Friday, June 30, 2006

SPD stay off the crack

this is my face

this is my face on chicago

i realize that neither one of these pictures is a good one of me, but it is a self portrait and that's what friday is all about. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 29, 2006

daddy would be so proud

in light of the upcoming holiday, i'm going to give you a bonus video. lord knows where i'll be next tuesday to post anything... or anything legible. it's the 4th of july! fireworks and festivites! the following video was taken last 4th. july 4th, 2005. i'm pretty sure that's when it was taken. it's all kinda fuzzy once you leave the shack. it's good times, good friends, and MEXICAN!!

the "mexican" i speak of is a game we play at the shack. only at the shack. yes, the game is called: mexican. was i offended when i first heard the name of the game? only up until i found out it didn't call for me to mow the lawn or wash the windows and only involved me getting sloshed. say no more, i'm playing! i am my father's daughter after all.

mexican at the shack on Vimeo

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the three faces of S1

waiting for huey lewis


stUpid huey lewis didn't play my songs
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

take me out to the ball game

as i said earlier, i had the opportunity to see shaggy's first tball game EVER. it's a monumental thing, you know. here's some video i snagged of him. it's not as edited as it could be, but i didn't have a whole lotta time.

shaggy tball opening day on Vimeo

Monday, June 26, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - it was honey bunny's turn for her birthday sleepover. S2 dropped her off for me, at my job, and we proceeded to this really cool shop down the street. they have super bouncy balls and all kinds of toys and gadgets. it's a pretty neat store. she picked out a $15 digital camera and some glasses that say "happy birthday" when you look at any light. i got a few bouncy balls for myself.

headed home after that. after about an hour of sitting in traffic just to get home (i think someone tried to hold up a liquor store so they had the street down to one lane), i started to show her how to use her digi-cam. she went crazy taking pictures and deleting them on accident. she hasn't quite remembered all the modes just yet.

my daddy also made an appearance this weekend. he had his high school reunion the next day so made a pit stop on his way through. we took him to the "hole in the wall" down the street because that's where honey bunny wanted to go for her bday sleepover dinner. i can't believe that girl wolfed down a whole "big person" cheeseburger and fries. we took the leftovers of the frozen greaseball they call appetizers, to the boys. they were lovin' honey bunny after that!!

i like how when we got honey bunny bathed and in pj's, i told her to go say goodnite to grandpa and HM. she said, "oh no, i'm not going to bed yet". to which i replied, "uh...yeah ya are". it was already 10:00p and we had to get up early for shaggy's opening day for t-ball. oh...then she was upset because she couldn't watch tv while falling asleep. i don't even let HM do that! it didn't matter... she was fast asleep about 10 minutes later.

a couple of beers and too many crown & cokes later, i went to bed. HM and my daddy stayed up 'til about 3 in the morning. i'm glad they had a chance to shoot the shit. there haven't been too many opportunities to do that since they met.

saturday morning - shaggy's t-ball opening day! YAY! he was too cute in his little uniform... and when he was rounding the bases. you could tell he was completely out of breath when he made it back in. we gotta get that boy in shape.

saturday nite - we had a whole big thing planned. we were supposed to go see
the spazmatics, but it didn't quite pan out that way. HM got really sick with sinuses and felt miserable. my buddy, jim, had to back out because of an illness in the family. roy didn't want to come if HM wasn't going and woz... she just had a busy week and didn't feel like it.

so, HM and i stayed in and watched a couple of flicks:
the family stone and the ringer. i liked both of them. i liked the family dynamics in the family stone. that's how i would like to picture my family being. not the family i have now, but my own family when i have it one day. i want to be this great mom that the kids can't wait to come home to see and i want the kids to all get along and give each other shit... in a loving way, of course. the ringer, i thot was funny. S1 and booger didn't care for it. i liked it. i liked the fact that they called him out for being "a mother faker" and still helped him beat the other guy.

sunday - we missed honey bunny's birthday swimming party. HM was still sick and it was just too damn hot for me to be outside. we went to her bday dinner last sunday and she had her sleepover on friday. i'd say i was covered in the bday dept and didn't need to shave my legs for another one.

sunday nite - NITE OF ALL THAT IS
CHICAGO!!! S1 and i went to see the chicago/huey lewis and the news show. CHICAGO did not disappoint. too bad i can't say the same for huey. S1 was completely disappointed that huey didn't sing do you believe in love or hip to be square. he did, however, play all the lame songs from the back to the future movies. AND did some lame ass doo-wop thing with all the old guys in his group.

CHICAGO rocked! okay, i know they're old as dirt but DAMN! S1 and i looked like complete dorks singing every single song (except for the 2 they played from their new album) and dancing in our chairs. i think we knew more songs than the old people sitting behind us which, by they way, i overheard one of them saying, "my first 8-track was Chicago 5". i got a kick out of that for some reason. maybe it's because they're on Chicago 30 now or maybe it's that there was a good 30 year difference between us but i knew exactly what he was talking about! 8-tracks and chicago.

i was pretty happy that they played my favorites,
saturday in the park and beginnings. they did S1's favorite, just you and me, but they kinda screwed it up with added flute playing...??? it was an awesome concert! i can't wait 'til we go see journey next month! if people thot we were dorks at last nite's show... you ain't seen dork yet!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, June 23, 2006


SAG = Support And Gear. this is a pic of me and lil bo pEEp, with portabello in the background. we do SAG for our annual ride, the WUWU (West U Warm Up). this ride occurs every february and usually falls on one of the weekends of mardi gras where i am forced to get thrashed, stay up all nite and be at the park at 6am on a sunday morning. ick. actually, i've been pretty good lately. i think, this year, it wasn't on a mardi gras weekend at all. they're getting better at scheduling, i guess.

i was actually hoping of an SPD of me on a bike that would have been my first time back with the team last nite. but alas, it is not. it was pretty dark when i left the gym last nite so i called to see if the ride was still on. they said if it rained, they would still get a beer somewhere. i'm sorry, i like you folks and all but i'm not gonna drive half an hour just to have a beer with you people. i have beer at home!

i still rode, but i rode around the neighborhood and not at the speed i would have, had i gone with the team. i felt like a big 'ol slacker. we're going to attempt it again next week or the week after, actually. part of the Core Group (CG) will be out of town so we might wait for her to get back. we want to make it a CG effort.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

who farted?

today, while walking outside during a short lunch, i noticed it's the little things i miss about the island. one being the smell. how weird is that, that i would miss the smell of this place??? and it's not a good smell like coconuts and fresh air. it's more like the smell of the streets.

we don't get that smell over on the mainland. at least not where i'm at, where there's nothing but big shady trees and the freshly mowed green green grass of home.

i think it's funny how a certain smell can trigger things from your memory. i know that every time i drive by any kind of oil refinery or chemical plant that i think of my dad and how we could never tell "was it really him this time???".

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

shack dance part I

so... with the great response i got on SPD Friday (not!), i thot i'd start a new "weekly"... video tuesday! as long as i have video taken and/or saved somewhere, you will have a new video every tuesday, starting today.

today's video was taken at the beach shack last year, i think. it's B.A. (best man) showing us his latest moves. and YES, that's me cackling in the background!!

shack dance part I on Vimeo

Monday, June 19, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - 'bout the same as every other friday... not a damn thing. started painting the upstairs bathroom.

saturday - got up early for the gym. pilates today. met the mom and S1 afterwards and trailed up to the galleria for a dress shopping excursion. not really excursion, but i wanted their opinion on the one i had found already. they both liked it... and made me try on others.

after that, we made our way down to david's bridal. i wanted them to see that i'm not so radioactive in ALL white dresses and that one actually did look good on me. i found it and tried it on. by that time, they had an "associate" all up my ass and showing me others and getting me a petticoat and bra. geesh!

it was actually a blessing in disguise. i tried to describe the type of dress i liked and pulled out
"the binder". lo and behold, there was the very first dress i had ever looked at, right in the store... and only a size bigger than i needed. for now. bless the mom for saying i didn't need to lose any more weight. =) we also found flower girl dresses. both girls are off carbs and candy until the wedding!

sunday -
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! and honey bunny's birthday dinner. all of us at joe's for cold food that took an hour to get. but the kids had fun and mom made her sweet ass chocolate cake with the sugar icing that everybody loves, so it was worth it!

for all pics of the party, click here.

HM also finished up the upstairs bathroom. it looks really good!

hey... some weekends are fuller than others. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, June 16, 2006

SPD roger's opener

boston, me, and j-smooth at the juice box

on the way in to work this morning, i was listening to the radio and heard "the rocket" was on his way back. i think he's pitching his last week in the minors this week and then he'll be back with the astros...???
anyways, it made me think of when we first got "the rocket" in houston. everybody was so excited! except me, of course, cuz i wasn't really a huge baseball fan. i'm still not, but i like to get in on the action here and there. we all got tickets for roger's opener and made a trek out to the "juice box".
it started out a really fun day and ended on the same note. all except for brian having to leave early cuz his friend got really wasted and couldn't stand up... or sit down for that matter.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

realizations of my day

1. my fiancee will not eat fruit if it's packed with his lunch

2. we have FOUR months til the wedding

3. and i have done ALMOST NOTHING!

4. i've done SOME things

5. i need to work on my guest list TONITE!

6. or at least at some point this weekend

7. i won't look SMOKIN' like i wanted to, in four months time, for my wedding

8. i need to decide on flowers

9. hell, i need a florist for that matter

10. i'm about to hit full on 'Zilla mode!

update: i am now in full freak out mode! my tummy hurts.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

conversations on IM

me: hey...honey bunny's bday is this weekend. her party isn't until next weekend

me: S2 wants to take her to joe's for dinner on sunday and wants the family to go

HM: >:o (mad face, for those of you not "in the know")

me: WELL

me: she just asked

HM: well

me: you don't have to go

me: but it would be nice if you did

HM: i can see now that i'm going to have to rub out about 1/2 of ur family if i want a weekend off

Monday, June 12, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - started off busy enough with attempting to get the rehearsal dinner menu AGAIN, a birthday happy hour, and a wake. with the 25-minute wait at the train (ONE!BLOCK!AWAY!FROM MY HOUSE!) i made it home around 9:00. i found HM upstairs on his pc, where i presented him with his favorite: empanadas from paco's!

saturday morning - got an early start and rode into work with HM. did some work for him then went on to pick up frank's mean wife and reverend E.T. it was a girl's day out, of sorts. we went to see the break up. yes, even after all the horrible reviews. i wanted to see it just for the sole purpose of seeing vince vaughn and jon favreau paired up again. they're sort of the lesser know ben affleck/matt damon hetero life partners. anyways... it wasn't as bad as i expected. i think we all went in there with really low expectations, thus making the movie much better. hell, i even cried! shocker, i know...NOT. frank's mean wife even made a comment about how some of the scenes were really crushing to her.

afterwards, we had lunch on seth, HM's imaginary friend from austin. last time he visited, he gave HM some coupons for free burrito's at chipotle. YUM. the three of us got a cheap movie and a free lunch. day well spent. i was going to take reverend E.T. with me to start registering for stuff but HM got off early so we went to pick him up instead. after a couple of beers at the onion, decided it was time for a nap.

saturday nite - went to nat's homecoming party. got to see frisky and her new man. and frank and his mean wife showed up later. got to catch up with nat and maloner and say hi to people i haven't seen in a while. good times.

sunday - lazy day. it was too damn hot to do anything outside so we were lazin' around inside all day. we did manage to get out for shipley's and we made it to auto zone for new seat covers for sadie. which really won't make a whole lotta difference once it rains again. my baby girl has been roughed up by the winds. the commute from the island and back has been rough on her. she needs a new top but i'm not sure i'm ready to shell out another $600 for a new one. i'm hoping we can just pimp her out and maybe just get a bikini top and a half back for it. i also want to take the carpet out. no sense in keeping carpet in her if she's just gonna get soaked and mildewed. ew.

sunday evening - we finally got out and took the boys to the p-a-r-k. we have to spell it around them or else they'll go spazoid on us. they had a good time running around in the water and making friends with the boaters. after the playing in the water AND the baked beans for dinner, they got to sleep outside last nite!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, June 09, 2006

SPD virgin

you have to zoom OUT for the self portrait.

O O O U U U T T T !

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the sky is falling, armageddon, run to the hills

so today is 06/06/06. remove the 0's and the /'s and whaddaya have?


oooooohhh, the number of the beast. you scared? i really wanted to put something clever about everything i've heard in the news and all that's been said about 666 at work today, but i got nuthin'. not that i haven't heard or read everything about it, but i just don't have the cleverness to put it all down in the words i want.

yes, it's 666. yes, i've acknowledged it. now, it's done.

Monday, June 05, 2006

weekend update/recap

just a quick note... we didn't do much of anything this weekend. it was kind of a lazy weekend. we watched movies, i played with LAPPY, and we napped alot.

i did talk to my dad, "Hi Daddy!" and i was privvy to a dance recital starring the princess. okay, so in her mind she was the star. she had three dances: ballet, something else that required her to wear a blue leotard with a blue fringe skirt, and jazz. we taped some of it and i have some pictures that i'll show you later. S1 has the camera because i had to leave early. i mean, geez-uz... she had song #'s 6, 25, & 32! that was a long ass wait.

yesterday, i spent a good part of two hours looking for cords and trying to install the external hard drive to my older pc's. can you tell we haven't unpacked the office yet? i FINALLY got it all done and started transferring things over. i will be so glad when i have everything moved over so i can just wipe out both the old pc's and have everything central (yeah, cuz that's safe) and ready to go when need be.

that was it. nothing exciting. nothing happening. the highlight was the recital.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, June 02, 2006

spd hat switching

this is a photo of lil bit, sk-ian, and myself at the annual anesthesiologists' crawfish boil. a crawfish boil that was (un)officially mine and HM's first date.

we were invited by dr. "i save lives". yes, he said that. the first time i met the doc, i asked him what he did and that was his response. i'm thinking the guy's some kinda neurosurgeon or something. when he tells me he's an anesthesiologist, i ask him, "well, technically, aren't you the one that's putting them under, like, keeping them within inches of losing their lives???" he didn't talk to me the rest of the nite. later on, we became friends and he remembered the conversation and brought it up. he told me that his point was that he "brought them back" from that unconscious state. hence, the "i save lives". uh, yeah... whatever.

anyways, after a full day of crawfish and jello shots from giant plastic syringes, i gotta say, it was a really fun day! it was the beginning of something beautiful with me and HM. i also got video of sk-ian dancing to THRILLER. ew. i'll have to use that against him one day.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

follow the yellow brick road

a couple of weeks ago, i had the opportunity to see shaggy "graduate" from pre-k. now, this is his first year of pre-k so he didn't actually "graduate". he got a certificate.

i don't remember having a kindergarten graduation, much less a ceremony for a pre-k certificate! maybe i did. who knows. the thing is, i think all these idiotic graduations are just a waste of parents' money and time! why the hell do you need a graduation for 5th grade and graduation for 8th grade AND your senior graduation? as far as i'm concerned, there should be two. TWO graduations. one for kindergarten and one for senior year. if you don't make it to your senior graduation, at least you had one in kindergarten. that's it. no more.

enough of my rant. i also have one about junior/senior prom, but i'm saving that for later.

so, S2 was really looking forward to buying him a little shirt and tie for his ceremony. wouldn't that have looked cute? but no... the school he goes to does themes every year. this year's theme was the
Wizard of Oz. yes... the gayest theme you can dream up for any ceremony, ever, in which they all had to wear gay rainbow t-shirts that they will never wear again (except for the girls maybe) because S2 is not about to put my shaggy in that shirt again.

back to the ceremony. he was so cute. and so proud. he shook hands with the principal when he received his certificate and he kept his cool during the musical numbers they performed. i have video of it but some big head girl was right in front of him. it didn't come out so good.

given my disagreeance (is that a word?) for these ceremonies, i will be going to more. i will be there for his pre-k graduation and again for his kindergarten graduation. i have to draw the line at 5th and 8th but i will be there for his high school graduation. hopefully, his college one as well.
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