Thursday, December 29, 2005

oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day

wedding bell blues, 5th dimension

so i finally "brided" out and got my first bride magazines. i got Modern Bride and BRIDES. HM just about freaked out when i told him. he asked why i was starting to act like a "normal" bride. when i recited this back to mamalane, she responded, "oh no honey, a normal bride would have been buying them the day she got the ring!" well, i got my ring in september... so there!

addie also gave me some advice on managing all the information i'm going to be coming into. she gave me a list of things to get:

-binder (holds all information)
-dividers (separates info)
-sheet protectors (for cut outs of hair, dresses, etc)
-paper (jotting notes)
i'll get it today

it's the best thing anyone's told me to do so far. so now i'm ready to be a "bride-to-be". i also looked at the bridal extravaganza website. the bridal extravaganza is only texas' biggest "must attend" event for engaged couples. i think mamalane and i are going to check that one out. get ideas and what not. i'm getting pretty excited.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

hi ho parker boy!

this is a video taken from daddy's cell phone.

the horse is so cool! it actually plays the lone ranger theme and does the horse sounds and everything! it's so cool! click here or click play above.

Monday, December 26, 2005

weekend update/recap

merry christmas everyone!

friday - i thot i'd never get out of work! but i did. made my way to my fiancee', almost having a near wreck. ass-munchers on the road. the streets were filled with tourons! everybody on their damn cell phones!

HM had a christmas eve eve party. lots of fun, i had a few of my friends show up. i would show you pictures but being the dumbass i am today, i forgot my picture card in the video bag at HM's (below is one from the card i did bring home). i'll show more later this week. i got some really cool stuff, tho. candles, candle holders, a picture frame for ringo, a bottle of wine, santa ornament, gift card for target, and a wonder woman cookie jar!

we made our big announcement as well. we're getting married at THE SHACK. yes, THE BEACH SHACK! it was ET's idea. HM said he had thot about it but was too scared to bring it up to me. all i wanted was to have a very casual wedding on a pretty beach. casual, it is. beach, we got. pretty.... we'll see what we can do with it. we gotta see what papatom will let us do with it. we also moved it back to october. no date set yet.

like i said, originally, we thot of getting married on the beaches of mexico. but the more we thot about it and the cost our guests would have to incur and the limited guest list because of it being so far, the shack sounded like a plan. it's where we met, so it's special to us.

saturday - it's christmas eve!! we spent the evening at S1's. wrapping paper, bows, and gifts all over the place. the kids were having a blast!

i got a gift card for foley's (thank god! i need some lipstick), some cash, and scene it - movie edition. my brother got KISS rubber duckies and both S1 & S2 got tv and music trivia games.

i think the highlight of the evening was HM's gift to everyone. from the "key" video, you know S1 never has towels in her guest bath. HM thot it would be funny to give everyone hand towels for christmas. they were tie towels. everyone tied them around their necks or belt buckles. they came in really handy. we ended the evening at 21 w/ringo, megan and smooth.

sunday - it christmas day!!! santa was so good to me! he brought me the one thing i've been wanting forever... a SONICARE! he also brought me the record player hallmark ornament i wanted and some diamond earrings! is he the best fiancee' ever or what???

later, it was christmas dinner at the stratt's. granna, aunt lizbeth(sp?), mamalane, papatom, topher, rob... the whole gang was there. after dinner, the boys sat around telling stories that reminded me of my dad and his siblings telling stories. those boys were bad.

today - christmas is over. i went to see sistah sweet cheeks and received the
Retro Housewife book. a tribute to the 50's housewife. guess she thot i might need some help.

it was a very good christmas! i'm happy with everything! especially the SONICARE! you people just don't know how freaky i am about my teeth. time to get ready for new year's eve. addie's coming in to celebrate with us. she also wants to cook all the traditional new year's day fixin's. it's all her.

to see all the christmas eve photos, click here. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The key is 2 the lock, the lock is on the door

-cindy c, prince


so tonite was fun. NOT! tonite was the last nite i needed to feed nara's cat. AND take out it's kitty litter. ick. since tonite was the last nite, nara asked me to just leave the keys on the bar. no problem. so i leave my place and make sure i have her keys. check.

i feed the cat and clean the litter. i leave her a note telling her i left the tv on so kitty wouldn't be lonely and placed the keys on top of it. done. i walk out, kitty litter in hand, and make my way downstairs to throw it out. i get out of the elevator and as i'm walking down the stairs and hear the 'clunk-clunk' of the elevator door closing, i realize i don't have MY keys with me!!! MY KEYS!

the store (landlord owns store underneath) is closed so i can't get a spare. i walk over to the side of the building. there are NO lights on anywhere in the building! everybody is gone. thank god i had the bat phone. i started making calls. the first one to nara to see exactly when she's coming back into town... seeing as she has my spare key... IN HER APT THAT I JUST LEFT HER KEYS IN! her flight has already been delayed two hours. no dice.

i call more people that live in the building. no luck. i move onto others who may have keys or maybe just a warm place to stay for the nite. calls were being made by everyone, everywhere. pooop gave me some tips on how to get back in. the first tip worked. I WAS IN THE BUILDING! still not in my apartment.

about 40 minutes later, after alot of hemming and hawing and punching and screaming... i got back in my apt. and it's only 9:30... i still have time to blog about it!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

headed for the future

-neil diamond

click on the picture or here to catch some candid video after the closing.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i can name that tune in SIX seconds...

OMG!! last nite was so much fun! of course, you all know that i got NAME THAT TUNE - 80's Edition for christmas. so as soon as i call S1 and tell her, immediately she calls S2 and the game is ON!
we met at S1's house at 7:00 and it started full force. of course there were an odd number of us so we made teams. S2 brought a friend and S1 had friends over already. i'm not gonna lie... me and my sisters will kick ass on any 80's music trivia game so we had to split up. we took partners that didn't even know who 38 special is!!! the horror! i gotta say, my partner pulled his weight. except for the AC/DC question. he should have known that. but he saved himself on the Slash question.

there were times when we were in tears. sometimes from laughing so hard and other times from KNOWING the song that just would not form words from your mouth!! S2's partner actually got teary because she KNEW the animotion song! she had JUST listened to it and it was we played!! seriously.

there are also videos that you have to watch. you either have to Name That Group or Name That Song or answer trivia from a video clip. that one is the hardest. then it's on to Bid A Vid where you have to name the tune in however many seconds you said you could. S1 had such an easy one with the Ramones' Rock and Roll High School (we both watched that movie 50+ times) but by the time she got through all her drama from knowing the answer, her time was already up! she didn't get the answer and we got the point! HA!

i'm going to have to find refill cards because i have a feeling this will be played A LOT in the coming months. my sisters and i thank HM for giving us "all" such a great gift!!

p.s. did anyone else notice the before and after change of pants???

Monday, December 19, 2005

weekend update\recap

friday - was happy hour at my place. since everyone is lame and "has christmas stuff to do" alot of people backed out. other people got off work early and didn't want to come back. i don't blame 'em. my true friends showed up. all two of them! HM was there, too. he got off work early to come help me set up. of course, this was for the 10+ people i was expecting to begin with. we had a really good time, tho, with manny & pollie.

afterwards, we went down to 21 with our christmas hats on. how cute are we? don't answer that. anyways, mine is red sequined, HM's is an elf ear hat. too cute. we didn't stay out late because i wanted to get up "earlier" than usual to prepare for his parents coming down the next day.

saturday - why is it that now that i'm making an effort to get up early, the retard i am in love with now tells me, "go back to bed. it's still early". arrgghh! i'm so kicking his @ss. so we get moving around and he tells me he forgot his cufflinks. we search the island looking for "less than $40" cufflinks. no dice. he improvised. he took my favorite pearl mardi gras bead necklace (i couldn't watch) and made cufflinks. how's that for a handyman? when his brother showed up with his cufflinks, later, the pearls actually looked better.

mamalane, papatom, topher and hayley all arrived and the festivities began. we really wanted to send a horse and carriage to get mamalane and papatom but we were too late. they were already walking the seven blocks to get to us. if you ask me, it was too damn cold to be walking. they're braver than i am.

we opened our presents. topher really dug the posters we had made and mamalane wanted pot warmers.... is that what they're called? HM's showing off his sweater, below, from mamalane and papatom.

i got some cool wine toppers and a wine bottle cover thingy, that's all beaded and shiny. i already put it on one of my bottles. here's HM showing off his model GT. it's the same paint scheme as his real mustang. yes, it does exist. i also got "NAME THAT TUNE" 80's edition! YAY! i can't wait to have my sisters over for that!

after presents, we made our way to rudy & paco's for dinner...

after dinner, we went to see the production of A Tuna Christmas at The Grand Opera House. it's a really cute show. i love all the different characters they play. then on to "shake some ass" at 21! mamalane and papatom were gettin' down! they held out later than i thot they would.

sunday - HM got up to get us breakfast and we just kinda hung around the apartment all day. we went for a walk, later, to do some shopping. i don't think we actually bought anything, tho. we just kinda played around in the stores.

it was a fun weekend. a good time had by all, i would have to say. i'm glad HM got to spend time with his brother before he moves and we were all able to share our little family christmas on the island for the last time. last time on the island *sigh*. for all pictures of the weekend, click here.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2005

i'm takin' what they're givin' cuz i'm workin' for a livin'

-huey lewis and the news

today was evaluation day. i was actually kinda worried that the dork might take points off of mine since i give him such a hard time. turns out, he doesn't care so much. or at least, he doesn't let it affect work stuff.

i'm meeting all expectations, occasionally exceeding in a few. go me! he actually put some nice comments and congratulated me on not letting my "torrets" loose when dealing with a customer/client. he says i use time productively... if he only knew... and demonstrate effective use of technical support to expedite work stoppages.

so i say to him that since i'm meeting and exceeding, where's that raise? cuz, uh... we just bought a house yesterday and all. he says my good evaluation makes me "eligible" for one but that doesn't necessarily mean i'll get one. WTH? if it's not in the budget for raises, then we don't get them. and even if we do, it's some crappy ass 1.7% or something idiotic like that. frikkin' state jobs. BUT, it's my choice to work here so i can't be that much of a hard ass.


on another note, the closing went smoothly. we spent about an hour in the house afterwards. we also took more pictures and video so i'll be posting those soon.

on yet another note, shaggy had his christmas program yesterday. poor baby was sick but he still wanted to go. i'll have pictures and video of that, too.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

closing time

-green day

today, we close on our house. YAY! are you excited for us? i'm plenty excited! i think i'm going to do another run-through with the realtor today. YAY!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

rainy days and wednesdays

it's so nasty outside right now. bad thunder. worse lightning.

my poor boss... he has a pretty sad life. he's constantly apologizing to his wife. especially if he's not exactly where she expects him to be at a certain time... "i'll be right down", "well i didn't know you were downstairs", "i was in a meeting" you get it. so today, he takes us out for christmas lunch. you can tell he had a certain amount allotted for this because when our waitress came up to ask if we wanted an appetizer, he interjected, "oh no, i think we're all ready to order". not that we weren't, but still. after lunch, she brought the dessert tray. quickly, he says, "oh, i think we're all too full, right guys? hyuck! hyuck!" as if! at least give us the option. anyways, the check comes and he tells her to put a certain amount on his debit card and the rest cash.

so we get back to the office and his wife calls (as she does every frikkin' half hour). apparently, she asked about lunch and he told her that he had to put some on the debit card. this is where the apologizing comes in. i guess she asked him why and he tried to keep quiet cuz i'm sure he didn't want us to hear. how embarrassing. geesh, woman! he bought us lunch. what did you expect him to spend? it's not like we had appetizers and dessert! can you imagine if we had???

i really wanna feel sorry for him, but he makes it hard. he's a total dork and not very likeable. i'm also guessing he gets no say about anything at home so he overcompensates at work. he really tries to be "the boss", but we're really not up for it. he's new, by the way. only here one year. my guess is he's gonna blow one day and it won't be pretty. another guess would be to say i'm the one that's gonna push it and probably be fired in the interim. i'm sure HM's wishing for the latter.

p.s. it's now flooded outside and i have to walk home in this.

Monday, December 12, 2005

weekend update\recap

overall concensus = good

friday - work "holiday" party. geesh! why can't people just say CHRISTMAS party anymore??? frikkin' hannukwanza! good times, tho. afterwards, we went downtown for a couple of drinks. bad idea. why do people always want to give us shots?!?!?!?

saturday - hungover like a mutha! HM had to drag me out of bed, caveman style, to ride to Houston with him. after sleeping off the hangover and going shopping for a bra (i forgot to pack one since i was drug out of bed and put in the truck in my robe and slippers) i met HM at his store. it was
Lights in the Heights. it's a pretty big deal in that area and he hadn't been the past couple of years. it's pretty neat. they have bands and choirs and random christmas stuff to see in the neighborhood. you just walk around this six-block radius and check everything out.

sunday - woke up and made my man breakfast in bed. we did some shopping and then back to the island. went to fedi's party later. no pictures... haven't quite been in the picture taking mood lately.

so that was it. low-key. thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

you oughta be in pictures

click here or on the picture for parker boy's rendition of what a puppy dog and kitty cat sound like:

Monday, December 05, 2005


below you will see a very deleted blog entry. only it's not deleted on the blog. it's been deleted from my posts which means i cannot see it therefore, unable to edit to try and delete it any further. maybe it's an overnite delete thing happening here.

just so you know, if you click on anything, you will not see the video of parker boy. i tried to fix it but it didn't work. i will try again later. until then, either enjoy the broken links to nothingness or if you're that bored you can read the archives.

update: oh...NOW it wants to update\delete! geesh!

weekend update\recap

i'd really love to go into my weekend and tell you all about it but there wasn't a whole lot going on. how 'bout i just give you the highlights...

- friday, went to mia bella's for dinner and to see ryan b
- saturday, had a holiday open house at HM's store wherein i stood out front and served cookies and wassail
- saturday, i drove the '65 'Stang again! i love that car! i'm gonna get HM to take pictures of me in the 'Stang so you can see how good i look in it. =)
- sunday, HM cooked enourmous meals for me to bring home. yes, food is a highlight.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

changes in attitudes, changes in latitudes

-jimmy buffet

last nite was the infamous k-pooop's going away party. i told you everyone was leaving! he's supposed to be leaving for florida tomorrow nite. it was a pretty melancholy evening. i'm gonna miss my pooop. BUT it's time for him to move on... bigger and better things await.

from l to r: 'nando, don-keeey, k-pooop, anna, me, jessica rabbit, some random guy

for all photos of the party, click here.