Thursday, November 30, 2006

jingle bell rock

these are for S1. i know she's going totally ape-shit as she reads this now. i tried to get her the 45 for it, but the ONE site that had it wanted $20 for it. $20! for a RECORD! geesh! i got her the next best thing... and it was FREE!

apparently, there are two versions of this video. they have one video each for lead vocals. can you say, "ego" boys and girls?

hall version:

oates version:

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i'm so lonely

none of the other buses will play with me.

Monday, November 27, 2006

weekend/holiday update

this weekend marked the "thanksgiving weekend" holiday. it wasn't a very big deal. HM has wanted some down time lately and being the big bad mean wife that i am, i asked him to spend some time with my family. S1 invited us after she found out we weren't going to Conroe. i missed the last "family" get together at easter, because my family likes to plan stuff at the last minute. i hate when i miss the kids doing fun stuff. i know... it's gonna happen again, but i just like to be there for the most of it, while they're young and still like me. i like to be there for the things that i can. that's what mexicans do! we like to see each other. we like to spend time with family. especially for a holiday. nobody's rushed to get home or get their kids to a tournament or game. we get to actually spend time together and talk. i know i see my family more than most, but that's why i choose not to make the move to Houston. i would die if i didn't get to see the kids at least once a week. i once toyed with the idea of moving to austin. this was about 11-12 years ago. technology hadn't come as far, back then, and there were no webcams. i actually looked into the video-phone. they were brand new and EXPENSIVE! but i was willing to pay for it to talk to my Booger and see his chubby little face whenever i could. in the end, i couldn't do it. i couldn't leave my Booger. he could give two craps about me now, but at one time, ONE TIME LONG AGO, i was the shizznit to him and he was the same to me. i couldn't leave. this is how much family means to me. wow... okay, uh, can you say "off the beaten path"?

Honey Bunny, Tori, and Shaggy

anyhoo, we spent a few hours at S1's. BIL1 cooked up some good turkey. as always, S1's stuffing is spectacular! S2 brought some side vittles, including frozen corn with about a tub of butter it was cooked in. Booger was his normal "cheery" self. see below.

Booger, BIL1, BIL2 & S2

friday - we had game nite. there were only five of us, but it was fun. we played I LOVE THE 80'S. it's full of trivia, some that you have to sing or act out or draw. it was entertaining to say the least.

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ET & S1, S2

p.s. i am SO not partnering with S1 again until she watches some more VH1! get on it.

saturday - we went to Gabe's wedding. i got to see some of the team. it was a grand ol' mexican wedding. full of mariachi's and the sort. they had so much fun dancing! i miss mescan dancing. i used to dance alot with my dad (hi daddy!) at weddings and what not. he would spin me a lot. i liked it. i felt like a little mescan ballerina. KIDDING!

check out the bottom of Gabe's shoes. you probably can't see... they say "HELP ME".

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Claudia & Gabe, Dawlett, AfterSchoolSpecial, Lil Bo PeeP

sunday - i went to pick up Booger and his friend to come clean our yard. they were getting paid good money to whack down some dead banana tree leaves and rake the yard. they'll be back when they get out for christmas break.

i also loaded my jukebox! YAY ME! mostly 80's some 70's and CHRISTMAS music. i even had christmas labels printed. cuz i'm cool like that. i ordered a couple of more christmas records last nite; Billy Squier, "christmas is the time to say i love you" and John Lennon, "happy xmas". S1 ordered Band-Aid, "do they know it's christmas time". there are so many more i want, but i'm holding back right now. sadie's almost out of icu and i gotta pay for the transplant.

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until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

vimeo is up and running

bonus video, to make up for not being here tomorrow and friday.

last week i picked Princess up from the babysitter. since Sadie is sick, i was in BigRed. since i didn't have my own set of keys with me, i didn't have a key so S1's house. we were stuck in the truck until she got there. this is how we kept entertained.

pretty good baby, pretty good on Vimeo

take it already! on Vimeo

there's more, but that's another post for another time. enjoy.

oh, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING, by the way.

no video

i was trying to post a video of Princess today. Unfortunately, vimeo is down and i can't find any information on when it will be up again.


on another note, safe travels to Addie. she's in NYC right now. enjoying all that she can in 4 days. she'll get to see the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular IN Radio City Music Hall and Wicked while she's there. yay!

come home safely.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


today, we have been married for 1 month. it's been the best month of my life!

Monday, November 20, 2006

weekend update/recap

so, this weekend, we really didn't do much...AGAIN. i know, we lead exciting lives, don't we? exciting enough for a married couple, i guess. an OLD married couple. I KID! i love that we stay home and watch really bad TV.

friday - we didn't do a whole lot...that i can remember. i know we wanted to get an early start on saturday, so i'm pretty sure we went to bed early. we've both had really exhausting weeks lately.

saturday morning - up at the butt-crack 'o dawn! i went to help HM out at the store. i was the box fetcher. they were having a
jim shore trunk sale - christmas type stuff and i had to get the box for the piece they bought. i was also the "wassail passer-outer". "would you like some wassail? care for some wassail? wassail anyone?". that was me, that's what i did. all day. well, at least for the morning.

after i fetched lunch for everyone, i kinda hung out in the office and waited for BA to get there. we got a surprise visit from mamalane. hi mamalane! she brought snickerdoodles... snickerdoodles i haven't' seen since they entered the house, come to think of it. she and i went to get a rental while sadie's in the car hospital. she's getting a transplant. in icu now. please pray for a speedy recovery.

BA finally got there and we went straight to the movies. we went to see
BORAT. yes, it's pretty much in the same category with the JACKASS movies, but i just saw that one last month with Booger. i think, to appreciate Borat, you would have maybe needed to watch Da Ali G Show. i did. it just gives you some background on Borat. needless to say, we laughed. we laughed a lot! we both thot it was funny and, of course, we were quoting it for the rest of the weekend. therefore, getting on HM's last nerve.

saturday nite - the three of us (me, HM, & BA) headed back home for dinner. not to go into all the detail, but we ended up eating "someplace new". it was an asian seafood place with a buffet that hadn't been touched since 11am and it smelled like fish. and, no... we didn't take our queue from the NO CARS in the parking lot.

we still had a good time. we were the only ones in the whole place, other than the owner's family (that probably lived downstairs). we sat on the balcony, enjoyed the view, and listened to the music (that we could hear from across the street at 'Deaux).

after we got home, we tried to watch
BEERFEST. my first attempt, their second and third. BA and i fell asleep. HM woke us up to see the 2-second part of them playing mexican aka liars dice. yeah, that was worth it. =)

sunday - it's a beautiful day! the boys started on the shed. Woz and ET came over and hung out with us. the shed now has all the walls and half a roof. good job! they did a great job actually.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thursday, November 16, 2006

with a little help from my friends

vimeo doesn't allow you to choose the frame to show, so it looks kinda jacked up. the ONE downside of vimeo. for free space to allow me total video freedom, i'm not gonna complain. enjoy~!

with a little help from my friends on Vimeo

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the wheels on the bus go round and round

so, the other day i got some flack about being a “hater” and not posting a “decent” picture of Big Gay Al’s Banana Boat Ride, just Al for short. ha, short… get it? short bus. =)

anyways, even though I took the picture from the official Toyota site, S1 feels the website didn’t do Al justice. you know me, never one to disappoint…much. i wanted to make her happy with new pics.

this one is actually similar to the one she sent me yesterday

i thot it really didn’t do it justice, cuz she has bigger tires, so i found this one

still, there was something missing. i thot, maybe if Xzibit came in and did his magic and "pimped" their ride, it could possibly look a little closer to this

we could even get S1 and princess special t-shirts made

for S1 and princess

tho, i’m sure Booger wouldn't mind having something more like this

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

for now, he’s stuck with “Al”. everybody wave HI to the family!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006



story of us

BONUS video

you're my best friend on Vimeo

Monday, November 13, 2006

return of the weekend update

don't get too excited. i may only do it this week and then get lazy again next monday.

first off, let me start by saying you get a bonus video this week. yes, TWO videos! i'll post one tomorrow and the other one on thursday. these were videos that were supposed to make it to the reception, but did not. my creative juices were just drained. sorry. but i completed them both last nite. yay me!

so... here's the update:

friday - started off easily enough by just going grocery shopping. with a detour to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Chili's and Home Depot. we needed a few things for the kitchen and for building the shed. ended with us watching really bad tv that nite.

saturday - HM went to work and i stayed home. S1 and princess came over to show me the new "short bus" they're driving around in now. they got a new yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser. it looks like something that should be named Big Gay Al's Banana Boat Ride, don't 'cha think? we cruised to the grocery store and i even got to drive it! GASP! everything was fine until she freaked out that i parked near the other "lowly" cars. apparently, new car = walk a mile to the front door.

saturday evening - BA finally made it out, after giving my poor HM a scare. poor thing didn't think his wittle fwiend was gonna make it. =) they played around outside, mostly. HM put briskets on. man make fire. *insert grunt here*

sunday - woke up, not to the smell of eggs and bacon, but just plain woke up... the horror! i know. not even one of BA's famous bloody mary's. geesh! what's a girl gotta do to get some alcohol in her system before noon??? j/k (hi mamalane!)

after i made us some egg sandwiches, i jumped on Lappy and the boys continued their quest to build the shed.

we had some good eats, what with all the brisket and sausage and chicken that was on the grill all day. mmm...mmm... good! we have lunches for the week. unfortunately, i was a little pre-occupied with worrying about my honey being on his motorcycle this morning, that i forgot mine.

it was a good weekend. it's always good to see BA and it was an extra bonus being able to make fun of Big Gay Al's Banana Boat Ride. the princess and i decided that their new car be named, Al. that or risk the thot of being dropped off by the "short bus" at school.

thanks for watching. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, November 10, 2006

spd BIL

this is a pic my new BIL took, at the shack, last summer.

he called last week to welcome me to the family. although, he was at the wedding, we didn't get to talk much. he said he had already considered me his sister and part of the family for quite some time now. it was very touching. he has his moments.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

artistic license

this is a video of me, addie, and sweet cheeks on our way out to the ceremony site. this was about the 100th time addie and i had listened to "you are the sunshine of my life"!

don't mind the super 70's stripe showing on the clip (reminiscent of the pants S1 wore when she was allowed to dress herself for school one day). it will still play if you click on it.

artistic license on Vimeo

...and can you believe, she STILL didn't have the lyrics down...??? LOL

love you, addie!

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

mrs myers if you're nasty

what is with the people who don't know proper "title" etiquette??? why is everyone calling me, "ms" (mizz) myers??? don't they know it's "mrs" (mizzus) now? MRS! how do you NOT know that? how was that not learned? seriously.

and on that note, is it rude to correct them? cuz i have been.

Friday, November 03, 2006

spd wife hair

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it looks better when i fix it... i promise. i was just feelin' lazy this morning.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

n'awlins baby

it's that time again! it was video wednesday, right? i'm trying to get back into the swing of things. with everything. i still need to complete my thank-you's and upload pictures and i'm taking baby steps back to the blog.

here's a little video i took on our honeymoon in new orleans. my honey serenaded me at brunch, at the court of two sisters. i lurve him.

n'awlins baby on Vimeo