Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we're baaaack

we're back home. and we finally have cable again!

right now, i'm in the process of putting together the slideshow for this weekend, which means scanning over 500 pictures of her, her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren (with one on the way). i'm also in the process of uploading all the photos of our backyard pre/post ike. those should be pleasant to look at. ha! we lost all our beautiful shade trees. =(

on the work front, they have me working from home until we're able to get back in the office again. it's not a bad gig. i'm getting comp time for the hours i'm working until then. that means more time off for maternity leave, i suppose.

on the preggers front, my frikkin' nerves are shot. my ass goes numb if i lay on my right side and i get a sharp pain in my back if i sit too long. i'm still not showing showing. i just look like a fat ass. he said i should start showing this month! come on!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


what once was 838 Miami... the shack aka Sunburn Alley

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

hey everybody!

just wanted to let you know we’re okay. we’re staying with friends in Houston until we get our power back on. from what the neighbors tell us, there wasn’t any high water, we still have our windows, and we lost the fence. i’m okay with that.

we haven’t had any “confirmed” reports about the shack yet. all we know is there’s a picture in the paper within 2 miles of it; everything is in shambles with one house standing. it doesn’t look good. we don’t know when we’ll be allowed back onto the peninsula to check it out ourselves.

yesterday, i was told that i’d be off work for a month. our building wasn’t “breached” but there will be no power to the island for some time. i always thot i would welcome time off like that. now, i’m not so sure.

on a good note, all my idiot friends who stayed, finally got out safely. with all the media hype on just thunderstorms, it’s kinda hard to know when they’re crying wolf these days. some of my buddies thot it would be like Alicia (which was a Cat 3), they’d clean up and be open next week. not so much this time. at the peak of the surge (before the storm even came) there was 13 feet of water in the downtown area of the island. all of my friends’ bars and restaurants are ruined. i’m okay with that, too. they still have their lives.

some are relocating to Austin, Corpus Christi, North Houston and Port Aransas. the stories they’ve told me are unreal. 18 wheeler trailers floated to the middle of the street and now on it’s side. the Battleship Texas now in the Seawolf Park parking lot. 150+ boats spread out to the top of the south bound side of the causeway!

wish my friends well, please. and not to sound ghey or anything, but i have every confidence the island will be rebuilt and we’ll be fine. i’m just looking forward to it now.

p.s. thanks for all your txt’s and well wishes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Duanita update

so i'm moving right along at 15 weeks now. the doctor says Duanita is doing just fine and my tummy's growing like it should be. although, when i saw the scale, i wasn't too flattered. ick.

we don't return until Oct 22, for the next ultrasound and test results (cuz i'm old). they ran tests to see if the baby will have any deformities or down's syndrome. he said that even if the tests come back negative, there's still a chance (8-10%) the baby will still have down's. we're preparing ourselves for anything.

we also get to find out the sex of the baby, if Duanita is cooperating. i think they can only tell if it's in a certain position or something and Duanita seems to be pretty stubborn already.

other than that, i'm doing really well. my co-workers still don't believe i'm pregnant because i haven't had any "symptoms" or morning sickness. trust me, i am! to prove it, look at my hips! yes, "they are spreading" says my doctor. i told him my butt was numb at nite and he just casually states, "your hips are spreading. your nerves are shot". uh... thanks? this is also the time of headaches. i'm getting those a LOT now. and they stay for something like TWO DAYS!! not fun. Tylenol sux0rz! also, he said that i would start showing, showing in the next month. like, really showing. YAY! so now i won't look "just fat".

here's a vid of me and the doc listening to the baby's heartbeat. i recorded it for HM cuz i thot i was just going in for 'blood draw'.

listen to the heartbeat from islebehere on Vimeo.

pure awesomeness

i would have loved to have done this with "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" at our wedding!

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

monthly update/recap

there's been lots going on. trip to San Antonio, hung out with Tony & Goldie & Aaron. Art Walk was a bust... don't ask. i had to put together a retirement video for my old boss. it was a hit. HM's birthday, we had a happy hour bday party for him. Albert's birthday party. we've been busy. and we're going to New Orleans next weekend with six other people to celebrate our anniversary. October's shaping up to be pretty busy, too.

next month, well really, starting now, i'm having to get together another video/slideshow for my grandma's 76th birthday party. that's gonna be rough. i only have three weeks to complete it. we're doin' it up Vegas Style. good lord, you should have seen Mom and Aunt Linda going nuts in Arnie's.

after that, there's the girls' weekend at the shack then HALLOWEEN!!!! muahahahaha! and with Halloween, comes Halloween cookies and cupcakes, right? can't wait!!

chat with Parker Boy

PB: hi, Aunt Tari!!

me: hey Parker boy!

*dad talking to him in the background*

PB: you're gonna have a baby?!?!?!?

me: yep! you're gonna have a baby cousin to play with


me: you know if it's a girl, you still have to be nice to her

PB: oh...

to anyone who thinks i'm not going to be a good mom:


i'm not going for "Mom of the Year" or anything, but dammit, am i that bad of a person that you have to think i'm not going to be a good mom???? and to try and encourage only ONE child. i'm having TWO (God willing)! get over it!!