Thursday, June 21, 2007

rain, rain go away

so even tho the day started out raining, it ended up not being a bad day. the pool party went on as planned. it was barely sprinkling when we got there. here are some scenes from the party.

Honey Bunny Birthday from islebehere on Vimeo

and if you wanna see the pics, click here.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday, June 18, 2007

weekend update/recap

it was a Honey Bunny birthday weekend!

friday - picked up Honey Bunny (and friend, CC) to take her shopping for her birthday and for the annual birthday sleepover. she's at a weird size where nothing fits and everything is sagging at her crotch. nothing found at Old Navy. onto JCPenney. still didn't find a whole lot, but found one outfit and a $30 camo shirt that she REALLY wanted. let me tell you this... i don't pay $30 for my OWN shirts, i'll be damned if i'm gonna buy one for a 9-year old! what's funny is, she was the one that pointed it out first. her eyes got so big when she saw the tag. me, not knowing about kids clothes and how much they cost, just assumed since they were smaller - they were cheaper. HA!

turns out, when we got up to the checkout, the total was half what i expected. Honey Bunny and i looked at each other as if reading each others minds. i said, "camo" and she and CC ran back to the dressing room to get it! so she got her outfit and the camo shirt that she REALLY wanted.

afterwards, we went to Red Lobster cuz she wanted seafood. there really weren't a whole lot of other options around us, for seafood, that were reasonably priced. i did have two hungry hungry children with me. so, Red Lobster it was. after a round of coke floats, stuffing our faces and gabbing about softball, we headed back home. but not before laying down the rules of the house...
  • no ghetto talk
  • no cRap music
  • no sneaking anything. if you want it, ask for it.
  • must wash all dogs
okay, that last one i just threw in for effect, but they really did need baths. after hearing these rules, CC asked if she could sleep late, i told her THAT was A MUST!

we were supposed to make a video, but we were all so tired. we started watching Grease and fell asleep.

saturday - arrest me now. i left one child sleeping and the other watching
Napoleon Dynamite so i could go and get them some donuts a half mile away. we still didn't make a video. they all of a sudden turned shy. we did, however, make them sing the lyrics to Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and videoed it for future humiliation.

they stayed until it was time for the swimming party. the whole time, wishing the rain away. the party went "swimmingly" well. all the kids had a good time, i think.

sunday - we went to Conroe for father's day. we saw Papatom, Mamalane, Granna, Topher, Julia, and Parker Boy. two weekends in a row for seeing Parker... BONUS!

the place we went to was a winery.
Taverna winery to be exact. very "european". lemme tell you, if that place is gonna make it, they need to get "americanized" on how long it should not take to get your meals. we were there from 1:00 to 4:00. very nice place. great atmosphere. and it did allow for me and Parker to have some play time together. also, gave me time to warm up to Julia a bit. a little bit. i can also tell that Granna likes me. she really likes me. she asked if i had made her pie crust yet (i have not) and she even had me hold the stall door for her (it wouldn't lock) in the restroom. i'd say we bonded. =)

that was pretty much our weekend. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. i have pics and a little bit of video from the party. i'll put it all up... gimme time. until i do, here are just a couple of pics from the weekend.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


having a cuddly moment after Robot Chicken's Star Wars:

me: i love you, baby.

HM: i love you as much as Star Wars.

me *glaring at him*: you don't love me more than Star Wars?

HM: well, don't be silly, nobody can love anything more than Star Wars!


HM: but loving you as much as Star Wars, means i love you a really really really really whole lot!

should that last sentence comfort me or scare me?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

weekend update/recap

so much to tell for just the 2 days we were there. first of all, Seth got us an amazing room at the Renaissance in the Arboretum! it was so nice! after the drive we had just had, our mission when we got there; find the lobby bar.

we had a blast just sitting in the bar. apparently, the piano guy was playing trivia with one of the patrons. music trivia. how could i not join in??? he played games that had us guessing tunes he played. if we got so many correct, we got a free drink. guess who got some drinks??? not the other team! come on... Q: what do "pretty woman" and "jump" have in common? A: both sung by Van Halen. duh! okay, so "pretty woman" was a cover, but still. i got my first drink with that one.

after music trivia Seth, Addie, and Topher made it over to the lobby to see us. we went to some random Tangerine's bar then to another place where shots were taken and fun was had.

after brunch on saturday, we went shopping with Topher and Addie. we got some records from Antone's and looked around at some toy store. we stopped for pina colada's and then had some down time before dinner at Saltlick. Saltlick was gooooood! OMG, it was good! i'm only upset i couldn't enjoy it more. i got sick. yuck.

sunday, we got to see Parker Boy aka Monkey Boy! good god that boy is a ball of energy! so cuuuute, tho. i got a good workout on my arms, that's for sure. we rarely get to see the little monkey so i'm glad and also a little surprised at how well he took to us. he didn't hesitate at all when calling Uncle "Drain" to come play with him.

thanks for everything Addie! we had a really good time!

p.s. sorry we didn't get to Pip it up.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

oh mickey what a pity

some more beta.

HM and ET dancing on stage with the spazmatics.

oh mickey you're so fine from islebehere on Vimeo

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

conversations on IM

discussing her internship with cv/vimeo this summer:

duplo: I'm trying to act smart though since I'll be there at cv next week. I don't want to be pestering them with too many questions so that they all hate me by the time I arrive!

islebehere: haha! i doubt that'll happen. throw the dimples, automatic forgiveness!

duplo: haha

duplo: I'm basically staking my entire summer on my dimples.