Tuesday, January 31, 2006

5 things that make me smile

1. working out in the morning

2. thinking about marrying the man i love

3. thinking about how good i'm gonna look at my wedding

4. planning time with friends

5. hearing the song, "whenever i see your smiling face"

Monday, January 30, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - not much of anything after work. met a couple of friends out for a drink at happy hour. we haven't seen each other in a while so we caught up. also saw another friend that is now going thru a divorce. sad. he's a jerk, tho. he kinda creeps me out when i have to talk to him about work related stuff. i limit my calls to him when i can.

got to bed early cuz i had to be up for princess' first basketball game. ahem...the teams 3rd game, her 1st.

saturday - up early to catch the game. her first. she kinda sucks. i have pictures and video i'll show you later. they're on my camera and i failed to download before i gave it to HM to use this week.

after the game, she asked, "why did everybody have to come to my first game"? she enjoyed watching the video footage i got of her, tho. kinda made her forget she sucked just by seeing herself be active.

after lunch, i made my way to HM's to help him pack. the packing didn't happen. it was a rainy day so we just kinda laid around and got to bed early.

sunday - woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. damn, my man loves me! we finally got around to packing stuff up and taking things off the walls. HM was putting fresh paint on the walls so they'll be pretty for the new renters.

not a real eventful weekend but a good one. i got to see the kids, i got to hang with my man, and i got to comfort him when he started freaking out about us moving in together. i don't think he freaked out about us living together as much as he did about him leaving "his house". he'll be okay.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


happy birthday to the man who damn well could have given birth to me, himself!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

toot toot hey beep beep


you have got to play this one! big sis learned some new moves!

Monday, January 23, 2006

weekend update\recap

hello boys and squirrels! this weekend was FUUUNNN! sorry you missed it, addie. i understand, you have priorities. it was a giant family reunion is what it was. also got to see some old friends, like rudy, who was my escort for every frikkin' quincinera i was ever in! roland and joey, who were at my house EVERY. FRIKKIN'. WEEKEND. when we were in junior high. monica, who i've had the very pleasant experience of reconnecting with since she's part of the family. well, S1's family. anyways... to recap:

friday - S1 cancelled plans to decorate the hall because they were doing the floors or something, so i just stayed home and picked up a bit. also watched memoirs of a geisha. i think the book told the story much better, but i still really liked the movie. played on the laptop some. i now have over 3000 fonts and crazy mad font lady is stopping now. i think i got enough for my friends' kids, my sisters' kids, my future kids and my future kids' kids!

saturday morning - for the SECOND weekend in a row, got up early for S1. last weekend, it was for the cancelled basketball game because of the sickly princess. this weekend, it was to decorate for the party. and AGAIN, she is not on time. i'm going to start showing up an hour late for everything she has now... cuz THAT'S when SHE will actually be there.

i got a wedding planner out the deal so i'm not complaining too too much. we'll just call her J-Lo.. or Jayala... or J-La. i'm not sure yet. first, we'll have to see if she gets her internship, closer to home. if so, she's all mine! if not, i don't wanna make the poor girl drive all the way from school whenever we need something.

after the FOUR AND A HALF hours of decorating.... i couldn't even think straight. i didn't even WANT to shop for anything new to wear. i went home and tried to rest, seeing as she wanted me back at 6:30. we didn't leave the damn hall until nearly 3:00! AND i still had to get ice!

saturday nite - good times. like i said earlier, we got to reconnect with all the peeps. i got to see cousins i haven't seen in years. my cousins, paul and freddie. we had fun dancing with them. after the party, we went to my mom's and i got to show my great aunt the type of dress i wanted. she is a fabulous seamstress and has offered to make my wedding dress for me. i'm still not sure if i want one made or if i just want to go and rent one. regardless, it was a nice offer and she can do anything i want.

sunday - HM bribed me to leave him at home. i had already told him he needed to be with the family on sunday, for breakfast. i knew he had a rough week, so i wasn't too hard on him. basically, he provided barbacoa and tortillas as an addition to the breakfast at mom's. i was nice... i brought him breakfast before i left.

afterwards, we went to S1's to rack up on leftover bbq from the par-tay. i hung out with the kids for a while then decided i'd had enough of family and came home.

i got home and just got lazy with HM. we took a really good nap and only got up to eat. he made some chicken fajitas that went really well with my mom's homemade tortillas. that's about all i got.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow. if you want to see all the photos from the weekend, click here.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

font you!

i swear, i am the crazy mad font lady from hell right now! i can't stop! i have 2071 fonts on my laptop right now and i'm not done! i had to stop on the l's last nite.

it started out, i was just looking for fonts for wedding invites. then, i came across cutesy fonts... you know, fonts i could use for the nieces and nephews for parties they might have. then, i ran across HALLOWEEN fonts and CHRISTMAS fonts and BALLOON fonts... aaaggghhhhh!!! somebody, stop me, please! heeelllppp!

p.s. of course blogger doesn't support these fonts so you can't even share my pain! ahem... joy. i mean, joy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

weekend update\recap

friday - met the boys for happy hour. they were telling me stories about their weddings and all the planning they didn't do... because their boys.

saturday - got up early to catch the princess' first basketball game. little did i know that the little twerp would get sick. HM thinks she's faking it. i went to see the family anyways. i picked up breakfast and made my way over.

looks sickly doesn't she?
i stayed long enough to play a game of Shout about Music. the princess was on my team against S1. that game is loooong. eight rounds long. but it was fun! we kicked her momma's butt! it was close at times, tho. S1 thot she was a badass until we came back. the princess was guessing most of them, but her guesses were damn good! after the game, we got our "bling" on!

afterwards, i stopped to give shaggy his caricature we had made of him last weekend. also, stopped at my mom's and got to circle things i wanted in the jcpenny kitchen catalog! YAY! along with those giant feet slippers i saw!

saturday nite - laundry. 'nuff said.

sunday - got up early AGAIN. this time because S1 and her SIL were going to arne's and S1 thot i might be able to get some ideas for the wedding. since i'm not really in the market for a pinata shaped like a wedding cake,

i opted to look for mardi gras stuff instead. the place was already cleaned out. the store did look like it had just puked up valentine's, tho.

afterwards, we went to lunch and parted ways afterwards so they could go home and i could go see my man! we had dinner with the trainor twins and called it an early nite. HM had been working right alongside the day laborers (mescans) all day and it killed his back.

monday - basically, a lazy day. HM went to work and i played lazy all day. i did make it out to lunch but not dinner, later. sorry lil' sisters.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

i would walk 500 miles

- the proclaimers

click here or click play on the picture.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

come on baby, light my fire

- light my fire, the doors

taking after uncle handyman already.... click here or click play above and take a look.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

wishin', and hopin', and thinkin', and prayin'

- wishin' and hopin', ani difranco

wishin' i had a magic wedding genie, hopin' i get everything right, thinkin' i'm gonna screw something up, and prayin' that i don't piss anyone off. that'll be a miracle, i'm sure.

already, i have alot of friends offering to help and they better remember who they are... cuz i will be calling. i do feel bad that we missed THE "must attend" event of the season. i had a ginourmous headache and then felt bad because mamalane had already driven out to go with me. sorry mamalane.

i'm feeling better about the planning process, tho. as i said, i have friends willing to help and others who just get giddy at the thot of a wedding. that would be meagan. i went to wally world with her last nite and she insisted we dig thru wedding magazines. she bought the martha stewart "weddings", which is cool cuz mamalane was just telling me i needed to get that one. it's got a lot of DIY stuff in there, which is cool cuz that's what we're gonna be doing. i'm really excited about doing a lot of it myself, but skeered as hell thinking about all of it.

when we got back to my place, we were so into the magazines that we completely missed CSI:Miami (our favorite). she was so into it, tho. writing down websites i needed to look at. she even made notes next to her notes. it was sweet and right on the verge of obsessive at the same time. i need somebody to obsess. i'm way too laid back and scared some of the details may get overlooked. i've decided she will be a great asset in my time of need.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

weekend update/recap

this weekend started with a quick clean up to my place just so i didn't have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend.

friday\saturday - shaggy came to spend the nite. i picked him up and asked where he wanted to go, completely avoiding bringing up McDonalds. i even named RED LOBSTER (booger's favorite)! at first, he wanted Taco Bell. then he thot about it and said he changed his mind. he'd rather have McD's... because he wants to play on the slide!

so off to the slides we go.

he had a pretty good time, i think. up until the part where he got in trouble and started crying and wanted to go home. after explaining to him why he got in trouble, the boy made ME cry more than he was crying. ugh! five minutes later, he was fine and laughing. my whole face was still red from crying.

of course, no visit to McD's is complete without SOFT SERVE!!

afterwards, we went to Wally World and picked up a game for him to play at my place. we got the joystick game that has ms pac-man, galaga, pole position and two others i had no clue how to play. he caught on pretty quick.

he also took his first self portrait. i'm so proud.

here he is as THE KING. he made me watch Space Jam and we fell asleep watching The Lion King. good god man, i almost fell asleep just watching the frikkin' previews on that one.

the next morning, we were up bright and early for breakfast. we went to Denny's and i have to "thank" S2 and BIL2 for the (not so helpful) tips on what he likes for breakfast. let me tell you first that after he looked at the menu he said he didn't want "waffles" but the other kind was fine. i assumed he meant pancakes. we also showed him two different types of eggs. he picked overeasy. when our food came out, not only did he not eat his pancakes and tell me he didn't like eggs, but then stole MY bacon! and then i had to order him toast just so he'd have something in his belly! freak kid. after breakfast, i took him to the beach to play "explorer". he had fun climbing on the rocks, scaring the birds and gathering sticks "to make a fire".

of course, after he found the PERFECT stick, we drew his name in the sand.

after dora the explorer came down from his "beach high", we walked down the strand to check things out and do a little shopping. he felt like a big boy because he got to feed one of the carriage horses. he stopped short of letting the horse give him kisses, tho.

he also lost his christmas bracelet on the beach so i bought him a new one. the new one was black with $$$$$ signs all around it. i asked why he wanted that one since the only money in his pocket were all the quarters he stole from my change jar???? he replied with the cutest frikkin' grin you've ever seen.

this is my shaggy on the way home. we had a pretty busy day and a late nite before that. when we started to pack up he asked if he could stay with me again, tonite. melt my heart.

he loves me.

the rest of the weekend. well... shaggy just made my weekend.

Friday, January 06, 2006

strange magic

- elo

i think someone's trying to put the voodoo on me. a while back (couple of years ago) addie gave me a book called, financial peace by dave ramsey. i have to admit, i only thumbed through it and never actually read it. now... that book is coming at me from all sides.

seeing as we just bought a house and neither one of us are the best when it comes to saving, i thot about that book again. i saw it in my bookcase and decided i need to look and see what it had to offer. i mean, it helped addie out, i'm sure it could do the same for us. i still never picked it up.

two days ago, i was reading another blog. a friend of addie's wrote that she had just gone to a seminar that focused on that book and author and she was already taking steps to get her finances in order. i thot, "that's strange. i just thot about that book". i told HM about it and said that i needed to take it out of the bookcase and actually read it now.

yesterday, i had to work a little late. i was joking to a user about "missing oprah" because i had to stay and fix her pc. when i got home i turned on the tv and there was a family talking about giving their kids credit cards and how stupid that was. then another couple was on, talking about their wedding expenses and asking if they should postpone blah blah blah. there was this balding man on oprah's couch, giving advice. i only caught about 15 minutes of it and when oprah said buh-bye, she thanked DAVE RAMSEY for being on the show and sharing his advice and his book, FINANCIAL PEACE!

do you believe in signs? cuz i think this one just hit me on the head and rendered me unconscious. when i come out of my comatose state... i WILL take the book out of the bookcase and read it cover to cover!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

good day sunshine!

- the beatles

when i woke up this morning, i noticed a very pink hue in the window. after hemming and hawing and showering, it wasn't pink anymore, but still beautiful.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

no more champagne and the fireworks are through

- happy new year, abba

so new year's eve weekend was fun. addie came down and we had some friends over to HM's friday nite to play games. we played scene it-movie edition and later, name that tune. after everyone left, addie, HM and i played some more. it was 3:00 in the morning before we realized what time it was and immediately went to bed.

the next day was new year's eve. addie and i hung out, went shopping, and talked 'wedding talk'. she even convinced me to go into this mescan-looking wedding shop on the corner, but it was already closed.

seriously, none of us were up for going anywhere to bring in the new year. HM was hungover from the nite before and addie and i were just being lazy. we finally got our butts up and moving and made it to the party.

it was fun once we got there. all of our closest friends were there. yes, 40-50 of sistah sweet cheeks' closest friends.
i'm glad we went after all. i got to see people i don't see every day and some i haven't seen in a while.
afterwards, we came back and HM put all kinds of meat on the grill! we had brisket, turkey, chicken, pork loin, and more. addie made a really good ham the next day. i don't even like ham and i was tearing it up! she made all the other fixin's too. we had, black eyed peas, cabbage, cornbread, beer bread, pork and beans, and more.there was a lot more that happened, i'm sure. it's just not coming to me right now. it was a pleasant holiday overall. i'm just glad it's finally over.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

happy new year

that's all i got for now. i'll update later, when i'm feeling better.