Tuesday, October 31, 2006


after what seemed like a "blur" of a wedding and a week long honeymoon, we thot we'd wind down by having the kids come over and make halloween cookies and cupcakes. did i say, "wind down"? cuz what i meant was, HOLY EXHAUSTION, BATMAN! good god, man! who woulda thot it took so much effort to make some cookies and decorate some cupcakes??? uh... not me!

i think the kids had a really good time, tho. it was fun. EXHAUSTING, but fun. oh, and if you're wondering what the white spotted cookie is, that's my ringo-dog... made by HM. =)


Adrienne said...

from afar, I thought it could be an armadillo. Up close, is he hunching over getting ready to take a dump?

islebehere said...

yes. yes, he is.