Monday, December 29, 2008

update: dr appt

so it's not an allergic reaction. it's hormones. that's it. just hormones. the doctor said this is normal and stay on the benadryl. he said it would go away on it's own but more than likely, will be back before the pregnancy ends. he's so sweet. he also said my back should start hurting more. it is. he says it's because i'm trying to keep my belly up so i have a curvature in my back. also, i am 31 1/2 weeks now. not much longer to go.

i'm seeing the doctor every two weeks now, until February and then every week after that... i think. the next ultrasound will be at the end of January so we get to see how big Will's head has gotten. let's hope he doesn't take completely after his daddy. if so, that is gonna hurt!

we now have to find a pediatrician and attempt a late registration for lamaze classes. wish us luck with that one. we were supposed to be registered by 24 weeks. like i knew! hopefully, we'll get the "saturday blitz" class. it's all in one day. they have a 4-week and a 6-week course. ew. i'd rather just get it all over with in one shot.

on another note, we're trying to get the baby's room ready. HM is pulling out the carpet so we can lay down the new floor and he's painting and doing all the "nesting" stuff. he's moving around like the baby's coming out TODAY. it's really cute, tho. the baby's room is gonna be so cute! i can't wait til it's all finished. i'll be posting before and after pics for ya, later.

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Anika said...

I am so excited for you!