Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sounds like somebody wants an only child

me: ugh! i'm tired of being so itchy

HM: me too

are you getting sympathy itchies?

oh.. you said ITCHIES?

yeah, what'd you think i said?

HM: uhm..

i didn't say BITCHY

doesn't mean i'm still not tired of it


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

beethoven who?

sooooo buying this! go listen to it NOW. i think i want the Ramones and Rolling Stones, too. there's also No Doubt and Nirvana and U2 and more!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

update: dr appt

so it's not an allergic reaction. it's hormones. that's it. just hormones. the doctor said this is normal and stay on the benadryl. he said it would go away on it's own but more than likely, will be back before the pregnancy ends. he's so sweet. he also said my back should start hurting more. it is. he says it's because i'm trying to keep my belly up so i have a curvature in my back. also, i am 31 1/2 weeks now. not much longer to go.

i'm seeing the doctor every two weeks now, until February and then every week after that... i think. the next ultrasound will be at the end of January so we get to see how big Will's head has gotten. let's hope he doesn't take completely after his daddy. if so, that is gonna hurt!

we now have to find a pediatrician and attempt a late registration for lamaze classes. wish us luck with that one. we were supposed to be registered by 24 weeks. like i knew! hopefully, we'll get the "saturday blitz" class. it's all in one day. they have a 4-week and a 6-week course. ew. i'd rather just get it all over with in one shot.

on another note, we're trying to get the baby's room ready. HM is pulling out the carpet so we can lay down the new floor and he's painting and doing all the "nesting" stuff. he's moving around like the baby's coming out TODAY. it's really cute, tho. the baby's room is gonna be so cute! i can't wait til it's all finished. i'll be posting before and after pics for ya, later.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

it's over

finally! the holidays are over. not that i don't like the holidays, but good gawd they're a lotta work. we had a really good time, though. we got to see all the families. Parker Boy was here with all his energy, wearing Mamalane out. i doubt she'll have any left for my kid. j/k! i don't know how she does it. she is truly a Wonder Woman.

on the baby front, Will's moving around a LOT lately. he's also giving his mom a huge rash on her ta-ta's! i'm not sure if it was an allergic reaction to the cocoa butter lotion or if it's a heat rash. i have an appt tomorrow, hopefully they'll be able to tell me more. the benadryl is helping so far. as a result of not knowing whether it was caused by the lotion or not, i now have a series of stretch marks across my belly. yay life!

other than the itchies, i've had a really good pregnancy (if you don't count the bout of depression because of the job loss. it still comes and goes). i've liked being pregnant so far. i'm not sure HM likes it, tho. he's still unsure how to handle the mood swings. sometimes, he doesn't understand I'M the one that's supposed to be emotional. not sure he'll figure it out in time.

until next time, i'm sweet and you're not.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

happy holidays

from S1 to you!

Friday, December 05, 2008


last weekend we had friends over for "island" Thanksgiving. it was a good turnout. not as many folks as usual, but still good. i mean, we did move it from the island and a lot of folks are still misplaced, unfortunately.

we had a really good dinner and S1 helped me with the cornbread stuffing and it wasn't all mushy like hers is. HM liked it better. he smoked a turkey and everybody brought a side and we had bananas foster cheesecake for dessert. YUM! well, for some people. i don't really care for bananas foster myself.

after dinner, everyone helped decorate the tree. the main tree. we still have the Star Wars tree we haven't put up yet. and there are a couple of ornaments i couldn't find. i need to look around a bit.

since the storm, everyone's kinda spread out. also, since i'm not working on the island anymore, it's even harder to see everyone who's still there. it was good to have our friends around. it was something i really needed.

dr visit

so last time i went to the doctor it was right after i had been laid off. i was pretty emotional to say the least. he sat me down and explained that he knows we want to buy all the pretty stuff for the baby's room and have everything "match" and what not. he also said that none of that even mattered. all that mattered to our baby is that he has someone to hold him and love him and care for him (he will have plenty of that). it doesn't matter if his crib bedding matches the wall decor.

he told me that even though i was upset, there were other people worse off. he even went so far to tell me i didn't want to be the woman he saw the day before... who had just seen her ultrasound and was crying more than i was, at the moment. uhm yeah... if you're wondering, i didn't ask. i was just grateful.

today's appointment was a lot more cheery. Baby Will's heartbeat is good. he's growing fine, he's in a good position. he should start keeping me up more at nite. great! something to look forward to. i think HM's going to move upstairs until he's born. not even kidding! okay, kidding a little. very little.

also, the "corrected" due date is February 26, 2009! egads! sure it's only four days sooner, but good gawd, man, do you know how much of a procrastinator i already am?!?!? that's not good news!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

ta-da! part 2: electric boogaloo

the hutch

his name ain't Handyman for nuthin...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


i present to you: the stairs

HM and BA worked on these stairs for weeks. they are finally done! don't they look great?!?!? HM also finished the hutch. that looks fabulous! i need to take a better picture of it now that it's cleared of all the tools. it looked so good with all the food spread on it the other day, too. we had some folks over for "island" thanksgiving.

this weekend we're working on the baby's room. look forward to pictures of that! it's gonna be so cool!

wow! didn't realize

didn't know it was pre-lay off since i posted. yes, i got laid off. yes, i'm seven months pregnant. yes, i'm worried. i am now looking for a job. any job. i don't need THE job. just A job. lemme know if you hear of anything.

Monday, November 17, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - after going in at 6am and bossing Manny around, i got off early and kinda chilled at home waiting for HM and BA. i thot it would be a fun nite, but... we just found out when we would find out about our jobs. Thursday. i'll find out whether or not i'll have a job on Thursday. it's not something i'm looking forward to. if i lose my job, not so good for me. if i keep my job, GREAT! but then not so great for others i know.

i've grown up in that office. literally. and grown up with the women in that office. we all started on the lowest level, from receptionist and biller to now manager and systems analyst. we're still there. loyal to UTMB for 20 years. it makes me sad to think it might not be anymore, after Thursday.

saturday - tried to get my spirits up with BABY shopping! i dragged S1 out with me to register at Babies-R-Us and two different Targets for baby stuff. HM and i had no clue what to register for. she's got two kids, we figured she had an idea. we were out from 9am to 4pm, almost.

i came home to three new steps. =) HM and BA are working on putting laminate on the stairs. it looks so good! i can't wait til they're all done.

again, an early nite. we're old. HM was in bed at 9:30. i made BA put it on The Godfather while i edited some video from the New Orleans trip and he slept on the couch...AGAIN! i swear i don't think that boy has ever used the spare bedroom!

sunday - after a full nite of tossing and turning and refluxing and drooling, yeah, drooling... my husband thot it would be cool to get up at 5AM and wake up everyone else in the house!!! good gawd, man!! the frikking sun wasn't even up yet!! he made up for it with kolaches, but still.

he was on house fix crazy. as soon as i finished breakfast he started making noise with saws and dremels and hammers on the stairs.

i edited a bunch of video this weekend. i'll post some of it this week. i really wanted to take more video while we were registering, but i kinda got caught up in the moment.

oh, and i lost my phone. actually, i didn't lose it. S1 was the last one seen with it. when i got home i put my bag down and never touched it after that. my phone is not in or attached to the clip on my bag. i'm going over to search her truck for it today.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

we finally decided

how cute is my baby's room gonna be?!?!? click here to buy Baby Will something!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

realization of my day

since i found out about the layoff's, i've been laughing at my boss's jokes a lot more.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

he lurves me

for the record, i don’t think it’s a good idea you goin’ out honkey-tonkin’ in da big city, on a saturday nite, while youse prednant.

-HM, on my way out Saturday nite

Monday, November 03, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - Halloween! i have no pictures. i just don't have the energy lately. but it was fun. the cousins came up, with their kids. i really do like seeing them more. we need to make a better effort to go see them more. they've made the trip the last two or three times, for one reason or another.

we went to S1's for Halloween. BIL1 made hot dogs and nachos for everyone. they got a popcorn machine and had it set up really nice for the kids. i made "abracadabra hats". basically, pigs in a blanket rolled up half way with crescent moon pepperoni's on the cone-shaped part with witchy sprinkles (basil). they were a big hit.

Brenda, Joe and the kids stayed with us. i bought glow-in-the-dark pillowcases for the boys. they thot they were sooooo coooool! they said that. ohmigod, and the baby... never cries! it's awesome! i want a baby like that! she coos and grunts. that's it.

saturday - i've realized time is not an issue when you have kids. rather, time doesn't stand still and you don't rush for it either. i offered to make breakfast but Brenda wanted 'Deaux. since ours was flooded, we drove 40 minutes into the big city so she could get some. i didn't mind at all, but damn i was hungry by the time we got there!

BIL1 cooked an early dinner for everyone so we all got to hang out more. of course, that was after poor little Leon got sick and we had to come back to the house (another example of time has no meaning when you have kids). we were about two hours later than expected.

after some momma drama, i came home. don't ask.

saturday nite - something i had been looking forward to ever since Brenda said they were only staying Friday nite! not because i wanted her to go home, but because i didn't want to miss The Road Kings at The Continental Club. BA and i really wanted to go! HM didn't make it. he was too busy putting in a new sink for me! my anniversary gift. =)

The Road Kings rocked the house and (Baby) Will really like them! or didn't. i couldn't tell. he was moving around so much he caused me to go to the restroom every 10 minutes. he was either dancing or kicking me to get outta there. i'm not sure.

sunday - we have a gate! and a hutch! with a countertop! BA came over and helped HM with the gate. we took a trip to Home Depot for the countertop to finish off the hutch. just a cheap formica thing until we can re-do all the countertops to replace the salmon formica that was left here, by the previous owners. blech! our house is really shaping up. it's a good feeling.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

10SQ Halloween Special

my buddy, ThommyBrowne put together a video for Halloween. it's a 10 second question video. meaning, your answer has to be in 10 seconds or less. there are quite a few people in it, including yours truly. enjoy!

Halloween 10SQ 2008 from Thommy Browne on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

everybody's fine

i had plenty to post on the weekend update, i just don't have the time. i'm in the process of trying to keep my job, you see. we're having to keep productivity on everything we do. it's a nightmare trying to prove your worth to someone who has no clue what you do.

in other news, i was in a MINOR car accident yesterday. I'M OKAY! we got hit on the passenger side (guess who the passenger was? me!) of a big Dodge Ram truck. the Explorer that hit us, basically T-boned the truck i was in. at point of impact, i turned to the side so the door went into my ass. i've got a bruise.

Little Willy's fine. the doctor said there was no separation and the heart rate was normal. baby boy not in distress. all good! i don't even have to tell you everything that went through my head after we got hit. the driver is a co-worker. she and the other passenger were freaking me out more than i needed to be freaked out. the driver was bawling because she thot she had hurt me and the baby. once i felt him move again, tho, i felt a LOT better.

i'll try to get back later on that weekend update. by then, you probably won't even want to read it, tho. we'll see.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

if you don't wanna know...

don't highlight the space below.


i waddled today

for the first time ever, i waddled while i was walking. i noticed it. i actually noticed myself waddling and stopped in my tracks, "oh shit! i'm waddling!"

in my defense, i was carrying a lot of stuff and was off balance.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i saw my first sign of stretch marks. tiny, but they're there.

Monday, October 20, 2008

weekend update/recap

the weekend started on Thursday. i picked Addie up from the airport, went for fish tacos, then headed home.

friday - took the day off and Addie slaved me all day. first, we decorated the house for Halloween. next, we ran around town looking for a guitar for Shaggy and getting the rest of the goodies for the Halloween cupcake and cookie decorating! no nap.

later, we went to Booger's football game. he's a junior in high school now! good gawd, i'm old! after the game, we resumed the search for the guitar. he had to have the guitar!!

saturday - we made it out to Shaggy's go-cart party WITH THE GUITAR. yes, we found it. only to find out, today, we bought him a LEFT-HANDED guitar! i can't win. now i gotta look for the receipt which is highly unlikely since everything got trashed all together, this weekend.

also, BA took the carpet off the stairs, so if you come over and the stairs look crappy it's because we haven't put the new floor down yet. it's coming.

sunday - sunday was fun... but exhausting. the boys and strong girls were outside building the fence.

the little boys and weak girls were inside decorating cupcakes and cookies.

we had a smaller crowd than usual but it was still fun. we even got to hang out with Parker Boy for the day. then he got fussy so i sent him to the living room. yeah, i'm gonna be a great mom!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Monday, October 13, 2008

weekend update

friday - lonely. HM was in Indy this weekend. i should have gone to New Guy's happy hour but i really didn't feel like getting out or leaving the dogs inside all nite. as much as they are DRIVING ME FRIKKING CRAZY, i couldn't do it.

saturday - bored. had to leave the house. called S1. met her and kids at Michael's. i needed to get stuff to make Halloween soaps anyway. when i got there, they were decorating pumpkins and i got stuff to make the soaps. i got a bunch of fingers and rings and more soap. i ended up bringing Princess and The Child Who Eats Nothing We Cook back home with me so they could help. they came out
really cool!

sunday - the plan was to take the girls home after soaps, but it got late and i didn't feel like it. so, up at the butt crack of dawn on Sunday, i had to take them home. Princess had an early game.

the rest of the day was spent cleaning (sort of) and napping. OH, and i felt Duanita for the first time!! nothing major, just a little flutter.

HM is home now. all is well. i missed him. i lurve him. i'm so glad he's back! no more weekend trips without me!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, October 10, 2008

who are the people in your neighborhood?

no idea! we've been here three years and i still have no clue who my neighbors are. sure, we see them around outside, but we never really talk to any of them, except for Gisella (she lives across and three doors down) and the neighbor behind us. Gisella's a sweetie. a do anything for you kinda neighbor. the neighbor behind us... she's a bit odd. maybe odd's not the right word. drunk? yeah, that fits a little better. but she's on of those "fun" drunks. i mean, Addie became BFF's with her at the last crawfish boil.

anyway... after being startled and almost crapping my pants, last nite, because Fun Drunk knocked on my BACK DOOR!! she invited me over for BUNCO. i don't do BUNCO so i was a little hesitant. she said they were short two, so i called G and made her go with me. it was actually fun!

we met a bunch of other drunk people from the neighborhood. ladies that live within blocks of me. cool ladies. like, ladies i would be friends with. well, a couple of them. FD made it fun. there was a Halloween theme so people were in costume.

i asked FD to sign me up as a sub. the ladies were cool and it was fun to get to know people that live nearby. and BUNCO's not that bad, i guess. i'll give it another shot for friends.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

stir crazy

i bow down to all you people able to work from home. i am not cut out for it. today, i practically begged my boss to let me come into the office next week. i think i may have even started to tear up... and that's when he said, "okay". thank gawd!!

i'm going crazy at home! i can't do it. while i'm working, i've caught up on all Ugly Betty episodes thus far in the season, watched a few movies, and played with the dogs. i freak out if i miss an email because then i think, "ohmigod, if i don't answer it right away they'll think i'm out getting a pedi". i don't want people to think that. they already don't know what i do when i'm IN the office. i don't want people questioning what i'm doing working OUT of the office.

so i go back to the make-shift office on Monday. YAY! and HM gets his un-cranky wife back.

Friday, October 03, 2008

note for Duanita

so i was giving birth and my baby came out with a black eye. then i couldn't figure out if it was a black eye or if her eyes were droopy because she had down syndrome. then S1 came over and said it was just a black eye and with a wipe of her hand, it went away. i said, "see Alex, Aunt Ronnie fixed you". then Ronnie said, "no, she looks like a Bella". and that's how you were named. Isabella.

i hope you're a girl. cuz that would be a really bad name for a boy.

your dad will probably call you Izzy, so be prepared.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we're baaaack

we're back home. and we finally have cable again!

right now, i'm in the process of putting together the slideshow for this weekend, which means scanning over 500 pictures of her, her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren (with one on the way). i'm also in the process of uploading all the photos of our backyard pre/post ike. those should be pleasant to look at. ha! we lost all our beautiful shade trees. =(

on the work front, they have me working from home until we're able to get back in the office again. it's not a bad gig. i'm getting comp time for the hours i'm working until then. that means more time off for maternity leave, i suppose.

on the preggers front, my frikkin' nerves are shot. my ass goes numb if i lay on my right side and i get a sharp pain in my back if i sit too long. i'm still not showing showing. i just look like a fat ass. he said i should start showing this month! come on!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


what once was 838 Miami... the shack aka Sunburn Alley

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

hey everybody!

just wanted to let you know we’re okay. we’re staying with friends in Houston until we get our power back on. from what the neighbors tell us, there wasn’t any high water, we still have our windows, and we lost the fence. i’m okay with that.

we haven’t had any “confirmed” reports about the shack yet. all we know is there’s a picture in the paper within 2 miles of it; everything is in shambles with one house standing. it doesn’t look good. we don’t know when we’ll be allowed back onto the peninsula to check it out ourselves.

yesterday, i was told that i’d be off work for a month. our building wasn’t “breached” but there will be no power to the island for some time. i always thot i would welcome time off like that. now, i’m not so sure.

on a good note, all my idiot friends who stayed, finally got out safely. with all the media hype on just thunderstorms, it’s kinda hard to know when they’re crying wolf these days. some of my buddies thot it would be like Alicia (which was a Cat 3), they’d clean up and be open next week. not so much this time. at the peak of the surge (before the storm even came) there was 13 feet of water in the downtown area of the island. all of my friends’ bars and restaurants are ruined. i’m okay with that, too. they still have their lives.

some are relocating to Austin, Corpus Christi, North Houston and Port Aransas. the stories they’ve told me are unreal. 18 wheeler trailers floated to the middle of the street and now on it’s side. the Battleship Texas now in the Seawolf Park parking lot. 150+ boats spread out to the top of the south bound side of the causeway!

wish my friends well, please. and not to sound ghey or anything, but i have every confidence the island will be rebuilt and we’ll be fine. i’m just looking forward to it now.

p.s. thanks for all your txt’s and well wishes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Duanita update

so i'm moving right along at 15 weeks now. the doctor says Duanita is doing just fine and my tummy's growing like it should be. although, when i saw the scale, i wasn't too flattered. ick.

we don't return until Oct 22, for the next ultrasound and test results (cuz i'm old). they ran tests to see if the baby will have any deformities or down's syndrome. he said that even if the tests come back negative, there's still a chance (8-10%) the baby will still have down's. we're preparing ourselves for anything.

we also get to find out the sex of the baby, if Duanita is cooperating. i think they can only tell if it's in a certain position or something and Duanita seems to be pretty stubborn already.

other than that, i'm doing really well. my co-workers still don't believe i'm pregnant because i haven't had any "symptoms" or morning sickness. trust me, i am! to prove it, look at my hips! yes, "they are spreading" says my doctor. i told him my butt was numb at nite and he just casually states, "your hips are spreading. your nerves are shot". uh... thanks? this is also the time of headaches. i'm getting those a LOT now. and they stay for something like TWO DAYS!! not fun. Tylenol sux0rz! also, he said that i would start showing, showing in the next month. like, really showing. YAY! so now i won't look "just fat".

here's a vid of me and the doc listening to the baby's heartbeat. i recorded it for HM cuz i thot i was just going in for 'blood draw'.

listen to the heartbeat from islebehere on Vimeo.

pure awesomeness

i would have loved to have done this with "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" at our wedding!

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

monthly update/recap

there's been lots going on. trip to San Antonio, hung out with Tony & Goldie & Aaron. Art Walk was a bust... don't ask. i had to put together a retirement video for my old boss. it was a hit. HM's birthday, we had a happy hour bday party for him. Albert's birthday party. we've been busy. and we're going to New Orleans next weekend with six other people to celebrate our anniversary. October's shaping up to be pretty busy, too.

next month, well really, starting now, i'm having to get together another video/slideshow for my grandma's 76th birthday party. that's gonna be rough. i only have three weeks to complete it. we're doin' it up Vegas Style. good lord, you should have seen Mom and Aunt Linda going nuts in Arnie's.

after that, there's the girls' weekend at the shack then HALLOWEEN!!!! muahahahaha! and with Halloween, comes Halloween cookies and cupcakes, right? can't wait!!

chat with Parker Boy

PB: hi, Aunt Tari!!

me: hey Parker boy!

*dad talking to him in the background*

PB: you're gonna have a baby?!?!?!?

me: yep! you're gonna have a baby cousin to play with


me: you know if it's a girl, you still have to be nice to her

PB: oh...

to anyone who thinks i'm not going to be a good mom:


i'm not going for "Mom of the Year" or anything, but dammit, am i that bad of a person that you have to think i'm not going to be a good mom???? and to try and encourage only ONE child. i'm having TWO (God willing)! get over it!!

Friday, August 08, 2008

just shy of 3 months

yesterday marked 11 weeks. 11 weeks of pregnant. that's me.

me, i want to shout it to the world right now! well, i have. HM, on the other hand, wants to wait until we're past the three month mark. i get his concern, but come on! how can you be super excited about something and not tell anyone. and pray to God nothing bad happens before the three month "safety" period is up, but i think i'd rather have my friends and family "in the know" for support.

this weekend, we may be seeing Granna. Granna's old school. she doesn't think it's polite to announce your pregnancy before your first trimester is up. we're gonna go ahead and tell her. if she asks, we're just gonna say "three months". come on... i'm six days shy of it. five by the time i see her. Mamalane said to not get upset if she's not overjoyed with the news. apparently, Granna doesn't get excited about pregnancies. babies, tho... that's a different story. she lights up around Parker Boy! every time! i'm fine with her possible non-excitement, just as long as she gets excited the same when the baby is actually here.

in other news, i've seen my cousin, Michael, a bit this week. we had brunch at the restaurant he works at. it was so good! i saw him again a couple of days later. we had lunch after the storm blew through. i'm hoping to keep this up. there's really no reason why i shouldn't see him as much. he lives in the same city!

other than that, things have been kinda low key this week. i'm having dinner with mom tonite. before, when she called me out of the blue, to "see how i was feeling", i thot it was sweet. turns out, i think she was just trying to see what i knew about some family drama. we'll see how it goes tonite. wish me luck.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

well, duh!

Carcrazy1969: I'M PRETTY MUCH OUT

islebehere: k. have fun

islebehere: i love you

Carcrazy1969: K U 2

Carcrazy1969: I LOVE U MORE

Friday, August 01, 2008

random thots

tomorrow was supposed to be a really cool day. we were supposed to be updating the family tree on dad's side. a family member went into the hospital today so the family tree meetup will have to wait until we can get more info. now, instead of updating, i'll be doing laundry and making jewels. actually, i have a lot to do, so i shouldn't be too upset.

i have to get a lot of things done anyway. the artwalk is coming up this month and i think i want to make more bracelets and maybe try to do something with the bike chain i have. ADD go away! i need to do this!! somebody is finally interested in my stuff! i hope i do well. we'll see. if not, guess what everyone's gettin' for Christmas?!?!?

Thursday, July 31, 2008

seriously people

marry someone who makes you laugh. every day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

somebody already did it

but HM seems to think we could do much better. i have to agree.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - dinner and crackers and cookies, oh my! if it hadn't been for Princess, i would have never gotten thru the nite. she was a trooper. i picked her up on Friday and told her, "be prepared to work". and she still came over.

she took charge when we got to the house. she grabbed the first list (for dinner) and started getting everything out for it. while i was putting the finishing touches on dinner, she got out everything we needed for the crackers. we made a double batch of spicy crackers. man, those things are good. actually, she made them. she pulled out everything she needed, measured correctly, and poured it on. all i did was stick 'em in the oven.

next, we got started on the cookies. man, i love her for that! she was not afraid to stick her hands in anything! i can't do that anymore. it's icky. we doubled the cookie recipe and ended with, about, seven or so batches. all for the family reunion on Sunday.

we pretty much passed out after that.

saturday - slept in, did some laundry and got packed for the nite. i headed into town and we were on the road to Victoria by 3:00. we stopped and had a late lunch at Hinze's BBQ in Wharton. YUM! also picked up some sausage from Hillje's.

after we rolled into town, we went to see Aunt Linda for a while. we kinda just hung out at the motel after that. HM wanted to go swimming, but there were a lot of kids in the pool all day and he didn't want to swim in all their pee.

sunday - FAMILY REUNION DAY!! it was so great seeing everyone! i'm so glad i went... and made HM go with me. he didn't even complain about the DJ and all the loud music. we had a really good time. AND it turns out, i have a cousin that lives less than TWO MILES away from me. he lives in the SAME little city i live in!! we're going to see him at jazz brunch Sunday. he's a chef at a newer restaurant in town.

i'm hoping that this wasn't just a one time get together. i know have cousins in Houston now and i hope we all actually make an effort to see each other. Aunt Martha has friends that live in the subdivision next to ours (she visits them a lot) so i'm hoping she'll come by our house when she visits. i'm not sure HM will ever get used to the unannounced mexican family visits. but i'm hoping he'll be okay when/if it happens.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, July 25, 2008

and you thot Maxximus Richard was bad...

Parents lose custody after naming girl 'Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii' - On Deadline -

it doesn't count if he pays someone to change it

me: you are NOT buying our baby stuff off craigslist

HM: why not?

me: gross! you don't know where that stuff has been

HM: you don't know

me: whatever. we are not buying our FIRST baby used stuff. that stuff could have lice and icky stuff and you don't even know

HM: some of it's new

me: is not

HM: is, too! sometimes there's a guy selling it brand new because maybe his baby came out with an afro and he's a white guy and the baby momma was a crackhead and she cheated on him and then he kicked her out and he already bought all the stuff so it's brand new and never been used. maybe that happened.

me: well, when you find a description that says that, let me know.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


me: you need to move the TV

HM: maybe Santa will bring us a new one and i can put it there

me: we have one. why do we need a new one

HM: that one's too big

me: i don't know if you've been good enough for Santa to bring you a whole TV

HM: what??

me: i mean, maybe Santa will bring it to me, cuz i've been good, and i'll let you watch it. i mean, i am having your baby and all... and i don't think Santa brings TV's to guys who are mean to their pregnant wives

HM: maybe Santa said "this guy's a saint for being so kind to his pregnant wife and he deserves a TV"

me: i don't think Santa would say that

HM: maybe Santa will bring me pills that make your food taste good

me: what??

HM: nothing

me: and you think Santa's bringing you a TV...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

tired of being tired

okay, when am i supposed to get any energy back? i'm being told that the baby is sucking everything out of me right now and i need to get the rest i'm wanting. i am just TIRED! this does get better, right? second trimester, maybe?

yesterday, i stayed home to get our glass repaired. there were so many things i wanted to do... needed to do. what did i do? i slept. i worked my required hours and then i was OUT. i kept saying i would get up and shower at this hour. or maybe this hour. eh, i'll shower at that hour. i finally showered at 5:30, which still gave me time to get dinner on the table. and a good dinner it was! i'm such a good wife. i made pork ribs with a really good rub and pineapple glaze... YUM! HM really liked them. he usually says he likes what i cook the day of and then the next day tells me the truth. but this time, he really did like them. he told me he doesn't say anything because although he doesn't always appreciate the flavors, he always appreciates the effort. i'm not sure how to take that.

in order to get some endorphins moving, i'm attempting to walk the boys after dinner. i don't like going alone. i got HM to walk to the mailbox last nite, but that was it. i've heard walking was the best thing for an easier delivery. is that really true? cuz if it is... we seriously need to be doing some serious walking!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

love is...

when your husband offers to buy you a "single" coffee maker so he can still bring you (decaf) coffee in bed. =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

weekend update

friday - absolutely nothing. as soon as i got home, i put on my pj bottoms and plopped myself in the big chair. we watched Psych and went to bed. eventful, huh?

saturday - started off bad, with a doorbell wake up at 6:30. yeah, 6:30AM! Manny was at our front door! he was dropping our goodies off (me-candy apples, HM-BBQ sauce sampler) and noticed the back window of the cadillac had been completely shattered!! glass everywhere! four cars were hit in our neighborhood. with huge cement blocks! we called the cops.

me: did they take the rock?
HM: yeah, they actually did.
me: were they wearing gloves?
HM: i don't know, CSI! do you wanna go ask?

some people just don't understand the importance of fingerprinting. geesh.

sunday - lazy day. we watched Speed Racer. gawd, that movie was long! but i liked it. i thot it was cool the way he finished the Casa Cristo Race and he landed out of his car like in the cartoon. we also watched a few episodes of Weeds Season 2. now, i'm starting to get hooked. i love netflix streaming!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, July 18, 2008

loonychic part 2-electric boogaloo

so last nite i went to meet Loonachic at her hotel. i'm still alive. she wasn't a traveling serial killer or anything. she's a pretty cool chick. i gave her the lowdown on the NYC meet up and she clued me in on the Chicago meet up. we had similiar thoughts on the meet up's as a whole.

i took her to a hometown landmark, Mission Burrito. YUM! a while back there was a little project going on where vimeo users would "eat something for Buck". Buck Flashroy lives in London and well, his food sucks. so, he wanted everyone to show him what we were eating everywhere else. Loona and i decided to eat a burrito for Buck. she put together a video of our burrito adventure.

Islebehere & Loonachic Eating Burritos for Buck Flashroy from Loonachic on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


tonite i'm going to meet another vimeo bud, Loonachic. she's in town on business, from Chicago. i'm gonna show her all Mission Burrito has to offer!

8 weeks today

this week, HM says: Emotionally, you may feel like you are suffering from an ongoing bout of PMS. Even silly commercials may make you cry! jokes on him. i already do that!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new hair

damn Erica and the really cute hair cut she gave me! she's forcing me to "fix it" every day, now. everyone at work LOVES it so now i can't just come in here with ratty, just gelled, not dried hair any more. ugh.

Monday, July 14, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - dinner with friends. Tera came in from Austin, Woz and i picked up Pew Wei, BA was there and Joel & ET made it out. it was nice to have everyone over for dinner and just to chill out. we even figured out that we can see the Kemah fireworks from our house. well, from the median in the road, but still. don't think i didn't "pull a mescan" and bring my chair out to the middle of the street... cuz i did. i had the best seat in the house.

saturday - headache. slept all day. and i had such plans for the day. i had jewelry to make and orders to fill for work peeps. i was so upset with myself.

sunday - we had the bike team czichs over for an early dinner on sunday. DD, Lil Bo, Rachel, Char, and Lil Baby Bo brought over all kinds of stuff for a mexican fiesta. YUM! we caught up on a lot of stuff and started planning a camping trip for November. going to Warda, where they have real showers and toilets and good stuff like that. i'm gonna see if i can get HM to go with. =) it won't be hot and they have real showers and toilets and good stuff like that! =)

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


i have to give thanks to the pregnancy gods that i have not yet experienced morning sickness. i've almost thrown up twice, but both times were at nite and i'm pretty sure one of them was not related to the pregnancy at all.

other than that, before verification, my boobs were really sore and i had the emotional instability of a CRAZEEE person. yes, me. i noticed my boobs were growing but i was losing weight. surely, you can't be pregnant if you're losing weight. so i put it out of my mind. another time, i absolutely broke down bawling when HM told me his mom was coming to stay with him the weekend i was in NYC. i have no frikkin' clue why that bothered me. but i cried about it. i wanted to visit with Mamalane, too, and i wouldn't be able to. i chalked it all up to PMS. wrong.

so today, i am seven weeks pregnant. a little Duanita on the way. S1 will have her baby fish and HM will have no more Aquarians in the house. for now.


Baby Duanita

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

so while i was in NYC, i kinda got a surprise. a GOOD surprise! and christened Blake's brand new bathroom. it was a first, he said... and hopefully a last. at least for a long time. this is the same picture HM got. on his phone. i couldn't wait til i got home!
today was our first visit to the doctor together. we got to see the baby's heartbeat. tomorrow, i will be seven weeks pregnant. baby Duanita is due March 2, 2009. here's a preview of what went down in the doctor's office.

first visit from islebehere on Vimeo.

Monday, July 07, 2008

weekend updates

the last two weekends have been filled with lots of activity. i went to NYC for the vimeo meet-up, which rocked by the way! it was really cool to finally meet Blake, one of the community directors at Vimeo. NYC was cool, but i didn't do any of the tourist-y things. we spent the majority of time in Brooklyn and i didn't even see the Brooklyn Bridge! it was raining!

i hung out with Andrea most of the time and i love love LOVE her iphone! instead of looking like complete touron's with maps wide open, all she did was pop on her iphone and google map us where ever we needed to be. we were even able to take a walk thru Central Park because of it. the whole time it just looked like she was texting someone.

the party was great! the people were even greater!

this past weekend, we spent the 4th of July at the shack. i got to see Mark & Jill and all their kids... 14, 10, 6, 2 1/2 and one on the way... kinda makes you re-think the whole "i really wanna have a kid" gig.

we also spent time with Mamalane & Papatom and i got to see my Parker Boy. he's SO cute! we hung out in the hammock together and ate hot crackers together. he told me they were spicy but that was okay and that's why he got water. we took a nap together. i hope he's not sick this week. oh yeah, did i mention i've been sick as a dog for six days now?!?!?!? sinus cold. WTH?!?!?

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, June 20, 2008

what a good gloss you would be

but my life my love and my lady is the sea... plus, i can't frikkin' find you since our trip to NASA!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


when Woz came over last weekend, we experimented. i had HM bring me some stuff from the store and this is what i made.

this bracelet was made from 2" S-hooks and copper wire. pretty cool looking, huh?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

on the horizon

so remember when i told you that J was interested in selling my stuff... ? well, yesterday i was at lunch with S2 and she said i could take one of the kids' old bikes for a display. YAY! HM's going to chop it up and see what we can do with it in the space that i have for it.

Listening Party

New Music Releases - Free Full CD Listening Parties - AOL Music

click the link above to listen to Chicago's, 'Stone of Sisyphus (XXXII)'... the "lost" cd.

yesterday at lunch

me: hey [my boss].

him: hey

me: this is my sister, S2. this is my boss, [him].

me: this is my brother's girlfriend, F. this is my boss, [him].

him: don't say i'm "your boss"

me: well, you are

him: ha! [while walking off] yeah, like anybody is your boss.

me: [to S2 and F] well, i'm glad he finally recognizes that.

Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - so, all went as planned. Woz came over and we watched a move... okay, so that wasn't part of the plan, but come on... she's never seen Girls Just Want To Have Fun! it had to be done. and i'm just that ghey that i had it DVR'd. man, i wanted to be Helen Hunt's character so bad. Lynne Stone was so cool. how many people can pull off dinosaur barrettes? i can't imagine many.

also, HM saved our house. apparently, when the cable guy came out back in January, he stepped on something that stopped something else that caused something to fill up with water and then proceed to drip down our walls and onto my head while going up the stairs. he went up to the attic and found everything and fixed it. he rules!

saturday - we got up and went to [dun-dun-dunnnnnnn] Wal-Mart. we needed more snaps before we started. we worked our butts off. we got about 40-ish tube bracelets made and even did some rings. the rings were screw up's but i gotta say, they were kinda cute. Woz was so proud of herself for thinking of them. no waste!

we even had time to make some hard "wear". i made a necklace out of hex nuts and wire... looks cool. i also made a bracelet out of S-hooks and copper wire. way cool! i'm wearing it today. Woz made quite a few necklaces with the hex nuts and embroidery yarn. they looked really neat. seriously, we were up late.

[stop reading dad]

on a side note, all the snap punching really flexed a muscle and made my right boob hurt! like, really hurt! i couldn't even move in bed last nite. i'm thinking i'll use my left hand next time and see if that works out the muscles in my left boob. if i keep this up, there may not be need for a lift after all! =)

[continue reading dad]

sunday - after calling my daddy to tell him HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!, i went to the island for some bike riding. i met a group of friends who call themselves "drunks on bikes". no, seriously... they yell it out while riding past people. i wasn't drunk and we were honestly, barely on our bikes. they have a good time with it.

came home and hung out with HM for a while.. we had dinner and i definitely needed to shower. it was an early nite. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, June 13, 2008

busy busy busy

i've recruited Woz to help me on putting some stuff together for the bike shop. we worked on alot last nite and will be doing more tonite. it all looks very good. we kinda got a little side-tracked because HM brought home a few things from the store and we started working with that. a new line of Hardwear (get it? Hardware, Hardwear) jewelry (serious ADD kicking in, here). OMG my bracelet looks so gooood! well, it will look good once i finish it. i'll put a picture up later.

tonite, i'm going to measure the space J (bike shop owner) is giving me so HM can put together a little display thing for me. the rest of the nite will be spent finishing up those bracelets and possibly cleaning bike chains, if i have time.

wow, it's gonna be a busy weekend. i'm really gonna miss my husband.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


if you google "old lady on birthday", my vimeo to S1 for her birthday shows up on page 4. heehee!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

out of the mouths of babes

so last nite we're at the Astros game (Astros won, by the way) and we met the cutest, sweetest, most polite seven year olds ever.

ET and i were discussing father's day and the little girl turns around and says, "it's father's day this weekend so if you have a daddy, you should go see him. on father's day. i'm going to see my daddy at my mimi's house. my daddy lives with my mimi because my mommy says he's not very responsible".

it was everything we could do to keep from laughing our butts off. especially after seeing the mortified look on her mommy's face.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

on the preggers front

not yet. still trying. we're going to the shack for the 4th of july. maybe, while we're there, we'll get lucky and hit the trifecta. met at the shack, married at the shack, concei-... oops! sorry mamalane, was that TMI?

Monday, June 09, 2008

weekend update/recap

visitors in this weekend, yaaayyyy!!!

friday - picked Addie up from intercontinental... AN HOUR after she was supposed to get here! we dropped by to see the boys but we were on a mission. a mission to get to Ninfa's. after dinner and a margarita, we were pretty much useless and passed out when we got home.

saturday - i have the best husband EVER!! not only did he clean the kitchen on friday, but he made coffee for the next morning, too. sure he did it for himself, thinking he would drink it, but Addie and i appreciated it just as well.

David drove in and we went to NASA. so glad we only paid half price for those tickets. shaddup S1. it was still a good time. it just seems that it's turned into a giant playground for kids with the museum shoved to the waaaayyy back. not even kidding.

saturday evening - after catching bait for HM and BA(!), i showed Addie and David our "beach". yeah, we have a beach about two miles from the house. like, with sand and everything! we hung out there for a bit then went on to The Bullet... now, an 'Addie and David visit' tradition. i really wanted to video the ride. we got the front car and everything. busted. the kid wouldn't let me take my camera. in hindsight, i think he probably knew best. good lord that thing knocks you around! i think David might have cracked a rib (no thanks to Addie) and i know my thighs are completely bruised. if i gain any more weight, no more bullet for me. good god man those seats are small!

sunday - Addie and David took off to see Sweeney Todd, i got all my crap together to get started on the tube bracelets. Woz came over to help me figure some stuff out with the snaps. i think it would be much easier and i could probably get more done if i could figure out the snaps and not have to bother with chain. plus, chain ain't cheap and i really like to use it for beading and shrinky dinking.

hours later, she figured it out. apparently the snaps i originally wanted to use are too big. had to go to smaller ones. once you get it figured out, it's pretty easy! i hate the "learning curve". real life should really be more like The Matrix if only in the way that when you need some info someone can just download it into your brain,

me: Tank, I need you to download the manual for putting snaps on rubber, stat!
Tank: [typing furiously] done.
Tank: so what else do you need? besides a miracle.
me: skills. lots of skills.

that would be awesome!

Friday, June 06, 2008

lack of updates

i wish i could blame it on marriage and our lack of "a life", but i really can't. we're always doing something. hence, the lack of updates. Since we left Indianapolis, our weekends have been pretty full.

Memorial day weekend was full of visitors from Witchita, Kansas. Andrea and Carl came to visit after their fun-filled weekend at the Polka Fest in Ennis, TX. we took them to the shack and they'll never be the same again. of course i have pictures that i haven't uploaded yet, but here are a few from Andrea's camera.

last weekend was kind of filled with "catching up" on things. we stayed around the house, i worked on some jewelry. i actually have a bunch of orders for one necklace i wore to work. yay! i need to make a bunch of those this weekend.

probably on Sunday since Addie is coming in this weekend. this time she's bringing David and Javier back and we're going to Johnson Space Center. i have no idea what's there now. i haven't been since i was a wee child.

good news on the jewelry front. like i said before, i have orders for the one necklace... BUT, i've also been working on a line of "bike" jewelry. bracelets, etc. made from recycled bike parts and such. i took them to a bike shop down the road and he loved them! he wants me to make a display and gave me two shelves to put them on in his store. very cool! now i just need to make the display AND more bike jewelry. wheeee! excited and a little freaked out at the same time. i'm not expecting to be the Cash Money Millionaire or anything it's just kinda cool that somebody else thinks your stuff is cool. cool enough to want to sell it in their shop.

i know you're wondering how i'm going to get this all done with Addie in town and going to NASA and and there's no way i could do it ALL on Sunday. well, i'm making her help. and since she's been traveling all week she won't want to do anything else.... yeah, cuz that NEVER happens when she visits me.... !!! and since she's making me pick her up from frikkin INTERCONTINENTAL AIRPORT!!! SHE OWES ME. AND DINNER AIN'T CUTTIN' IT THIS TIME.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Trying To Conceive. get used to it. it'll be seen here often.

there are a whole lotta other acronyms for people trying to have babies. i have no clue what they all mean. i'm sure i'll learn... real soon.

for those of you wondering. first EPT (Early Pregnancy Test) = negator, skeletor.

we'll keep trying. but i gotta say, just after 1 month of trying i can't even begin to imagine the mindset of people who try for YEARS. good god, man! i was going nuts for just 2 weeks. i can't even imagine what others go thru. let's all cross our fingers for this immaculate conception, shall we?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weekend update/recap

first, let me start off by saying HM is feeling much better after pulling a muscle last week. working late and reaching for the stars lights. he pulled something helping the electrician. it kind of affected his weekend, tho.

thursday - we left for Indy and he was in so much pain, poor thing. i fed him Motrin and his aunt gave him something really good. he was lots of fun on the plane. seriously. it was a fun commute to Indy.

thursday nite - still in pain. we made it over to Hard Rock for dinner. OH! and get this! Hard Rock Indy totally had a fake signature on the wall! it was supposed to be a picture of Geoff Tate from Queensryche. first off, it didn't even look like Geoff Tate. secondly, it was autographed "JEFF" Tate!! WTF?!?!? so busted!

friday - we still couldn't go very far. HM was still in some pain. we managed to make it across the street to the mall. he got some much needed shoes. i got some new crocs. so cute. i also got a couple of other pairs of shoes and some shirts and a couple of pairs of pants. wow! it sounds like i got a lot, huh? i deserve it. we're not really shoppers, either one of us. so, when we finally decide to treat ourselves, we try to make it count. seriously, i shop mostly at Target for shirts and pants. HM mostly goes to Academy. how pathetically non-stylish are we? plus, we got our $600 back from George Bush so it's all good.

friday nite - we had the best dinner at St.Elmo's steakhouse. OMG! their signature is the shrimp cocktail appetizer. YUM! it's mostly horseradish with a dash of cocktail sauce. after the initial burn of the nose hairs and almost gagging because my loving husband didn't warn me and instead "watched" me until i took the first bite.

after dinner, we caught up on LOST. we caught up on last week's episode and saw the season finale. so good.

saturday - after Einstein's bagel breakfast, i met HM and partners at the convention center and hung out for a while.

i left in the afternoon for a late lunch with some vimeo peeps. i met Josh Flowers, Metta James, and Homer Shadowheart. we walked all around town for a few hours, talked about video, had ice cream, shot some video, took some pictures... all will be posted soon.

saturday nite - caught up on The Office and watched the season finale of that. gawd, we're old!

we got home sunday nite. so tired.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.