Sunday, January 28, 2007

weekend update

friday - could we have had a more hectic week that made us want to go to bed at 9:00pm??? we stayed up long enough to watch psych and that was it.

we were supposed to go see BB King but it was cancelled, due to hospitalization.

saturday - HM went to work and i wanted to get up and do my vimeo portrait for another project. didn't do it. i wasn't feeling very well so i laid back down and ended up falling asleep. when i woke up, HM was already home.

HM kinda worked on our new storage room a bit and we watched some movies while i finally got off my butt and did my vimeo self portrait project. most are drawn, but i'm not as talented. here is my contribution:

Peika Portrait on Vimeo

there are so many talented people on vimeo. a couple of people did one of me, i'll put those up this week.

sunday - definitely the day of the storage room... well, when we finally got motivated. we put some of the floor down. dammit, the floor is the underneath picture. see our mini door? how cool is that? how talented is my husband that he could do all of this?

on that note, i'd just like to mention, here, how lucky i am to have him. i made him stop after three hours. his back and knees were killing him, i'm sure.

we watched the end of MI:3 and i can now see why people didn't care for it much. it builds you up, then lets you down. then it builds you up, then lets you down. just give me all action in an action flick. it wasn't all that bad, tho.

that's all i got, really. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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