Wednesday, December 05, 2007

don't forget the lyrics

ever since S1 said she was going to fill out the NINE page application to get on the "don't forget the lyrics" show, i've been finding myself strangely mouthing the words to each and every song on the radio. if Eddie Rabbit's, "I Love A Rainy Nite" were to be a choice, i totally know it now. where as before, i was just going thru the motions and humming along.

other songs i thot i knew the lyrics to.... not so much. take for example, Cheap Trick's, "Surrender". S1 and i watched Up the Academy (starring the up and coming Ralph Macchio as Chooch) so many times! that was the song in the closing credits and ever since then we've sung it OUT LOUD! every! time! apparently, the only part we ever really sang was the chorus. you know, the part where all they say is, "surrender, surrender". yep. that's it. that's the only part i could sing last nite, when i heard it. oh, and also "momma's alright, daddy's alright, they just seem a little weeeeird".

oh, but i totally knew the Luther Vandross', "Suddenly". i sang the whole thing!!! what the....???

crap...trying to sing Eddie Rabbit in my head now. totally lost it. well, bonus on S1 being a super procrastinator. i won't have to worry about it too soon. =)

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Adrienne said...

if you'd just learn to be okay with making up your own lyrics.