Tuesday, February 26, 2008

most awesomest birthday gifts ever!

my new shelves in the office/craft room closet!!! how awesome are they??? i need Woz to come over and "put" stuff where it goes now. i have no organization skills whatsoever. i need something besides crates, to put all the glitter and glue and stuff on.. easily accesible.

and my NEW PANTRY!!! and pantry door thingy S1 got me. i actually have room for stuff we don't even have yet!! she got me the door thingy and said i could get rid of my lazy susan's. hmmmm, i think i just might know where to put them now.

seriously tho, how amazing does that look?? she's like a machine!

Friday, February 15, 2008

my birthday - in pictures

Frisky, Woz, half of BA, and ET
ET, Philo, BA
BA & me, Albert, Pollie
Philo & Woz, HM & Frisky, Tong
Durty, HM, Philo
WUS boys, WUWU08, AlyCat
Little Leah, WUS's, KokapelliMeganator and the awesome cake she made me!
flowers from Papatom & Mamalane =)

my husband also is putting shelves in my office closet, i got an authenticated autographed Rocky II poster, signed by Sly, Paulie, Adriaaaaaaan, and Apollo Creed! he also got me a dremel workstation i have yet to use. gimme a break, i'm still on meds from the now going on 30 day illness!! NOT EVEN KIDDING!

i plan on spending all week in the office next week. after he gets the shelves up, i'll have plenty to do and organize and maybe post pictures of stuff i've made and will be making, to sell, on etsy.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day, baby!

you amaze me every day i'm with you. not always in a good way, but amazing none the less. =)

Rest In Peace

Brian George 1973-2008

For those of us who knew him, we are all deeply saddened. For those who did not have the opportunity to meet him, he was a great man, friend, brother and son. He will be missed but in his memory we shall celebrate the joyous life that he lived and remember to smile as he always did! We all have some funny, ridiculous or touching memory with Brian, whether they were out on the slopes, hitting the trails on the bike, tubing down the river or just sitting on a patio with a margarita. Like many of you I will cherish these memories and be thankful that I had the opportunity to share in some of his adventures during his life.
~words from his best friend, Albert


i met Brian a few years ago. he was always with Albert. at Mardi Gras or the Lone Star Rally, and The Shack on occasion. we even saw him once, without Albert (during Albert's engagement stint). he was a good guy. he was always fun, ready for a good time.
to know how much he meant to Albert, it saddens me that he is going through this right now. i talked to him last nite. he said he was doing better, but he wasn't sure if it was because he was still in shock or if he was in denial. not only was he Albert's best friend, but he was also his traveling buddy and roommate. i hope he gets through this okay. we're definitely going to do our part and be there for him tonite and for as long as he needs us.

do me a favor and say a prayer for Albert, please?


for story and visitation/funeral information, click here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

why i'll be bringing him coffee in bed now

islebehere: baby, v-day is not that important to me

Carcrazy1969: U SAY THAT,,,

islebehere: it's nice 2 get a small token, but i'm not gaga about it

Carcrazy1969: THEN NO V DAY

Carcrazy1969: DONE

islebehere: i just think there should not be one day singled out to show our love to each other

islebehere: it should be shown and recognized EVERY DAY

Carcrazy1969: OCT 21 WORKS FOR ME

islebehere: why do i have a heart drawn on my calendar for oct 21?

islebehere: DOH!!

islebehere: SHUT UP

islebehere: SHUT UP


Carcrazy1969: UR SOOO DEAD

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

next: dancing in forward motion with arm/wrist swinging

Brother: Btw i bought an ipod sunday so now i'm officially cool :-D

me: now you're officially a dork

brother: Cool/dork
tomato/tomatoe :-)

me: now ur like S1!

brother: Damn... dorky ;-(

me: lmao!

brother: next step - 38 special tracks and lame disco on my ipod :-*

Friday, February 08, 2008

i heart my BFF

what days are you planning? and yes I'll do all the stoopid stuff - but only with you.

-my BFF

from the dream crusher herself

but you can't bitch. and you have to do everything i want to. even if it's st00pid. =)"

- me, responding to Addie's offer to go with me to the NYC Super Vimeo Meet Up

bat phone

click on the phone. it'll take you to the link with more info.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

now with DHA

apparently, the over-the-counter multivitamins just aren't enough these days. your ob wants you to take the ones with DHA. what is DHA you ask? it's something that provides "complete" nutrition for your baby. more brain power or something. if that's the case, can you double my prescription??? cuz my baby's gonna need all the help he can get.
EDIT: it occured to me that some people may look at this randomly and think, "omg, is she pregnant? she didn't tell me". i assure you, that is not the case.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

new website idea

me: hey, so did i tell you i'll be through paying off my school loans this month?

my sister: about time

me: yeah, i'll have $500 extra a month!

my sister: cool, that can go towards your daycare.


geez, between you and Addie... i'm gonna start a website called dreamcrushers.com and just put all of our conversations on it!

how cool would this be????

OMG! just got word in the "cool kids vimeo klub" (there are only six of us and two are staff). they're planning a super meet up in June. details to come.

maaan, that would be SOOOOO cool.

discussing new features

Vimeohelp: its a cool new feature huh?

islebehere: yeah. it's cool. just not very IN YOUR FACE like the old way

islebehere: i like IN YOUR FACE

islebehere: i don't have to think about it

Vimeohelp: you're a IN YOUR FACE kinda girl aren't you?

islebehere: oh yeah

Vimeohelp: mmmhmmm

islebehere: you were supposed to picture the kool-aid man bustin thru the wall just then

islebehere: only with my face

Vimeohelp: hahah

dream crusher

Addie: okay, but really, what happens if you can't get pregnant? what are you gonna do then?

me: we've already talked about it. we're not going to adopt or go through any of the fertility tricks or invitro or anything. if it doesn't happen, we'll downsize the house, pay off our debt, buy big toys and travel.

Addie: HA! yeah, you're so gettin' pregnant.


this is what we do in our spare time.

cocoon from islebehere on Vimeo.
you see what i mean about having fun together...?

Monday, February 04, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - we took a half day off. me and a couple of co-worker friends of mine wanted to check out the early mardi gras festivities. they sucked. we hung out with Megan for a bit and met new vimeo user, Hal. he's a cool cat. he lives in the area, nice guy, retired, likes to sail. he started up the original Galveston Yacht Club. it was cool listening to his stories about how the yacht club came about and then the hoytie-toyties tried to take it over.

friday nite - we went to ikea. yay! love ikea. we found some shelves we want to get for upstairs and looked at some other stuff. afterwards, we went to Woz's for dinner. she made us lasagna and cheesy garlic bread. yum! we ended up staying the nite, after the wine.

saturday -
big day planned. first on the list: get home. second on list: get food. i stopped for kolaches - GAWD FORBID ME TO STOP FOR KOLACHES WHEN WOZ IS HAVING AN ACL TICKET/INTERNET BREAKDOWN. she called me on my way home, screeching in a frequency i could not understand. i got "ACL". i got "ticket". and i got "INTERNET DOOOOWWWWN!". ACL tickets went on sale and her DSL went down right in the middle of her purchase. she FUH-REEEEEKED! justifiably so. the tickets sold out in an hour and a half last year. they had already been on sale for about 30 minutes by the time i got home and got online. we got her ticket ordered. all is well with the world.

saturday afternoon -
S1 came over and CLEANED OUT MY PANTRY!! it's AWESOME! here's a little before and after. HM is bringing home the label maker so nothing gets out of place.
while she did that, Princess, her friend Haley and i made Valentine soaps. it was our first time making soap. noticeably so. we used too much soap and not enough color. the soap was too hot when we tried to meld it together, so it melted the embedded soap. it was okay for our first time. we scented it and shaped it and colored it. it was fun. i even bought Valentine "take out" bags that they decorated with stickers and other random stuff i had.

saturday nite -
we took the bed to the shack. Princess, bring your sleeping bag next time you sleep over. the bed is gone. blame your mom. she never bought the sheets for it so it went bye-bye. the shack aka Sunburn Alley needed it more than us anyway.

the new shack is awesome! it's gorgeous. i love everything about it. i love the openness and the kitchen drawers and the island and the
doors. yes, the doors. they're wide. love them. i honestly think the doors make it. we hung out with Papatom for a while then made it out to the island. we visited with Smooth most of the nite. we had fun, just HM and me. we're so lucky. we have so much fun together. we really enjoy each other's company. we can have a good time, just the two of us. it's great!

sunday - hungover. i don't know how we both got up and were actually productive yesterday. he was on floor duty; vacuuming and shampooing upstairs. i had the job of cleaning up the bedroom.

the stoop is completely cleaned off except for the sheets. we really need to find a place for those. but at least, now, i'm not ashamed to leave the door open when we have guests. which is a good thing cuz i hated keeping the door closed if the boys were in there. i felt like we were keeping them locked up and always had to check on them. now, no worries. door open always!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. i had video i wanted to show you, but vimeo is crapping out tonite, for some reason. sorry. it'll be up later this week.

Friday, February 01, 2008

in case you haven't noticed

there's a new playlist over on the sidebar. it's all four seasons/jersey boys. feel free to enjoy like i am now.

EDIT: i just realized that if you listen to it from the sidebar, you only hear 30 seconds of the song. if you click on the "standalone player", it pops it out and plays the full songs.