Tuesday, October 30, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - busy busy busy. first, i had to make an appearance at our new director's happy hour. didn't stay long because i had a TON of shopping to do to get ready for COOKIE DAY!!

i flaked out on Woz, not really thinking about all i had to do. we've really been wanting to see Across The Universe. yes, it's a musical. yes, it's probably cheezy as all get out. but it's The Beatles' music. and what's not to love about The Beatles' music?? i mean, really? we'll see it one day.

anyways, after Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart.... yes, in an effort to save money, i went to Wal-Mart. and anyone who knows me, knows i LOATHE Wal-Mart! blech! what made it worse was that Lil Bit was on her way to my place and I GOT LOST GOING TO WAL-MART!! don't ask. i ended up behind it and having to trail back up.

needless to say, i got home at 9:30 and pretty much passed out after that.

saturday - "bake bake bake, all day long. bake bake bake while i sing this song."
Mamalane was sick. she got food poisoning so she couldn't make it out. =( thank goodness Woz came over. i'm such a bad influence... she called in sick so she could come hang out with me. i lurve her. she's my motivator, seriously. i get so much more done when she's around.

oh, and a surprise guest showed up. BA came over to help us bake cookies, too! he's such a girl. j/k! it was a good thing he came over, tho. Woz pretty much fizzled on the cookies and was ready to move on to cupcakes. and i thot I had A.D.D.

after HM grilled fajitas for dinner, i ate and was passed out by 10:00.

sunday - the big day! kids were all there by 2:00. after chocolate pudding snacks with white chocolate webs on top, they got to decorating! there were A LOT of cookies and cupcakes to decorate and a lot of stuff to decorate with. they didn't take home as many cookies this year as they did last year. i think because they spent more time decorating them this time around. there was so much more to do with them. i'm such a good aunt. =)

there were gummi lifesavers for eyes, mini kisses for noses, twizzlers for spider legs, cones for witch hats, icing for whatever you wanted it to be. you name it, i had it! i even made special ice for their drinks. i froze gummi worms and red twizzlers sticking out of the ice cube trays and served it in their cups. yum!

we had a lot of fun this year. i think at Christmas, tho, we might limit the quantity of cookies. there were a bunch left over. i sent some home with BA for his nieces and i'm bringing some to work tomorrow. i think 1 doz per kid should do it. plus whatever i make. also, for Christmas, it might be fun to do a white elephant thing for the kids, too. a little five-dollar gift would be cool for them to exchange.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not. check out the slideshow for all the cookie fun.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

weekend update/recap

this weekend we celebrated our FIRST (of many more to come) anniversary. it started with both of us taking the day off Friday to relax with each other. little did we know, Mamalane had a little surprise for us. it was an early Christmas present. we now have furniture! living room furniture! REAL living room furniture! not like Ikea college dorm furniture or plaid torn up furniture, but real LEATHER furniture! it's frikkin' AWESOME!! it should be delivered by Thanksgiving. so if you're gonna visit, please do so before then, so you don't ruin my perfect furniture. =) Mamalane's the greatest, isn't she?

so friday, we ended up going to Macy's and checking it out. we ended up with the Carlotta.

saturday - i was up early enough so that we could have "breakfast" at nop's (you ready for nop's again, Addie?) and then headed out to the shack newly built beach cabin. it is going to be so cool when it's done! we lounged out there for the day and had a really relaxing stay. it's not completely finished yet, but it's getting there. they say, by Thanksgiving it should all be done.

we have so many ideas for the cabin. ideas for the lower deck that will be put on (eventually) and ideas for the posts on the deck. HM wants to build small drink tables around them. you know, a place to hold your bags while getting keys out and what-not.

i have barstools that aren't being used that i'm going to sand down and re-paint to match the interior colors. i think we're also going to donate my queen bed to the cause, as well. we really don't need a queen in the kids' room. we're thinking of getting a day bed or trundle in there for the kids. something that isn't so obstructive and will make the room big enough for Duanita's crib one day. i'm so excited about the new cabin! it's really hard not to call it a shack anymore.

saturday nite - after the hour and a half long wait for the ferry, we went to paco's for our anniversary dinner. i just finished off the chocolate eruption last nite. YUM!

sunday - sunday morning, we attended a memorial service for a friend and co-worker of HM's. her life had a tragic ending. it was great to see how many peoples' lives she touched. everybody had stories and they all involved her laugh. her hearty laugh that they were all going to miss hearing. i felt for everyone there. she was a really great person with a good heart. she will definitely be missed by me.

sunday afternoon, we got to see ParkerBoy. he is SO cute! we went to visit with Mamalane and Papatom for a bit and were able to visit for a while. he's a cowboy now. i think he thinks he's John Wayne reincarnated. he has cowboy guns and now a log to shoot "cans" off of. that thing is so cool! Mamalane said he slept with his new gun sunday nite. too cute.

the rest of the evening was spent doing catch up and making chili. this week i'll be working on spider web necklaces. i sold 4 of them to co-workers and now i have to complete them. i have to have three done by Friday and the other one on Monday. i've got them all set up and ready to assemble. it's cutting out the spider that takes the longest. i looked for spider "charms" a couple of weeks ago because i thot that might be easier. no dice. no spider charms. anywhere! so if you happen so see any, let me know where, please and thank you.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

where it all began

happy anniversary

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

weekend update/recap

hey dad! hope you're feeling alright. i know you just got out of the hospital AGAIN, so i'm not calling you until tonite. i'm trying to give you some recover time. i'm sure the last thing on your mind is, "hey, i wonder what she's writing about today? let's take a look".

well, it started off bad. friday, i was hurtin'. it actually started thursday. i went to meet some team members out for dinner. we had a friend in from Atlanta. i didn't want to go. i was mucho tiredo. i went. but i didn't wanna. maybe i was just love sick. HM had just left for Indy and i was all alone =(

friday - i left work early. vicodin and soma are not a good combination, in case you were wondering. when i got home, i turned off all the lights, made it cold, and covered up. good nap. i still wasn't all the way right when i got up, but i had to be. Woz was coming over and were crafting. we were working on a spider web necklace. i think it's gonna look really cool. we'll see. i might try and finish it tonite since there's nothing on tv.

saturday - i was still tired (no, i'm not pregnant), but i had to get up and get ready for Shaggy's scavenger hunt. i had to clean up the office for our t-shirt making for later, get prizes for the winning team (that was us, by the way), and clean up the house.

it started out with a list: photo, video, get stuff. three teams of two; me & Shaggy, S1 & Princess, and S2 & Honey Bunny. you had an hour and a half to complete as many tasks as you could. S1 and S2 took off and left me and Shaggy (i had to wait for him to get his gloves so he could climb a tree-that was on the list). they took off one way and we went the complete opposite. 10 points for each task completed. 1 point taken off for each minute you were late to the finishing point. we lost 2 points (i was being generous cuz we were actually in the parking lot on time) and ended with 168... THE WINNERS! side note: i had to be reminded, by a six year old, that "it doesn't matter if you win or lose cuz it's just a game.. it's just a game". he sounded so grown up saying that.

after dinner, we came back to the house to download all the pics. Shaggy decided he only wanted to stay if the girls stayed and to be honest, i just couldn't take all three of them that nite. any other nite, maybe yes, but not that one. i was wiped! so they all went home and i crashed early. we didn't get to make the t-shirts. =\

sunday - i was lazy. lazy all day. i washed some clothes and laid on the sofa all day. i think i only got dressed cuz HM was coming home. i missed him.

until next time, i'm sweet and you're not.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sunday, October 07, 2007

weekend update/recap

  • good times. we met some folks out for happy hour. got to catch up.
  • ryan's truck got smashed
  • sister's wedding
  • halloween decorations up
  • cs3 install
  • pool table delivery

Friday, October 05, 2007


islebehere: did you see some of the comments?

islebehere: some people really need to get a life

aaonvimeo: oh yeah. wow

islebehere: maybe we should offer them FREE vimeo accts so they'd have something to do!

aaonvimeo: some people really hate people they've never met and don't know anything about

aaonvimeo: I think they already have accts at youtube

islebehere: LOL!

~discussing the recent GAWKER obsession with Jakulia

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


so this is how it all went down. might i add... it seems to happen more when BA's around. and for that matter, it only rains when BA comes over, too. ;o)

the setting is a rainy saturday-early evening. all is well. BA and i are hangin' out, making jewelry (yeah he was), playing with the Dremel, waiting on his brother and family (sister in law and sister in law's sister).

the boys (Ringo & Rosco) are fine. they're being lazy, putting around the house.

the family arrives.

Ringo & Rosco: PEOPLE ARE HERE!! look at me! look at me! pick me! pet me!

Rosco to Ringo: get back! i was here first.

Ringo: you get back. i'm a brat. i can do whatever i want.

Rosco: i'm bigger

Ringo: i'm cuter

Rosco: oh yeah?

Ringo: pa-shuh...yeah!

they're climbing all over these people. at this point, we put them outside. once outside it continues:

Rosco: oh great! now, look what you did

Ringo: whatever, you started it

Rosco: oh no you dih-int!

Ringo: oh yes i dih-id!

Rosco: bring it!

Ringo: oh! it's been brought-ed!

$650 later, we leave the emergency vet clinic with...
Ringo's got little pet syndrome (always has something to prove), where as Rosco has aggression issues (needs anger management). they've always fought, but it's really gotten worse since Henry-dog passed. they're both fighting to be the alpha-male.

Rosco is in surgery today. one, for a tumor removal found at his last checkup. second, for the neutering. thirdly, to check on his eye. apparently, that's the only place Ringo can reach, to get his hits in. we'll take Franken-Dog in for his neutering, after he recovers.

i REALLY hope the neutering helps and it's not too late. they honestly do get along. i just think they're both suffering right now and acting out. HM mentioned "permanent separation", but how do you do that? how do you just "get rid" of your dog after so many years with him? i can't do that and i won't make him do it. that's like having two kids that fight all the time. what are you gonna do... get rid of one of your kids??? ship one off to boarding school? (hmm, keep that note for later).

soooo, wish us luck. cuz, we're definitely gonna need it!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

discussing a co-workers reports

dork: he probably thinks i'm gonna mess it up

super cool co-worker (me): uh... i think he's got a valid point

dork: what..?? i'd be careful

sccw: and??? you can be careful all you want and still screw it up.

dork: oh, do you want to do it?

sccw: aw hell no... i'd screw it up

sccw: but i'd be careful while doing so! =)