Friday, June 20, 2008

what a good gloss you would be

but my life my love and my lady is the sea... plus, i can't frikkin' find you since our trip to NASA!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


when Woz came over last weekend, we experimented. i had HM bring me some stuff from the store and this is what i made.

this bracelet was made from 2" S-hooks and copper wire. pretty cool looking, huh?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

on the horizon

so remember when i told you that J was interested in selling my stuff... ? well, yesterday i was at lunch with S2 and she said i could take one of the kids' old bikes for a display. YAY! HM's going to chop it up and see what we can do with it in the space that i have for it.

Listening Party

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click the link above to listen to Chicago's, 'Stone of Sisyphus (XXXII)'... the "lost" cd.

yesterday at lunch

me: hey [my boss].

him: hey

me: this is my sister, S2. this is my boss, [him].

me: this is my brother's girlfriend, F. this is my boss, [him].

him: don't say i'm "your boss"

me: well, you are

him: ha! [while walking off] yeah, like anybody is your boss.

me: [to S2 and F] well, i'm glad he finally recognizes that.

Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - so, all went as planned. Woz came over and we watched a move... okay, so that wasn't part of the plan, but come on... she's never seen Girls Just Want To Have Fun! it had to be done. and i'm just that ghey that i had it DVR'd. man, i wanted to be Helen Hunt's character so bad. Lynne Stone was so cool. how many people can pull off dinosaur barrettes? i can't imagine many.

also, HM saved our house. apparently, when the cable guy came out back in January, he stepped on something that stopped something else that caused something to fill up with water and then proceed to drip down our walls and onto my head while going up the stairs. he went up to the attic and found everything and fixed it. he rules!

saturday - we got up and went to [dun-dun-dunnnnnnn] Wal-Mart. we needed more snaps before we started. we worked our butts off. we got about 40-ish tube bracelets made and even did some rings. the rings were screw up's but i gotta say, they were kinda cute. Woz was so proud of herself for thinking of them. no waste!

we even had time to make some hard "wear". i made a necklace out of hex nuts and wire... looks cool. i also made a bracelet out of S-hooks and copper wire. way cool! i'm wearing it today. Woz made quite a few necklaces with the hex nuts and embroidery yarn. they looked really neat. seriously, we were up late.

[stop reading dad]

on a side note, all the snap punching really flexed a muscle and made my right boob hurt! like, really hurt! i couldn't even move in bed last nite. i'm thinking i'll use my left hand next time and see if that works out the muscles in my left boob. if i keep this up, there may not be need for a lift after all! =)

[continue reading dad]

sunday - after calling my daddy to tell him HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!, i went to the island for some bike riding. i met a group of friends who call themselves "drunks on bikes". no, seriously... they yell it out while riding past people. i wasn't drunk and we were honestly, barely on our bikes. they have a good time with it.

came home and hung out with HM for a while.. we had dinner and i definitely needed to shower. it was an early nite. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, June 13, 2008

busy busy busy

i've recruited Woz to help me on putting some stuff together for the bike shop. we worked on alot last nite and will be doing more tonite. it all looks very good. we kinda got a little side-tracked because HM brought home a few things from the store and we started working with that. a new line of Hardwear (get it? Hardware, Hardwear) jewelry (serious ADD kicking in, here). OMG my bracelet looks so gooood! well, it will look good once i finish it. i'll put a picture up later.

tonite, i'm going to measure the space J (bike shop owner) is giving me so HM can put together a little display thing for me. the rest of the nite will be spent finishing up those bracelets and possibly cleaning bike chains, if i have time.

wow, it's gonna be a busy weekend. i'm really gonna miss my husband.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


if you google "old lady on birthday", my vimeo to S1 for her birthday shows up on page 4. heehee!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

out of the mouths of babes

so last nite we're at the Astros game (Astros won, by the way) and we met the cutest, sweetest, most polite seven year olds ever.

ET and i were discussing father's day and the little girl turns around and says, "it's father's day this weekend so if you have a daddy, you should go see him. on father's day. i'm going to see my daddy at my mimi's house. my daddy lives with my mimi because my mommy says he's not very responsible".

it was everything we could do to keep from laughing our butts off. especially after seeing the mortified look on her mommy's face.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

on the preggers front

not yet. still trying. we're going to the shack for the 4th of july. maybe, while we're there, we'll get lucky and hit the trifecta. met at the shack, married at the shack, concei-... oops! sorry mamalane, was that TMI?

Monday, June 09, 2008

weekend update/recap

visitors in this weekend, yaaayyyy!!!

friday - picked Addie up from intercontinental... AN HOUR after she was supposed to get here! we dropped by to see the boys but we were on a mission. a mission to get to Ninfa's. after dinner and a margarita, we were pretty much useless and passed out when we got home.

saturday - i have the best husband EVER!! not only did he clean the kitchen on friday, but he made coffee for the next morning, too. sure he did it for himself, thinking he would drink it, but Addie and i appreciated it just as well.

David drove in and we went to NASA. so glad we only paid half price for those tickets. shaddup S1. it was still a good time. it just seems that it's turned into a giant playground for kids with the museum shoved to the waaaayyy back. not even kidding.

saturday evening - after catching bait for HM and BA(!), i showed Addie and David our "beach". yeah, we have a beach about two miles from the house. like, with sand and everything! we hung out there for a bit then went on to The Bullet... now, an 'Addie and David visit' tradition. i really wanted to video the ride. we got the front car and everything. busted. the kid wouldn't let me take my camera. in hindsight, i think he probably knew best. good lord that thing knocks you around! i think David might have cracked a rib (no thanks to Addie) and i know my thighs are completely bruised. if i gain any more weight, no more bullet for me. good god man those seats are small!

sunday - Addie and David took off to see Sweeney Todd, i got all my crap together to get started on the tube bracelets. Woz came over to help me figure some stuff out with the snaps. i think it would be much easier and i could probably get more done if i could figure out the snaps and not have to bother with chain. plus, chain ain't cheap and i really like to use it for beading and shrinky dinking.

hours later, she figured it out. apparently the snaps i originally wanted to use are too big. had to go to smaller ones. once you get it figured out, it's pretty easy! i hate the "learning curve". real life should really be more like The Matrix if only in the way that when you need some info someone can just download it into your brain,

me: Tank, I need you to download the manual for putting snaps on rubber, stat!
Tank: [typing furiously] done.
Tank: so what else do you need? besides a miracle.
me: skills. lots of skills.

that would be awesome!

Friday, June 06, 2008

lack of updates

i wish i could blame it on marriage and our lack of "a life", but i really can't. we're always doing something. hence, the lack of updates. Since we left Indianapolis, our weekends have been pretty full.

Memorial day weekend was full of visitors from Witchita, Kansas. Andrea and Carl came to visit after their fun-filled weekend at the Polka Fest in Ennis, TX. we took them to the shack and they'll never be the same again. of course i have pictures that i haven't uploaded yet, but here are a few from Andrea's camera.

last weekend was kind of filled with "catching up" on things. we stayed around the house, i worked on some jewelry. i actually have a bunch of orders for one necklace i wore to work. yay! i need to make a bunch of those this weekend.

probably on Sunday since Addie is coming in this weekend. this time she's bringing David and Javier back and we're going to Johnson Space Center. i have no idea what's there now. i haven't been since i was a wee child.

good news on the jewelry front. like i said before, i have orders for the one necklace... BUT, i've also been working on a line of "bike" jewelry. bracelets, etc. made from recycled bike parts and such. i took them to a bike shop down the road and he loved them! he wants me to make a display and gave me two shelves to put them on in his store. very cool! now i just need to make the display AND more bike jewelry. wheeee! excited and a little freaked out at the same time. i'm not expecting to be the Cash Money Millionaire or anything it's just kinda cool that somebody else thinks your stuff is cool. cool enough to want to sell it in their shop.

i know you're wondering how i'm going to get this all done with Addie in town and going to NASA and and there's no way i could do it ALL on Sunday. well, i'm making her help. and since she's been traveling all week she won't want to do anything else.... yeah, cuz that NEVER happens when she visits me.... !!! and since she's making me pick her up from frikkin INTERCONTINENTAL AIRPORT!!! SHE OWES ME. AND DINNER AIN'T CUTTIN' IT THIS TIME.