Tuesday, February 23, 2010

learning skills

he's trying more and more to put things where they fit.  

he doesn't know the sign for "all done" but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his own way of letting us know when he's done.  usually, at the point of him throwing food to the dogs is when he's done eating.  he's got his own signs.  hey, at least he's not throwing up gang signs!

he loves Ringo.  he loves to pet Ringo.  or slap him... whatever.  and now he "snaps" to get Ringo's attention.  he saw me snapping to get Ringo and so now he tries it.  how cute is that??  

he also LOVES baths.  ohmigod, do not get him out of the tub when he's not ready!  total meltdown until you finally get him to his crib. 

he really likes his trampoline.  i'm not sure if it's the jumping or the fact he can crawl right into the bean bag from the trampoline.  either way, it's a winner.

Monday, February 22, 2010

weekend update/recap

let's just talk about Saturday. because Saturday we did the most. we played outside all day. helped Daddy with the lawn. ate some dirt. YUM! after nap, helped Daddy more outside. after we came in, there was bath time then nap. then Mommy forgot to feed me!!! how do you forget to feed your kid??? ask Mommy. *(for S1) you gotta be a special kind o' stupid to forget to feed your kid!

Mommy here: get off my case, kid. you ate some stars in the car!

saturday nite - we went to Senior Serve. Senior Serve is where you get hardly anything to eat and are expected to "tip" the seniors serving you. it was a fundraiser for Project Graduation and it was fun because my kid was an angel during the whole thing! i know i'm totally jinxing myself here, but i have to say it. he was GOOD! the whole time we were there! even starving! j/k! i fed him. eventually.

i can't even tell you how excited i was. it was his first night time outing, after bed time (excluding Christmas Eve and that didn't count really cuz he was getting sick). needless to say, first outing: a success.

you tell me... does this look like a cranky baby to you?

i think not.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's!


Thursday, February 04, 2010

we leave tomorrow!

we are ready to go. i already miss my Monkey and we haven't even left yet. there were a few topics i wanted to go over this week but every time i thought of one, i didn't write it down and now i've forgotten.

i do remember one was to talk about how my little explorer is moving around a lot more now. he's figuring out the mechanics of sliding doors... clapping and dancing along with music (so cute when he does that)... saying mamamamama... and taking a lot more steps!

this weekend the Monkey will be breaking up his time between the grandma's. two nites with Mamalane and two nites with Nana. what can i say? i got a popular kid. packing for him was harder than packing for myself. good god, this kid needs a lot o' stuff!

i'm kinda just rambling at this point. i need to get some sleep. it's 10:00 now and our flight is at 6:40am!

Monday, February 01, 2010

weekend update/recap

friday - had dinner with Nana. we weren't in a real rush to get home, but i was starving, so she fed us. by the time we got home, there was a little playtime with Daddy then off to bed.

notice, i have nothing else to say unless it involves the kid. you don't wanna hear about my day at work. trust me.

saturday - we were stuck inside all day. nasty weather makes for a really long day with baby. so, we played chase and attempted more signing and i swear he said, "Mom"! we had a good time.

sunday - Monkey and i planned on going out to the WUWU, but it was way too cold to get him out of the house. i went alone. as much as everyone was happy to see me, they were equally upset they didn't get to see him. that was the whole point of going, after all.

since he wasn't there, i helped out. Pollie is getting her share of bananas so i better be tasting some banana nut bread in my near future. it's a passing tradition. the shelters won't accept any of the fruit so we all divvy it up. i made out like a bandit, this year - animal crackers, two loaves of bread, hot dog buns, two crates of bananas, other stuff to snack on for the year!

oh, and p.s. - he took more steps! he's on his way. just a matter o time before he's running away from mommy kisses. =(