Wednesday, August 31, 2005

if you like pina coladas....

you shoulda booked your ass on the cruise we're taking next week. NO, it was not one of the $99 cruises. geez, how many times am i gonna get asked that? handyman booked this cruise a loooong time ago. i'm pretty excited. i've never been on a cruise. i've actually never been all up into mexico either. sure, the border towns, but do those really count?

we're both looking forward to a whole week off from work and getting to just chill and be by ourselves. we're gonna check out the ruins in progreso, do some snorkeling in belize, and have really good time in cozumel! well, as good a time to be had in 8 hours. k, so you know i'm the biggest procrastinator. i'm sitting here, thinking of everything i need to take. looking at everything i need to pack. HM's got a suitcase, 2 hanging bags AND a carry-on already packed. i don't even have all my stuff layed out yet. i just can't ever get motivated to do things early. i know i'll be packing everything at the last minute on saturday. which is even more crazy to think about because we have a party to go to that nite. hopefully, i'll get back home early enough saturday to take care of everything i need to... before HM gets here.

back to the boat. i'm not an alcoholic or anything but i am SO looking forward to the bloody mary's in the morning. okay, mid-morning. HM will be saving me a seat. i got walkie-talkies so i can find him when i wake up. i'm not a paranoid freak. if you had heard all the stories I'VE heard about cruises, this week, you would have gotten walkie-talkies, too!

gotta get back to packing. side note: i'm starting to get feeling in my fingers again. meaning, it's been too long since i picked up the guitar. two days to be exact. i gotta practice.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

everything old is new again

does my man love me or DOES MY MAN LOVE ME??? yeah, he digs me. so he takes sadie for about a week because his truck was in the shop and i don't actually NEED a car to get to work.
while he had her, look at what he does... he got my girl a new windshield and a new back window and...and... a new side window. actually, TWO new side windows! although, only one was sliced when i was parking in the garage from hell, but they gotta match. either it was some random crazy shit or i REALLY pissed someone off! sadie was broken into almost weekly. they never took anything, just threw shit everywhere. AND sliced her side window. the back window was a zipper issue. i couldn't get the zipper back down and during bad rain and wind and driving 70mph down the freeway, uh, it sorta ripped.

so now my girl is all new and chiney. yes, i said, "chiney". i'm a mescan, i'm allowed.

the sad part is, i lost my favorite scabs sticker. he was mounted proudly on the back window. he's been on there forever. i love him. i got the sticker at a show and i've looked all over the internet to find one. i googled it. i even joined a yahoo group of bob schneider fans to see if anyone had extras. no one did. one girl said she might have some and she would look. that's been almost a month ago. one of them also said that i could probably pick one up at antone's. being as i'm about 3 hours away from the famous antone's, that's not happening any time soon.
i do, however, know two really cool chicks that live in austin that i may or not be seeing on thursday. and even if i don't see them, they will be in close enough proximity to drop it somewhere i could pick it up. so, if they should happen to make their way to antone's for a sticker, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! i will be indebted to you! below is a picture of the sticker i'm missing. it's the "scabs freebird" sticker. you know, in case you need to ask someone for it.

princess update: my sister had to pick the princess up from school yesterday. she had 102 fever! she went to the doctor today and has walking pneumonia. she'll be home until thursday, probably. so, she really IS sick.

Monday, August 29, 2005

riders on the storm


okay... i know there's a hurricane out in the gulf and the surfers get excited about "catching some tasty waves", but COME!ON! i've seen bigger waves in my toilet bowl! nice thot, eh?

on the upside, i got a really cool pic of a rainbow. okay, it wasn't really that cool, but still a rainbow. i had to de-brighten so you could really see it. pretty, huh?

weekend update\recap

friday - of course, we all know the "princess story". i will not go over it again. i watched rock and roll high school and turned in early.

saturday - practiced guitar some. fingers HURT. handyman met me at my sisters and we took the princess out to dinner. she still wasn't feeling very good, so it was pretty uneventful. we took her back home and hung out for a while with my sister and brother in law.

sunday - watched miss congeniality 2 and transporter. mc2 was pretty weak. the transporter was not exactly what i expected, but i liked it. this was our day. we ate and napped and talked about stuff we need for the cruise. i practiced guitar for about 20 minutes. next, i need to practice chord progression(?). the changing from one chord to another. i now know A Major and D Major. they don't sound all that great, tho. i always thot i had skinny fingers. apparently, they're not skinny enough to not hit the next string. it looks so easy on the damn video. when i press on the strings, i look like i have a dragon claw....pretty deformed. it's hard to keep them pressed to hear what you're supposed to. any tips would be appreciated...DAD!

i feel bad that we didn't see billy and loi but we fell asleep while we were talking about going to see them. when we woke up, neither one of us wanted to leave the a/c. i know... weak.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2005

killing me softly

geez-uz!! my sister is killing me! first the princess was spending the nite then she's not, then she is and now she's NOT again. first it was a soccer tournament and softball practice. then, the tournament got cancelled but she still had practice. then, practice got cancelled so she was able to spend the nite again.

today, i get an email and she tells me that practice is on again... at 8:30AM, tomorrow morning. so, no spending the nite and no shopping. ugh! we're postponing. rain delay, if you will.

my nite is free now. i wanna say that i'll do some laundry and pick up a bit but i already know that probably won't happen. when i wake up from my nap, i'll pick up the guitar and practice some. maybe put in
foxes. very old school movie but me and my sister used to really dig it. we also dug roller boogie and skatetown usa (both very cheesy-campy low budget skate films of '79), if that tells you anything. i.was.NINE.people! i also have rock and roll high school, again from '79. it made the ramones mainstream and pj soles nowhere to be seen until stripes. or at least nowhere i was looking.

p.s. wish me luck on building up the callouses.

UPDATE: not FIVE minutes into my nap... the princess calls. she tells me she's decided not to go to practice in the morning. she says, "because she's been sick *cough cough*". now, i really have to pick up the place and no guitar. foxes or rock and roll high school, either.

2ND UPDATE: my niece just called. i knew she was sick the other nite so she wasn't entirely faking the get out of practice thing. but now, she just calls me AGAIN and tells me she's not spending the nite...her chest hurts. her mom says she started complaining about it and she gave her some meds. she told her that she wouldn't be able to spend the nite if she was still sick. apparently, it's for real, cuz she was okay with it.
she couldn't tell me this BEFORE i cleaned up and put a bra on?!?!?!?

Thursday, August 25, 2005

princess diaries 2

my princess

this weekend marks the princess's 8th birthday. it's become an annual thing with all the kids that i take them for a day and do whatever. it's usually sleepover/lunch/shopping with the girls and dinner and shopping for the boys. well, shaggy just got shopping. but booger can not and will not pass up an opportunity for anyone to take him to red lobster.

anyways, big sis is gonna drop off the princess tomorrow nite and we're gonna slumber and chill. maybe do lunch on saturday and take her back home for cake. after cake, handyman has promised to take her to dinner. she's kinda looking forward to it. actually, she's really looking forward to it but she won't show it. i think she's got a little bit of a crush so she's shy around him. maybe not so much a crush but she thinks he's cool. last nite she asked if i was going to marry him. don't know if she may be a little jealous... or just wants to keep him close. i think she wants an "uncle handyman".

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

let the sunshine in

5 things you may or may not know about me:

1. I’m in love with the feeling of freefall. I desperately want to go skydiving. but i'm sure i'll piss my pants in the process

2. i am the queen of useless trivia

3. i love grilled cheese sandwiches

4. i sometimes pee when i sneeze

5. I can clean really well and make the house look spectacular, but I usually feel my time is better spent doing other things that make life enjoyable, so I generally don’t clean as much or as often as I probably should

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

weekend update\recap

friday - hmmm... what the hell did i do? damn, that was 5 days ago. i've slept since then. OOHHHHH... i remember now. okay... friday, i made it up to handyman's and we met sweet cheeks and her man out at mardi gras grill (formerly floyd's) home of the best crawfish in town. or so i've been told. great food!
afterwards, we went to cahill's and shot some pool. of course, going to cahill's, i gotta give a shout out to Rucker (whaddup Ruck?). it's a family name. anyways, we shot a few games. handyman and i kicked ass! yeah, we rock! i wish i could play like the old days. i was a bad ass on the pool table. not so much anymore. i'm not even lying. i was. ask my dad.

saturday - woke up EARLY! had to get ready for uncle jack's party. got to conroe and HM's nephew was in town. i got all kinds of video of him taking steps. you'd think i'd never seen a baby walk, right? he's 11 months old now. apparently, an early walker in the family. video will be up later.
we went to the party and hung out with cousins he doesn't know so, of course, i wasn't introduced to all of them. some i recognized from the
dedication last year.

sunday - watched
constantine and clay pigeons. constantine was not a bad flick. not bad at all. i enjoyed it. clay pigeons... eh. didn't really do much else. dug thru the sunday ads and played around on the laptop for a bit. had to get all those walking videos downloaded.

sorry it wasn't more interesting. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. safe travels to addie. she and jimmy are going to alaska! how cool is that!?!?!?

Friday, August 19, 2005

i'm off like a dirty shirt

-duckie, pretty in pink

i'm gone again, this weekend. i'm going to houston for the busy weekend that's in front of us. tonite, i'm going to try and stop by to see Sweet Cheeks on my way into town. it's her birthday tomorrow and i won't be able to make it to the dinner celebration. i think i got a free pass anyways, since i threw her, her surprise party. yeah, i rock.

tomorrow, we're going to conroe/willis for a birthday party for handyman's uncle jack. don't know how all that's gonna turn out. this is family i haven't met... and i'm still not sure which side of the family or how he's an uncle....??? i think this is the redneck side of the family.

wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

keep your eyes on the road...

and off of stUpid bumper stickers. as my friend, addie, started the bumper sticker bandwagon, i thot i'd jump on. on the way home last nite, i'm talking to handyman on the cell and i see this truck in front of me with about four or five different bumper stickers about, "my child is a *insert school here* star" and "my child is an honor student".

while handyman IS on crack thinking i'm going to be driving a mini-van if and when we ever have kids.... i'm thinking this crap is not going on my car. so i start to tell him about it.

me: ugh... stUpid bumper stickers.

HM: what bumper stickers?

me: the ones with the "my child this and that" crap.

HM: oh.

me: baby... when we have kids and they're in school....

literally, i was mid-sentence when we both started cracking up. he knew where i was going with this. knowing i didn't want stUpid bumper stickers on my car about my child being a "star" OR an "honor student".

WHO THE HELL ARE WE KIDDING!?!?!? HM and i both suck at math. he can't spell. i'm losing my ability to spell (i think it's age). and i think he may be a little dyslexic, too. our kids will be lucky to have a C average and get out of high school by 20! yeah, they'll be smart kindergartners... cuz they'll be FRIKKIN.SEVEN.YEARS.OLD by the time they pass!

to handyman: you know i love you and this was not a slam on you in any way. i'm taking fault here, too. ask ronnie, i sucked in school.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

should i stay or should i go

here are the kids having fun at the swimming party. the princess had a blast. honey bunny was skeered to jump. booger had the cannonball down. shaggy... well, shaggy just looked so damn cute going down the slide.

click on the picture or HERE to see the video.

p.s. yes... i know i need practice with the camera. gimme a break, it's new.

Monday, August 15, 2005

pictures of you

my princess

here are just a few pics from the birthday party this weekend. it was a good time but DAMN it was hot! my princess got a bunch of cool stuff including a sno-cone maker. i can't wait to use that one. her actual birthday isn't for another couple of weeks. that's when we have our slumber party. girl time. she's really looking forward to it and i can't wait.

weekend update\recap

friday - hung out at the casa, playing on the laptop, until about 8:30. went to pick up my princess and her friend from a party, took them to eat then went to my sisters. i was spending the night because i figured she might need help for the princess' birthday party the next morning. she did.
stayed up for a while and watched a few episodes of robot chicken with booger. we were crackin' up! we don't do much together anymore. he's 13 now and it's not so cool to hang out with his aunt anymore. okay, i know i never changed your diapers, but who took your butt to the library every week? and who took you out to eat every week? and who introduced you to chinese food? and crab claws? uh... me. show some love.

saturday - got up early (for a saturday). me and booger went to pick up the cake. we had my sister's ATM card. that boy is so good. i told him we had the card and if he wanted something he better get it now. he wouldn't bite. i, on the other hand, picked up some sunscreen. hey, i fed her kid last nite, she can buy me a $3 tube of sunscreen. not only is he a good kid and wouldn't get anything but she asked me to get extra money when i checked out. he immediately asked me what i got the extra cash for. narc.
proceeded to the party. of course, after the stop at shipley's for kolaches. it was damn hot out there! it was a swimming party. of course, i forgot my bathing suit. of course, i won't even wear shorts because my legs look awful right now. what the hell makes you think i'm gonna put on a bathing suit in front of about 30+ people when i won't even wear shorts in front of them????

saturday evening - handyman took me to CENTRAL MARKET. the mecca of grocery stores. i was in total awe. i was a central market virgin. no more, my friend. we spent a good part of 2 hours going thru the store and checking out various salsas and beers and nuts and coffees... i got these amaretto covered pecans. YUM! i wasn't on the next aisle yet before i tasted them i knew i had to go back for more. needless to say, i spent about $11 on amaretto covered pecans. they will last me a while, tho.
we wounded down the evening at king biscuit. i was so intrigued by this loud mouth tiny girl with a big ass. she was completely going off on this man, right in front of his wife. she went on and on about "i feel sorry for you having such little self worth" and "that's too bad for you" and "oh, i'm sure you're wife will believe that". it was awful. and apparently, it was all only because he didn't want to listen to her rant about the traffic and construction on I-45. what a waste. can you say, "issues"?

sunday morning - watched fantastic 4. i thot it was alright. HM thot it pretty much blew. i wanted to see it just cuz me and my sister used to have a thing for 'the thing' and all his orange glory.

sunday evening - went to have dinner with mamalane, papatom, and granna. it was granna's birthday last week so we had dinner for her. it was not just any dinner, tho. we went to Kirby's steakhouse in the woodlands. double YUM! that place is sooo good! everybody got steaks, except for me. i got fish. we also had 4 desserts that were passed around the table.... and you wonder why i don't wear shorts... anyway, it was good.
we also dropped sadie off at the mechanics. i think my baby girl is finally gonna get some a/c back in her. we'll see. handyman's already fixed her windshield and got new plastic for the back and side windows. she looks brand new again!

so that was my weekend. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. there are no pictures because they're all on the laptop. i'm at work right now and all of our servers have crashed and i can't do my work. this was just something to keep me busy. i'll post pics later tonite.

Friday, August 12, 2005

hey, mother! father! sister!

my "sistah" is the best! she just called to tell me that not only did she get us two extra tickets to journey, but that they're VIP passes with two primo parking passes! how much does she love me?!?!? hey, maybe throwing that surprise party for her got me some extra tickets. i'll have to see whose playing next year around this time.

still wishin' steve perry was still with them.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

from the corners of my mind

this is my first video on the blog. click the picture or click HERE to watch it.

it's of me, beau, megan, and boston watching an alien ant farm concert at mardi gras a couple of years ago.

good times.

una mas cerveza

gawd please... no more drinking on school nites. whose idea was it to feed me margaritas at dinner then buy me beers at the game?!?!?!?!? good god, man!

ugh... i had this whole thing typed up and crapped it because i was trying to move something around by cutting and pasting. probably wasn't a very nice post. anyways, the gist of it was, i called in sick today and missed my boss having a hissy because one of my co-workers deleted a whole table in the database it took him three months to complete. stUpid!

i wouldn't enjoy it so much if she wasn't such the frikkin martyr. i'm awful, i know.

Monday, August 08, 2005


sweet cheeks

so we pulled it off! thanks to EVERYONE involved. lee was great in giving us a "heads up" when they were heading down. she had no clue and was completely surprised. yay!

bonus: since it was a fake "stock the bar" party, i got a few presents, too!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

baby whatcha got inside your big ole head


my baby's finally growing into his head. i was wondering if this was ever going to happen. when we got him, he had this ginourmous head! you've seen pics.

anyways, ringo has a happy life in his happy house with his happy back yard. actually, he doesn't much care for the back yard. when it's time for them all to go out, he hides under the bed. i think roscoe and henry are secretly kicking his ass when handyman's not around. why else would he be scared? he goes out when i go out with him. it's like he needs protection or something. handyman says i'm crazy... hey, it could happen!

roscoe & henry

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

might as well face it

i'm addicted to laptop.

okay, but really... if you used this hometypist thing that i just put on my pc, you would SO want to type all nite. or maybe you wouldn't. i'm just kinda addicted to that whole typewriter sound. it's so cool. i'm sure it'll get annoying after a while, but that's why there's a MUTE! try it.

how cute is my shaggy?

my shaggy

these are pictures taken at my honey bunny's birthday party...a.month.later. but really? how cute is he????

daddy's gone

so my dad and the step monster flew in and we met them for drinks after dinner. the step monster FELL IN LOVE with handyman! who wouldn't? huh? we all had a really good time. i'm glad they got to meet and we got to hang out.

on another note, i'm supposed to be getting my place together for this weekend's party. this laptop is KILLING me, tho. for example, tonite i was going to change out records in the jukebox. oscar, chris and vikkie were supposed to come over for beers and help with this. vikkie had football practice (kids), chris called while i was running errands and i was going to be a while, oscar just plain bailed. i knew he would. he helped me last time and swore he wouldn't do it again. but when i talked to him today, he actually sounded excited about helping me! i knew he was faking. getting back to the laptop... since nobody showed, i got out the laptop: first - to type up handyman's labels for his jukebox. second - to load office xp. well, after i installed office, i started creating a database for my records. thinking, i'm going to be going thru them anyway, i might as well have some sort of record (you know, for when i'm looking for something specific). sounded like a good idea. of course, now, that's all i've been doing. i've been on the laptop all nite. no laundry. no record switching. nuttin'. i'm lame.

Monday, August 01, 2005

you talk too much

you worry me to death/
you talk too much/
you even worry my pet/

-joe jones (oldie but a goodie)

you know who you are

you say it's your birthday!



yeah, it was friday but at least i called... and REMEMBERED it was your birthday.

in the past i have called adrienne on her birthday and actually forgot it was her birthday. i'm rambling about non-important crap and she says she's at dinner. okay, i'll call her later. two days later i call her back and she asks, "uh, did you not know it was my birthday dinner"? there was no use in trying to play it off. yeah, i suck.

it sounds like the girls took care of her, tho. steph, no more blog recommendations while drunk. please.