Friday, February 24, 2006

she's throwing in the towel... literally

so we all the know the story of S1 and no hand towels in the guest bath, right? well, guess what??? she has a towel now!! sure it looks like one they may have ripped off from their last vacation stay at the holiday inn, but it's a towel none the less... and last nite, i didn't have to air dry my hands after washing them.

here's a little before & after for ya:



Thursday, February 23, 2006

feeling that way

sorry there have been no updates. yeah, cuz i got that big a fan base that i need to apologize...

anyways, been feeling a little under the weather this week. it started last week and hasn't ended. i finally got some cold medicine; nyquil, dayquil and sudafed. nyquil sucks! both nites i took it, i was up half the nite! i took it last nite and was up until 3:45 then had some crazy ass dream... i was in a truck with some mescan (don't know who it was) but he "told" me to do something and i told him to say, "please" and then he started freaking out and driving all crazy and i don't know what happened after that. he never said please and i never did what he told me to. bastard. he'll learn.

on another note, since i've been sick i've been doing nothing at the apt. i need to pick-up again for this coming weekend. it'll be mostly HM's friends coming in from austin and houston. it's gonna be cool! BA is coming in... he's my favorite! my friends flaked. frisky has a test this weekend, franika went to new orleans last weekend (which was probably a lot cooler!), and sweet cheeks says she's been sick. ;0) she'll make it up to me next weekend, tho. i have her coming in for a bridal show thingy at the convention center. she's probably gonna wish she had made it to mardi gras instead.

Monday, February 20, 2006

weekend update\recap

this was week 1 of mardi gras festivities. i started to feel like i was coming down with something but my dumbass never got any cold medicine for myself. i kept forgetting to get it while i was out and when i got back home, i didn't wanna go back out again, in the cold, to get any.

it was a pretty weak celebration. it was too cold and i'm sure people thot it would be raining all weekend. plus, there was the all star game going on this weekend, too.

i didn't have to work and i didn't have boston here to hang out with. i sometimes work a beer booth and that keeps me pretty busy the first weekend. this year, they had everything covered. also, boston's been gone for a couple of years now, but i always think about him during this time. we just always had a lot of fun hanging out and watching the bands.

friday - kinda finished picking up around my place. i wasn't really expecting anyone. it was too damn cold and nobody wanted to leave the warmth of the bars. i ended up hanging out with my telecomm buddies. they were splitting time between my place and another party at the roof garden. it was a good time. we had a few drinks, walked around for a bit, went to 21, and i called it an early nite. i missed my honey.

the telecomm boys and their look-a-like

saturday - telecomm1 called me for breakfast. i met him and his wife out for mescan. it was the first time i'd met his wife and she was glad cuz she said she's heard plenty about me. about how cool i was and all. you know, the usual. afterwards, i took a burrito to my buddy and had a bloody mary. waiting for my annual friend to get into town.

when she got there, we made our way to the seawall where it easily could have doubled as a ghost town. it was the cold. it kept everybody in. we still met up with my co-worker friends at a warm and cozy bar.

co-worker friends and annual friend in the background

a little later, we had some lunch then made our way to jeff's mom's house. thank god brad & dana were there. jeff went out of town. jake, his brother, was shooting the all-star game and gabe is MIA. these are the regulars. also, with jeff and jake not being there, there were NO CRAWFISH TAQUITOS!! how could they?!?!? that's the one thing i look forward to every year! yes... when we move, we (or i, myself) will still make it down for the first weekend and CRAWFISH TAQUITOS!

dana's fluoride infested teeth and a group photo with brad

after the parade and very interesting conversation (another story all on it's own), we made our way back downtown. we made the usual rounds and ended the nite at whiskey's, which also made for interesting conversation. two of the bar peeps are getting married. the groom was really excited to tell me about it. he told me all about the wedding party and his buddy, mike, being "his second". what are we.... racing at thunder road??? anyways, he goes on to tell me that the groomsmen are wearing... are you ready for this... vampire tuxedos. what the hell is a vampire tuxedo??? i googled it and only saw vampire costumes. he also said the bridesmaids were wearing vampiress dresses. he then went on to tell me that she would be the only light surrounded by darkness. his face lit up when he talked about it. in his mind, it was beautiful and that's all that matters.

sunday - i begged the tacqueria to deliver breakfast tacos to us. since the streets were all blocked off we compromised and i met them a block away. that was the best deal ever made! we didn't have to walk the six blocks in the freezing cold and we got to eat in our jammies! and watched
bubble boy

while we were eating! how could breakfast get any better?

we pretty much just lounged around until around 4:00. after that, my annual friend went home and i continued watching re-run movies on tbs.

i wanted to play with my new toy... my 400G external hard drive. yes, i am a true gadget geek! instead, started downloading pictures and video from the weekend.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

gimme a break!

mardi gras is coming! mardi gras is coming! so, we all know my penchant for procrastination, correct? my place is a wreck and i’ll have people in and out all weekend. it’s the first weekend so it’s not gonna be crazy, but still.

i spent all evening shopping, washing, putting away and cleaning… and i STILL haven’t made it to the living room. except for the bar. i cleaned the bar. priorities. right now, i’m taking a break to watch
without a trace only to find out it’s a re-run. i don’t mind re-runs, but this one was kinda lame. since it’s a lame one, i decided to go ahead and break anyway. as you can tell.

i think i may wait until lunch, tomorrow, to finish the living room. or maybe after work. i dunno. the living room just mainly needs “pick-up”. i think i’m done for the nite. i even made a trip to the laundromat to wash all my blankets! damn, i’m good! i needed clean blankies for friends that are staying over next weekend.

to tell you a little bit about the first and second weekends of mardi gras… the first weekend i usually spend on the seawall. there are two parades. the day parade, i hang out with co-worker friends that don’t see a lot. co-workers meaning, i talk to them on the phone a lot but we don’t work in the same department. the nite parade is reserved for the team. my cycling team goes to jeff’s moms. she always has a big bounce thing in the backyard and we watch the parade from a block away. afterwards, we get the grub ON! every year, she has shrimp taquitos, crawfish taquitos, homemade mac & cheese, gumbo, and much more! last year, she let me take some taquitos home! i had ‘em for breakfast the next morning.

another good thing about the first weekend is that my “annual” friend may become my semi-annual friend. she’s coming in saturday to join in the festivities.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

p.s. i love you

we've come a long way, baby!
happy valentine's day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - not much of anything really. i was supposed to clean up or do some laundry or work on the evite. instead, i played all nite. i started watching something… and then saw this website and got hooked. i was looking up all kinds of stuff on old movies from the 80’s. got a little carried away. that was about it.

saturday - got up early to make it to the princess’ basketball game. got plenty of video but of course i wasn’t filming when she had the ball! BIL1 wanted to take me to lunch for my birthday, (of course, this was before he found out S1 already got me a gift) so we went for seafood (not red lobster) where the princess proceeded to eat her weight in crawfish! takes after her aunt sweet t.

crawfish that was left, S1 & booger, BIL1, and the princess self portrait

best presents EVER! C A A A N YOU D I I I I G IT?!?!?
after lunch, i had to do some shipping then headed home. it was a pretty full day already. after naps, HM and i went to see donkeey at the san luis then had birthday dinner at the steakhouse. YUM! we called it an early nite since i had to be up in the morning.
sunday - can i get a WUWU? the fourth annual WUWU was upon us on sunday. i was supposed to be there at 7 but didn’t wake up until 6:30! it’s a good 45 minute to an hour drive from my place. i realized i set the alarm for 5:00pm and not AM! HM got up to make me coffee (god i love him!) and i jumped around to get ready and get out the door in 15 minutes. okay… 20 minutes.
we had such a good time at the WUWU! i got to see my annual friend, cynthia. she is so much fun to hang out with! we're annual friends because this is the only time we ever see each other. we’re on each others rest stop every year. she said she almost left when i didn’t show up early. she loves me.
everything was good with our rest stop except the hack tramp that showed up, solely it seemed, just to piss me off! seriously… this girl gave me nothing but grief! as soon as the ‘eye of the tyger’ called and said they needed corner marshals, i sent her! ugh… i was DONE with her. get lost!
it wasn't all bad, tho. one of the girls from last year totally redeemed herself. last year, whenever we asked her to do something she was scared she might break a nail and try to delegate it to someone else or flat out just not do it. this year, she had the majority of everything setup before i even got there. she and the newest member of my rest stop team, austin. austin will be with me for future WUWU's. that little kid worked his butt off!! he totally rocked. austin, my annual friend and myself were the only non-freaks at my rest stop. we will continue the tradition and next time, not on a lame ass rest stop like THREE! i will be reclaiming rest stop FOUR next year!

pauline & portobello, zak attack, annual friend & me, lil bo & brokeback, and char in the background

random photos of 'the kids of WUWU'

for all photos of the WUWU, click here. also, i will go into much more detail about my gifts, later, cuz i think they are totally cool and deserve more than just a picture posted on a blog. for now, good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

since u been gone?

seriously... what the hell is it with kelly clarkson that everybody is so hyped about?? that's all i've heard about the last few days. first, dadgonemad mentioned her in his blog because he's a little embarrassed to say he likes her. then, because of that thing with her not allowing american idol to use her songs and then on addie's blog and then she won two grammys last nite (and failed to thank the show that MADE her).

anyways, i had that damn song going thru my head all day. i had even mentioned it to HM, to which he thot it was life altering and probably couldn't live without me finishing the story... NOT! so i tell him, i GOTTA hear what everyone is talking about. i went to borders and listened to a few snippets of her cd. first, i listened to the recommended songs then went on to the not so popular ones. she's alright, i guess. good voice, just not my kinda music. i'd have to be in the mood for popsy bee bop... and is it just me or does she get dumped in every damn song??? at least in every new single she comes out with. she's always pissed off at someone who just dumped her. "i just got dumped. wrote a song about it. like to hear it? hear it go... heeeyeeahh".

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

double vision

i don't know what the hell is going on or why, but the past two days there's something freaky going on with my vision. i was at work and all of a sudden, everything was blurred. the top right corner of my vision was jagged. it freaked me out and one of my co-workers told me to go see a doctor ASAP! my buddy drove me over and as soon as we got there, it was gone. my vision was clear.

the doc checked me out and told me, physically, there's nothing wrong with me, my eyesight is perfect and that i just had symptoms of a migraine. fair enough. i guess i'd never had one. i've had really bad sinus headaches but not a migraine. no meds. he told me to go home and sleep it off in a dark room. done.

last nite, i went to target. i wanted to get the kids' V-day cards and check out the new flash wristband. i could totally use the wristband, but it'd have to be bigger than 256MB. if they ever have a 1G wristband, i'm all over it! back to my point... at target, i'm looking at cards and it happens again. the blurred vision. only it's in a different spot this time. it's the bottom left and in a triangle shape. i can't read the cards. pretty freaky. so i pay attention to it (doc said if it happened again, go see an opthamologist) but this time i don't get a headache.

i go to work today and i'm talking to the dork... dr dork if you will. he has now diagnosed me with sinus pressure. he says that's why the blurred vision and the headaches. it happened to him a few years back. of course. what hasn't? i was okay all day until the very end. it wasn't as bad as the previous two days, not by a longshot. two minutes as opposed to 30. if it happens again, for a prolonged period of time, i suppose i should see a specialist of some sort. i'm not too jazzed about that one, but i'll do it.

like i'm not already frikkin' stressed enough!?!?!?!?!??

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

little sister


even as a child, i mastered the art of "tuning out".

Monday, February 06, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - went to a mardi gras happy hour w/ $10 all you can drink margaritas. bad idea. i was completely wasted and utterly useless the whole next day. i had fun at the happy hour, tho. i got a lot of congrats and good luck on our engagement. it was fun talking about the plans and hearing all the "married people" stories. it was a fun time just talking to everyone. it could have just been the alcohol but it was still fun. we laughed our asses off most of the nite.

saturday - not a good start. S2 woke me up with a phone call, pretty early. she was making g sure i was coming over to see my dad. my hungover ass went back to sleep. woke up again around 1 and got in the tub. i let the hot water just run over me until it ran out. went back to bed.

around 2:00, after a call from S1, i got back up and started moving around (seriously, can they not entertain our dad without me???). i took a real shower and got out the door around 3:00. and let me gripe for a second... what the hell is it with mexican restaurants closing at 2:00 on the weekend??? do people not eat mexican food after 3:00??? i know I do! and i could have used some greasy-cheesy when i finally got out! the place i did find was not as good as anything i've had anywhere else. ick. i got to S2's and was not as entertaining as everyone had hoped for, i'm sure.

later that evening, we met HM for dinner. i had a bloody mary to try and bring me out of my funk, but it didn't work. the stepmonster said she had never seen me so bad off. i don't get drunk alot. i gotta say, i probably won't be getting drunk again any time soon.

sunday - woke up to bacon and pancakes. seriously, what did i do to deserve this man?!?!?? after breakfast, we went to look for furniture. both of us have pretty mis-matched bedroom furniture so we want a new bed and furniture to match. we hit about five different stores and got a few ideas about what we like. after that, i treated my man to dinner and we called it an early nite.

i wish i would have been in a better place saturday. it's not like i get to see my dad and the stepmonster every day. i did make my dad cry, tho. i finally asked if he would do me the honor of walking me down the aisle (with a keepsake card he'll keep near his heart forever). i always assumed he knew he would, but as with a past wedding in the family he didn't want to ruffle feathers. he said yes. i can't wait.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. the princess made the first basket (2 points) at her basketball game this weekend!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

rock lobster

tonite i had a date with the booger. no pictures... HM has the camera. anyways, as per usual, he wants to go to red lobster. i vow to, one day, show that boy what good seafood is!

our date was for his birthday dinner. yes, it was back in december but we've both been pretty busy. and as i've said before... it's just not cool to hang out with your aunt when you're 14 and mr. popular! the little shit only wanted to suddenly go because he was grounded. fine. use me.

seriously... we have nothing to talk about. it was pretty silent the whole way up there. except for the necessary talk of trying to get him to go somewhere else. at red lobster, we find a common ground... sports. thank god i know something about sports! we talked football, cuz that's the one i know, a little baseball and very little basketball. we both think the texans need a new offensive line, roger needs to retire no matter where he's at now and there are too many injuries for the rockets so they suck.

we also talked cars. he'll be driving in two years. he wants a black jeep wrangler, hard top. i told him that was useless cuz why bother getting a jeep if you can't take the top off. well... you can. but it's a lot harder. he said soft tops are too loud and he'd rather take the doors off. such a boy thing to do. he made his point later when i asked if he wanted to go to Baskin-Robbins. he replied with, "no, i don't like Batman & Robin". smartass.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

happy sweet-t-nukkah!!

guess who's having a birthday????

it's official! yep... it starts now! you have 10 shopping days until my birthday! feel free to send early gifts.

what's that you say? you don't know what to get me? well, don't hurt yourself. lemme help ya out... cuz i'm that kinda gal, helpful like that. just click on "buy me stuff" picture over on your right, there. go ahead... don't be shy.

note the balloons: pre take-home-helium days.