Tuesday, July 31, 2007


islebehere: my only real fear is that they'll send me to Buffalo Bill's house or something!

AA: put the camera in the basket!

islebehere: LMAO!!

AA: frrrrrrrrrrrreaky

~discussing the SAGAS opportunity a friend sent to me

Monday, July 30, 2007


HM: stop throwing stuff away i do for you!

me: stop being such a damn good husband!

~on why i threw the coffee out he had left, for me, in the microwave. i thot it was tea i had forgotten about, from the day before

Thursday, July 26, 2007


testing the new embed code from vimeo. they've made changes so that you can include, or not include, your portrait, title, etc... they've also given options for colors so that i can match my exact color on this page... AND you can change the SIZE!

this is a video tribute for Fuzzy Dave done by vimeo user, Buck Flashroy. dang, i thot we could frame them now, too. oh well.

Fuzzy Dave Avatars from Buck Flashroy and Vimeo.

welcome to galvatraz

"We put the ass in class."

~Jessica Rabbit, discussing the social status of locals on "The Rock"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


AA: no, thank you for sending it
AA: Carl is going to be so happy

islebehere: awesome!
islebehere: see... reason number 58393 to love vimeo

AA: exactly! Hook-ups
AA: the non sexual kind

islebehere: =-O

AA: lol

~discussing the promo codes dalas found for Amtrak

Monday, July 23, 2007

repeatedly overheard this weekend

"it's not a hat, it's a sombrero!"

"sloppy dice! drink twice!"


"did you have spinach dip?"

"aaarrrgh matey"

"blaheh *snort*"

"what are the odds?"

"wow! that was really projectile vomiting!!"

"he didn't even have time to digest that."

"i'm not cheating!"

"anything Ryan did last nite has been forgiven and surpassed by what johnny just did."

"if you give him a beer, he lets you talk."

"if you find a house, with a barbed wire fence, with three trees but one is missing..."

"how do you get A.D. from Adrienne?"

"the G is silent"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

we can be heroes

during our spring Indy trip, i had a chance encounter with the son of the owner of the Heroes Museum. how fortunate for me, right? it was awesome! all DC Comics! my heaven!

apparently, the museum is pretty new and it's had a lot of news coverage. since i was up for breakfast brunch, i was there kinda early-ish. i talked to the owner a bit and seeing that i was such a fan, he gave me a personal tour! he told me a couple of stories behind the costumes and some things he has collected, to include in the museum.

it's mostly superman and batman. he said he's working on bringing in more Wonder Woman, especially since the movie is being made for release next year (don't hold your breath on that one). the movie that is, not his lack of bringing the stuff in.

heroes from islebehere and Vimeo.


- so it was dark when we left so i asked if she wanted me to drive.

- no, it's okay.

- are you sure, cuz i can drive. it's no problem.

- no, i'm okay.

my mom: i thot she couldn't see at nite

A.Linda: SHE CAN'T!!

~my Aunt Linda talking about my grandma (her mother) and her ability (or non-ability) to drive at nite

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

parker boy 5x5

Parker Boy 5x5 from islebehere and Vimeo.
1. he found a new toy
2. he learned how to use new toy
3. first ride on carousel (love his giggle in this one)
4. flying the fighter plane
5. superman pj's

sweet home chicago

happy birthday, frisky!

chicago from islebehere and Vimeo.

Monday, July 16, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - watched Transformers. CGI, very cool. love story, very lame. could have done without the comic relief. oh, and it gets lame points for: the new transformers toys DON'T EVEN TRANSFORM into anything! how lame is that??? good enough flick, tho.

saturday - fun day! well, after i went with S1 to look for sheets that didn't exist and the ones that did exist cost $60.00 for three pieces of nothing.

mamalane and papatom came to visit and brought parker boy with them. that was so much fun! we really don't see him enough (haven't i said that before?). that's okay, tho, cuz when he does see us, we're like, the coolest people ever! he likes hanging out with his Aunt T and Uncle Drain. we took him down to the kemah boardwalk and went for a ride on the carousel and a fighter plane. the highlight of the evening, i think, was playing with him in the fountain. i wish i could have gotten video of him in the fountain. once he got the hang of what was going on, he was too cute! at one point, he was staring straight into one of the water holes and it shot straight up at him. he got the biggest kick out of it! but not more than when Aunt T got drenched by a falling water spout, of course.

after we got back home, HM and I wondered how we're ever gonna have children... and actually keep up with them. i mean, we're not getting any younger. and we're sure as hell not acquiring any more energy! we weren't even with PB a whole day and we were wiped. bedtime was the same for me as it was for PB that nite.

sunday - got up for "beeg" breakfast and watched some Speed Racer. we played around with some bouncy balls and then he got fussy all of a sudden. time to go. =)

the rest of the evening was spent editing video from chicago and we watched Premonition. not a bad flick. not a GOOD flick, by any means, but not a bad one.

i can't wait to see PB again. i don't know when that'll be but hopefully not long from now.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

questions and answers

me/HM (simultaneously): my/your sisters!

~when asked who i would take with me on the pop culture trivia show on vh1.

duh! i already know how it would go down, too. i would take movies, S2 on music, and S1 on tv. i don't know all movies. like that question on Conan The Barbarian the other nite... never woulda guessed it. but a quote from Caddyshack that neither one of the teams got... i totally knew it! how could they NOT know that?!?!??

S2 would take music being as she was in the womb with motown, born listening to 70's classic rock, raised on 80's, and now listens to all the new crap. i think she's got it covered.

S1 would take tv because she is a couch potato. not really.. but take away her dvr and she gets mean. i suspect we would crash and burn on the tv part. she mainly only watches the really gay stuff and doesn't know the more popular shows like grey's anatomy, scrubs, south park, etc... although, she does read enough "People" magazine to actually stay in the know.

we might have a chance.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

i'm gonna miss you

bye, Honey. i'll see you Sunday!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


is this for real??

Monday, July 02, 2007

ground control to major tom

ground control from islebehere and Vimeo.

lots going on

there's been a whole lot going on in the last two weeks. in two weeks time, we've gone to see BB King. On the same nite, ran into an old friend who (whom?) I actually miss dearly. Had Princess and the Child Who Eats Nothing We Cook, over for a sleepover. Went "mountain" biking. Made marble magnets. Went to see The Police!! I did some editing. I played around with some VHS and got them to digital... only the first step to getting them put on dvd. Looked thru a TON of pictures of myself and siblings... all to be scanned. beta testing of vimeo version 5. i could go on, but i'm sure you're bored by now.

i have more video to edit, that probably won't be touched for a while since I'M GOING TO CHICAGO this weekend!! it's Frisky's birthday and we're celebrating in Chi-town! i'm super excited about it! i'm hoping to see my Daddy, but since his schedule has changed, it may not happen. i'll definitely be seeing the Stepmonster, tho. she's gonna take the train down and hang with the girls. also, while in Chicago, i'm going to meet vimeo contact Peika, creator of the Boomstick360, for lunch. that'll be super cool! maybe we'll make a video.

BB King
dear old friend
the police and BB King tix

anyhoo, that's all for now. until next time, i'm Sweet T and you're not.

my new hero

this happened last week, but i just recently saw it. this woman is a true reporter.