Thursday, January 24, 2008


so, last nite i made my first "mom meal". such a proud moment. for real. i made carne quisada (stew meat w/brown gravy). i don't know what's going on with my taste buds lately, but i have been CRAVING mexican food. not only mexican food, but specifically my mom's cooking. i think i might have mentioned that already. deja vu?

of course, anything that my mom used to make starts off with a phone call to her or one of the S's. i've already ventured into the tortilla making and so far, the only ones to enjoy those have been the boys (new edible frisbee toys!). so i call mom and ask her how to make it and surprisingly it's pretty simple. this, of course, followed by the "how did you not learn to make this at home?" then followed by, "uh, cuz i was waiting for you to say 'it's done' before i came into the kitchen". she tells me how to make it and asks if i'm going to go the home-made tortilla route as well. uh... no. i think HM might want to eat before midnite. baby steps.

okay, so the cravings. i know i'm all over the place. mom always says this thing about blisters. something like if she's craving something, she should go and get it before she gets a blister on her tongue. weird, i know. but damned if it didn't happen to me!! i swear! i've been wanting the food and wanting it. yesterday, i had a HUGE blister on the back of my tongue. hurt like hell. so much that i thot i wouldn't be able to eat last nite. it really hurt! so i made the whole meal just like mom did when we were kids. carne guisada, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, and (homemade) tortillas. somebody at Kroger made them! ate it all up last nite and today for lunch, too. blister is gone. swear. i don't even feel it anymore. and my cravings have subsided. a little.

HM said it was a good meal which he usually does, but i think this time he really meant it. like, not just saying it to save my feelings. i'll make it again. it smelled like home. i liked that.

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