Monday, April 30, 2007

weekend update/recap

we got a lot done this weekend. starting off with the floors on friday. no, we didn't do them, but Home Depot sent some guys over to do it. they came on friday to lay concrete and even the floor out.

friday nite - HM stayed out for happy hour and i got some Tari-Time. i worked on some photoshop and played around with Honey Bunny's invitation a little.
it was a very peaceful nite. he came home with taco bell, so it all ended good.

1. concrete floor 2. prep 3. even out 4. new floor!

saturday/sunday - they came to finish the floors. don't they look good???? i lurve my new floors! i also bought a new tv stand that Woz so patiently help me put together. ain't it pretty? a whole helluva lot better than that ugly trunk he had it on before. it really did my tv no justice.

1. new floor 2 & 3. new tv stand 4. ugly trunk

we also started a new project. the fence project. we wanted to pull the fence back to be even with the house. we did. we laid bricks down in concrete so Ringo couldn't dig out. yes, i laid concrete. HM won't let me get away with being a "girly girl". he makes me do stuff. and for that, i still have "concrete hands". i've been putting lotion on my hands every five minutes, since.

we still need to knock out the middle part. that way we'll be able to pull the boat all the way back and maybe get the truck in there, too. we also wanted to put the hammock up. we didn't finish that , but i did get one hole dug up for the head-side post.

1. new fence 2. new gate 3. bricks in concrete 4. concrete hands

hopefully, we'll be able to put the other post in this week and i'll be able to enjoy it when i get back from Dallas on Sunday. until next time, i'm Sweet T and you're not.

Friday, April 27, 2007

svd - old favorite

a vimeo contact of mine is working on a project for school. his message was this:

Hey everyone! I have a project due soon in Field Production, and I can't believe my professor okay-ed this, but you can contribute! Upload a clip of you telling me about something old you own that you like too much to throw away. (bonus points for being really old, and for you still using it regularly) I'd like you to submit a shot of you talking about it, and then a shot of just the object/thing, highlighting some of its points you like, or that show wear.

some of you already know what my favorite old thing is (Shut Up, Addie!). watch the video to hear about it.

old favorite on Vimeo

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rest In Peace

In Loving Memory

Jason Camacho
11/27/1982 - 04/22/2007

Jason was a sweet, sweet boy that wouldn't hurt a fly. he will be missed by many. visiting his myspace page is a testament to that.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

feeling nostalgic

i was looking thru some pics today. trying to find some for a project i'm helping a friend with.

i've taken A LOT of pictures!

anyhoo, i was looking thru pics of the team and all the rides we've done together and supported together. and then i started thinking... this will be our last ride, together, as a team. our cycling team is disbanding. =(

it's not like i ride anymore or even see everybody all the time, but i do see some of them. and we all keep in contact with our email group. we've been to each others weddings and seen each other thru births. well, i've seen them go thru births. have i talked about this before? cuz i feel like i have. anyway... we're doing our last team ride in may. the ms-150 Frisco to Fort Worth. we had enough money in the account that the CORE (me included) members were invited to join in and the team would put the money up for it. for lodging and the entry fee and the funds needed to raise for the ms society. how cool is that?

i'll be supporting this ride. as i do most rides. this one is new for us. we usually do the Houston to Austin ride. of course, it's gotten way too corporate so we stopped riding that one as a team. when it stopped being fun, we stopped supporting it. crabby directors meant no more midnite kickball and shenanigans. i mean, come on, they left the golf cart JUST SITTING THERE! like we weren't gonna take it? ah, good times.

i can't wait for this ride! The Flaming Goat is coming in from Cambodia for this! he's bringing his wife and his new baby with him, too. too bad Sharky couldn't make it, but she'll be here next year, at this time (well, in May)... Cinco de Sharky! they've brought CORE people out of retirement for this ride and i can't wait to see everyone. it'll be like old times. like our first ms-150 when there were only 13 of us. who would have ever known that by year four, our team would grow to over 300??? everybody wanted to ride with us. we were the fun team. we had tattoos and pacifiers (for virgins) and themes and cool jerseys and team spirit and we actually had fun!

i know i'm still going to see the people i want to see and i know it's not like we're just going to end 10 year old friendships because the team is disbanding. it's just that now... we're actually going to have to make an effort.

ms-150 circa 2002, old west theme

Monday, April 23, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - totally got sucked in to one of S1's "parties". you know the ones... where they're not really parties, but she promises to get you good and liquored up so you agree to go. the crap thing was... i didn't even feel like drinking. of course, the pitcher of sangria i had beforehand probably didn't help much.

she made me order something from the book she had. pampered chef. now, i love me some kitchen gadgets, but dag that stuff's expensive! i could barely afford a zester in that thing! i did manage to squeak out twenty-six bucks for a pizza stone. to which i was then labeled a "cheapskate" by S1. ahem... i barely have room for all the crap i DO have, much less adding more to it!

i ended up staying the nite since HM was out and about and i made him stay in town after happy hour. he was fine. he had people.

saturday - HAPPY 6 MONTH ANNIVERSARY! i wanted to get a pedi and S1 needed a pedi. so, the two of us and Princess went. side note on these pedi places. do not take an appointment for THREE people at 1:00 and have only ONE FRIKKING PERSON DOING ALL THREE!!! gawd, that's frustrating!! they finally brought someone else in to finish S1. poor Princess fell asleep in her chair, waiting on us.

afterwards, we made the trek into town to get S1 some skivvies. over the shoulder boulder holders, if you will. what? like you've never heard of those? she came to me cuz i know where to get the good ones. i love my skivvy shop! anyhoo, we went to lunch after and then i met HM to go look at cars.

by the way, did you know that i married an 80-year old black man? HM wanted to look at cadillacs. yes, you heard me... CADILLACS. the first one ran good, good exterior, bad interior. the second one didn't run so well, bad exterior, good interior. he did not buy a cadillac this day. he's still looking, tho. i'll have to get him a fedora next.

saturday nite - after car shopping, we went to dinner. had some awesome fajitas! we really wanted seafood and to celebrate our anniversary, but we were both really too tired after all was said and done. it was a really good dinner, tho.

didn't do much after. we were going to watch a movie, but .... i don't even remember what we did. oh well.

sunday - went to Homes Depot to pick up some pickets and boards. HM is going to extend our fence back so he can fit whatever else he wants to, on the side of the house. went to pick Sadie up from S1's. installed XP on her machine. played around with Honey Bunny's invite pics. they're gonna look so good!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, April 20, 2007

svd ikea

so i don't have a pic, but here's a self video! no?? okay, i'll work on the self portraits. just not taking many pics of myself as of late.

ikea on Vimeo

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

i'd like to thank... all the little people


from the College Humor website:

A few weeks ago, we at CollegeHumor asked our users to create original sitcom parodies using the Burger King Stackers. After narrowing the field down to our favorite 5 videos, you guys voted, and a winner has been chosen! Congratulations to Wonder Woman, who sent in the winning clip titled "The Foreman's Basement." Wonder Woman receives a $2,000 cash prize from Burger King. Thanks to everyone who particpated in the Burger King contest!

click here, to see it for yourself. =)

because of your votes, and the cash prize, Sadie gets A/C this summer! poor girl hasn't had it for 4 years, maybe more. the dizzying heat makes me forget. i hope i don't get spoiled and she still wants to go topless sometimes.

i'd also like to thank those who made it all possible. for without them, my dream of riding in an Air Conditioned Jeep would not become a reality. so, thank you to my husband, the sweet and ever so loving, Handyman (who had the original idea for the background). and thank you to the best man, BA, for being the voice of Kelso and dumbing it down for the sake of comedic purposes. *mwah*


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

then and now

like i said, Seth was in town this weekend. he brought some pictures from "back in the day" to show me. the one that sticks out in my mind is this one:

i think Seth (r) looks like a younger (maybe gayer) Tom Cruise (not that there's anything wrong with that!), while HM (l) looks like a less hot Marky Mark. Dignam, anyone?

now. before you get all crazy cuz i called my husband a "less hot" version of someone else... just remember that i love all things Marky Mark so even being in the vicinity of hotness that Marky Mark is in, is saying ALOT!

Seth has been working out, so he's lookin' good. my husband, well... ain't he sexy?

Monday, April 16, 2007

weekend update/recap

sooooo, Seth came into town after all. it was touch-n-go there, for a minute. i've only met Seth once and that was at our wedding. i thot he was a bit odd. HM said it was just cuz it was the wedding and everybody was "odd". whatever.

he's really not that odd after all. he's a really nice guy. i felt bad that the weather didn't pan out like we had hoped, so there was no boating and no chillin' by the pit in the backyard and no going to Mi Luna like i had hoped. as it was, my stomach was doing flips and i wasn't up for much at all. we kinda just vegged out all day. that's the part i felt bad about. Seth had never been to our place and i felt like we should have done something. it's not like BA coming over, where lounging is just expected and there's bloody mary's in the morning. the boys watched movies all afternoon and i played with some photoshop.

we did, however, manage to get out for dinner at Babin's. super WINDY on the jaunt from the parking lot to the restaurant. damn Kemah boardwalk and all the tourons! don't you people know when to stay home? dinner was pretty good, considering my stomach wasn't taking to anything too well, at all.

sunday, we went to a swap meet. yes, boys and girls, a swap meet. what is a swap meet you ask? a place where old men, rednecks, and mexicans gather to trade crap off or just get rid of it. complete with carny food (note: did not help the stomach at all).

Seth took off soon after, but not before leaving us bunches of Chipotle coupons. YUM! i love Seth. he's not weird at all!

p.s. i did not get to see Addie because she was being a little whiney baby and didn't want to come to the boardwalk in the "cold". ;o)

Friday, April 13, 2007

spd can you see me?

it's kind of a slow day. i really got nothin' to report. Addie's coming into town this weekend, to see Wicked. if i'm lucky enough, i'll be able to see her for dinner tomorrow nite. i really wanna go to Mi Luna! yum! but one of HM's friends may come into town also and he wants to stay around our 'hood and do local things. which is cool. the way i feel right now, i could be down for some local and not leaving the house kinda stuff. the more i think of it, the better it sounds. i could totally do that!
we'll see how i feel tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

get down tonite!

last nite, i had the opportunity to see a "dear old friend of mine". that's how my friend talks. he calls everyone his "dear old friend". i've know my friend, Riyad, for over 10 years now. and though i haven't seen him in over five years, we keep in touch through occassional emails and he remembers me for invites.

back in the day, i used to like to pretend that i was some sort of "high society" and that's why i would get invited to his "soiree's". i was nothing but a pee-on, who didn't even have business cards at that time! but it's fun to play dress-up, right? i went to so many great parties that Riyad either hosted or invited me to. formal parties. i mean, these people went all out! for a while, i had so many formal dresses, that co-workers would ask to borrow them for cruises or christmas parties, etc. yes, my dresses were that cool! =)

i'm glad i went last nite. i had a lot of fun. met some cool people. of course, being a school nite, i had always planned to leave no later than 9:30 or 10:00. it's a shame we had to leave so early, tho. it seemed like the party started "kickin" right when we were wrapping up to leave. good music from the dj... everybody on the dance floor. i'm sure Riyad had a very happy birthday!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

listening to

since Addie has now ruined Regina Spektor for me. RUINER! i have now moved on to Amy Winehouse. i heard about this artist a while back, but was kinda reluctant to really get into. as i am with any new artist, because they pretty much all fail me. not Amy. i've been listening to her since Saturday, when Ryan B and i picked up her Back to Black cd. i know she's been around for a while. she's got a few imports dating back to 2003. but, like i said...i'm usually reluctant to listen to new music.

she reminds me of the 60's girl groups, except more "whisky-laden" than "bubble gum". she's got a touch of Nina Simone, which i totally dig. i lent the cd to a co-worker of mine. she said she reminded her of the jazzy days of Billie Holiday. i don't know about all that, but the girl is good. like i mentioned earlier; 60's girl groups. but don't expect "my boyfriend's back" type lyrics. her lyrics are a tad more "raw", for lack of a better word.

i'm gonna take it to my mom's today so she can copy it. i think she'll like the music... not sure about the lyrics.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

happy easter

well, if i wasn't going before, i think this picture just sealed the deal on my fate. Addie took it!

Friday, April 06, 2007

your vote DID NOT COUNT

apparently, BK needed to approve the videos that were being voted for. they "outed" the Ellen video. pun so not intended!

so go vote, again, for "The Foreman's Basement" and this time it will count.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

crawfish weekend

i got nothin' really. i've had a lot going on over the weekend and this week, hence the no updates. i will leave you with a few pictures and a video from the 2nd annual crawfish boil.

to see all photos, click here.

2nd annual on Vimeo