Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sounds like somebody wants an only child

me: ugh! i'm tired of being so itchy

HM: me too

are you getting sympathy itchies?

oh.. you said ITCHIES?

yeah, what'd you think i said?

HM: uhm..

i didn't say BITCHY

doesn't mean i'm still not tired of it


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

beethoven who?

sooooo buying this! go listen to it NOW. i think i want the Ramones and Rolling Stones, too. there's also No Doubt and Nirvana and U2 and more!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

update: dr appt

so it's not an allergic reaction. it's hormones. that's it. just hormones. the doctor said this is normal and stay on the benadryl. he said it would go away on it's own but more than likely, will be back before the pregnancy ends. he's so sweet. he also said my back should start hurting more. it is. he says it's because i'm trying to keep my belly up so i have a curvature in my back. also, i am 31 1/2 weeks now. not much longer to go.

i'm seeing the doctor every two weeks now, until February and then every week after that... i think. the next ultrasound will be at the end of January so we get to see how big Will's head has gotten. let's hope he doesn't take completely after his daddy. if so, that is gonna hurt!

we now have to find a pediatrician and attempt a late registration for lamaze classes. wish us luck with that one. we were supposed to be registered by 24 weeks. like i knew! hopefully, we'll get the "saturday blitz" class. it's all in one day. they have a 4-week and a 6-week course. ew. i'd rather just get it all over with in one shot.

on another note, we're trying to get the baby's room ready. HM is pulling out the carpet so we can lay down the new floor and he's painting and doing all the "nesting" stuff. he's moving around like the baby's coming out TODAY. it's really cute, tho. the baby's room is gonna be so cute! i can't wait til it's all finished. i'll be posting before and after pics for ya, later.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

it's over

finally! the holidays are over. not that i don't like the holidays, but good gawd they're a lotta work. we had a really good time, though. we got to see all the families. Parker Boy was here with all his energy, wearing Mamalane out. i doubt she'll have any left for my kid. j/k! i don't know how she does it. she is truly a Wonder Woman.

on the baby front, Will's moving around a LOT lately. he's also giving his mom a huge rash on her ta-ta's! i'm not sure if it was an allergic reaction to the cocoa butter lotion or if it's a heat rash. i have an appt tomorrow, hopefully they'll be able to tell me more. the benadryl is helping so far. as a result of not knowing whether it was caused by the lotion or not, i now have a series of stretch marks across my belly. yay life!

other than the itchies, i've had a really good pregnancy (if you don't count the bout of depression because of the job loss. it still comes and goes). i've liked being pregnant so far. i'm not sure HM likes it, tho. he's still unsure how to handle the mood swings. sometimes, he doesn't understand I'M the one that's supposed to be emotional. not sure he'll figure it out in time.

until next time, i'm sweet and you're not.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

happy holidays

from S1 to you!

Friday, December 05, 2008


last weekend we had friends over for "island" Thanksgiving. it was a good turnout. not as many folks as usual, but still good. i mean, we did move it from the island and a lot of folks are still misplaced, unfortunately.

we had a really good dinner and S1 helped me with the cornbread stuffing and it wasn't all mushy like hers is. HM liked it better. he smoked a turkey and everybody brought a side and we had bananas foster cheesecake for dessert. YUM! well, for some people. i don't really care for bananas foster myself.

after dinner, everyone helped decorate the tree. the main tree. we still have the Star Wars tree we haven't put up yet. and there are a couple of ornaments i couldn't find. i need to look around a bit.

since the storm, everyone's kinda spread out. also, since i'm not working on the island anymore, it's even harder to see everyone who's still there. it was good to have our friends around. it was something i really needed.

dr visit

so last time i went to the doctor it was right after i had been laid off. i was pretty emotional to say the least. he sat me down and explained that he knows we want to buy all the pretty stuff for the baby's room and have everything "match" and what not. he also said that none of that even mattered. all that mattered to our baby is that he has someone to hold him and love him and care for him (he will have plenty of that). it doesn't matter if his crib bedding matches the wall decor.

he told me that even though i was upset, there were other people worse off. he even went so far to tell me i didn't want to be the woman he saw the day before... who had just seen her ultrasound and was crying more than i was, at the moment. uhm yeah... if you're wondering, i didn't ask. i was just grateful.

today's appointment was a lot more cheery. Baby Will's heartbeat is good. he's growing fine, he's in a good position. he should start keeping me up more at nite. great! something to look forward to. i think HM's going to move upstairs until he's born. not even kidding! okay, kidding a little. very little.

also, the "corrected" due date is February 26, 2009! egads! sure it's only four days sooner, but good gawd, man, do you know how much of a procrastinator i already am?!?!? that's not good news!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

ta-da! part 2: electric boogaloo

the hutch

his name ain't Handyman for nuthin...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


i present to you: the stairs

HM and BA worked on these stairs for weeks. they are finally done! don't they look great?!?!? HM also finished the hutch. that looks fabulous! i need to take a better picture of it now that it's cleared of all the tools. it looked so good with all the food spread on it the other day, too. we had some folks over for "island" thanksgiving.

this weekend we're working on the baby's room. look forward to pictures of that! it's gonna be so cool!

wow! didn't realize

didn't know it was pre-lay off since i posted. yes, i got laid off. yes, i'm seven months pregnant. yes, i'm worried. i am now looking for a job. any job. i don't need THE job. just A job. lemme know if you hear of anything.