Tuesday, January 06, 2009

look what i can do!

so this morning, i'm on the road and the radio is talking about Peter Cetera coming into town, singing all Chicago songs.

they had a contest. they played parts of four different Chicago songs and you had to name them, in order, to get the tickets. i was caller three. bummed. call back.

dj: hello can you name the songs

me: CAN I?!?!?!?

dj: go ahead

me: shit! ooh, sorry. shoot! i'm going blank. i can't hear them now.

dj: here they are again. (but not really cuz i still couldn't hear them)

me: ACK! uh.. "Feeling something". i wanna say "Feeling That Way" but that's wrong.

dj: it's "Feeling Stronger". i'm gonna go ahead and give that one to you.

me: thanks. okay, next was "Baby, What A Big Surprise". then, "Old Days"

dj: yeah

me: then... OH! i CAN'T hear it.

dj: act surprised when i say it

me: huh?

dj: "Searchin.....


dj: yeah, you got it!

other dj: that was hard.

dj: say a really loud clear thank you... NOW


of course the shit got bleeped out but they were laughing at that.. and they left out the "act surprised" portion of it all, but i still got the tickets! i'm going to pick them up at lunch today.

it's Peter Cetera doing all the Chicago songs! yay! i'm so ghey.

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Anika said...

Funny Story!