Friday, December 05, 2008

dr visit

so last time i went to the doctor it was right after i had been laid off. i was pretty emotional to say the least. he sat me down and explained that he knows we want to buy all the pretty stuff for the baby's room and have everything "match" and what not. he also said that none of that even mattered. all that mattered to our baby is that he has someone to hold him and love him and care for him (he will have plenty of that). it doesn't matter if his crib bedding matches the wall decor.

he told me that even though i was upset, there were other people worse off. he even went so far to tell me i didn't want to be the woman he saw the day before... who had just seen her ultrasound and was crying more than i was, at the moment. uhm yeah... if you're wondering, i didn't ask. i was just grateful.

today's appointment was a lot more cheery. Baby Will's heartbeat is good. he's growing fine, he's in a good position. he should start keeping me up more at nite. great! something to look forward to. i think HM's going to move upstairs until he's born. not even kidding! okay, kidding a little. very little.

also, the "corrected" due date is February 26, 2009! egads! sure it's only four days sooner, but good gawd, man, do you know how much of a procrastinator i already am?!?!? that's not good news!

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