Friday, May 25, 2007

checkered flag

so, for the past few weeks i've been working on Honey Bunny's cd invites. i'm done! i deliver them to S2 today. i had fun doing it. i learned more about photoshop, that's for sure.

i also learned more about what kids are listening to these days... uhm, cRAP! Honey Bunny picked out all the songs and S2 burned the cd's. i recognized THREE of the songs and even those, i couldn't listen to. *shudder* in the words of HM, "you can't have crap without rap". so true.

i wonder if Fergie did bad in school? what is this insistence on spelling everything on every song. is she trying to better our childrens education? is she trying to help? whether it's G-L-A-M or F to the E-R-G-I-E, she really needs to stop. i do not want our youth learning their spelling words from miss london bridge, thank you very little. then again, the day when GLAMOROUS and F to the E-R-G-I-E are on my kids' spelling list, is the day they begin home-schooling. hey, it couldn't be any worse!

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