Thursday, January 29, 2009


Baby Will has a place to sleep now!!

check out that floor!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

baby will has a floor to play on!

here's a vid of HM and BA putting the "finishing" touches on the floor... or so i thot.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

complete 180

we had our 35 week ultrasound yesterday. i wanna scan the picture and show you my baby's big head but i really don't feel like going upstairs right now. sorry.

my doctor... not thinking he really knows who his patients are and what he tells them. two weeks ago he was talking about inducing. yesterday, complete opposite! i was finally totally onboard with the whole inducing thing!! now, he says i'm no where near ready! something about my cervix being too small. i'm going full term, bay-bee!

i told him of my concerns about being at work, on the other side of Houston, and going into labor. he told me that even if i went into labor at work, on a friday, in 5:00 traffic, i would still have more than enough time to get to the hospital. that did not make me feel any better.

this is going to be a bumpy ride.

p.s. Baby Will weighs 5lbs 10oz right now. that is more than HM weighed at birth!

Monday, January 26, 2009

weekend update/recap

friday - made soaps! i thot it would be a good idea to make baby soaps for everyone at the family shower, as a thank you. they came out really cute, if i do say so myself. i made mini ones, clear ones, blue ones, and turquoise baby blue ones (i liked those best). now i just have to come up with the packaging. which i'm pretty sure i can take care of this week. i'm pretty sick so i've been useless. we'll see how the rest of the week goes.

saturday - got up and got a pedi. i'm sure Dave Ramsey would not approve. then again, Dave Ramsey was not feeling my claws on his legs when i went to bed. Cutsthesheetsasaurus Rex was out, in full effect! BA came down and helped HM put the floor down in the baby's room. i'm really glad BA's able to help him with all this stuff. as i said earlier, i'm pretty much useless. the floor looks really good!!

sunday - baby shower! yay!! oh yeah, i was supposed to go for pregger pics in the morning. didn't happen. it was not a good day for shooting. and ohmigod, after i saw what i looked like in the shower pics... ew. not sure i want pregger pics taken now. hopefully, SBW would do a much better job of getting my "good side". so back to the baby shower... it was so cool seeing everyone that still cares about me and Baby Will and HM. i didn't even cry. shocker, i know! but i didn't. i got the high chair and the play pen and all kinds of clothes that probably aren't gonna fit him. we got a swing and a bouncy chair and a boppy pillow. all very cool stuff! i'm so glad they did that for us. and it was so much better than the boring office showers anyways!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


so, 20 peeps have RSVP'd for my UTMB shower. how cool is that? i'm kinda looking forward to seeing everyone again. it's been two months without any visual. we've kept in touch through email and IM, but it's not the same. i really miss them. well, some of them.

i'm really kinda shocked that many people are coming. there are less than 50 people left in the office. the ones out of the office aren't really keeping up with their email so i don't expect a whole lot of them to show up. i'm just excited they're even doing something for me.

in other shower news, Goldi (freeek) is helping the sisters and cousins out with the family shower. dude, she's already started on corsages and gift stuff. she's crazy. but it was really nice of her to offer her services. apparently, she's the original crafty chica. she had all kinds of ideas and was flooding S1's head with them. my family shower is gonna be COOL! i can't wait for that one!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hold me...i'm skeered

Monday is our next dr's appt. i'm scared he's going to say, "let's induce". Mamalane says i have a choice. i can tell him i don't want it. i dont' know if it's good or bad. i suppose it's good. smaller baby. not so much stretching out of the crotchtoral area. then again, the way he's talking, i could have it before Valentine's day! i don't want no Valentine's baby! ew. plus, that's the day of our lamaze class!

if it is induced early, that might mean another Aquarian in the house. i'm not sure HM would go for that. he says one is enough. i don't know what he means by that. we're not a bad people. i think he's more worried our son will be some artsy-fartsy flighty guy instead of a get down to work money maker; therefore not able to put us in a good senior living facility. i got news for him... at the rate we're going, we'll probably be ready for the nursing home way before the kid is old enough to work!

maybe he'll be born on the cusp.

Monday, January 19, 2009

weekend update/recap

friday - got off early to pick Dad up from the airport. yay! came back to the house, made some dinner and waited on Tony & Goldi and the rest of the gang. S1 brought the family, S2 brought the family, even A.Martha even came out.

it was so much fun having everyone here. i loved it. i had such a good time. hearing stories, watching the kids play, laughing all nite. i was up until 3am! Dad, Tony, and A.Martha were up until 5 in the morning! ack! i felt like i had a hangover the next day. ugh.

saturday - got up and ate everything Goldi made in my kitchen! the woman was spoiling us. seriously.

saturday nite - everyone came over again. this time for dinner. S1 and S2 also recruited Goldi into baby shower planning. she is on cloud 9! seriously. she is so excited to be a part of it. she's going nuts. she's already started on the "grandma" corsages. i can't wait. it's gonna be great!

there was more story telling, more guitar playing, and karaoking. fun nite.

sunday - got up for breakfast. saw Dad, Tony & Goldi off. rested. =)

awesome weekend. can't wait to do it again. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

note to my love

thank you for everything you do for me! i love you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

note to self

seatbelts were not designed for pregnant women in winter coats. find extender... or a smaller coat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

dear baby will,

you're getting way big! yesterday was our 33 week dr's appointment. not much longer to go now. he says you're positioned great but you're growing so much he might want to induce early.


he said it would make the difference between a 6lb baby and an 8lb baby. well, sure it would, but i didn't think 8lbs was a really big deal. 6lbs seems so delicate. 8lbs you can start dressing in really cute stuff straight outta the hatch. maybe the doctor thinks mama is a delicate flower and couldn't take the strain of a big boy. or maybe he just remembers seeing your father's head and being scared for me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

weekend update/recap

i did NOTHING! and thoroughly enjoyed it!

we caught up on sleep this weekend. much needed sleep. i didn't make the Peter Cetera show. i'm lame. i know. i just wanted to rest. and i did.

this weekend and every weekend following, will be much busier. Dad and Little Tony are coming in Friday nite and Marisa & Aunt Martha are coming over. everybody else will probably be here Saturday. maybe do some grillin.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not. =)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

baby will's first christmas gifts

Pollie and Manny gave Baby Will bibs and onesies. Mamalane got him his first ornament. how cute is this stuff???

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

look what i can do!

so this morning, i'm on the road and the radio is talking about Peter Cetera coming into town, singing all Chicago songs.

they had a contest. they played parts of four different Chicago songs and you had to name them, in order, to get the tickets. i was caller three. bummed. call back.

dj: hello can you name the songs

me: CAN I?!?!?!?

dj: go ahead

me: shit! ooh, sorry. shoot! i'm going blank. i can't hear them now.

dj: here they are again. (but not really cuz i still couldn't hear them)

me: ACK! uh.. "Feeling something". i wanna say "Feeling That Way" but that's wrong.

dj: it's "Feeling Stronger". i'm gonna go ahead and give that one to you.

me: thanks. okay, next was "Baby, What A Big Surprise". then, "Old Days"

dj: yeah

me: then... OH! i CAN'T hear it.

dj: act surprised when i say it

me: huh?

dj: "Searchin.....


dj: yeah, you got it!

other dj: that was hard.

dj: say a really loud clear thank you... NOW


of course the shit got bleeped out but they were laughing at that.. and they left out the "act surprised" portion of it all, but i still got the tickets! i'm going to pick them up at lunch today.

it's Peter Cetera doing all the Chicago songs! yay! i'm so ghey.

Monday, January 05, 2009

weekend update/recap

friday - i ran around all morning... registered for our lamaze class, picked up some headphones, looked at bedroom furniture, etc. we're trying to get the room in order before the baby comes. just so we know where we can put his bed and how everything's going to fit. i figure he'll be in our room the first couple of months. gotta make space and all.

friday nite - started putting christmas up. we're lame. we were in bed at 7:45. i get the feeling our kids aren't gonna have much of a problem sneaking out. we're gonna have to set booby traps around the house.

that nite, Baby Will got his first taste of classical music. the sounds of Chopin were played thru his new headphones. he was moving around like crazy! it was so cool. HM could actually see him moving around in my belly. since then i've been playing him music every day. he doesn't move around as much as the first nite, but he kicks here and there. mom says that's what S1 did when she played music for her. just kicks here and there. let's hope Baby Will has more rhythm than his aunt.

saturday - busy day, still putting christmas up, finished the laundry, then went into town to keep HM company at the rent house for a little bit. went to mom's for dinner because A.Linda and Sarah & the kids were in town. the house is so full with everyone there. i love it, tho. for a little while.

sunday - was supposed to get some pregz pictures taken but Nara couldn't find her camera. instead, went to mom's for breakfast. you gotta get there early to get any food anyways.

after breakfast, we played cards. they play poker all the time... after every meal. this time they played Blitz and Chase the Ace so i was able to join in. it was fun! eight of us around a table. loud. good gawd, it was loud. but it was fun. i had a good time today. seeing the cousins and playing cards with the family. OH! also, i beat S1 at Othello!! she sux0rz!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.