Wednesday, February 13, 2008

why i'll be bringing him coffee in bed now

islebehere: baby, v-day is not that important to me

Carcrazy1969: U SAY THAT,,,

islebehere: it's nice 2 get a small token, but i'm not gaga about it

Carcrazy1969: THEN NO V DAY

Carcrazy1969: DONE

islebehere: i just think there should not be one day singled out to show our love to each other

islebehere: it should be shown and recognized EVERY DAY

Carcrazy1969: OCT 21 WORKS FOR ME

islebehere: why do i have a heart drawn on my calendar for oct 21?

islebehere: DOH!!

islebehere: SHUT UP

islebehere: SHUT UP


Carcrazy1969: UR SOOO DEAD

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

sounds like you owe somebody a v'day gift. A GOOD ONE. he knows.