Monday, August 28, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - LONGEST FRIKKIN' DAY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!! addie, starting now, you are NOT allowed EVER to come into town before noon! good god, man!

so i call my MOH on friday, on my way to the gym. she says she's in Brenham. i'm thinking i have enough time to work out. no biggie. so i go to the gym and call her when i'm leaving. we're both equal driving distances away from my house! egads! actually, i caught every red light known to man so she got there before i did.

after my shower and her rest, we made our way to lunch and then to pick up her dress. YAY! she even tried it on for me. i also looked for a veil. can you say OUTRAGEOUS PRICES for veils??? after the dress we made our way around town to pick up various items needed for the "stuffing and addressing" party; envelopes, pens, stamps (which i got shorted two, for the RSVP envelopes), and records.
okay, so we didn't really NEED the records, but i needed some release. and they were only a quarter each. i had to.

i also picked up some records for S1. i had to. she just got her new jukebox and i accidentally gave her one of HM's records... Asia - Heat of The Moment. who knew two people, i actually know in person, would both really like that song that there might be blood drawn? KIDDING! no blood drawn, but i had to get it back. in order to get it back, i needed bargaining power. hence, the records i got her. i got her some stevie (wonder and nicks), a little bit genesis and some old school 70's. everyone leaves happy.

we ended the evening with midnite grocery shopping. tired much?

saturday - waking up early, addie and i had to pull double duty on the cd's for Princess' party favors. after finding clean versions of songs, removing some and adding some old school of our own, we had burning copies going on Lappy and on HM's pc! we finished the cd's at 2:25. the party started at 3:00! we got our skate on afterwards.

getting back to the house, we were able to rest for about 20 minutes. if that. people started showing up to help stuffing. it was a good turnout. everybody had something to do. i was so scatter-brained, i was glad there were other people there, thinking for me.

another late nite.

sunday - worked on the "ceremony" invite. it looks really nice, only it'll have to be mailed separately since we sealed everything already. we forgot. duh! that's okay. i just have to get a few more envelopes and get S1 over there to address them. i have HORRIBLE handwriting!

for the rest of the day, we watched You, Me, and Dupree, HM downloaded some movies for me and i kinda worked on our wedding website. there's a lot more i could add to it, i'm just taking my time. i guess i should probably get it all done before the invites go out, huh? oh well.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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