Tuesday, November 29, 2005

parker boy

Monday, November 28, 2005

weekend update\recap

friday - got up and went to sistah sweet cheek's place. she's been sick and wasn't able to make it to her mom's for the holiday. she had been eating off of the ham she was supposed to take. ET was kind enough to let me make a plate for her.

i also had lunch w/HM and went grocery shopping for the weekend. note to HM: do not send me shopping for meat ever again. addie got to HM's soon after. i can't really remember what we did. i'm pretty sure it involved watching the big screen and stuffing our faces. damn... what DID we do friday?

saturday - we were supposed to go to S1's and take some family photos. since it was raining out, she didn't wanna do it. so, addie and i went shopping. well... addie went shopping. i went for shopping support. we hit a few stores then came back for a snack. left again for something else that i don't remember. what the hell is going on with my memory???

that nite, HM grilled us up some good stuff. shrimp enbrochette and talapia with some special sauce and sweet potatoe something or other. good stuff! we were supposed to trim the tree but we were so full it didn't happen.

sunday - addie and i went to see
walk the line (to get out of HM's hair). good flick. i actually thot i might want to buy the dvd when it comes out. kinda long, but still good. amazing how he sounded like johnny cash. not a bad singer, at all.

we had a good time trimming the tree and putting all the CAR ornaments on it. it's so cute hearing HM talk about each ornament... how he got it and what kind of car it is.

that's about it for the weekend. it seems like a lot more happened but something's going on with my memory. then again, i do recall just sitting in front of the big screen for quite a bit of it.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. friday, i also remember taking the mustang to the body shop then stopping at happy hour. after that, i'm drawing a blank.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

over the river and thru the woodlands...

...to mamalane's house we went.

HAPPY- you-stole-our-land-and-killed-our-people-DAY! that's the indian coming out in me. today is thanksgiving and i spent it with HM's family. it was a good one. we got to see his brother and parker-boy, who i don't see very often. he's so cute. and getting so big.

my dressing was well received. mamalane said she loved it and even kept some. i'm pretty sure she did really like it.

the highlight of my day, you ask? that would DEFINITELY have to be driving mamalane's 1965 mustang back to HM's! oooooh, it was so cool! HM says it could use a tune up but i so didn't care. I WAS DRIVING A '65 'STANG!!

we got back and went to ET's for drinks and merriment. i had a good time. we met some random people that live on the rock. i know i've seen them before, perhaps on a walk-thru on the post.

good times on turkey day.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.

~William Jennings Bryan

there's no way i would have been able to pull off the dressing if it wasn't for S1. she rawks! she came over last nite to "guide" me thru the process of making dressing. excuse me, CORNBREAD dressing. as i was told last nite, there's a difference between my dressing and "real" dressing. as if! white folks.

anyways, she told me she was just going to sit and watch but as soon as she got there, she dug in. everything was prepped, we just had to put it all together. of course, she chopped up everything more (i think it was just because she wanted to use my big sharp knife that she fell in love with) and started crumbling the cornbread. she even took out the burnt pieces of bread. she's so good.

when we were all finished, i did the taste test and was worried that i might have put too many greens... not enough cornbread... not enough salt. i didn't know. k-pooop to the rescue! he came up to give it a taste. i could tell he thot it was good but it was still missing something. he nailed it! i added the "secret ingredient" and it was poi-fect! well, we'll see when we get to mamalane's.


after the dressing, i baked cookies to take to "the last supper" at commerce. i couldn't make my usual garlic mashed potatoes as i was just a tad busy. this year we didn't do the traditional turkey and dressing. instead it was a big ol' pot of turkey & dumplings. mmmmm, good.

it's the last thanksgiving dinner we'll do at commerce. this is the 4th year for it... my 3rd. everybody's moving out of the building so it was a "goodbye" dinner for most. hopefully, we'll have our house in place and we can do it again, in a different location, next year. it won't be commerce, but it'll still be family.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

weekend update\recap

pretty uneventful. yes, it's tuesday and i couldn't get online, for some reason, last nite.

friday - invited to a martini party. i really didn't feel like going so i stayed in and watched once upon a time in mexico, i think. did some laundry.

saturday - laundry. oh, and i watched thru season 3 of the old mtv series, daria. i didn't have cable when it was on before and only caught an episode here and there. god love the internet.

sunday - more laundry. went to the grocery store to get some dinner fixin's for my man. watched sky high. it was a cute flick. also watched family guy that's always funny, but there was this one part where brian started singing and dancing to "peanut butter jelly time" and i laughed my ass off! HM didn't think it was so funny, but i was cracking up. supposedly, it's a kids' song or something...??? anyways, today i saw the original video version of "peanut butter jelly time". you should check them both out.

i had more on my original post. yes... as uneventful as it was. i think it was more "filler" than anything else. this is the raw version. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

weekend update\recap

i just typed up this long thing... uneventful as it was. i'm not typing it all over again. frikkin' blogger!

aarrggghh!! if i get the urge later, i'll do it again. for now, no way.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

to sir, with love

football hero
all that jazz
if the tiara fits...
hey big spender!
i told you i was a princess

and you may tell yourself, this is not my beautiful house

- once in a lifetime, talking heads

today was inspection. the inspector went to look at the house and said that he had not seen a house in that good of shape for how old it was. granted it's only 11 or so years old, but still. the realtor said he's usually more talkative only he wasn't talking because he wasn't finding anything wrong.

i took plenty of pictures. we're going to play around with a paint program HM has. we have 'til march, so there's no rush. click here for a few BEFORE pictures.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

punk rock princess

here is the request from the princess:

i can't wait to show her this when she's 17!

Monday, November 14, 2005

wide open spaces

-dixie chicks (as if i ever listen to them)

WE FOUND A HOUSE!! not only did we FIND a house, but we BOUGHT a house! the house has everything we wanted. big open kitchen, master bedroom downstairs, gameroom upstairs, plenty of yard for the boys, and room for his cars.... on the side of the house.

the princess already has her room designed with some crazy color scheme (i think her mom smoked crack while she was pregnant). she has picked out hot pink, lime green and bright orange as her colors of choice for the bedroom she will be taking over. she has a very specific floor plan laid out and drew it all out for HM. it's something straight outta Woodstock!

HM wanted to respond w/a drawing of a crack pipe because obviously this child has been smoking, thinking he's painting all of this.

we really can't hold in our excitement! even mamalane is trying to tone herself down. she's really excited for us! hell... she's so excited, the woman is trying to put me on folic vitamins already!!! yeah, and HM thinks the princess has been smokin'...??? she wants grandbabies STAT!

as far as the weekend update\recap...

friday - HM went to look at the house. loved it. decided to make an offer. went to dinner.

saturday - HM called and said, "we got the house". me... stunned silence. was not thinking it was going to happen that fast. he mistook it for disappointment, but honestly, i was just in shock.

saturday nite - celebration dinner w/friends. we went to
mia bella and got to hang out with sir ryan. he's so good to us. i love ryan. went to a place called muldoon's afterwards and a friend of a friend expressed interest in renting HM's place. awesome!

sunday - went to see S1 and family. she made chicken & dumplings for lunch. yum. this is where i got "designs by princess" for her room. afterwards, i came home and took a nap. it was a long day already and i had to rest for the going away party later.

sunday nite - went to fannypack & sara's going away party. they're moving to florida and i wish them the best. it got a little sad, tho. everyone's moving. lil bit already moved to sugarland, sir ryan's in houston, fanny pack & sara are moving to florida, k-pooop was supposed to be moving to some far away resort place in the middle of nowhere, i'm leaving soon and i think sbw's leaving right after me. i love these people... we had some good times on "the post".

from l to r: sara, k-pooop, sbw, sam, HM, sweet t (me), lil bit, billy & fanny pack.

so that's it for the weekend. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. we move march 1.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

searchin' for so long


so today i looked at seven houses. count 'em, SEVEN. five scheduled, two we just sort of happened upon. out of the seven, i liked two of them. completely different homes. one built in the 60's, the other mid-90's. very different styles.

on one hand, i like the older one because of it's old charm and curb appeal... and i really just love those neighborhoods. the newer one just totally rocked, tho. of course, being newer. very spacey. these people were way into the whole "santa fe" (way overdone) look. and they weren't afraid to use color in any of the rooms. blue bathroom, peach living room, pink bedroom, you get it. i didn't get the same feel for the neighborhood, tho.

i went solo. HM will look at them either tomorrow or monday. if he likes one over the other, i'm fine. if he doesn't like either one, i'm fine with that, too. i don't want us to rush into a house just because we want to live together already. i want us to both like it and know we can live in it for a good long while. i know he wanted us to be in a house before christmas, but i don't think it's gonna happen... even if he does choose one of these. i also don't want him to think it has to be one of these. we will find one. maybe not this week, but it will happen. we'll see what he thinks when he sees them.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

take it to da house

it's been a slow week. i've been looking for houses and found five to look at tomorrow. doesn't that sound like FUN?!?!? HA! i'm going solo tomorrow. HM has to work late. actually, HM just has to work normal hours. ownership's a bitch, ain't it? if we don't find anything in this batch tomorrow, we're throwing the towel in until after the holidays. =\

it's not making us happy. we've broadened our search. first, we liked the "more bang for your buck" lots in friendswood, but then we totally fell in love with the "family friendly" neighborhoods of seabrook (well, i did). we started with one subdivison, moved on to another when we couldn't find anything affordable or do-able. we're on our third subdivision now. i've heard good things about it, tho. i have a co-worker friend that lives there now and one that just moved from there. she just wanted a newer house. they built in another subdivision.

i'm so tired... tired of looking at houses we don't like... looking at houses we like but are "pending"... looking at houses we may like but are SOLD. i'm tired. okay, i'm going to stop now because i'm just going to start rambling. i hope we can find something tomorrow. and i hope it's not too far for HM to drive. that man works long hours and i would hate for the drive to add to the grumpiness after the long day.

Monday, November 07, 2005

weekend update/recap

friday - the princess and honey bunny played each other in a scrimmage game. S2 was convinced that honey bunny's team was going to win. they had a really good chance actually. her team was 5-2-1 for the fall ball season. she's in pixie1. princess is in pixie2, which means and older age group. pixie2 won out, 7-5. amazing game from what i hear. i wouldn't know, i was taking a nap. good nap.

HM and BA got in around 8-ish. i went in to work at 9:00 and let the boys have the nite off.

saturday - the boys were so hungover we kinda stayed in for most of the morning. i bought us all breakfast burritos (with HM's tip money from my jar). when we finally decided to get up and out, it rained. does not make well for saggy painted ta-ta's... eewww.

after coming back in, i had to get ready for rucker's wedding. i gave myself an hour to get there. first of all, of course, it took me a while to get to sadie to begin with. next, i hit an ass load of traffic in clear lake. then, there was a wreck on the freeway. i got on the feeder but i was way late. i even did a few loops around the block it was on, because who the hell gives the address to the BACK of a church?!?!? and who sends an invitation with no address or map?!?!? anyways... there was no sign, no big door, no steeple. i finally took a different turn and pulled up on the side of the church. while i was getting out of sadie and walking up to the church... here comes the bride and groom out of the side doors!! at least i made it. but i was so busted.

for the few wedding pics, click here

afterwards, i came back to the rally and hung out with the boys. very tired. very annoyed by everything. ready for bed, but trying to be a trooper.

for all rally pics, click here

sunday - BA took off early. rally over. looked at some more listings for houses. i'm so tired of looking for houses. i know it'll be all good in the end, but gawd it's tiring. i found four more today. hopefully, i'll get to look at those on friday. assuming they don't sell by then. that's been an issue. wish me luck... AGAIN.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

note to self

do not use BLUE mouthwash the day after you get your teeth cleaned.

does not make for pretty white shiny teeth.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


tonite, was my booger's last football game. the first one i made it to, tho. SOMEONE didn't send me the schedule!! but i got to see some old family friends of S1 and BIL1. one of the family friends is a little girl who used to have a giant crush on booger. he was friends with her brother and more or less treated her like a little sister. the crush soon ended after booger was invited on vacation with them. when they got back, she said she "couldn't stand him". he was mean to her, obnoxious, and farted all the time. right. in. front. of. her. eeewwwww. being as she's all growed up now and a very cute cheerleader, i'd say booger missed his chance.

cute cheerleader and number 43

booger also scored TWO touchdowns in the first half of the game! he rocks! he plays both offense and defense. S1 says that alot of the players do that. i'm guessing it's because they don't have enough players. when i left, at half time, the score was something ridiculous like 42-10. if the other team even had that. i know we had 42.

i had to take off to get provisions for the rally this weekend. i think we're gonna grill some hot dogs on the roof. HM's also making a brisket and BA (one of his buddies from austin) is coming down. i really like BA. he's pretty much the only one i'll trust HM to run off with. i don't know why. he's probably the worst one, he just hides it well. sistah sweet cheeks is supposed to make it down as well. i hope she makes it.

p.s. we're going to check out another house tomorrow. wish us luck as sylvia will be coming with, to meet mamalane and papatom.

trick or treat, smell my feet

tho it rained, it didn't put a damper on the cha-cha slide or the macarena. here are a few pics of the kids gettin' down in S1's garage last nite.