Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

the nightmare before christmas eve

'twas the nite before christmas eve
in Myers World Headquarters
not a creature was stirring
even the boys were following orders.

all the food was to be prepped with care
because soon the family would all be there
but what do we find to a sudden fright
the 'fridge is out and been out for 3 nights!

off we go to the 24 hour wal-mart
i even got to ride in one of those motor carts
(those are slow, by the way)
we got all we needed and needed all we got
trust me, filling a 'fridge really takes a lot.

christmas eve went off without a hitch
even tho someone's always gotta be a witch
the kids, the paper, the bows, the presents
maybe next year, someone will be a little more pleasant.

in the end:
i think all the families and friends enjoyed their trip
i even heard mention of wanting more SPINACH DIP!

but wait, there's more. even after the wally-world trip, we got home and got everything put up, we took naps. the garage door was open and somehow the side door opened as well. ringo and rosco got out. at midnite, we're scouring the neighborhood for our dogs. tears in our eyes and lumps in our throats.

they came home after hearing us yell out for them, i think, or after they heard the truck. nightmare before christmas eve, indeed.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ba rumpa bump bum

i tried to find the record for this... no luck. well, no luck if you didn't want to pay more than $25 for it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


while driving around, looking at lights:

HM: it's this way.

me: no, it's this way.

HM: i'm telling you, it's this way.

me: i know where i'm going. geesh!

a few seconds pass...

me: see, i told you it was this way.

Woz: oh, look at that. she was right. a girl was right, guys!



boys are stupid.

Monday, December 18, 2006

weekend update/recap

fun weekend.

friday - picked up Princess for the nite. she came over and while her uncle HM continued painting the living room, she and i made ornaments and magnets. she made some as gifts and they came out really cute. i would show you pictures, but she took ALL of them with her. well, all but one of each. my ornament and Addie's gift. uh, guess what you're getting from Princess, Addie?

after a quick game of truth or dare, in which someone ended up in the dryer, we turned in kinda early cuz we had to get up at the butt crack-o-dawn on saturday.

saturday morning - we got moving and out of the house by 8:05. we had to be at elves and more by 9:00. after a shipley's run and a drive through intense fog, we actually got there on time. and then had to wait in line. a Blondie song comes to mind here. anyways, after watching a video we didn't need to watch (because that was the bike building part), we scurried over to the gift wrapping area. we spent a good two hours being ordered around by senior volunteers and wrapping gifts.

i'm trying to teach the kids about volunteering and "giving back". i took Booger to the same thing (to build bikes) a couple of years ago. he backed out this year and since i could only take one kid (per adult) Princess belted out, immediately, that she wanted to go in his absence. i think she had a good time and maybe she felt like she was doing a good deed.

i did my part, tho. i explained to her the importance of trying to help others, as Addie had done once before. the message being that although you're not always able to help out monetarily, sometimes it's just as good to help out with your time. maybe she got it, maybe she didn't. maybe she was just happy to be somewhere new. who knows?

after lunch and a bit of shopping, we got home early enough that uncle HM was able to torture her just a bit more before she left.

saturday evening - Woz came over for "christmas light cruising". Jim came over, too. we had a blast! we pulled back Sadie's top, took the side windows down and off we went. we cruised around our neighborhood and the neighborhoods we almost bought in. Jim and HM had to crawl into the back seat. that, in itself, was fun to watch!

we were out for about two hours, i guess, with pit-stops back at the house and some random boat launch for the boys with the bladders of 8-year old girls. we cruised around checking out all the cool lights and just laughing. at. everything. i don't even know what was so funny. it just was. of course, the booze we drank before-hand might have helped.

sunday - it was a pretty lazy day. HM finished painting the living room. it's frikkin' GORGEOUS! i love it! it makes the fireplace just POP! now. and my wreath looks pretty good on it, too. =)

we also did some grocery shopping for christmas eve. it's at our house this year. yeah, the family didn't waste no time pushing it on to someone new to host. i'm glad we're doing it at our place, tho. we're having ALL the family there... with all the extended family, we're up to 22 people now. i'm so glad his family will be there and we get to see PB (my newest nephew)! it's gonna be cool cuz he'll be around other kids that will be just as excited as he is. *warm fuzzies*

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, December 15, 2006

(s)Elf portrait day

Princess and Uncle HM

last nite was Princess's christmas program. something about "incredible reindeer" or something. i'm not sure. it was a full 40 minutes of christmas carols, kids messing up their lines, and big headed people getting in my shot. ah, good times.
Princess was the Blizzard Elf. don't ask, cuz i don't know. HM told her she was named after a Dairy Queen treat and proceeded to turn her upside down to see if she would fall out. he seriously thot he had hurt her, she screamed so loud. baby.
i have video of the program, but that's for later. they had some dance moves... well, not "dance" moves, but moves none the less. the kinda jay and silent bob move where you go side-to-side with the ghetto head. you know the one. anyways, she KNOWS that move. i taught her that move! and what does she do? she takes on the "ghost of her mom's dance moves past"! good god, man! not to say that the child has a whole lot of rhythm to begin with, but she KNOWS that move! she was totally cute, tho. i'll have to show it on christmas eve for everyone to see.
that should be fun... right?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

do they know it's christmas?

The original Band-Aid was put together in 1984, by Bob Geldof and some lady from Ultravox. there has since been two others. two others that could not possibly reach the success or equal talent as the original. they were Band Aid II in 1989 and Band Aid 20 in 2004.

reading up in wikipedia, i never knew that David Bowie was originally intended to sing the first lines of the song. lines that were sung by Paul Young because Bowie could not attend.

i've seen all three videos. they all try to re-create the "magic" in the studio. it just doesn't do it for me. i know it's done for a good cause but the original version really rocked it and they should just keep re-releasing that one instead of trying to get new folks to do it. of course, i'm old and there are younger folks who would like to see their favorites belt out a tune for charity as well as i did.

i remember watching the video and being dreamy-eyed over George Michael (like i knew he was gay?). it was also in the days when Bono was cool and pre-blu blocker sunglasses. i also thot Bananarama was really cool and wanted to name my kid Siobhan (shaddup!) for the longest time. to round off the favorites were Boy George, Spandau Ballet, and Sting. how can you not love Sting?

so, here's the one, the only, the original Band-Aid like no other. enjoy.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i'm a frikkin' genius!!

yes. yes, i am. please hold your applause.

how many people do you know, have ONE remote to control them all? NONE, that's how many. cuz even if they have the tv programmed they still always have to use the tv remote to control the sound. i am the time warner remote control master!

last nite was project nite. while HM was painting our living room, with a shade of red that will need at least 10 coats, i opted for a more "not painting" project.... setting up the DVR. santa came early cuz i've been a good girl. =)

it started out as just plugging it in and calling the number to sync it or whatever. but after that, i started reading the instructions on the remote. oh, i always knew there were volume controls on cable remotes. i just never knew you could actually use them. you can! admit it, every house you go to has at least 2 remotes if not more. one for the cable box the other for the volume and then the dvd, vcr, blah blah blah.

we have only the dvd hooked up to our main tv but that, too, has been programmed. yay me! so, we now have DVR. we also have the tv and dvd player AND ALL VOLUME control going thru the cable remote. no more remotes needed. just the one. i'm a god!

you may applaud now.

p.s. this applies to everyone except steph, cuz she has a programmer husband who probably invented the damn thing in the first place! ;o)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

boat parade

i put together a little of the video from the boat parade this weekend. it was a very rushed job. i only did it so quickly for a collaboration on vimeo. that means, one of the members is collecting all kinds of christmas light videos from different members and he'll put them all together into one video. it's my first collaboration in the vimeo community. i kinda got warm fuzzies for submitting my own.

side note on vimeo: it's not
YouTube! people on vimeo are very friendly and there are very rarely any crass remarks about anything. it's all original work (nothing taken from cable) and the members are very creative (ahem, i'm trying). they give each other "pats on the back" for their creative processes and so forth. so, if you're into video (which i'm getting more and more into), you should check it out.

for Innovative Magic collaboration on Vimeo

p.s. i've added a sidebar for my vimeo collections, if you want to check out others.

Monday, December 11, 2006

last christmas

another favorite from old school Mtv.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - cleaned up some to get ready for the weekend. we were in bed by 9:00, if not earlier. we both had early days on saturday.

saturday - got up early. and by early, i mean before noon on a saturday. not cool. did some more cleaning up, went to get dv's for the digicam and got groceries and cookie makin' stuff for cookie makin' day.

mamalane came over and we baked a BUNCH of cookies! we figured it might go alot easier if we baked them before everyone got here. guess what? it worked out pretty well.

saturday nite - we went to watch the boat parade. pretty cold. pretty anti-climactic. good enough to see once. next year, we may go back to 'Lights in the Heights'.

sunday - the kids came over to decorate cookies! they were here for less than three hours, but good god, it was a long day. it was 5:00 and we were already drained.

wow! this weekend was really pretty full, but i think it must have been my shortest update yet.

i think we've started a new tradition of cookie decorating. we did the halloween cookies and now the christmas cookies. what's next? maybe easter cookies? hmmmmm....

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.
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Thursday, December 07, 2006

the Mtv we all know and love

last nite i received some of my records. okay, i got two of them. well, four really but they were two of each song. anyways... one of them was Billy Squier's 'Christmas is the time to say I Love You'. ah, reminiscing.

here's the video with all the old VJ's... Mark with his white 80's afro, Martha and her no rhythm having self, Triple J who never got the fact that he was actually black, and Nina...Nina Blackwood who i will always remember as a hooker, from a movie called Vice Squad, with a pimp named RamRod. i can't even tell you how many times S1 and i watched that movie. seriously...it was ALOT!

the smile on my face is so huge right now just from remembering the 'good ol' days'... and how totally hot we thot Billy Squier was!

the other record i received was the Waitresses 'Christmas Wrapping'. bonus cuz the other side has 'I know what boys like'. good for year 'round playing. alas, no video of that song. but really, how could you even enjoy another video after THIS ONE?!?!?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

bad blogger, bad

no weekend update. here's the short version.

friday - nothing.

saturday - took rent car back, hung out in houston, saw some carolers.

sunday - cleaned house.

monday - cleaned house.

tuesday - got Sadie back. YAY!

wednesday - took Sadie back. BOO!

more later.

Friday, December 01, 2006

spd da gurls

the other nite, i was able to hang with "da gurls". how do you catch up with someone you rarely see, all in the matter of a few hours? sharky came in for a quick layover on her trip to Belize so we went to dinner. Sharky, Lil Bo PeeP, Sweet Cheeks, DD (not a girl), and myself all met out and proceeded to have one of the better girls nite out i've had in a while.

i should also mention that since Sharky has moved to Holland, we've been able to see her, at least, three times this year therefore dubbing 2006 as "The Year of the Shark". it was alot harder coming from Australia. i was never good at geography, so what do i know.

after DD went home, we went back to SC's. i'm not sure what was in the margaritas but for the rest of the nite, we could NOT stop singing "cool rider" from Grease 2. i should also mention LBP and myself knew ALL the lyrics! how gay are we???

it was a good nite. a pleasant nite. one that made me even more appreciative of the great friends i have... even if they do tend to "slip out" every once in a while. i have a few pictures from that nite, but even better, i have more video. video of a cooooooool rider! that will FOR SURE be up next week! why else to have a blog, other than to humiliate your friends?

i don't have those pictures with me right now. i had to transfer and delete so i could get even MORE video of my husband giving me a class on washing machine mechanics 101. for now, here's a picture of 'da gurls' circa 2004, at LBP & DD's wedding.

Sharky, Sweet Cheeks, LBPeeP, and me

p.s. May 2008 marks Sharky's return to the states. That has been dubbed, Cinco De Sharky!