Friday, August 31, 2007

R.I.P. Henry-Dog


today is a tough one

i have an appointment with the vet today. we're taking Henry Dog in. he's 12 years old, arthritic, and has cataracts. he can't walk without limping and now he can't get up without help. in the last few days, he's stopped eating and groans at nite. this is the same dog who would eat his own food then everyone else's, just last month!

say a prayer for Henry, please. i'm hoping for some good news today.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

conversations on IM

after checking a user's profile, when he IM'd for help on VHS to digital transfer...

islebehere: wait a minute... are you an intern at CV?

JMonaco212: ha

JMonaco212: no i work here

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

weekend update

so, we had a pre-party preparation weekend.

friday nite - Woz and i made test jello shots. gummi fish - way too big. no gummi fish in the jello shots for this weekend. cool idea, tho. we didn't do ANY of the closet stuff. we'll be hitting that Thursday.

saturday - more cleaning. BA ran the carpet cleaner upstairs while i continued to clear out clutter in the kitchen. then, saturday nite there was a lot of running around outside to see what needed to be done with the screen.

sunday - mamalane and papatom dropped by for a visit, after coming back from The Shack... ahem, excuse me.. The Coltharp Family Beach Retreat. it's coming along... i can't wait 'til it's finished!

we also filled our pool for the weekend. YAY!

in other news, seeing as we are screening JAWS in our backyard, we should probably go and GET IT! yeah, neither one of us had it. doh! so, i went and got that yesterday. along with some stuff i needed for party favors. yes, we're five! we need party favors! plus, they're super cheap to make.

oh, also... i've ventured into jewelry making. so, guess what you're getting for Christmas??? =D

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.


Addie: so did you get the closet done this weekend?

me: no

A: what'd you do?

me: jello shots

A: jello shots?

me: yeah

A: any spewing?

me: nah, Johnny wasn't there

Friday, August 24, 2007

mission: organization

so... my goal was to clean out Johnny's Room so that there would only be kitchen-type stuff in there. since it's closest to the kitchen, it made sense. until we get the hutch built, that is. everything that was non-kitchen went upstairs to the "Mother-In-Law" room. that's the room that was built behind the movie wall. it's all upstairs now, but not yet in the room.

Woz came over again, last nite, so we tackled more office. everything was cleared off the kitchen table and side stoop and put in the office\craft room. we built a desk to put the pc on and everything had a place. well, pretty much everything. i have to find boxes to put all my pictures in. tonite, we tackle the office closet! which is really more of HM's stuff. which is all going into yet another closet or the MIL room if he can't find a place for it.

i am super excited about getting it all done. no more clutter downstairs. no more boxes in the office. no more crap on the kitchen stoop. i feel like a big load has been lifted... aaahhhhhh. all thanks to Woz!

oh, and to drive the point home about decluttering and all, this is how OCD i got:

i took a picture of everything we put Johnny's room. this contact sheet is going in a recipe binder, in the kitchen, and also going on the inside of the door of Johnny's room. this is so we don't have to go digging for something that isn't there. i know... super gay, but i know it will come in handy some day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

new feature on vimeo

I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

what i've been doing the last week or so

so, i've been keeping pretty busy. i got really excited about a new project and now it is completely consuming all my time. in the last week, i've been to Hobby Lobby and/or Michael's no less that five times each. i even made S1 go with me, once, but that was for something else altogether that i can't even remember now. sidetrack much? (update: it was for coin purses)

i saw Hairspray, The Movie. very cute. i think Amanda Bynes is just too cute in anything. and Christopher Walken... how can you go wrong with anything Christopher Walken-related?? cute songs, cute kids, and i loved that Michelle Pfeiffer played her character so well.

i made flyers and fake money for a co-worker's daughter and her venture into school politics. she's running for Treasurer. they came out alright. her mom is really diggin' em.

also, Woz came over and made us finally do something with our office. SUPER EXCITED! she is such a lifesaver. really! i can now move all my craft stuff upstairs, set up the printer upstairs, and we're putting a desk together for the extra pc i have. this is the pc for guests so they don't MESS UP MY LAPTOP AGAIN, ROB! ;-) a table is going in there for when me and the kids work on projects. OH, and the best part... get this!... we think there may be extra space behind the closet! say, if we punched a hole in the wall, there would be a whole other room! okay, not that big, but at least five more feet, maybe...? i think we're going to try and tackle that, after the Labor Day holiday.

so that's it. tonite, i'm going to Grandma's to get some of her cast-off's for another project. and Thursday, Woz is coming back over to finalize the office. i think we're gonna tackle what got shoved into the closet. something about her really gets me motivated to do stuff. i don't know what it is. whatever it is, tho, it's working and it's getting things done!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


HM: when are you gonna update your "blob"? your fans miss you.

me: oh, all one of them?

HM: and meeee. that makes two!

Friday, August 10, 2007

best movie ending EVER

crawling up the ropes, struggling to their feet, everyone yelling "Get Up!" you'd think you were actually there, cuz you're yelling it, too. it doesn't even matter that Adrian had boogs running out of her nose. it just adds to the drama. =)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

realizations of my day

- XM is really no different from listening to the radio. it's the same stuff played over and over again, only now you have 300 different stations to choose from. more variety, i guess, but when you're like me and only want to hear "good" music from select genres, it gets pretty monotonous

- music from John Hughes' films sound better in smaller clips. you really don't wanna hear the whole song

- S1 watches WAY too much reality tv

- i like the Lucy (channel 54) station best, on XM

- if Frisky and i actually dress for Halloween, like we said we would, we're gonna need this song playing all nite

- we are complete 'tards if we actually do dress

vimeo of the week

how awesome is this?

What is Vimeo - by everyone. from eric cwiertny and Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

thinking of def leppard

so here are just a couple of the pictures chosen for the circular/mailer. we had fun and laughed alot while we were doing it, but since it was outside there was alot of shadow i had to photoshop out. also, in the front picture, i had to cut her finger off cuz HM said it looked like she was flipping everyone off.

i just got an IM from him saying he's working on the mock-up right now. he says, "THE AD LOOKS COOL W/JESICA'S PIC". awesome. oh, his aunt also gave me a thank you card and some shea butter lotion stuff for helping out with a couple of their graphics on another thing.

i like helping him out. it gives me an excuse to be in photoshop without him griping about me being on Lappy. =)

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

in other news

today i do a "photo shoot" for the store's christmas mailer. i use this term loosely as i'm not exactly sure how it's gonna turn out. HM said he needed a cute girl with tangled christmas lights. i made a call to HennaJes (formerly known as Jessica Rabbit) and i'm going to shoot it today. HJ is always up for something kooky. she's even trying to get some christmas outfit to wear for it. we might even get HotBrian over to shoot something on a ladder. we'll see. i love my friends. they don't question... they just do. anything for Sweet T. ;o)

i'll let you know how it comes out.

Monday, August 06, 2007

weekend update/recap

so i went to see "once upon a mattress" and guess what...? there WAS reason to have a PG-rated version! they just made it fun for the audience, with their dancing is all. lots of bumping and thrusting and strategic bend over pausing. i'm just sayin'.

it was a good show. all except for the 2-year old that would not shut up two rows in front of us! good god, man! who brings a 2-year old to a theater? and you know, no matter how many times you point at the damn stage, the kid still ain't lookin' at it!! take her outside. why ya gotta ruin it for everyone else. oh, and the grandmother (or whatever) was txt'ing on her phone the whole time. arrgghh!!! uh... manners? no.

i missed dinner with granna and the in-laws and PB. =( i think i got a little heat exhaustion (diagnosed by Dr. Papatom) while out on my bike ride, Saturday. it's what i get. what idiot goes for a bike ride at 3:00 in the afternoon? this one. i was late only cuz i was watching parts of a Rocky marathon! don't hate. i also watched Four Brothers again before S1 takes it back. feel the vibration!

what else... oh yeah, the washer finally went out. we had to break down and buy a new one. =( it's kinda weird in it's little generic way. you don't get to select hot or cold by a hot/cold switch. it's determined by how long you want the wash cycle to run. odd. looking forward to fighting with it in the future. HM's happy cuz he got to wear clean shorts to work this morning! =)

we're also on our way to finishing the office. with no money to do anything, it's amazing the home projects you find to do... or finish the ones you started anyway. we're finishing the office now. we've got one more coat to put on and a ceiling fan with more lighting. it's so dim in there, it's almost gray. once it's painted, we'll set up all my DC Comics stuff and all his Star Wars stuff (if there's room) on the shelves. we'll give the printer a home and now i'll have the extra step of going upstairs to print everything i need. what fun!?!? ;o)

Friday, August 03, 2007

XM on IM

S1 is so generous sometimes. SOMETIMES. she gave me her login for XM online. it's so choice. i sometimes, don't even mind riding in the short bus, just so i can listen to it.

so i've been listening to XM for the last two days and i'm completely excited about it... so excited in fact that i tell Manny about it. he's all, "yeah, and...?". i'm all, "whaddaya mean 'yeah, and...'?" he's like, "you can get that online, for free, with your AOL login". i was like, "sure, but you gotta have AOL, right?"




so i go to the AOL main page just to prove him wrong. i navigate to the XM - listen online thingy and sure enough, i logged right in with my IM username and password!

anyways, i like S1's login thingy better. it shows you the songs that are playing and you can see them all on one menu. how cool! i'm gay. whatever.

among the favorites of today:
Hypnotize - Notorious B.I.G
Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms (take me back to '95 why don't cha?)
Oops Upside Your Head - Gap Band(?)
Lots of Billy Squier and Journey!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

my girl's back

but now she's leaking transmission fluid. i gotta take her in tomorrow or saturday. i'm hoping they'll say i'm okay until Monday. i've got plans this weekend that i really don't want to postpone.

i really want to go fishing with PoPo Larry on Saturday. i've been wanting to interview him and Grandma for a while, in their natural habitats. his is definitely fishing! i just want to hear their stories. i got the idea at our annual mother's day brunch. they were telling stories about his days in the service, overseas. stories about stealing corn and how my PPL had to drink 6 pints of german beer so my grandma could have a matching set of steins! also, when and how he stopped drinking. i want these stories. i want them all. to watch and smile at later. i'm hoping the weather holds out for us.

saturday nite, i'm supposed to be going to see "Once Upon A Mattress" with LilBit. for some reason, the weekend show is supposed to be more risque' than the matinee. uhm, i don't remember any version of this play warranting any reason to be risque', but okay. of course, this will only happen if we get comp'd tickets.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

poor Sadie

my poor girl is back in the shop. this time for the brakes. i don't know what happened.. she was fine in the morning but after work, i had to press the brake pedal all the way to the floor just to slow down. scary.

by the time i reached the end of the seawall, the brake light had come on. i had to turn her around and take her to the shop. thus, having me start making phone calls for rides to get me home. HM said he would come get me, but i know he really didn't want to.

i called S1 first. after some attitude and giving me flack about "you're helping me cook", she agreed to come get me. she was at the grocery store when i called and had to go home first. on S1 time, that usually means, "i'll be there in a couple of hours". so, i called another friend... Sushi1. Sushi1 was out having margaritas at happy hour. i told her to suck it down so she could take me home. AN HOUR LATER, and after i made friends with all the crackheads at the shop, she finally came to get me. ha, and i thot S1 was slow! ;)

i had asked her just to take me halfway if she could and get me to S1's house. HM would come get me from there or S1 would take me the rest of the way (how sweet, she offered). Sushi1 wouldn't hear of it. she took me all the way home. that's 45 minutes one way! i would expect S1 to do it (while bitching the whole time about how i need a new car, blah, blah, blah) but i wouldn't really expect anyone else to, unless they were on their way, that way, or something. some people are good people. the people you don't really expect to be good, sometimes surprise you. Sushi1 was a bit of a surprise.

so Sadie's in the shop. i'm waiting to hear what the damage is. we really need to win the lotto. i guess i really do need a new car. =(