Friday, August 08, 2008

just shy of 3 months

yesterday marked 11 weeks. 11 weeks of pregnant. that's me.

me, i want to shout it to the world right now! well, i have. HM, on the other hand, wants to wait until we're past the three month mark. i get his concern, but come on! how can you be super excited about something and not tell anyone. and pray to God nothing bad happens before the three month "safety" period is up, but i think i'd rather have my friends and family "in the know" for support.

this weekend, we may be seeing Granna. Granna's old school. she doesn't think it's polite to announce your pregnancy before your first trimester is up. we're gonna go ahead and tell her. if she asks, we're just gonna say "three months". come on... i'm six days shy of it. five by the time i see her. Mamalane said to not get upset if she's not overjoyed with the news. apparently, Granna doesn't get excited about pregnancies. babies, tho... that's a different story. she lights up around Parker Boy! every time! i'm fine with her possible non-excitement, just as long as she gets excited the same when the baby is actually here.

in other news, i've seen my cousin, Michael, a bit this week. we had brunch at the restaurant he works at. it was so good! i saw him again a couple of days later. we had lunch after the storm blew through. i'm hoping to keep this up. there's really no reason why i shouldn't see him as much. he lives in the same city!

other than that, things have been kinda low key this week. i'm having dinner with mom tonite. before, when she called me out of the blue, to "see how i was feeling", i thot it was sweet. turns out, i think she was just trying to see what i knew about some family drama. we'll see how it goes tonite. wish me luck.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

well, duh!

Carcrazy1969: I'M PRETTY MUCH OUT

islebehere: k. have fun

islebehere: i love you

Carcrazy1969: K U 2

Carcrazy1969: I LOVE U MORE

Friday, August 01, 2008

random thots

tomorrow was supposed to be a really cool day. we were supposed to be updating the family tree on dad's side. a family member went into the hospital today so the family tree meetup will have to wait until we can get more info. now, instead of updating, i'll be doing laundry and making jewels. actually, i have a lot to do, so i shouldn't be too upset.

i have to get a lot of things done anyway. the artwalk is coming up this month and i think i want to make more bracelets and maybe try to do something with the bike chain i have. ADD go away! i need to do this!! somebody is finally interested in my stuff! i hope i do well. we'll see. if not, guess what everyone's gettin' for Christmas?!?!?