Friday, June 13, 2008

busy busy busy

i've recruited Woz to help me on putting some stuff together for the bike shop. we worked on alot last nite and will be doing more tonite. it all looks very good. we kinda got a little side-tracked because HM brought home a few things from the store and we started working with that. a new line of Hardwear (get it? Hardware, Hardwear) jewelry (serious ADD kicking in, here). OMG my bracelet looks so gooood! well, it will look good once i finish it. i'll put a picture up later.

tonite, i'm going to measure the space J (bike shop owner) is giving me so HM can put together a little display thing for me. the rest of the nite will be spent finishing up those bracelets and possibly cleaning bike chains, if i have time.

wow, it's gonna be a busy weekend. i'm really gonna miss my husband.

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