Monday, July 31, 2006

happy birthday to you!

i know it was saturday but i've been a little busy. saturday, i had the opportunity to see addie and steph and lori. the fab four! i met the girls for lunch to celebrate addie's birthday before her big nite out. steph got her Kelly Clarkson tickets! i hope KC was all that you thot she would be!

weekend update/recap

friday - handyman and i met with a caterer. who, after HM spent an hour and a half in traffic, promptly informed us he could do nothing for us. well thanks for the frikkin' call, ya goddamn moron!!

after that, we made our way across the street to visit w/megan & smooth. had a couple of drinks then went to see rachael for dinner. after that, it was on our way to see our costa rican friend and have a drink. we met a guy that was on a cross country motorcycle ride. he had already made his way from boston to cali and now going home via south coast. young'n. you could tell he was just having the time of his frikkin' life! it was almost like he couldn't take the grin off his face. HM made a comment that if it were 10 years ago, he could have done it. not now. i'm not sure whether that was good or bad. maybe we can do it when we retire. but it sure as hell won't be on bikes. not after the accident i saw today.

saturday - we kept the girls for a sleepover. girls being the princess and the child who eats nothing we cook (she took it to a whole new level this weekend).

we took them to the park. they loved riding in the back of the truck and playing with the boys and getting stuck in the muck at the bottom of the lake. they didn't love the muck so much.

when we got back from the park they offered to give the boys a bath. all of them. they SO needed it after the mucky lake they were in. rosco and ringo like going off into the marsh pit and getting completely muddy. they got to ride home in the back, with the girls.

later that evening, the girls and i made pizza and HM worked on the armoire. he built shelves for it and the princess helped by nailing and measuring and sanding. she actually enjoyed it. she took it very seriously. i thot she might like it just so she can have a sense of accomplishment. she can actually say, "i helped make it".

sunday - it was more kids. S1 and i were supposed to go see the journey\def leppard show. we were going to buy tickets at the gate. we figured since they didn't sell out last year, there would at least be lawn seats (or so we thot). also, since S1's SIL decided to be a total beeyoch and wanted to SELL her tickets to us. tickets that she got as a GIFT! tickets that she didn't pay for!! not only did she want to sell them to us but she wanted us to pay tax and service charge! THAT! SHE! DIDN'T! PAY!!! of course, i only got riled up because, when journey came last year, i was unable to go. i gave the tickets to S1 and specifically told her to ask her SIL to go. she grew up with us, so i knew she would totally love to go. did she go? yes. did she have a blast? DUH! did she return the favor by giving us tickets to a show she couldn't make it to? HU HU HU HELL NO!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.
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Friday, July 28, 2006

spd teach your children well

seeing as the princess has inherited the freakishly long arms from her aunt sweet t, she's gotten pretty good at the self portrait. that, and the fact i helped her perfect it (gotta get the red laser in the center). so she's bragging about how she's the BEST self portrait taker (in the world, mind you). i'm teasing and tickling her, wanting her to admit i taught her, here's how that conversation went:

princess: i'm the best at self pictures!

me: whatever!

princess: i am!

me: yeah, who taught you?

princess: my daddy.

me: HA! the only thing your dad taught you was how to fart in public.

princess (matter of factly): no... i learned that from uncle Handyman.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

"let them eat cake"

so tonite, my cakemaker, LilBit was supposed to come over for some practice and taste test. i just got off the phone with her. she's not feeling so well. part of me almost believes that making the cake is making her as nervous as if she were the bride. we went over the design i want and talked about icing and fondants and what not. we're going to try again, for next week.

i'm glad we're having friends help us out. to me, it just makes it that much more personal. we always said we wanted something small and personal anyways. at today's count, it's not so small but it's still very personal. there is nobody coming that we do not know personally. oh... except for the best friend invites for both moms. my mom says i've met her best friend before. i don't think watching a video of someone karaokeing in a tina turner wig or saying hi to someone as i'm walking out the door, constitutes "meeting" them. but what do i know?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ringo, i am your father

last nite we went to target to register. instead of registering for this prize, he opted to buy it himself.

ringo, i am your father on Vimeo

Monday, July 24, 2006

weekend update/recap

this weekend was a rather enjoyable one. not only cuz i saw my friend NEAR, but that i also had a new experience with HM.

friday - well, it started off normal enough and at a slow enough pace. we went to a kid-friendly happy hour of sorts, in honor of sharky. there were chips, dips, chains, whips... just kidding. the chains and whips didn't come in until much later. KIDDING! (hi mamalane!)

anyways, we hung out there for a while. got to spend some time with portabello, lil bo pEEp, sharky and the hostess with the mostess, christy. the wailing kids weren't so horrible so we stayed longer than actually intended. we were supposed to meet the reverend E.T. out for a drink later but then she called and said she had a date.

so, we leave the kid-friendly happy hour and go to retrieve sadie. we hung out with HM's buddy for about a beer long and caught a second wind. we knew we didn't want to go to the really smoky bar everyone else was going to so we opted to go home. alas, we get a call. it's cousin rob! yes, the same cousin who almost destroyed my laptop with his game downloads! he's in town and he wants us to meet him at Sugar's. no, it's not a candy store. yes, it is exactly what you think it is with a name like that!

we had actually already planned on going to Sugar's on saturday nite. why, you ask? only because the #2 porn star (second behind jenna jameson) in the world was there! brianna banks! she is apparently one of HM's favorites so i said, "what the hell? why not?". i am not one to restrain my man or deny him his ...likes? ...fetishes? ...wants? ...needs? however, if i am to allow him this guilty pleasure, i shall accompany him. there are certain people (only one guy actually) i will not let him go with. plus, since cousin rob was going to be there, i wanted to take this opportunity to knock him upside his head for messing up my Lappy.

the boys had a really good time and i am actually glad we went. i had fun, too.

saturday - from such a late nite before, we didn't get moving around until pretty late in the afternoon. HM had a massive hangover and well, i'm just lazy like that. when i finally got up i went to get measured for my dress alterations. these shops are ridiculous. i didn't even think to lie and tell them my wedding was earlier than it actually is. how is it going to take you almost TWO months to let out TWO inches in the bust!?!?!? oh, but then if it isn't right when you come back, they can have it done again in a week. what a load of crap!

after the dress measuring, i went to pick up some groceries for pizza and movie nite. i made a really good shrimp\artichoke\pesto pizza, recipe c/o the ellistrator and addie (she told me to use more garlic). by the way, addie... one clove more was WAY too much! i can still taste it today!

oh, and the movie we saw was cars. cute flick.

sunday - sharky, lil bo pEEp and double d came out to central america for lunch. since she visited last, i've been making myself more aware of vegetarian meals in the cookbooks i look through. her last visit consisted of a whole lotta grilled cheese sandwiches! i didn't feel so bad when she said that's all she ever eats at home and that's all bo pEEp and DD ate when they went to visit her in holland.

i was rather impressed with myself. i made vegetarian tostadas... not exactly from the recipe book but it was all stuff she could eat. HM grilled some chicken for the carnivores to add to it. good stuff. he also made a pizza to snack on, half vegetarian/half meat. my baby's so good.

we had a really good time during lunch. chit-chatting, telling stories, re-living camping memories. it was sad to see her go but i'll be seeing her again in october. =) have safe travels FAR, sharky.

sunday evening - HM wanted to finish the garage. i am happy to announce: WE NO LONGER LOOK LIKE WHITE TRASH REDNECKS! we have both classic cars in the garage and the boat on the side of the house, behind the gate. YAY!! i told you he was good.

we finished off the evening with dinner and a movie. oh, and a scare at 10:00pm when the doorbell rang and when i looked out, henry-dog was sitting on the front porch. mind you, the first thing that went through my head was, "how the hell did henry ring the doorbell?". HEY... it was late and i was tired! anyway, it was our neighbors telling us the boys got out... someone left the side gate open.

our neighbors, as annoying as the woman is, are soooo good to us. as soon as they saw them outside, they came to the door to tell us and then started walking around helping us look for them. they had gone farther than they have in the past. they're getting brave and that's getting pretty scary.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. safe travels FAR my friend. see you NEAR in october!

Friday, July 21, 2006

spd let's go dutch

in honor of our friend sharky too tall ride marshall hall coming into town this weekend, today is dedicated to her. she's in from holland on a long weekend "holiday". they don't call it vacation over there. it's holiday.

she'll be here until tuesday so we're trying to jam as much into these few days that we can. tho, all of us still live within about a 40-mile radius of each other (except for sharky), it's been almost two years since we've all been together in the same room. at least two years ago... for lil bo pEEp's wedding!

lil bo pEEp, sharky, sweet cheeks, me

me and sweet cheeks (also my bridesmaid)

lil bo pEEp (my slave in waiting) and me

sharky (my other slave in waiting) and me

i call them my slaves in waiting because sharky said she would be in town the friday nite before the wedding and she would be my errand girl. my beck and call girl, if you will. bo pEEp also offered up her services for this. i am ALL OVER that! they've already heard 'zilla horror stories from sweet cheeks so i'm pretty surprised they offered. =)

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i skate now

Monday, July 17, 2006

weekend update/recap

this weekend was different, for a change. i told you that we were heading to austin to see addie. we did. and we had a good time.

friday - i believe i just stayed home and finished my laundry up so i would have something to wear. watched psych. not a whole lot going on. HM asked what time we were leaving. here's how the conversation went:

HM: what time are you leaving tomorrow?

me: well, S1 said she would be here between 9 and 10am..... so, in S1 time, that's around 10:15, 10:20 and we should be leaving around 10:30 or soon after.

HM: really?? that early?

me: *confused look*

HM: well, i just thot between 9 and 10 would be closer to around noon-ish for her....

S1 is habitually late. but that's another story for another time.

saturday - i think they got to the house right around 11-ish. after my failed attempt to make smoothies for the road, we grabbed some snacks and left.

i had to hook the princess up with games and music for the road and make sure she knew how to watch a movie on Lappy. this was only after trying to explain it to her from the drivers seat and then pulling over to do it myself. i don't think the ride was as long for her, tho she never stopped asking, "how far now?".

we got to austin and immediately started shopping. we went to the alfred angelo store and FOUND THE DRESS that addie and sweet cheeks will be wearing. i hate for them to be spending money on a dress i know they will never wear again, but dammit, i cannot get those two together! so, too bad for them.

saturday evening - addie had a gift card for Cool River Cafe that she wanted to use and we were more than happy to let her. nice place. elegant on one side, bar and patio on the other. after changing tables THREE times (too fancy for S1), we landed on the patio. it wasn't steaming hot so we were okay. went back to addie's with full bellies.

as we sat around, i drew them a picture of what the reception hall looked like and asked them for ideas. the princess drew a very nice picture on addie's chalkboard and suggested we put sand and shells on the tables. out of reach, of course, but still on the table. she said it would look fabulous! even gave a presentation of it.

after I RULED the scrabble board, we went to bed. we actually finished the game. addie didn't throw the board across the room or anything. she's usually not a very gracious "runner-up".

sunday - our gracious host got up to make us breakfast. eggs, pancakes (i made those), and "crispy" bacon... YUM! we started watching roll bounce. again. then we started talking about the princess having her skate party and addie got this bright idea to start looking for skating rinks around town! there was one about 10 minutes down the road. after hearing the princess moan and whimper, we thot it might not be a bad idea. how wrong we were.

it was BUH-LAZING hot in that place! fans only. no A/C. or, at least, none that could be felt! don't get me wrong. it was a good time. it was just a HOT time as well. i wish i had my camera so that i could have downloaded the pictures today. i got a great action shot of addie! and i got video of S1 and princess going in circles... and not falling. it felt really strange being on skates again. i felt like i was going to fall over just by making a turn.

i used to be pretty damn good on 8 wheels. i could do the hang ten and backwards skate like a pro. i was even among the last to get eliminated from limbo. i never won. i could never get my knee down far enough without busting my ass.

sunday evening - started making our way back home. i drove to brenham and S1 took over from there. i wanted to sit in back with princess and watch the movie that is all the hype: high school musical. it's all the rage with the kids today. i've heard something like, the Grease of today. i don't know about all that, but it was entertaining enough. oh, and we had to watch the sing-a-long version. so that i could participate in song. not that it mattered because she didn't have to look at the words and could sing it on her own. plus, she's just louder than i am, so she pretty much stole the spotlight of the backseat.

i'm glad we went. i'm glad we picked out dresses and i'm glad that part is over. whew! now, as soon as we can get registered, get a caterer, get a photographer and pick some flowers, we'll be all good. HA! i know... i'm just fooling myself.

until next time. i'm sweet t and you're not.

BUG score for ride home:
Sweet T - 12
S1 - 4
princess - 2

Friday, July 14, 2006

spd third time's a charm

taken at my cousin's wedding a few weeks ago. it was at a really nice ranch on the other side of victoria and in the middle of BFE. it was a good time. i got to see all my cousins that i grew up with and meet their husbands. i also saw cousins i rarely see nowadays and realized, at that point, how many of them i didn't really care to see at my own wedding. i figure since they'll be taking up space that i could have used for an actual friend that i wanted there, i'll put them to work. i'll have them man the guestbook and pour sparkling cider or something to that effect. might as well!

this is my cousin's third bride... and third wedding. he's not a quitter, i'll give him that much.

bonus spd: in honor of the weekend road trip we are about to embark on, here is also an SPD the princess took, at the wedding. S1, the princess, and myself are going to austin this weekend to finalize dress decisions for the MOH and BM, create invites, and talk about decorations. wish me luck as i'll be in the car with these two for THREE AND A HALF hours!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

f i i i i i r e

sorry you didn't get your video fix on tuesday. blogger was down when i tried to do it. however, at the rate my hectic-scheduled-wedding planning-crazy life is going, i think i'll either give you a video on tuesday OR thursday. cuz, honestly, i sometimes don't post the weekend update until tuesday and then i can't do two posts in one day. that's just overload.

anyways.... this is a video of the princess and the child who eats nothing we cook, during their sleepover a couple of months ago. we were all just kinda hangin' out in the living room when HM got the bright idea to make a fire! my honey... the pyro. no sooner than he said, "fire", the girls' eyes lit up. off to the store we went to get
fixin's for smores. we also had chocolate covered bananas and roasted marshmallows.

when coming back from the store i noticed flames coming over our fence.
the girls had been adding banana tree leaves to "make it go higher" (uhm...christie, don't look at that picture). learning young from uncle HM. we made our smores, had a chocolate fight and had a good time doing it. as you can see from today's daily photo, it was some good stuff! here's the video:

fire on Vimeo

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

i'm feelin' good from my head to my shoes

well, sadie is certainly acting like she has a new attitude. truth be known, she's always been a little fiesty.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - a day like most days... a whole lotta nuttin'. we came home and started mowing the lawn. home ownership....geesh! HM asked if i maybe wanted to go down to the boardwalk, have some drinks and watch the fireworks. i thot that sounded like a good enough time. but when he came in, neither one of us was really motivated. and i kinda wanted to watch the new show on usa network, psych. it was entertaining enough. we went to bed shortly after it was over.

saturday - got up and waited on S1 and the princess to come over. we were picking up my dress and maybe catching a movie. we got the dress, the shoes (for TWELVE DOLLARS!), found the flower girl shoes and a dress for my MOH and BM. we never made it to the movie.

the more i look at the dress we found for the MOH and BM, the more i don't like them. since my dress is now, not as casual as i had envisioned, the dresses look too casual. i'm also having issues with matching up the color. i think maybe i should go for a darker shade of blue and get a regular bridesmaid dress, still reasonably priced (under $150) so that i can match up the guys a little better.

the guys were supposed to wear either guyabera shirts or linen. HM wants them to wear linen but thinks they'll look like the wait staff if they're the pale blue color i was looking at. i'm starting to get frustrated. not at HM. just at wedding decisions in general. dress decisions. color decisions. the fact that both my MOH and BM live out of town and we can't all seem to get our shit together. also at the fact that HM wants the guys to wear WHITE!

after the shopping extravaganza and no movie, we made our way home. when we got there, i saw that sadie got new shoes! my girl got new wheels and tires! pictures to come soon. i want to get some really good ones. the ones i took already were taken at nite, so not so good. she's about three inches higher and harder for the princess to get in.

sunday - we cleaned all day.... we had company coming over for dinner. the place looks good! anyways, our friends, rock star and fedi came over to give us some tips on costa rica. we're thinking of honeymooning there. fedi was actually born and raised in costa rica and served as a tour guide in his younger years, so he knows it pretty well. we trust his judgement.

he told us the best place to go would be a resort type place. he gave us some names and we're going to check into them more. HM said, at this point we'll be honeymooning at S1's. he was kidding. ... i think. =)

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.
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Friday, July 07, 2006

spd acl

BA, HM, and me
taken at ACL 2004

Thursday, July 06, 2006

12 year old fans are blind

okay... here's the deal. i can't stand paris hilton. i think she is a vapid waste of space. she talks without moving her lips (as do a lot of hollywood starlets lately) and she has a fanbase of 12 year olds! which, i can't blame her for, but who are these mothers letting their daughters watch this skank-whore on tv???

i saw on some show where she visited these little girls in a summer camp and i thot that was kinda sweet that she even did that. here's the kicker: all the little girls were wearing the VonDutch hats. these were the big thing that paris and ashton kutcher made famous. anyways, she's around all these little girls completely adoring her and as soon as she gets back in the car it's like she's exasperated and can't wait to get them off her, but then she even makes the comment (with lips closed) that, "ohmigod, i don't even wear those hats any more...ew". i swear, she said that! from that moment on, i couldn't stand her.

which now brings me to another point about paris... no, i can't stand her, but she's like a frikkin train wreck. yesterday, i was setting up a projector and wanted to test the video. naturally, i go to for this. in the top 100 videos, there's kelly clarkson at #1 and paris hilton at #2. yes, addie, i watched the KC video.

i was drawn to the paris video... train wreck and all. i had already heard mixed reviews on the song. some dj's like it, some hate it, some think she's a waste. some had said it's a good "club" song (i honestly don't see how unless they sped it up). i watched the video. you know... the song wasn't all that bad. i mean, for a 12 year old demographic. it's got a little reggae beat in the background that's a little reminiscent of red red wine, to me. she still looks like a total whore in the video and didn't really need to be rolling around in the sand holding her chest, but, the song isn't all that bad. it's something they will play on the easy listening who think they have an edge station and on the top 20 station. these are not stations i have programmed so i doubt i'll be hearing it again, unless i'm in the car with S1 and the princess (she listens to all that top 20 stuff).

anyways, to wrap thing up here... here's the video. enjoy.

"Stars Are Blind" is the debut single from heiress, actress, and newly minted pop star Paris Hilton. Watch it now on Google Video, courtesy of Warner Music International.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

happy 4th!