Thursday, September 29, 2005

the fantastic four

i had lunch with the girls today. my girls. well...not so much my girls anymore, but they were at one time. summer of '95. it was the best time ever! or, at least the best time four single girls could have on the island.

hanging out with the girls today was just... funny. my face hurt from laughing. i had forgotten how good lori was at story-telling. she's frikkin' hilarious.

the summer of '95 was the summer we all came together.

addie - the unapproachable one - had just moved back from waco and didn't really know anybody here. we had hung out some, before. so she called me again. she said she wanted to go out. the salary i was on, then, didn't allow me to go out. not even for .75 cent beers on college nite. hell, it didn't even allow me to LIVE on the island, then. as i was the "local", she said as long as i got her in the door, she would buy the drinks. "i'm in!"

lori - chatty cathy - was teaching in austin, i think. being a teacher, she had the summer off so addie invited her to stay for the summer. she never went back. she was basically, addie's laundry bitch. =) i always thot there was something about lori that i didn't like but i could never put my finger on it. i finally figured out that i was just jealous of the time she took away from me with addie. no, i'm not a lesbian. i'm just very possessive and very protective of my friends. for all those ugly thots... sorry lori.

steph - pseudo mom - worked in my office. she was just newly divorced and her only friends consisted of stuffy co-workers. she was nice enough when i had seen her at work functions and being ever the social butterfly, i invited her on an outing.

that outing was steph's introduction to "the group". after that, we were inseperable. we did everything together. you could have probably set your watch to our weekend schedule (and addie's bowel movements):
thursday - must see tv at addie's. that was mostly just me and addie.
friday - toucan's power hour.
saturday morning - nop's at 11:00. cuz you gotta wait til they put the chips out.
saturday nite - vibes. so we could "shake some ass".
sunday morning - nop's. cuz you can never get enough of nop's.

they've all left me and moved to austin. yes, all of them. steph did a stint in cali, but she came back. these are girls i will never forget. girls i "grew" with. i honestly did not know what LIFE was before i met them. they showed me so much. so much as an adult woman. to me, addie was the worldly one. not because she had been everywhere or knew everything, but just because she wasn't afraid to know anything on her own.. if that makes any sense. she had joanne. joanne taught her that she could do these things on her own. i didn't so much have that growing up. these girls were that for me.

yes, we've all moved on. breakups, engagements, marriages, and kids. we've been through it all. not necessarily together (cuz, c'mon...who could have made all of lori's weddings? kidding!) but still in each others thots, i'm sure. i know they've been in mine.

i'm not discounting friends i have now. i have wonderful friends now. new friends i'll never forget... and aren't moving to austin anytime soon. but never will i have the friends like i did from the summer of '95... and i don't wanna. they were enough!

p.s. if you're wondering which one i was... i was the loud one. shocker, i know!

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Adrienne said...

Back in '95 I would have NEVER allowed anyone to even SAY "bowel movement". My, I guess I've grown! And what Tari didn't say was that she knew EVERYBODY. She knew somebody when we went to New Orleans. And when she came earlier this year to Austin. If it's one thing I've learned from Tari from those days, it's don't be afraid to talk to people. Also, I will never ever forget 1995. It was a golden year for all of us.