Wednesday, October 04, 2006

let's get busy, yo

well, it's been crazy busy around these here parts. over the last 2 weekends we've done some shopping for the wedding. and this weekend i had a baby shower to attend, for fellow cycler annebiker, out in BFE. beautiful BFE. i want to live there, with the tall trees and the big huge yards, but i want there to be here. the shower was at her mom's house in magnolia. day trip. we had a really good time and caught up with each other. we even discussed a possible camping trip over the Thanksgiving holiday. YAY! now if i could only get HM to come with.

we also went to see a college buddy of HM's saturday nite. i think he was a college buddy. not real sure now. anyways, he was playing at fitz's. i am not 24 or a skinhead, so i felt a little out of place. we had a good time, tho. they played old school ska. original ska is what i was told.

this week we've been running around doing different things... or just too damn tired to do anything. yesterday, my coworkers gave us a shower. we got a lot of home depot gift cards. YAY! we're getting closer to getting rid of the carpet in the living room. which also means we'll be getting rid of the dog smell in the house. ew.

we also went to get our marriage license, met with our photographer, and did a run-through at the reception site. had to look at the lights and which switch does what. GEEZ those people can talk!! they're wanting to be our non-official wedding planners... wanting to know our seating chart, etc. and they try to tell you everything they've done and everywhere they've gone. they're a little "over-involved" in renting the space out. which is kinda cool, in a way, but geesh!

oh, bad news for me. i tried to surprise HM with engraving his ring. i was going to have "Baby you amaze me" engraved. that's kinda our song... heehee. BUT, his ring is made of titanium. engraving can be done, but it's harder. the manufacturer that we got it from wouldn't do it, tho. =(

tomorrow, i'm going to hobby lobby with my crafty friend, pollie. she's going to help me find something to give lil bit a little leeway on the cake. lil bit is afraid she'll mess up the fondant, somehow, so she wants some backup. we're going to look for something, NOT flowers.

oh, and this weekend are the bachelor/bachelorette parties. his in houston. mine in galveston. no pictures. no pictures because my frikkin camera was sent back AGAIN today!

i gotta go. HM's buggin'. he has to get up early and he's giving me the monkey face.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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