Tuesday, January 22, 2008


there's been quite a bit happening. and yes, i've been super lazy in updating. i mean, there wasn't any "EARTH-SHATTERING" or anything, but we've been keeping busy. over the last three weekends, we've had a few minor accomplishments.

Honey Bunny came over one weekend so we could make her "bottle cap" jewelry. that was a lot of fun! we made magnets and pins out of the bottle caps and made a few picture magnets for the fridge. it also gave me time to play with resin and come up with a new idea for bangle bracelets. i'm still workin' on that. there's a lot of sanding involved. i'm too sick right now to sand. i'm really excited about it, tho. we also made some jewelry. well, i made Shaggy a necklace out of metal beads and black cord that i had. he was still pissed cuz he didn't get to come over. yelling at his sister, while storming away to his room, "it's not always about YOU!". he's a cute one, he is.

another weekend, Woz came over to help us clean out storage. it's so much better when we have a third party helping us. we don't fight about what's getting thrown away, what has to stay, etc. what Woz says, goes! she gets the final word.

this was all prep for the office closet. we finally got that all cleaned out and HM is going to put shelves up for me. he asked me what i wanted for my birthday and that's what i told him... shelves in the closet. done. well, not done, but on their way to being done. he's doing it. he's gonna do it. promise. he said so. plus, he got to keep his Star Wars closet intact. for now.

i think that might have been the same weekend their friend Philo came to see us. he's a cool guy, works in the vineyards all over the world during harvest. what a cool job! how awesome would that job be? seriously, on a scale of one to ten, i'd give it a hard seven, at least. he told us about his travels and how he just got back from South Africa and was maybe on his way to Oregon(?). Woz and i are thinking about having a wine tasting party at the house and letting Philo "teach" us a few things about it. maybe for my birthday.

ever since then we've both been sick. Mr. BA came over and got us ALL sick! me, HM, and Woz were all sick last week. today is my first day back at work since last Tuesday. i'm still hackin' crap up and my eyes are all buggy looking, but i'm here. i'm taking antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine (by the way, not helping) and Advil for the never-ending headache. it finally went away yesterday and came back this afternoon. probably for different reasons, tho.

so that's all we've been up to. our dogs smell cuz they haven't had a bath. Ringo had a bath this weekend but it's so nasty out that he stinks again, already. plus, i didn't give him an extra special bath like he usually gets with special shampoo and conditioner. he just got the medicated shampoo and he was done. i was sick. he'll get over it.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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