Thursday, January 31, 2008

who loves you pretty baby

i got a phone call last nite. from Princess. she was pretty psyched about her upcoming dance recital and the fact that she was doing a 4 Seasons song got her even more psyched (we're still on the Jersey Boys high). can you tell?

anyway, she tells me she's doing a Hairspray song and "Who Loves You" by the 4 Seasons. i ask her when her recital is and she says sometime in June. i tell her i'll be out of town then so i won't be able to go (have you ever been to these things? B O R I N G. not my Princess of course, but you gotta sit thru everyone else's kids things, too.) she freaked. she came out with all this, "Aunt T, you have to go" and "you didn't go to my last one" and "why don't you want to go see me". geesh. guilt trip much?

of course, i had to tell her i was only kidding. but i was actually smiling and feeling kinda good that she wants me there. warm fuzzies. she still loves me.

i know what you did last christmas

so i go to return the sweater that S1 and BIL1 got HM for christmas. the BigDog sweater that is size XL. i go to return it and look at different options (in hindsight, i probably should have gone earlier to get that exact same one). (anyway, ) i found him a different one, in his size, XXL. the very nice sales lady takes it up front then informs me that it will be $10 more.


yes. because XL is small adult and XXL jumps you into a new nether region of sweater size, apparently.

now... as much as S1 talks about my husband and his big boy size (which i love, by the way) i'm gonna have to go with the fact that she was just being CHEAP when she bought it and didn't wanna go that extra $10. and don't even try to hide behind "we had a limit".

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

day 15

i'm still sick. i'm not hacking much up but still have serious sinus headaches when i wake up that go until noon-ish. i'm stopping to get more sinus meds on the way home. along with deodorant THAT MY HUSBAND USED THE LAST OF!!! how does one use the last of your deodorant and then goes grocery shopping on his day off only to buy two deodorants for himself? TWO! who does that??? my husband. that's who.

i'm cutting him some slack because also, on this day off, he made it so we had to do minimal cooking all week. wheee! he prepped some dinners, made some lunches, packed some breakfasts. i lurve him.

steph, he's stopped bringing me coffee in bed. it just stopped while i was sick and i'm not sure if it'll start again. he brought me a cup the other day, but i still wasn't ready for one. feeling sickly and all. he says he stopped because i "waste" it. i guess because i don't down a full cup before i get in the shower it's a waste. geesh... you gotta be a marathon coffee drinker with him. i gotta finish a full cup all while taking a shower and getting dressed and getting my stuff together in a matter of about 30-40 minutes. it can not be done. at least not by me.

so honey, if you're reading, can i has my coffee back pleeeease?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

so long ago

just found out that i only owe $590.10 on my school loans!! i thot this day would never come.

yes, that's still money i don't have in my pocket at this very moment, but it's a whole helluva lot better than what it started at.

an insight

where did he get his ideas from???

Monday, January 28, 2008

oh what a nite

friday - i took the day off to pick Addie up from the airport. picked her up around noon and grabbed some lunch. it was nasty ugly rainy foggy weather so we went back to the house, took naps, then made my chicken chipotle soup for dinner. i'm so eating that tonite.

we tried to plan a nite of Taboo, but no one wanted to get out in the nasty weather. we ended up going to bed pretty early. didn't even watch movies. we were actually too lazy to go upstairs and watch one. she needed to catch up on rest anyway.

p.s. i got my new phone!!! yaaayyyy!!!

saturday - when we got up i wanted to get my numbers switched over. apparently, i'm the last one to jump on the bandwagon of wireless backup or whatever. had i been subscribed i could have done this straight from my phone. don't freak, hubby. it's free. that trip ended up being longer than ever needed. ask BA, he had fun.

Addie had a Best Buy gift card burning a hole in her pocket so we did that. she got some portable speakers and the world is now a better place. after lunch, we realized it turned out to be a really beautiful day and we would be total losers if we didn't at least try to get down to the island for Mardi Gras. BA made us shower when he got to the house and put us in gear.

i knew it was free to get on The Strand this year but i didn't realize it was going to be so lame. no entertainment at all. no cowboy mouth. no jesse dayton. seriously??? we went down to the seawall for the evening parade but left before it started to meet HM downtown. we headed into a couple of bars and good god, man! there was just nothing happening. which, all well and good with me cuz i am the party. j/k! i was thinking more people would be down there after the parade... not so much. it was just kinda, eh. so much for getting off our butts to do something with the beautiful day.

sunday - my favorite part of the whole weekend!! OMG! Jersey Boys was so AMAZING! the show was frikkin' phenomenal!! it was awesome! can ya tell i really liked it? we had so much fun at the show. mom thot it was just about the best thing she had ever seen. she loved it! S1 sang a wee bit loud and i'm sure we all annoyed everyone sitting around us. thank goodness we were in the back row cuz we were dancing like some crazy fools! seriously. i'm so not kidding about that. i turned around at one point and the light/sound guys were laughing at us. well, not laughing at us, but more enjoying the fact that we were enjoying it so much. at least that's what i like to think.

afterwards, we took some retarded pictures by the stand up poster. we got mom a cd and then she went back for a booklet of Franki Valli and The Four Seasons. i believe she and S1 will both be going back for more musicals. which is good, cuz now i don't have to wait for Addie to come in town all the time!

a big THANK YOU to Addie for purchasing all the tickets in advance to make the day possible.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


S1 is coming to "do" my pantry next weekend. she's a freak about pantries. i say it all the time, but seriously, she does get all Sleeping With The Enemy on the pantry. everything is lined up, faced front, matching cans together, packet seasonings in a basket. it's downright creepy. but it's clean and neat and you can find EVERYTHING.

i am SO looking forward to this.


so, last nite i made my first "mom meal". such a proud moment. for real. i made carne quisada (stew meat w/brown gravy). i don't know what's going on with my taste buds lately, but i have been CRAVING mexican food. not only mexican food, but specifically my mom's cooking. i think i might have mentioned that already. deja vu?

of course, anything that my mom used to make starts off with a phone call to her or one of the S's. i've already ventured into the tortilla making and so far, the only ones to enjoy those have been the boys (new edible frisbee toys!). so i call mom and ask her how to make it and surprisingly it's pretty simple. this, of course, followed by the "how did you not learn to make this at home?" then followed by, "uh, cuz i was waiting for you to say 'it's done' before i came into the kitchen". she tells me how to make it and asks if i'm going to go the home-made tortilla route as well. uh... no. i think HM might want to eat before midnite. baby steps.

okay, so the cravings. i know i'm all over the place. mom always says this thing about blisters. something like if she's craving something, she should go and get it before she gets a blister on her tongue. weird, i know. but damned if it didn't happen to me!! i swear! i've been wanting the food and wanting it. yesterday, i had a HUGE blister on the back of my tongue. hurt like hell. so much that i thot i wouldn't be able to eat last nite. it really hurt! so i made the whole meal just like mom did when we were kids. carne guisada, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and (homemade) tortillas. somebody at Kroger made them! ate it all up last nite and today for lunch, too. blister is gone. swear. i don't even feel it anymore. and my cravings have subsided. a little.

HM said it was a good meal which he usually does, but i think this time he really meant it. like, not just saying it to save my feelings. i'll make it again. it smelled like home. i liked that.

big girls don't cry

so, on the side over there (to the right) i added some tuneage. just in case anyone wants to get ready for the BIG SHOW this weekend!! i'm super excited about it!! Addie's taking me to see JERSEY BOYS on Sunday. S1 and i are taking the mom. hey, guess what... she wants to go to Red Lobster for lunch first. HA!! S1, don't cry. why you cryin? (we had a bet).

if you click on the 'daily tunes' it should stream music "like" Franki Valli and the Four Seasons. i couldn't find a station with just Franki Valli. i think you can "pop it out", too, so you don't have to keep the blog page open.

did i mention i was excited? now, i just have to figure out a way to sit Addie by my mom. or at least at the furthest end from me. seriously people, she makes up her own lyrics. it ain't pretty.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

will i live?

i'm tired of being sick already. any suggestions? short of shooting my brains out...

it's really tiring. and this morning, something really weird is going on with my stomach. i'm regaining my appetite, but i only want mexican food. specifically, my mom's cooking, but i'll settle for S1's. HINT!

i'm ready to be well again. when will this happen?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


there's been quite a bit happening. and yes, i've been super lazy in updating. i mean, there wasn't any "EARTH-SHATTERING" or anything, but we've been keeping busy. over the last three weekends, we've had a few minor accomplishments.

Honey Bunny came over one weekend so we could make her "bottle cap" jewelry. that was a lot of fun! we made magnets and pins out of the bottle caps and made a few picture magnets for the fridge. it also gave me time to play with resin and come up with a new idea for bangle bracelets. i'm still workin' on that. there's a lot of sanding involved. i'm too sick right now to sand. i'm really excited about it, tho. we also made some jewelry. well, i made Shaggy a necklace out of metal beads and black cord that i had. he was still pissed cuz he didn't get to come over. yelling at his sister, while storming away to his room, "it's not always about YOU!". he's a cute one, he is.

another weekend, Woz came over to help us clean out storage. it's so much better when we have a third party helping us. we don't fight about what's getting thrown away, what has to stay, etc. what Woz says, goes! she gets the final word.

this was all prep for the office closet. we finally got that all cleaned out and HM is going to put shelves up for me. he asked me what i wanted for my birthday and that's what i told him... shelves in the closet. done. well, not done, but on their way to being done. he's doing it. he's gonna do it. promise. he said so. plus, he got to keep his Star Wars closet intact. for now.

i think that might have been the same weekend their friend Philo came to see us. he's a cool guy, works in the vineyards all over the world during harvest. what a cool job! how awesome would that job be? seriously, on a scale of one to ten, i'd give it a hard seven, at least. he told us about his travels and how he just got back from South Africa and was maybe on his way to Oregon(?). Woz and i are thinking about having a wine tasting party at the house and letting Philo "teach" us a few things about it. maybe for my birthday.

ever since then we've both been sick. Mr. BA came over and got us ALL sick! me, HM, and Woz were all sick last week. today is my first day back at work since last Tuesday. i'm still hackin' crap up and my eyes are all buggy looking, but i'm here. i'm taking antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine (by the way, not helping) and Advil for the never-ending headache. it finally went away yesterday and came back this afternoon. probably for different reasons, tho.

so that's all we've been up to. our dogs smell cuz they haven't had a bath. Ringo had a bath this weekend but it's so nasty out that he stinks again, already. plus, i didn't give him an extra special bath like he usually gets with special shampoo and conditioner. he just got the medicated shampoo and he was done. i was sick. he'll get over it.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

i hope yours was as fun as mine

5G worth of pics and vids downloaded from my cards. here are the pics from that.

the holidays 2007 from islebehere on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year!

it's been forever since i posted, i know. i hope everyone had a very merry christmas.

i was finally able to take off this year, for the christmas holiday. well, i worked half days, but it was from home. i now realize i can not be a telecommuter. i have no self-control. i need structure. i need to be in an office. with less food!

the holidays were crazy. lots of family. lots of friends. lots of food! we got to see Parker Boy & Topher and HM's step-brother Mark & his family. cutest kids. loud, but way cute. i got to read them a story. i couldn't believe they were all listening. that was, until Little C came in and got me with Death From Above! he's bony, too, so that didn't feel too hot. then he hid the book, so no more stories. i had a lot of fun with them, tho. they're all really awesome kids.

christmas shopping was not so much a nightmare this year. so that was a plus. i actually got some things done early this year. i had everything finished by the 21st! yay me! i think that was also the same nite we went to look at christmas lights. way too much fun! i'm never really all that psyched to look at christmas lights (Woz insists we go every year), but once you add a little alcohol (with a designated driver, of course) and a really funny dude (Albert), it's so much fun! i think i nearly peed my pants at least three times. Woz, too. i wasn't the only one this time.

christmas eve was at mom's. i got some pretty cool stuff. we drew names this year. i got hurricane candle holders. Woz and i are going to experiment on them, with some etching stuff. we also got a grill/griddle that will be going to the "new" shack with us. my favorite gifts from Handyman include the AUTOGRAPHED GODFATHER MOVIE POSTER signed by six key cast members & Francis Ford Coppola and the scale model 1963 Cadillac from Scarface. awesome! i also got some really cool Hallmark Christmas Ornaments: cookie cutter set, the perfect afternoon, and my personal fave, Wonder Woman's closet. love them!

new year's eve came in with good friends and some family. HM, BA, Woz, S1, BIL1 and myself brought in the new year playing Name That Tune-80's edition. girls against guys. we totally won. duh!

today was spent gorging on way too much food from yesterday. for the planned four people being here, we had 7-layer dip, turkey rolls with avocado dipping sauce, turkey and chicken empanadas, fiery ranch dipping sauce, corn & black bean dip. i'm sure there was more that i just can't remember. then today, HM made a turkey and BA made greens, black eyed peas, and cornbread.
it was all so good. and way too much.

Woz and i also got to create a few things today. i finished a necklace & earring set and i helped her with a gem stone watch band (very cool) and a few bracelets. i also wrapped and ribboned up all the gifts for work. i had some metallic pipe cleaners in the office that i shaped into their first initials. too cute.

i head back into the office tomorrow. i could have used another day to upload pictures and video from the holiday period. seeing as we have a TON of leftovers, neither one of us will have to cook. i think i'll have time to work on that.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. dad, your gifts are still upstairs because i still haven't sent them off. sorry. =(

shaggy's scavenger hunt

shaggy's scavenger hunt from islebehere on Vimeo.