Thursday, February 23, 2006

feeling that way

sorry there have been no updates. yeah, cuz i got that big a fan base that i need to apologize...

anyways, been feeling a little under the weather this week. it started last week and hasn't ended. i finally got some cold medicine; nyquil, dayquil and sudafed. nyquil sucks! both nites i took it, i was up half the nite! i took it last nite and was up until 3:45 then had some crazy ass dream... i was in a truck with some mescan (don't know who it was) but he "told" me to do something and i told him to say, "please" and then he started freaking out and driving all crazy and i don't know what happened after that. he never said please and i never did what he told me to. bastard. he'll learn.

on another note, since i've been sick i've been doing nothing at the apt. i need to pick-up again for this coming weekend. it'll be mostly HM's friends coming in from austin and houston. it's gonna be cool! BA is coming in... he's my favorite! my friends flaked. frisky has a test this weekend, franika went to new orleans last weekend (which was probably a lot cooler!), and sweet cheeks says she's been sick. ;0) she'll make it up to me next weekend, tho. i have her coming in for a bridal show thingy at the convention center. she's probably gonna wish she had made it to mardi gras instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hey chica - get better soon. I broke my toe Tuesday night and am on crutches. I don't think I would have made very good company this weekend, anyway....These crutches bite. Have a great time and I am sorry that we are missing out this year. Keep on bloggin....FrAnika