Monday, February 22, 2010

weekend update/recap

let's just talk about Saturday. because Saturday we did the most. we played outside all day. helped Daddy with the lawn. ate some dirt. YUM! after nap, helped Daddy more outside. after we came in, there was bath time then nap. then Mommy forgot to feed me!!! how do you forget to feed your kid??? ask Mommy. *(for S1) you gotta be a special kind o' stupid to forget to feed your kid!

Mommy here: get off my case, kid. you ate some stars in the car!

saturday nite - we went to Senior Serve. Senior Serve is where you get hardly anything to eat and are expected to "tip" the seniors serving you. it was a fundraiser for Project Graduation and it was fun because my kid was an angel during the whole thing! i know i'm totally jinxing myself here, but i have to say it. he was GOOD! the whole time we were there! even starving! j/k! i fed him. eventually.

i can't even tell you how excited i was. it was his first night time outing, after bed time (excluding Christmas Eve and that didn't count really cuz he was getting sick). needless to say, first outing: a success.

you tell me... does this look like a cranky baby to you?

i think not.

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