my wedding could plan itself

i wish sadie wasn't a gas guzzler

i wish gas prices would stop going up

i wish
my booger was still a baby... or at least still in his toddler years

i wish i was thin

i wish it wasn't SO DAMN HOT

i wish i was rich... going back to that lotto thing

i wish i had no bills... again, lotto

i wish for a long and happy life together for me and HM

i wish my dad lived closer

i wish i rode my bike more

i wish i still went camping

i wish i ate seafood more often

i wish my jukebox could load itself

i wish my dog would quit digging himself out of the yard every nite

i wish there were two more hours in the day (not to be spent at work)

i wish my boss wasn't such a dork

i wish all the wars would stop


these are only some of the things i wish for. not that they will or won't come true, but i've always been dreamy that way.

Monday, August 14, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - we really didn't do much. we were supposed to clean the house and get it ready for the next nite. we were having a going away party for 'team neil', one of my cycling buddies. we watched the descent instead. it wasn't as scary as we thot it would be. it also had a retarded ending.

saturday - we both went to work. HM to the store and me to the kitchen... and the house. i had to pick up and make the place tidy for company. i also had 2 casseroles and 2 different kinds of brownies to make. i have to say, i think a bad ass job getting everything together.

everybody showed up. i got to see 'my kids'. these are kids i used to go camping with every month, almost. when the team actually meant something to everyone. these were the times we had a blast! the kids would help me set everything up and run times with me. they never talked back. they always did what i said. i guess they just assumed i always knew what i was talking about. they are now 16 and 13... teenagers. i haven't seen them in about three years. their dad sends me pictures every now and then, but it was nothing like hearing them talk about all their activities themselves.

sunday - we did a whole lotta nuthin, as per usual on a sunday. my plan was to load the jukebox. that didn't happen. we kinda just hung out. i did some photoshop stuff. i'm learning. that's about it.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, August 11, 2006

spd beauty queens

what's not to love???

Thursday, August 10, 2006

sadie got a new 'do

my sweetie, HM, bought a new top for sadie! it rocks! it poured down raining today and i didn't get wet! hey S1, i didn't have to wear the parka until i got OUT of sadie!

i'll put better pictures up later so that i can do her justice. oh, and she's still a raven-haired beauty* like her mama. =)

*raven-haired beauty = black top

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

what does my trainer know?

when i first started working out, i took it upon myself to do my warm-up cardio on the treadmill. apparently, that wasnt' good enough for my trainer. she told me that the treadmill was not allowed (apparently, it's not a good enough workout) and that i would have to do the elliptical instead.

i can't help but wonder if she would let me back on the treadmill if i worked out like these guys....

Monday, August 07, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - uhm...CRAMPS! blended with headache. lack of caffeine, i think.

saturday - cramps, laundry, and cramps. oh yeah, i finished designing the invites! YAAAYYYY!!! even got kudos from the quasi-designer guy working at kinko's. =)

sunday - lazy day. watched superman returns. i kinda dug it. i was prepared not to like kate bosworth as lois and brandon routh as superman. truth be known, brandon's pretty frikkin' hot! and i liked the protective mother type character that lois was.

two things i didn't like: the ending; i liked the original superman movies where, at the end, clark kent came back and everyone was all, "oh clark, you missed it!" and "hey clark, where ya been?" another thing was; given the boy is superman's, i'm dreading what is yet to come of Superboy movies. ugh.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, August 04, 2006

spd workspace

spd workspace
Originally uploaded by islebehere.
trying to look like i'm happy being at work. actually, just trying to make my eyes not so lazy-looking. and avoiding the shot where you see the heating pad on these MUTHA cramps i have today!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

war in beirut

we have a friend over in beirut, ahmad, who has been giving us daily updates on what's happening where he's at.

he started daily emails to friends in houston and now has gone to the blog world. if you click that link, it's Beirut Diary, under Most Read. his emails have gone through getting his brother back to syria, safely... letting off steam in beirut... going to the mountains to be with his family... and feeling the shake of bombs within a 15-mile radius. in any case, he gives us an alternate to what you're seeing on the news every day, if you'd like to check it out.
i just wish him safe.