Tuesday, October 16, 2007

weekend update/recap

hey dad! hope you're feeling alright. i know you just got out of the hospital AGAIN, so i'm not calling you until tonite. i'm trying to give you some recover time. i'm sure the last thing on your mind is, "hey, i wonder what she's writing about today? let's take a look".

well, it started off bad. friday, i was hurtin'. it actually started thursday. i went to meet some team members out for dinner. we had a friend in from Atlanta. i didn't want to go. i was mucho tiredo. i went. but i didn't wanna. maybe i was just love sick. HM had just left for Indy and i was all alone =(

friday - i left work early. vicodin and soma are not a good combination, in case you were wondering. when i got home, i turned off all the lights, made it cold, and covered up. good nap. i still wasn't all the way right when i got up, but i had to be. Woz was coming over and were crafting. we were working on a spider web necklace. i think it's gonna look really cool. we'll see. i might try and finish it tonite since there's nothing on tv.

saturday - i was still tired (no, i'm not pregnant), but i had to get up and get ready for Shaggy's scavenger hunt. i had to clean up the office for our t-shirt making for later, get prizes for the winning team (that was us, by the way), and clean up the house.

it started out with a list: photo, video, get stuff. three teams of two; me & Shaggy, S1 & Princess, and S2 & Honey Bunny. you had an hour and a half to complete as many tasks as you could. S1 and S2 took off and left me and Shaggy (i had to wait for him to get his gloves so he could climb a tree-that was on the list). they took off one way and we went the complete opposite. 10 points for each task completed. 1 point taken off for each minute you were late to the finishing point. we lost 2 points (i was being generous cuz we were actually in the parking lot on time) and ended with 168... THE WINNERS! side note: i had to be reminded, by a six year old, that "it doesn't matter if you win or lose cuz it's just a game.. it's just a game". he sounded so grown up saying that.

after dinner, we came back to the house to download all the pics. Shaggy decided he only wanted to stay if the girls stayed and to be honest, i just couldn't take all three of them that nite. any other nite, maybe yes, but not that one. i was wiped! so they all went home and i crashed early. we didn't get to make the t-shirts. =\

sunday - i was lazy. lazy all day. i washed some clothes and laid on the sofa all day. i think i only got dressed cuz HM was coming home. i missed him.

until next time, i'm sweet and you're not.

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