Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007



did we really need a pun here? (via ricky)

on my way in, this morning

HM: be careful

me: i'm okay. it's only sprinkling now

HM: well, just be careful

me: okay

HM: i don't want any thing to happen to you

me: awwwwww

HM: i can't take any of your presents back

me: bye

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

and before you even say anything about "being a white girl", the only other choices were "ghostly" and "black"!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

new ideas

last nite i went to GG's. she gave me a new idea for the shrinky dink jewelry. i picked up a mold from a friend to see if it will work. we'll see how it goes. i'll let you know.

Monday, December 10, 2007

weekend/update recap

this was not "crafting" weekend. instead, i prefer to call it "creativity weekend". apparently, there's a negative connotation, with the word "crafting", on the internet. some people view it as "old biddies doing their quilting" or making a pencil holder out of popsicle sticks. and to hear Booger even say the word, "crafting". he says it like i am making a pencil holder out of popsicle sticks! ... "oh, what are you.. crafting?" (shudder).

not only was it "creativity weekend" but we also had our MaryChrisTiarimas party. lots of fun. Sweet Cheeks, Frisky and myself put together a party along with muscle and organization skills from Handyman, BA, and Woz. the party went off without a hitch. plenty of booze, a smorgasborg of food and lovely decorations, if i must say so myself. i made Sweet Cheeks some musical notes with red and green glitter and attached them to the icicle lights that the boys put up. i had snowflakes hanging and snow on the windows. it was quite cute.

by the way, was there a full moon that nite? there had to have been a full moon.

saturday - Frisky and i got up bright and early-ish. for a weekend, the day after a party, it was early enough. we grabbed some brunch and went over for clean up duty. i wouldn't say it was spotless, but it was way better than it looked when we got there. good god, man. who were these people?? seriously. there was trash all over the back yard. with a trash bag, NOT TEN FEET AWAY! they weren't my friends, that's all i got'ta say.

afterwards, i ran into the village to get some leather. i think i miscalculated just how much i would need. i figured that when the girls eyes got (THIS) (BIG) and made her give it to me anyway. i'll use it!

i didn't get home until 5:00 with all the running around i had to do. after that, i was a shrinky dink puttin' together fool! i was up until after midnite doing stuff.

sunday - more of the same. only this time, Woz came to help. she was attempting to make little organza bags for me to put my stuff in. to make it look purty. as Handyman always says, "it's all about the presentation".

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

don't forget the lyrics

ever since S1 said she was going to fill out the NINE page application to get on the "don't forget the lyrics" show, i've been finding myself strangely mouthing the words to each and every song on the radio. if Eddie Rabbit's, "I Love A Rainy Nite" were to be a choice, i totally know it now. where as before, i was just going thru the motions and humming along.

other songs i thot i knew the lyrics to.... not so much. take for example, Cheap Trick's, "Surrender". S1 and i watched Up the Academy (starring the up and coming Ralph Macchio as Chooch) so many times! that was the song in the closing credits and ever since then we've sung it OUT LOUD! every! time! apparently, the only part we ever really sang was the chorus. you know, the part where all they say is, "surrender, surrender". yep. that's it. that's the only part i could sing last nite, when i heard it. oh, and also "momma's alright, daddy's alright, they just seem a little weeeeird".

oh, but i totally knew the Luther Vandross', "Suddenly". i sang the whole thing!!! what the....???

crap...trying to sing Eddie Rabbit in my head now. totally lost it. well, bonus on S1 being a super procrastinator. i won't have to worry about it too soon. =)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

iStudio Presents: "It's Your Holiday! Build Your Own!"

iStudio Presents: "It's Your Holiday! Build Your Own!"

here's mine:

good thing Journeyman wasn't on last nite

i made this last nite and sold it already. $25 for necklace and earring set! i am getting good!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - went to Sweet Cheeks to decorate for the big party this weekend. lights everywhere!! we have three huge tables to hold all the food and libations. we have plates and bowls and serving dishes and enough cups for a few more parties.

we did all that and crashed early. too early it seems. Woz was over helping us and when she got home, there was a problem. apparently her schitzo neighbor has developed a little crush on her and left a rose in front of her door. she was a little freaked out, to say the least. i got the first call, but after that, i went into the other room to sleep and the boys (HM and BA) were already passed out. i didn't get the next two calls. i feel bad that we didn't hear the phones and she felt like crap, i'm sure, thinking her friends weren't there for her. she's okay now. still a bit freaked out since she sees him across the way, every day. she also did not pick up the rose and it was gone the next day. fuh-reeek-y!

saturday - after drama filled evening, BA and i went to breakfast and hung out for a bit. after that, all i did was make bracelets. BA was a little upset that i started without him. seriously.

the rest of the nite, the boys made fire and i made bracelets.

sunday - clean house day! well, after the grocery store excursion and a run into town, we did a little cleaning; i vacuumed, HM shampooed. then, i made more bracelets. which is cool, cuz i've sold three, just today. at $20 bucks a pop! sweet deal, eh?

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. i also made this over the weekend. vimeo user/friend, AA, told me her favorite color combination was yellow, red, and orange. i put this together with her in mind.