Thursday, September 29, 2005

the fantastic four

i had lunch with the girls today. my girls. well...not so much my girls anymore, but they were at one time. summer of '95. it was the best time ever! or, at least the best time four single girls could have on the island.

hanging out with the girls today was just... funny. my face hurt from laughing. i had forgotten how good lori was at story-telling. she's frikkin' hilarious.

the summer of '95 was the summer we all came together.

addie - the unapproachable one - had just moved back from waco and didn't really know anybody here. we had hung out some, before. so she called me again. she said she wanted to go out. the salary i was on, then, didn't allow me to go out. not even for .75 cent beers on college nite. hell, it didn't even allow me to LIVE on the island, then. as i was the "local", she said as long as i got her in the door, she would buy the drinks. "i'm in!"

lori - chatty cathy - was teaching in austin, i think. being a teacher, she had the summer off so addie invited her to stay for the summer. she never went back. she was basically, addie's laundry bitch. =) i always thot there was something about lori that i didn't like but i could never put my finger on it. i finally figured out that i was just jealous of the time she took away from me with addie. no, i'm not a lesbian. i'm just very possessive and very protective of my friends. for all those ugly thots... sorry lori.

steph - pseudo mom - worked in my office. she was just newly divorced and her only friends consisted of stuffy co-workers. she was nice enough when i had seen her at work functions and being ever the social butterfly, i invited her on an outing.

that outing was steph's introduction to "the group". after that, we were inseperable. we did everything together. you could have probably set your watch to our weekend schedule (and addie's bowel movements):
thursday - must see tv at addie's. that was mostly just me and addie.
friday - toucan's power hour.
saturday morning - nop's at 11:00. cuz you gotta wait til they put the chips out.
saturday nite - vibes. so we could "shake some ass".
sunday morning - nop's. cuz you can never get enough of nop's.

they've all left me and moved to austin. yes, all of them. steph did a stint in cali, but she came back. these are girls i will never forget. girls i "grew" with. i honestly did not know what LIFE was before i met them. they showed me so much. so much as an adult woman. to me, addie was the worldly one. not because she had been everywhere or knew everything, but just because she wasn't afraid to know anything on her own.. if that makes any sense. she had joanne. joanne taught her that she could do these things on her own. i didn't so much have that growing up. these girls were that for me.

yes, we've all moved on. breakups, engagements, marriages, and kids. we've been through it all. not necessarily together (cuz, c'mon...who could have made all of lori's weddings? kidding!) but still in each others thots, i'm sure. i know they've been in mine.

i'm not discounting friends i have now. i have wonderful friends now. new friends i'll never forget... and aren't moving to austin anytime soon. but never will i have the friends like i did from the summer of '95... and i don't wanna. they were enough!

p.s. if you're wondering which one i was... i was the loud one. shocker, i know!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

conversations with a 3 year old

shaggy asked his mom if "hannyman" was gonna marry his "gil"friend. when she answered yes. he asks, so do i call him uncle hannyman now?

he's too cute. okay, it doesn't sound as cute in written word, but it really was. it's more of a location thing. you had to hear him.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

oh where oh where has my little dog gone

okay, so the dog wasn't mine and she wasn't very little either, but she was gone. last week, during "manic hispanic" days at Handyman's, i thot i would take the boys out to the park. the boys meaning the dogs. okay, so back up. this was not completely my idea. when HM went to work that morning, he said, "why don't you take the boys out to the park today. they're probably getting restless with all the people around". i ask you, what the hell would you think he was talking about? we have no children. we always refer to our dogs as "the boys". i've taken them to the park before. no biggie. what i didn't know is the boys he was referring to, were not our boys but the human boys. he meant take the kids out to the park. the KIDS. he didn't say that. another reason not to jack with me in the morning.

that being said... i was taking "the boys" and three of the kids out to the park. in the truck, i had ringo, roscoe, henry, princess-precious (we were dog-sitting HM's mom's dog), shaggy, the princess, honey bunny and brother in law. on our way to the park, the dogs are happy cuz they know they're going to the park. my boys are happy... i'm talkin' tongues out, drool slobbering, tail waggin' happy. they're going to the park!

so, on the way, in a moving vehicle, princess-precious (yes, that's her real name), jumps out! i freak. i stop. BIL jumps out and goes after her. i turn the truck around and start chasing. princess-precious is not stopping. she's a runner. she goes back two blocks, then over two blocks. she starts sniffing around this one house so i put the truck in park and get out to get her. she takes off again. i get back in the truck and at the 4-way, lose her. i pick up BIL and start back down the street. we go in circles, we go down the last street i saw her on, we go around the whole neighborhood.

time to call for reinforcements. i called HM at work, which i was very reluctant to do. BIL kept telling me to hold off because he knew i'd be in major trouble and he was positive we would find her. HM called E.T. she and billy came out to help look. after about an hour and a half, shaggy was asleep and princess & honey bunny were still keeping their eyes sharp. i called their moms to come get them so i could keep looking. after three hours, there was still no sign of princess-precious. i was bawling. BIL was trying to keep me positive.

E.T. was my saviour. after she helped with the search, she went home to make posters. this woman is all that when it comes to saving animals. she made a bunch of posters and even put them in plastic sheets so the ink wouldn't run. mind you, hurricane rita was on it's way the next day. so, HM and i took one side of the neighborhood. billy at E.T. took the other side. i'd say we hung about 30-40 posters. HM was so good. i knew he was upset with me but he didn't get angry. he only let me know that i would no longer be his mother's favorite. just last week she was telling him that i was her "friend". yes, she said that. with no prompting. he said it just came out of the blue.

back to the story... i lost princess-precious on thursday, storm came on friday, no electricity for half the day saturday and sunday i came home. HM called me sunday evening. he got a call. he told me not to get excited yet but he was on his way to pick up E.T. and they were going to the address given. IT WAS PRINCESS-PRECIOUS!! he said she was so excited. she was wagging her tail all crazy-like.

he said she was a little beat up and needs a trip to the vet. apparently, a woman found her trying to climb her way out of the bayou. she got her out and took her home. her family and princess-precious waited out the storm downtown. i guess they saw the posters when they came home. what kills me is that she found her in a place we had looked numerous times! numerous!

the story has a happy ending. i talked to mamalane yesterday and she said she felt sorry for me that i had to go thru that horrible ordeal. inside, i know she was really saying, "you're a horrible bitch and i never want you around my dog again"! seriously, i could feel it. papatom also said that he was just glad it all had a happy ending. inside, he was saying, "no dog for you! one year!" i told HM about the conversation with his mother. i tried to play it in my favor, without his knowledge. i told him she said she never wanted to see me again and i was never allowed to any family function in the future. i thot he almost bought it. he didn't.

moral of the story: keep your bitches in the backyard. much safer.

Monday, September 26, 2005

home entertainment

click the picture or here to see video of the boys entertaining themselves at HM's store.

hooome sweet hoooomme

-motley crue

so i'm home. i came home to power and no cable. ugh! i just got cable about an hour ago... actually, i just discovered i had cable again. after a day of Wonder Woman episodes (on DVD), i was ready for some CSI re-runs. i'm so glad i won't miss CSI:MIAMI tonite.

i took some pictures of the aftermath around the island. the main thing that saddens most, is the collapse of the wall of YAGA's
click on picture to make it bigger
and the fire at the F.O.E. building, which housed an art gallery and a newly opened bike shop.
click on picture to make it bigger
the F.O.E. building also took along with it, a bail bonds building and an apt that was above it. an apt that a friend of mine lived in. she was in dallas, but she has now lost everything. we're all thankful she wasn't there.

on a lighter note... not to bring up the whole 17 mexicans in one house again, but on one of those days (they all run together, i can't remember) i took the boys to Handyman's store so they could help bring things inside. afterwards, they had two hours to kill while HM ran reports. below, are pictures of how they entertained themselves in this time. i have video, too. it's pretty entertaining itself. i'll have it up as soon as my media server is fixed.
click on picture to make it bigger

for all pictures of the aftermath, click here.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

rock you like a hurricane

-the scorpions

hanging out having hurricanes watching the winds. that's what we did during the storm. all with billy's "storm mix". he had a playlist made up of all stormy, rainy, sky is crying songs.

the next day, we got rid of all the mescans! everybody went home. houston didn't get hit hard at all. there were tree limbs in the yard but that's about it. so as soon as the worst of it passed, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and dogs all went home. i'm still waiting to hear about my place. i don't know if we have power yet. i wanna go home. i wanna check on my place. i wanna see my street!

handyman was without power most of yesterday. it came back on about 5:00. we went to E.T's to hang out and watch movies. after we got back, everybody was so zoinked, us and the dogs, that we all took a nap.

i have to say... with everyone that was here, it was surprisingly calm and in order. everybody did their part and pitched in to keep handyman's place in order. he even remarked that they left it so clean, you wouldn't know they were all here.

update: i just talked to my landlord who's on his way to take the boards off my windows. i also talked to one of my neighbors. WE HAVE POWER! she checked out the building and it looks like only one window was blown out....her storm window. how the hell does a "storm" window get blown out during a storm??? anyways, i'm picking up around handy's and i'm goin' home.

Friday, September 23, 2005

riding the storm out

-reo speedwagon

okay, but i'm not one of the dumbasses still on the island. we're in houston, in a place where the roof will withstand up to 70mph winds... which is what is predicted in this area. anything more than that, you'll see about 15 mescans in the tub. damn them mescans and their big ass families. cuz, you know, it's not just the immediate family. it's brother in laws family and little brothers girlfriend and girlfriends kids and girlfriends kids dog. i dont' mind, really. they're very nice from what i can tell and i really like the brother in law's family. i just hope everyone will have taken showers before we all have to crowd together.

today, they say if you haven't left yet... don't bother. we tried to leave at 4am yesterday morning. it took us an hour to get from one exit to the next. i talked to one woman this morning that said she left at 1am, was on the road for 14 hours and only got 25 miles out. she turned around.

on a different note, Handyman has been sooooo good. he's accepted my whole family, very graciously. even my mother! of course, he wasn't here for most of the time she was. so that was easy. today, he went back to work. i'm not sure they have anything left to sell. they've been crazy busy the last two days. i'm taking the boys up to the store to help him bring all the stuff in. they're getting stir crazy staying in the house anyway, i think. it'll be good for them.

the brother-in-law's went to find ice. they've been gone for quite some time. the bags we got yesterday, of course, have all melted. we've had them in coolers, but it's been pretty hot. the 5 day/90 degree cooler is a crock o'shit.

wish us luck as we ride this whole thing out. i think we'll be okay, as we're not on the "dirty" side of the storm anymore. rita...she's such a dirty girl.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

just call my name....and i'll be there

that's my addie. she called me yesterday and told me that HM and i are more than welcome to come to austin, to get away from hurricane bitch.

what she didn't know is that i have two sisters, two nieces, two nephews and a dog that have no where to go. my sister thot she would go to austin and get a room there. what she didn't know is, ACL is this weekend. all rooms are booked!

i was all for staying in houston but now that it's supposed to get up to category 4, i'm thinking i'm gonna go. HM has to stay because of his store. they've been pretty busy today and no doubt will be throughout the storm and immediately afterward.

we're on voluntary evacuation until 6pm tomorrow. after 6pm, freeways will be closed off and you will be forced to go all the way to your "evacuation point". yeah... i wanna go to frikkin' huntsville...? NOT.

i'm packing up now. i've got everything off the walls and covered on the couch. i've got my laptop in hand (obviously), my cell in my bag, my mp3 in my pocket and the guitar by the door (i really need a guitar case). i think i'm gonna take Buddy Christ just for added security. oh yeah, and my St. Christopher necklace (patron of safe travels). yes, i remember that from my catholic upbringing. no, i don't use it just in a time of crisis.

so my sisters, nieces, nephews and dog will be at HM's tomorrow afternoon and we'll take off then. i'll call you when we leave, addie. safe travels to anyone else having to evacuate. if you're planning to ride it out... you're just a dumbass.

Monday, September 19, 2005

rita's a bitch!

i always knew she was, but now it's been proven. i knew she'd come back to haunt us. for those of you who don't know, rita is our EX-director. she was a total hack and everybody hated her. okay, hate is a strong word, but we really really did not like her. at all!

we believe she has somehow, now, harnessed all her bitchiness into the tropical storm that is now out in the gulf. and, as always, causing widespread panic! okay, i won't blame her completely for the panic. hurricane katrina helped with that.

so, hurricane/tropical storm rita is on it's way in. they don't even know where it's going to hit yet. for now, they (hurricane experts) are projecting, somewhere between brownsville and louisiana...!?!?!?!? BETWEEN BROWNSVILLE AND LOUISIANA, PEOPLE! please, get out a map and check the geography on this one. it kinda reminds me of
the jerk, but just the total opposite.

Navin: "Uh, anything in this general area right in here. Anything below the stereo and on this side of the bicentennial glasses. Anything between the ashtrays and the thimble. Anything in this three inches right in here in this area. That includes the Chiclets, but not the erasers."

they don't frikking know! why can't they just say, "we don't know". no. instead they project that it will, perhaps, maybe, there's a 50/50 chance it will hit us. and for that, we must be prepared. they are already calling for a voluntary evacuation, tomorrow. we hear, from a source inside the parks board, they will call for a mandatory evacuation by 5:00pm, wednesday. this is totally gonna jack with my JOURNEY concert on friday.

so here's my list of what i'm taking, if need be:
- the laptop (DUH!)
- sandisk mp3 player & batteries
- guitar
- cell phone

HM has the camera and my
baby boy. other than clothes, i really can't think of anything else i would completely die without. not that there's not anything else... i just can't think of it right now.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

weekend update/recap

so, this weekend was pretty busy. not busy in the sense that we ever felt rushed, but busy in the sense that we had something going on all weekend.

friday - i already blogged about. we had dinner, we drank beer, blah blah blah. i worked on fanny pack's resume until after 2 in the morning.

saturday - i finished his cover letter and reference page. finished my laundry... all except for the reds that i left drying.
went to houston and was starving when i got there. HM and i went to this place called Mambo. he and his friends had given it a good review so i wanted to try it out. apparently, the food wasn't as good saturday as it was the last time they went. it was just, "eh".
after Mambo, we took showers and ...

*side note* watching a kit-kat commercial... was this the ONLY gig this girl could get as the American Idol winner?!?!?!?!? geesh

... went to Mia Bellas to see Ryan B (Sir Ryan). he's my buddy. he used to live in town but got too good for us or something so he moved to houston. big whoop. j/k. he's a cool guy. he was one of my bestest buds in town. my drinking buddy. he's alot of fun. we used to run the streets together and cause chaos. kidding, we just ran the streets... no chaos.
we had a good chat with him, shared our good news and drank to celebrate. when i say drank, we DRANK. i love knowing bartenders. our tab was $3.00! i love ryan!

afterwards, we went to the Social. apparently, it was a big draw a couple of years ago. i could understand that. it was a nice looking place, good house music, and it didn't smell. the restrooms even had TOILET PAPER!! saturday, however, not so much of a crowd getter. we had one drink there and we were ready to go home.

sunday - we figured we didn't get enough of Sir Ryan, the bartender... we thot we should visit Sir Ryan, the manager. we went back for brunch. it was ryan's first day as manager. we met sweet cheeks there and had bottomless bloody mary's and some really good food. i had salmon w/cream cheese on a toasted english muffin. HM had this really good crepe w/all kinds of stuff in it. sweet cheeks had some sort of poached eggs, artichokes, hollandaise sauce thing and we all split some french toast.
after brunch, HM and i had narrowed down some houses to look at. why is it that the one house that's always our favorite on paper, turns out to be the worst when we get to it. ugh! from the eight we had narrowed down to, we picked maybe three to go back to. and that's a big maybe. maybe we won't go back. of course, i didn't think we would find our dream home today, but it woulda been nice to see something that WOWED us.
there was one that had a pretty cool backyard. a bit of a drive for both of us. it had a crescent moon pool and a shed in the back, with a garage that HM could build out. all the curtains were closed so we couldn't look into it to see how big the rooms were. it's a pretty old house so updates would be needed. no flooding. that was one that we may go back to. there was another that had a really nice yard and gazebo, but the bedrooms are probably too small and it's too close to main street. same with the third one, big yard but too close to main street. too noisy. we went back to HM's and he was a little depressed. i guess he thot we would fine THE ONE today. we've got plenty of time, tho.

shit. i just looked at the clock and it's already after midnite. i need to get some sleep so i'm signing off now. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

plenty of fish in the sea

and billy the kid caught alot of them! billy and lil'bit were down for a couple of days and billy went offshore fishing with some work buddies. he caught some snapper and some striped something or other. fanny pack baked and fried it all. damn, that boy can cook. not as good as my handyman, but still good. he adds flair to everything, too.

last nite was really nice and long overdue. me, billy, lil'bit, fanny pack, and pooop got to hang out and chat and enjoy some really good food. we haven't been able to do that for a while. everybody's moving away or splitting up. it's just not the same anymore. now, we actually have to make an effort to see each other. no biggie, but it is kinda harder... and sometimes you just really don't feel like making that effort.

from dinner, i came home and started working on fanny pack's resume. he and sara are moving to florida next month. they're pretty excited and i'm excited for them! it's not every day you get to move to another state and start over, basically. anyways, i was up until 2:30 working on it. i gotta say, it looks damn good! it'll at least get him an interview. wish them luck!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

conversations with an eight year old

so we all know that HM and i don't exactly live very close to each other. that being said, we've decided to meet in the middle. it's not exactly making everyone happy.

the princess called me this weekend to congratulate me. here's how the conversation went:

*lots of talk beforehand with the congrats and having an uncle handyman

princess: when are you getting married?

me: i don't know yet. we have to find a place to live first.

princess: are you gonna live in texas city?

me: noooo (trying to be gentle here), i think we're moving to clear lake.

princess: is that closer to me?

me: noooo (still trying to be gentle).

princess: there's lots of houses in texas city!

me: yeah, but... we have to live in the middle.

princess: why can't you live in texas city?

me: well, sweetheart, that's too far for HM to drive to work.

princess: doesn't he own his work?

me: yes.

princess: why can't he own it in texas city?

me: *speechless* well... i'll let you ask him that next time you see him.

baby, be prepared. she ain't lettin' up.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

maybe i'm amazed

okay, so we started out the holiday/cruise weekend with Handyman's birthday party. the plan was to have drinks at Handyman's and then go to the go-kart track. we had a blast!! the go-karts were so much fun!! we had about 3 or 4 five minute rides. it was soooo much fun!

albert, hm, dan and et

after go karts we went to some little dive bar and the woman was kind enough to let us in after she had already master locked the gate on the door. i think she probably welcomed the company since all she had in there was some old mexican man who had probably already been there all nite. we took up every seat at the bar. it was really cool, tho. handyman and all his friends. *smile*

the next day we got all our crap together and got to bed early. sunday, we waited until the very last minute to get on the boat. it turns out, it was a good thing we did. there were people that had been in line for 3 1/2 hours because they were there on time.

being on the boat was good. being away from work was great! being with handyman in one room for 6 days without killing each other is amazing!

as you all know by now, handyman and i are engaged! it happened on playa mia beach in cozumel. my poor honey... he had the sweetest most romantic sentiment in mind with the thot he put into his proposal. we were supposed to have an overnite in cozumel and he wanted to book a sunset steak and lobster dinner and propose then. the overnite was cancelled. next, he thot he would do it when we got to the top of the pyramid on the excursion from progreso. that port was cancelled. he couldn't catch a break. by this time, he just put the ring in his pocket and thot he'd just ask when he got the chance. at that point, it was pretty much, "just take the ring". j/k

i honestly don't remember anything he said. all i know is we both had tears in our eyes and then he pulled out the ring. i think i nodded my head and he may have told me that i had to actually SAY yes. duh

newly engaged

there was shopping in cozumel and i got a really cool bracelet and a new thumb ring and we went snorkeling in belize. not much for the shopping in belize... it was actually pretty scary. we had some crippled homeless guy circling us and said he wouldn't touch me but just wanted to kiss my back...!?!?!? WTF!?!? i FREAKED out! at that point, HM said some kids started throwing rocks at him (of course i didn't see cuz i was already bookin' my ass away from him) and some girl asked HM why he didn't kick his ass. HM replied he had no desire to spend time in an international jail cell.

cozumel and belize

the rest of the cruise was kind of a blur. there's only so much you can do on a boat, plus all the shows were pretty gay. they had movies in the room and we had a pretty cool balcony. i could have stayed in the room most of the time. the only reason i ever left at nite was to see what new animal i would get. nice, huh? it looks like the dog on top is ready for a little doggie action...

towel animals

getting back home a day early, we went out to celebrate our engagement. we need to do that more often! hell, we got a free round of drinks everywhere we went! we went to dinner at rudy & paco's and ate some really really REALLY good food. when we brought the leftovers back, handyman took a rest. when he was ready to go, i had already settled in. i know... i'm lame. we still had more "first rounds" to get. we'll try again next time he's in town. i still gotta sport my ring around town.

monday, we just chilled out. we went to see the "infamous k-pooop" and HM went back home. i kinda missed him already.

tuesday, i had to go see my babies. mamalane and papatom were bringing the doggies back and i missed my ringo dog. they were at "summer camp" while we were gone. my baby's getting so BIG. i need to take him for his last round of puppy shots. i think he's maybe a couple of weeks behind on that. maybe i'll try to make him an appt for this weekend. maybe.

i guess i'm done for the nite. i'll have to write again this week about how cool it is to be engaged and your friends already wanna throw parties for you. also, the conversation had between me and the princess. for eight years old, she's pretty damn smart.

ciao for now.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby

today we leave for our cruise. today is also Handyman's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY! this morning, i got up and made him heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes. how good am i? he's also getting a cake before we leave. it's already baked but i gotta put the finishing touches on it...icing, candles, etc.

friday nite, we had his birthday party. we went go-kart riding and had a blast. if you want to see the slideshow, click here. i highly recommend it for anyone turning 36.

we're off. i'll give you all updates in 7-9 days. we're gone for seven and you know how lazy i am when i get back from ANYWHERE!