Thursday, January 31, 2008

who loves you pretty baby

i got a phone call last nite. from Princess. she was pretty psyched about her upcoming dance recital and the fact that she was doing a 4 Seasons song got her even more psyched (we're still on the Jersey Boys high). can you tell?

anyway, she tells me she's doing a Hairspray song and "Who Loves You" by the 4 Seasons. i ask her when her recital is and she says sometime in June. i tell her i'll be out of town then so i won't be able to go (have you ever been to these things? B O R I N G. not my Princess of course, but you gotta sit thru everyone else's kids things, too.) she freaked. she came out with all this, "Aunt T, you have to go" and "you didn't go to my last one" and "why don't you want to go see me". geesh. guilt trip much?

of course, i had to tell her i was only kidding. but i was actually smiling and feeling kinda good that she wants me there. warm fuzzies. she still loves me.

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