Thursday, March 30, 2006

3 is a magic number

so it'll be three weeks this weekend. three weeks that we've been living together... and we haven't killed each other. i'd say we're doing just fine. there are little quirks about us both that we've had to get used to, so far.

for example:

morning routine - in the mornings, he likes the 80's station and i like to listen to the oldies. he let me have that one.

tv in bedroom - he likes to fall asleep watching tv. i can't stand to have a tv in the bedroom. we've compromised and he can have one in there only for the morning news and only if we can hide it in an armoire or something similar. i know i sound like a hard-ass, but let's see you wake up to some loud bombing explosion noise in the middle of the night from a M*A*S*H rerun.... you'd be pissed, too, if you couldn't get back to sleep.

dogs on carpet and bed - it's inevitable. there's only one room with no carpet and that's the kitchen. we can't confine the boys to the kitchen if we're upstairs. it just seems cruel. and my poor baby boy ringo dog got tired of being kicked off the bed so many times, that he has now resorted to sleeping alone on a t-shirt on the sofa.

laundry - he is not allowed to do it. my laundry smells better and often i don't dry alot of things. i would think this is a plus for him...?

copenhagen pouches - found in random spots on the floor and bathroom and kitchen island. i don't care how much flavor they have left. PUT THEM IN THE TRASH!!!

last but certainly not least,

trash - when you take out the trash, please PUT A LINER (BAG) BACK IN THE CAN!!! and if there's not a liner in there (cuz you didn't replace the last one) DO NOT throw anything in there! including your stinky ass pouches!! i will break him of this. mamalane said he would be dead if he tried that at her house. i have to go with one of his favorite quotes to me... "don't half-ass it".

not to bitch about my HM... because he IS very good to me. two (quirks) out of however many i may find later, is not bad. i'm sure there are quirks/habits about me that he hasn't gotten used to, but that's what comments are for.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

coming out of the dark

okay, so i meant to post yesterday, but our stUpid roadrunner connection would not allow me to do so. i played with it for about 45 minutes. first off, i think our cable modem is fried. secondly... well, there really is no second. our modem is fried and i can't get online from home. oh, and everyone with wireless, in our neighborhood, is locked down! stingy hacks!

i have a ton of pictures to post. i just uploaded them all to the laptop last nite. i'll get to them. i promise. out of the 350+ pictures i took over the last two weeks, it still feels like i didn't get enough. i really wanted more video of the move just to document it, but i didn't want BIL1 bitchin' at me to get back to work. hence, no video of move.

i'll be back soon. i'm going to screw with the modem and connections more tonite. until then, buh-bye.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

here i come to save the daaaaayy

WOZ rocks! woz is a friend of mine. well, she's a friend of HM's that i like and after tonite, i LUV her! she came over to continue helping me with packing. if it wasn't for her, i don't think i would have gotten as much done. she says i have a bit of A.D.D. i'm special.

we got the front bathroom, all the living room, all the kitchen, all the bedroom closet, the office area, my bookcase, and the bar done! all i really have left is the bedroom and back bathroom. after that's packed, i'm hoping to do some laundry and air up the tires on my bikes, just so they'll be easier to move.

lil bit's coming over to help me finish everything up tomorrow nite. i move all my stuff on saturday and then i'm gone. tomorrow will be the last time i walk to work. =(

Monday, March 06, 2006

pack it up pack it in, let me begin

i have to pack! it's almost 6:30 and i just got off of work. today was not the day i needed. it started as soon as i got to work... actually, when i got to the door of my building. first off, i got all the way to work and as i'm opening the door i look down and realize i still have my flip flops on! yes, i wear my flops in the morning because i don't have slippers right now. i ran down my old pair and now i have none. i have to come back home and put shoes on.

* i get back to work and one of the managers is already on the phone, bitchin' about an application that didn't run. i'm on the phone with the vendor immediately.

* then, from the assistant to our director: we're getting new printer/fax/copier/scanners. what's the IP? do they have a data jack in place already? what's the phone number for the fax?

* first of month reports are due. now!

* the data jacks need activation. i have to show the telecomm boys where they're going.

* monday reports are due. now!

* the before mentioned application is still not running.

* the dork wants to put a server station behind one of our most valued employees. i don't want him to because of the distractions. so we get into a big to-do.

* then there was a whole other thing with a person who expects me to do her job. i forwarded it to the dork to handle.

i'm now at home and i need to get crackin' on the packin'. wish me luck.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - my daddy and stepmonster came into town for the rodeo... with 27 of their closest friends. they only brought seven of them to visit with me. we hung out at the local bar for about an hour or so then they were on their way to the next stop. they had already made rounds all from the airport to the island.

afterwards, i went to see HM and we went to 'deaux to celebrate the sale of his dad's land. we had a really good time. i really enjoy being with him. we're in our own little world when we're out with each other. we're very silly with each other and i like that. he can push it, but for the most part, it's cute. =)

saturday - i took my ringo dog to petsmart to get him a new collar. his is getting too small. that dog needs to quit growing! S1 was right in calling him baby huey. he thinks he's still a little puppy and can fit on top of really small things, like the middle console. he doesn't fit. after the collar, we got his nails clipped and i got all the boys nylabones. yay! they love mommy again!

saturday evening, i spent the better part of it waiting on sweet cheeks. she was supposed to be coming down for the bridal show and had not shown up three hours later. needless to say, i was pretty pissed. when she didn't show up, i was kept company by bailey. bailey is megan's new puppy she rescued from the shelter the other day. i don't want to go into the details, but he's safe now. and totally cute! i didn't take any pictures, i was too busy cleaning up all his pee.

sunday - sweet cheeks got here about 11:00. we went to lunch and talked about her awful day which led to her not coming in last nite. after her story, she's forgiven. she did have a pretty rough day and i couldn't be mad at her. well, i could but she had already gone thru enough.

after lunch, we went to pick up megan and headed to the bridal show. it was smaller than i expected, but there were photographers, videographers, venues, dj's, florists, etc. i won a $50 off coupon for a florist shop i'm sure i won't use. bonus! they also had a "fashion" show. feathers galore. they really should have showed more bridal dresses.

afterwards, we went for a bloody mary and looked thru magazines for ideas. sweet cheeks had some input and i think we kinda got an idea of what kind of dress to get for her and addie. we'll see how that pans out.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

i miss you much

a few things i'll miss when islebethere instead of here.

- walking to work

- getting in sadie just to take a drive down the seawall

- looking at the (sometimes) blue water that is the backwash of the mississippi

- friends

- breeze from harborside

- open windows (safety of living on the 4th floor)

- mardi gras

- friends

- walking EVERYWHERE

- lazy saturdays (gone now cuz i know HM will be slaving me)

- early spring volleyball (i might still get that one in every now and then)

- friends

- 21

- CHEAP bar tabs!

- my apartment

- friends

- walking home from work

i am second to the last to leave commerce. nara is all that's left and it won't be long before she's gone, too. i miss everyone that's gone already and i'm going to miss everyone that remains on the island, even long after commerce is but a memory to us all.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

weekend update/recap

still sick. here are a few pictures to keep you occupied.