Thursday, May 31, 2007

you bettah recognize, yo

the other day, dalas started an AIM chat. it started with me, ThommyBrowne and himself. it grew to over 20 people in there at once, including Jakob-founder of Vimeo. here's just a smidgen of it:

Jakob Lodwick: what are your Vimeo names? I recognize islebehere but I don't know everyone else
islebehere: 2 hours for a 20 second clip? what are you working on
madc713: lex productions
sopitajones: Erick C.
lopsangthesherpa: <--Thommy Browne
Jakob Lodwick: oh jeez
Jakob Lodwick: I thought you were a bunch of strangers

just another example of how vimeo is more a "community" than any other video hosting site on the web. it has it's downfalls, don't get me wrong. you can spend a lot of time just watching the videos and working on collaborations with other users. i've become such a nerd since getting really involved. so much so, that Addie and I will be working on a collaboration when i go visit next weekend.

get ready Addie. i wanna see your best PIP PERFORMANCE!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


me: hey, Peik...? uhm, Steve? this is Sweet T. (now realizing that he only knows me as Islebehere)

Peika: HEY! how's it going? i love your videos!

me: (????)


this guy makes some really awesome videos! so to say that he "loves" my videos, was a super compliment to me!

he asked me to call him about the boomstick360. he sent one out to me today and said i should have it by tomorrow. yay! he's asked me to make videos for his boomstick360 website. i guess so he has more than just himself using the boomstick360 (wow, that's a mouthful).

now that i have a sprained ankle, look for some really non-exciting, really boring cycling videos!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

five by five

25 second clip made up of 5 second clips. just another vimeo project.

5 vignettes from islebehere on Vimeo

1. view from my hammock
2. playing with halloween costumes
3. mardi gras happy hour
4. Princess at practice
5. the hubs dancing with the street sign

Sunday, May 27, 2007

movie review - Invincible

Marky Mark is hot!

that is all.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

reason number 52302 why i love my husband

who else is gonna leave it on a Rocky marathon for me to wake up to in the morning??? i woke up right in the middle of a montage! how awesome is that?

how gay am i?

Friday, May 25, 2007

checkered flag

so, for the past few weeks i've been working on Honey Bunny's cd invites. i'm done! i deliver them to S2 today. i had fun doing it. i learned more about photoshop, that's for sure.

i also learned more about what kids are listening to these days... uhm, cRAP! Honey Bunny picked out all the songs and S2 burned the cd's. i recognized THREE of the songs and even those, i couldn't listen to. *shudder* in the words of HM, "you can't have crap without rap". so true.

i wonder if Fergie did bad in school? what is this insistence on spelling everything on every song. is she trying to better our childrens education? is she trying to help? whether it's G-L-A-M or F to the E-R-G-I-E, she really needs to stop. i do not want our youth learning their spelling words from miss london bridge, thank you very little. then again, the day when GLAMOROUS and F to the E-R-G-I-E are on my kids' spelling list, is the day they begin home-schooling. hey, it couldn't be any worse!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

i'm not dead

so my husband has delusions of "everyone's probably thinking i buried you in the backyard", since i haven't updated. i'm still above ground.

what have i been doing? uhm, let's see. since my last true update, i've been to Dallas, went to see Bob Schneider (that sucked by the way), i've been working on Honey Bunny's invitation cd's for her birthday party, trying to find stuff for Princess's birthday invites, took the moms to brunch on the island, put my costa rica hammock up (with HM's help), and went to Indianapolis (that rocked! by the way).

i haven't done any video. i've taken video, i just haven't edited anything. i've got tons of video! i also haven't watched any videos lately. i really need to catch up on vimeo.

i'll give details later about each activity mentioned above. but for now, just know that my husband hasn't killed me. i've got bruises (stUpid mustang) but i'm still alive.

check out the below pics to see what i did for Honey Bunny's cd invite:

1. front cover of cd 2. inside cover of cd 3. the cd itself, with track listing

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

just a quickie

i'm back. i had fun. i will miss the team rides.

this is james aka after school special being a jackass and messing with edwin at the end of day 1. this is just a snippet from the weekend:

After School Special from islebehere

Thursday, May 03, 2007

i love vimeo

this clip is just a testament as to how cool this video site actually is. also, how cool the staff is. the Connected Ventures staff (,, and busted tees) stayed after hours to make this. you might also remember that CV is also the company sending me my check from the BK Stacker Contest. and if that ain't cool, i don't know what is!

i know... i sound really gay right now, but it really is cool. you start to feel like you know these people because you've seen so much of their daily lives, from their clips. and this will sound even gayer, but you feel like you've not only made "contacts", but you've also made "friends".

excuse me while i go de-gay myself. enjoy the clip.

Lip Dub - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger from amandalynferri

this just in!

i got a call from Addie yesterday, asking, "what's S1's email all about?".

me: huh? what?

S1 sent out an email yesterday, that stated:

Effective immediately, I am no longer employed with the City of Screwed Me Out of A Raise Way Too Many Times. You can reach me at my [personal email] or on my cell phone at 555-outta-here.

it's just a shame she has to leave a job that she really loves doing. a job that she was really good at. she was the go-to girl. people always came to her for help and she knew exactly what they needed.

too bad her boss didn't see it that way. her boss that thot she should keep her help and opinions to herself. to paraphrase Addie, "we don't value you as an employee, so sit down and shut up". i'm glad she's leaving. she doesn't deserve the crap she had to take.

the only question is, will she still get the sweet ass short-bus parking at her new job???

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

extreme makeover: blog edition

you may have noticed something new today. the design on my blog comes to you from the very creative, very talented, newly nuptialized Sam of sam's mad skillz. i had noticed on her daily blog, that she had been experimenting with different areas of photoshop, CSS, HTML, etc. i thot, "hmm, i bet she would know the dimensions i need, to create a new header... and exactly where to place it". so i delurked and shot her off an email.

she emailed me back pretty quickly, considering she was getting married THE NEXT DAY and said she would get right on it. i didn't expect her to actually make the header, but she went full force with it.. and who am i to keep you from your dreams? that is, if your dream is to make a new header and template for some HTML-challenged girl who reads your blog but never comments.

it looks GREAT, doesn't it? i told her that i wanted a palm tree/island sort of feel but not overly done. and that i wanted the palm tree for the "I" in islebehere. you can read about that little adventure, here. thumbs up on creativeness and colors.

i lurve my new layout! thanks Sam!